MI13 - Her Majesties Hidden World Control Service

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Organisation- Ministry of Intelligence Section 13- Dedicated to the protection and control of magical, alien, uncanny and strange hidden world activities.

First founded in the crusades, this organisation has undergone many names. The templars. The Paladins. The Inquisition. The League. Flamestone. They now operate as MI13, Her Majesties Hidden World Control Service, and they operate to protect the public from Hidden World activities, and the Hidden World from public interest, maintaining the masquerade and keeping the public in the dark.

Their members are assigned one of two roles- Templars and Paladins. Templars are normal humans, who have been trained to deal with the supernatural and the hyper advanced, and each one has been granted abilities to deal with them.

Paladins, on the other hand, are members of the hidden world, with supernatural abilities or access to technology unsafe for public knowledge. They also receive training, in order to best use their abilities to preserve the public peace.

Similar to FABLE, or the United State's AFSAC, they work in secret, but with MI13 have the specific goal of maintaining the peace and protecting the public and the Hidden Public.

All employees are listed as working for the Ministry of Intelligence, are paid monthly and work both regular office hours and irregular field hours, depending on shift patterns.

Below are listed some, but not all, agents of the organisation.


Commander Yashvir Dubashi

Commander Dubashi was born in the United Kingdom, though has an affection for the United States of America as well as his love for his home country and the country of his parents, India. He first joined MI13 when he was a much younger man, back in the sixties. He is married, and has three children, all of whom are married with children of their own. He has been in a wheelchair after a bullet tore through his right kneecap ten years ago. Now in his old age, he spends the majority of his work in the office, refusing to retire doing administrative work and leading the younger members of the organisation.

He feels his greatest achievement in life is holding his great-granddaughter in his arms.

Templar Abilities:

Templars attribute most of their success to intelligence and guile. They keep tabs on all known power users throughout the world, and all power users in the United Kingdom. Very few know of their existence, thanks to various ancient magics and a lot of number shuffling through paperwork.

They also have the ability to nullify the effects of power users. All templars can do this through skin contact, rendering any magic user or power user or superhuman powerless as long as skin contact is maintained. Shinodaborns have some resistance to this, but only their innate biological defences that render them extremely difficult to kill.

Templars can also create fields of varying sizes, wherein powers are impossible to use. Magical weapons lose their abilities, though remain their physical attributes. For example, a keyblade would be unable to lock or unlock anything in one of these fields, but would still be an effective bludgeon. It is also very difficult to gather Ki or spiritual energy in these fields, and it is impossible to do anything beyond that of normal human capability.

For this reason, Templars train their bodies to combat all known martial arts. Though they themselves are not masters, they are able to subdue masters who have lost their ability to gather Ki. They also have access to a rare alloy of steel, which earths magic, ki, and other abilities when touching a power user. This metal is used in all bullets, handcuffs and firearms used by the Templars.

Templars working under Commander Dubashi

Miranda Fawkes

Miranda was transferred to MI13 from the London Metropolitan Police after an encounter with alien life forms during a drug raid. The most junior member of the Templars, she has got the hang of the Nullifying Touch, but is limited in the size of her fields at this time. However, her marksmanship is impeccable, and her skills as a policewoman are not to be ignored. She has a good heart but a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to endangering lives, which can come out when undercover.

Clint Johnson

Clint is a married man with two kids, and has been a Templar for five years. He is full of machismo and takes pride in his work, often joking that he has broken the world record for longest surviving black dude in a monster movie.

He previously studied medicine to be a doctor, but was recruited into the MI13 straight from university due to his potential for forensics in the unnatural. His job interview consisted of showing him a crime scene and asking him to identify how the victim died. Correctly, and without knowledge of the hidden world, he stated that it was the work of a banshee, and he was hired on the spot.

Mercy Cannon

Mercy has been a templar for nearly thirty years, and has enjoyed a happy married life to a schoolteacher throughout this time. Her track record is nearly perfect, though she is very strict on her policy against working on Sundays, deeming that her time to spend with her family. In thirty years, she has not missed a single weekend with her husband and kids, and she attributes her ability to remain calm under any pressure to this needed respite at home.

Melissa Cannon

Mercy's second child, and the youngest member of the Templars. Following her mother's footsteps, she went to work as a member of Military Intelligence and was recommended for MI13. Lacking the experience of her mother, she is often hotheaded and can jump to conclusions, but her reliability under pressure is becoming something legendary around the office, and many of her workmates look to her as an example for how an inexperienced agent should act. Now in her twenties, she often spends her days off chilling out at home or on dates with various individuals.

Ichigo Kenway

Adopted as a young child, Ichigo was always aware of the hidden world, but rarely believed. His parents were powerful martial artists, but killed in a street battle against another group. He learnt to keep quiet about when he knew as a child, but continued to practice the forms and techniques with minimal knowledge on how to control Ki. As a Templar, he applies this knowledge of the martial arts underworld to maintaining public safety. Should he decide to pursue martial arts entirely, he could quickly become a master due to the purity of his ki pathways. However, he feels that his current path is the correct one.

Bradley Patterson

A gifted hacker and an incurable hipster, Brad was into the nineties before it was cool. His affection for all things geeky is jarring, but his head is a database for all things mythical and magical and super technological. It is said that he once hacked into the Kansas Embassy from a nearby starbucks using a laptop, but he will neither confirm nor deny that statement, and wisely so. It is dangerous to consider just how many secrets he is privy to, but it is common knowledge throughout the office that his job is indefinitely secure, simply because he is too dangerous to let go.

Arsenal Creed

Of all the Templars, Arsenal is the only one whose name is known throughout the Hidden World. It is believed that he works as a vigilante hunter, tracking down dangerous individuals who abuse their abilities and making sure they never do so again. His real name is unknown, his birth certificates incinerated, and he has no life outside of his job, which he truly loves. He could be described as a loose cannon, if it wasn't for the fact that he is the best of the best. It is believed that he was trained under the late Arsenal Vetinari, but he never speaks of his past. It is confirmed that he is also a member of an ancient assassins order, with a certain creed, but when questioned Arsenal simply states that his religious beliefs are private, and none of your concern.


Headed by Jacqueline Phoenix

Jackie is the hybrid daughter of a phoenix king and a kitsune, and has fought as a Paladin for over seven hundred years. Her name has changed various times during that period, but has stuck with her current name for over two hundred years, barring that time in the nineties when she went by the surname Creed, stating that she's finally found one she likes. She is kind and wise, but also merciless in the hunt, and her swordplay often leaves her victims in pieces, if her fires do not leave them in ashes. She is capable to use golden flames to heal wounds, and ghostly blue flames to injure those resistant to physical flames. She can also stop time outside of a small bubble for short periods of time, control electricity, and can shapeshift at will, though insists that her common form of a redheaded female human is her natural appearance. She questioned about her lack of animal ears, wings or tail, she states that some adjustments had to be made for practicality, but each of these are available to her for use. She prefers not to use her abilities, however, stating that self-control comes from the top downwards, and she needs to set an example for others to follow. Any problem that can be solved without the use of powers should, she often says, though she does not hesitate to use her abilities once the distinction has been made.

Unlike Templars, most Paladins cannot use power nullification, but they train to operate without them should the need arise. She came to England during the 1600's, where she trained under the Malkin order of witches. She was married to Jardsam, under the name Jared Creed. She is the mother of SamJaz Shinoda and Kelly Malkin, and also owns Crown House on Empire Way, as well as other properties around the country that she rents to various tenants.

Other Paladins (In no particular order)

Katniss Reid

A technopath from birth, Katniss is capable of sending and receiving electronic information at will, and manages these by various translucent blue screens that exist only in her mind, but somehow respond to her touch. Her eyes have an unnatural yellow glow when she is processing digital information, which in the heart of London is constantly. She is a cynic, and a hard worker, and spends most of her free time annoying Bradley or playing pool. She has recently become interested in the Empire's Cult of Mechanicus, but isn't currently pursuing it as a faith.

Holly Wood

A speedster with the ability to control active and potential kinetic energy, Holly was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was a child. As an adult, she regularly takes a low dose of ritalin, allowing her to focus but retaining her fun loving nature. She has been a Paladin since she was a teenager, entering straight from school. Her parents are aware of her abilities, and have signed the necessary non-disclosure agreements. Holly is one who thoroughly enjoys her abilities, and makes use of them regularly. She has an odd preference for leather and sheepskin clothing, wearing nothing else, but she claims that anything else is too scratchy for her to wear.

Marco Kratch

Part of a South American tribe of cat-people, Marco's family emigrated to the United Kingdom in the sixties. Being in his mid-forties, Marco grew up in the cities, constantly using illusionary magic to hide his identity. When not in public, Marco drops the spell. His wife is human, and is aware of his true nature, which she accepted after some initial surprise. Marco insists that he is a family man, and often invites people to his home for dinner, though is often refused for reasons unknown to him. Hospitable and generous, Marco is also a hunter at heart, and loves the thrill of the chase almost as much as he loves seeing his family at the end of a long day at work.

Kelly Malkin-Creed

A Shinodaborn and the youngest member of MI13, Kelly is the sister of SamJaz, and they spent their early childhood together until the age of six, where she spent the next twelve years inside the Hellscraper before being rescued by FCL. She has the powers of those hated by those around her, and those who hate the people around her, as well as extensive knowledge of witchcraft and a number of invisibly limbs known as Vectors. Because of her abilities, she often sees the worst of people before meeting them, which puts a large dampener on her otherwise pleasant personality. As such, she often comes across as blunt and cynical, but is actually very optimistic considering her circumstances.

Danielle McGhoul

A gunslinger who appears to be in her late forties, Danielle is actually a Scottish water creature known as a Selkie. She came to land three hundred years ago, shedding her seal-like skin to walk as a human female for the day. However, a man stole it and, as according to Selkie customs, became her husband until she was able to reclaim it. On his deathbed, however, he confessed that he had sold the skin decades earlier to a merchant from London. After his funeral, she travelled south, leaving her children behind, and she joined the paladins in exchange for the freedom to search for her lost skin so she can return home. Her children have long since born grandchildren and died, and she is no longer in contact with her descendants, which must now number among the hundreds. Her physical attributes are not too different from the average humans, but she has great longevity and physical agility and strength.

Lucas Stone

Lucas has been a Paladin since before the first world war, and is a vampire. He has substituted his need for human blood with an addiction to coffee, but as an unexpected side effect must wear digital eye coverings in order to protect himself from the light. He has great persuasive skills over women, and can hear emotions. He has incredible physical skills, and a love for machinery. He is a womaniser and a chauvinist, but would't deny the abilities of the women he works with, nor allow any disrespect to come to them from anyone other than himself. Due to the caffeine substitution, he is capable of walking around in sunlight, though garlic gives him headaches.

George Jones

George is a witchdoctor, and has lived for two hundred years. While technically undead, he insists that he lives life to the fullest, spending time in libraries and nightclubs alike. He rarely says no to a new experience, and is willing to try anything once. Most things have already been done, however, and he often spends time on the internet looking for more weird and wonderful methods to alleviate his boredom. He enjoys his job, as you can never really know what will happen next, but others find him difficult to work with. He would like to be a blues musician, but acknowledges that the market isn't ready for his musical tastes just yet.

Jessica Ardelean

A shinodaborn from Romania and one of the few who managed to escape Ironside's camp during Jardsam's attack. At first, Jessica wandered Europe, starting from her homeland, and sought work. However, due to the fact that she didn't have many qualifications, that she was not properly prepared for the changes that happened since her capture and that she didn't have any documents, she was incapable of finding proper employment. Thus she ended up using her powers to steal for survival.

In time, she then she came to England. At first, it seemed like everything was going to stay the same, until she got caught by MI13. After a lot of pleading and begging, Jessica managed to get herself employed rather then tossed into jail. Now she fights supernatural crime, using her powers to outsmart her enemies and doing everything to put her thieving past behind her.

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@SamJaz: i really don't understand this one bit

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@SamJaz: NICE!!!! I was going to make one of those for the Hidden World Affairs Bureau in Japan, now I want to do it even more

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Thanks, It's something I've been working on for a while now. It'd be interesting to see how MI13 and the Japanese equivalent would interact.

@SekiryuuteiDxD: TL;DR is that they're the British version of the Men in Black, some with power-cancelling abilities, some with powers themselves.

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@SamJaz: Awesome job FABLE will be the division in the USA, and Kuma makes one in Japan. A trinity of sorts:)

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@SamJaz: oh I get it now

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@Vivian_Vishnari: @SamJaz: I will start working right now on that

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Awesome working on mine as well with Vivian's Bio.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vivian_Vishnari: I look forward to seeing them.

@SekiryuuteiDxD: Pick a street level character. While Rook and Pawn are appropriate power levels, they're direct copies of their anime counterparts. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not as original.

When comparing your characters to SamJaz, Phantom, etc, remember that they started out Street Level, but grew stronger over the course of an entire year of high-octane RPing. It's unlikely that kind of growth will occur, and you shouldn't force it, otherwise you'll write yourself into a corner.

As for HE_IS, he's been significantly depowered from his original bio, and shouldn't be used as a benchmark. This isn't the place to discuss your character ideas, there's a whole thread for that, but just think to yourself: "Could spiderman defeat my character?"

If the answer is no, then there's something wrong. Again, this isn't the place to discuss it. Go to the Character Inspiration Thread.

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@SamJaz: where do I find that

(Note: once I get an answer post of the nature of character creation by me will vanish from this thread.)

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@SamJaz: There is a good chance that Commander Dubashi knows about Vivian and her father who was the original head of FABLE, and Vice Versa:)

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@Vivian_Vishnari: They've probably worked together at some point. Or maybe he shot Dubashi in the leg. Who knows?

@SekiryuuteiDxD: http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/rpg-character-ideas/314758/?page=8

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@SamJaz: Possible story element;P

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I may consider joining this.
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@shadowknight666: They're mostly NPC's who'll be showing up in other RP's, but they'll have their own stories on their own. This itself is more of a bio than an RP.

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