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Episode #1

A male voice could be heard through the subtle darkness of the large studio. Advanced technology never been witnessed through the stream of time. Connecting to every Television on the planet, for eager viewers to tune in. "Lights....Camera OK Mesa your on in 3....2....1". The darkness lifted over the stage, as Mesa sat at a large Dark Oak and cherry desk. Mesa wearing light purple business attire, as she began to speak to the public in a cool confident tone.

"Good day to all of the people of Planet Earth, my name is Mesa Parlamaine and this is the series premiere of Mesa's Vice News Network. We have lots of topics to get into, so lets take a look at the menu. A highly advanced graphic appears on the screen, in the form of a menu from a high class restaurant. Mesa then begins to narrate the items displayed, "Recovering from Catastrophe: Life For Farmers after the Sunrise. Then we trying to figure out where or perhaps when, The location of powerful swordsman Batsu. For the last segment of our program I will have an exclusive interview Company members Sabine and Maximus, who is actually a wolf and hero of humanity."

The cameras then return their full focus to Mesa as she has a mid-sized picture to the left of her head. It was a picture of a farmer standing over his devastated farm land. "Several months ago the planet was under total siege, on the brink of destruction. Now that it seems that the coast is clear for the moment, the healing process can now begin. I recently took a trip to America's heartland to check up on a farmer whom with help from a new organization known as The Company is on the road to recovery."

A video started to play, as Mesa appeared once more screen, but this time she was on some large farmland decimated by attack. Mesa was wearing a purple and gold plaid long sleeve shirt, with blue jean overalls on top. "Were here on the farm of Rufus McCoy a mild mannered man now angry and heart broken over what has happened". Mesa calmly said into the camera as she began to interview Rufus McCoy himself. He spoke with a strong southern accent and it seemed he has seen a dentist in a while.

Mesa: "So use and the rest of our viewing audience what happened here?"
Rufus: " I cun tell ya jus what happin here missy, was lightin n thunderin round these parts. Some strange lookin red fog covern my farm, killin all my crops and most my chickens"
Mesa: "Has anyone else beside The Company offered any assistance to you?"
Rufus: " Naw, aint nobody else bein round here, and dats a dang gon shame. Our man in office done diddly squat, that dang gon Newdeath with his Gekado or Gekudo whatever the heck you wanna call it cause this dang gon mess".
Mesa: "Thanks for your time Rufus hopefully The Company can get you back on your feet."

 As Mesa left Rufus she walked towards a small garden that the Company recently revived on Rufus's farm then spoke once again into the camera. "The group known as The Company is helping Rufus recover, along with other farms and plantations on the planet.It will take some, but what wounds don't need time to heal. I'm Mesa Parlamaine reporting for Mesa's VNN.

The video ended and once again the cameras were live on Mesa. With a slight smile on her face Mesa spoke once again to the audience. "We'll be back right after this commercial break." The cameras them started to fade to black.


A family of five sit at the dinner table, as they look at a meat loaf that doesn't all that appetizing.The whole world around them seems to be in black & white.

Daughter: *Sigh* Meat loaf again.
Son: Not for the fifth day in a row ewww.
Mother: "Come on kids its not that bad", The Meat loaf in front of her deflated like a tire.
Father: I wish there was something a different and more satisfying to eat tonight, but I'm light on cash.

Then Mesa's voice could be heard through out the home, "Did someone wish for better?"she said as she appeared in her Jewel's waitress uniform. The room the family was in began to glow with color. Mesa transported the family to Jewel' Bar and Grill, "Come on in to Jewel's Bar and Grill where we have a variety of meals for only $7.99 from Cajun style shrimp to 8oz T-Bone steak. Also dont forget our world famous Sake for the adult crowd.

Dad: "Only $7.99 thats definitely something I could sink my teeth into"

Mesa: "Come on down to Jewel's and Make your wish for satisfaction a reality!"

Back to the Show

The Cameras once again focused on Mesa sitting in a large comfy leather chair, as a another picture graphic appeared next to her. This time it was of Batsu with some well done photoshop of him wearing a Where's Waldo outfit. "Company member, and fantastic swordsman Batsu is still missing through the stream of time. There are rumors circulating that he may be in fellow Company member's Sabine's past. The Company wishes him a safe return. Now its time for the last segment of our show as we here at Mesa's VNN like to give a warm welcome to our special Company guests". The lights focused on two chairs similar to the one Mesa was sitting in,as a young girl with blond hair sat down accompanied by a red wolf.  
Mesa: Welcome to the show, now how about you introduce yourselves to our audience. 

Maximus (with the help of a universal translator): "I'm Maximus Van Halum, son of Latis Van Halum from the land of Terra Magus 
Shadow worker for The Company". The wolf's eyes closed a bit, he was expecting to be an Archon. "And what i plan to do in order to help the Earth is kick all of the Gekido member's asses, specially ND, i hate that guy".    
Sabine:  "I'm Sabine Frose, I'm a Shadow Worker in the Company"
Mesa: Maximus you seem to be fired up, What is your main goal for The Company right now 

Maximus: "My goal is to clean the world and universe from evil, and i don't care what i have to do to achieve it" 

Mesa: I see, Maximus very direct goal you have there, but with that determination I see it could be possible for you. Same question for you Sabine, What are your goals within The Company?" 

Sabine: " Just as Maximus we plan to rid the world of Gekido".
Mesa: I see a goal that could help mankind, but what do you think of The Company and its members. We'll start with you Maximus. 

Maximus:  The Company had a good start.  About members, that's an interesting topic. First of all, we need more members, we're only four Shadow Workers and Five Archons. What we can do against Gekido and it's wave of soldiers? I mean, we have that jerk of Fatalis that can take some of them, but he can't be at all places at the same time. Then, Mekix, even a five year old is can kick his @ss. Keith and Kurohige can do something. Finally, you Mesa, don't like to fight a lot, don't you?" Maximus began to walk from one way to another "And then we have the Shadow Workers. We have Batsu, Sabine and myself " the wolf made a pause " We can take some of them, but we can't defend ourselves against a massive attack" It was sure strange to see Maximus talk of himself like that "Finally, Shitsumon, I don't have any idea what that guy can do, but he doesn't look very powerful. I mean, how he could be caught sneaking of Sabine's room with her panties? He really needs a brain, i can gave him some classes about sneaking into a girl's room." The wolf stopped "Is this going to be on air?"   

Mesa:  "Well of course Maximus we are on live TV after all" laughs. "Thank you Maximus for coming on the show i am sure we will have you on in the future Well i cant speak for the others, but I usually avoid confrontation unless force is truly needed. How about you Sabine?
Sabine:  "Currently the Company hasn't been too active, but what can you expect from such a new organization. I think that the ideals of the Company are good ones, and I think we'll do very well. We just need that little push to get us started," Sabine paused and took a sip from the beer can next to her. "As for the members, they're nice. It's a bit complicated, due to Maximus' current state. Generally things are chaotic when I'm not around, at least for good ol' Chopper here." Sabine playfully pats Maximus' head. "The Archons are nice, non of them are too power hungry. So in general, I like the members. Of course that damn Shitsumon is the only exception. After he tried stealing my underpants, and telling me that Mekix was cheating, I swear I'll rip his.... head off." Sabine takes a deep breath to calm herself. "It's nice being close to my friends and OmegaMekix. I think the Company is off to a good start with a nice colorful cast of characters." 
Mesa: Hmmm how did she get beer  "Speaking of yourself and Mekix also known as Victor Young, you two seem to be the couple here in the Vice Universe. How does that feel having such a title over your head? and of course inquiring minds want to know if there are any wedding plans in the future?."
Sabine:  Sabine's face turns bright red. "W...Wedding?? We just started dating!!" Sabine waved her hands in front of her. "I don't like to think so far in the future!"  
Mesa:  "Ohh Sabine don't be shy now, has the thought of marriage entered your mind yet?"
Sabine:  "No! Nothing about marriage. Victor and I are going slow. It's a bit difficult for me to think about marriage considering my past." Sabine explained, still embarrassed.  "It would be nice, but I'm still getting used to being a girl. It's a bit hard after you've been convincing yourself you're a boy for 15 years."    
Mesa:  "That's very understandable, and I am sure your relationship with Mekix will flourish."  
Sabine:  "Thank you. Do you have any other questions?"  
Mesa:  "No more questions Sabine thanks for time on the series premiere of Mesa's VNN". 
Sabine: "Thank You"
"Well that's our show for tonight everyone tune in next time for more of Mesa's VNN". Mesa said with a bright smile on her face as the credits rolled showing Mesa's numerous times on the screen as it soon faded to black.
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err... why was this pinned? just wondering ^_^
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@Jewel: Its going to be an ongoing TV Show that will be constantly edited to maintain the illusion XD
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got it, thanks
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@Mesamia: Sorry for posting on here, I was searching for the OCC but couldn't find it. When Is Mesa going to post a new show?
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