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Name: Matthew "Matt" Anderson


Age: 20

Birthday: The 7th of March

Gender: Male

Alignament: Hero

Origin of Power: Digivice

Signature Move: N/A


Matt is easiest to describe as a sweet guy. He is willing to listen to other people's problems, give advice when he can, help in other ways if he doesn't have advice. He puts his friends above everything... Except for his own safety. He is a coward of epic proportions and would be willing to leave his friends behind if found in a life or death situation. Luckily, such a situation is not likely to be found because of the fact that his transformations have quite good survivability and his main transformation (Galantus) is almost impossible to harm so he doesn't have to worry about that. Plus, if his friends are hurt, he can use his Healing Geass to help patch them up.

Also, he is quite a gentleman, or at least a gentleman as he sees them. That mostly involves the stereotypical gentlemanly behaviour brought into a modern setting and adapted to it. That means that he holds doors open, he protects those weaker then himself, he takes good care of his body and hygiene, he doesn't swear etc. And of course the most important part, he is nice, to put it simply, to women.

The biggest aspect of Matt's personality is the fact that he is on a personal quest, a quest to find his true love. The way he goes about this quest is quite unlike standard romantic true love seekers who wait until they find the one before going on their first date ever. Instead, he had many girlfriends so far, the number going above thirty. Now, you would think that this makes him a smooth talker who easily chats with everyone and can get a girls number within seconds of meeting her. That is unfortunately untrue. In fact, the way he got so many girlfriends is closer to the way harem protagonists get their harem, through coincidences and mishaps that eventually turn into romantic relationships, though unlike harem heroes, he doesn't have a harem and doesn't want one.


Matt has long blond hair and blue eyes. He is rather handsome, as stated by many of his girlfriends, and his clothes are usually suits. He absolutely loves wearing suits as they make him feel sofisticated and gentlemanly. The suit he most commonly wears is green because green is his favorite color, though occasionally he wears gray suits too. And some times he combines the two colors.

Abilities and Powers:

Matt on his own is a normal human, which means that his stats are completely human. And not peak human either, just regular, average, 19 year old human. However, after going off to stop an evil zombie raising warlord in Congo, he gained the Healing Geass, a geass that let's him heal people and even repair objects just by looking at them. But before he got the Geass, he was a Digi-tamer, an owner of a Digivice, a device the that allows it's owner to transform into different creatures as long as it exists. It is very hard to destroy however so Matt doesn't have to worry about losing it. The way he gets those transformations is simple, he either goes into the Digi-world and gets a digimon willing to partner with him, or he finds a digimon who slipped into the human world and gets it to partner with him before sending it back to the digital world where it waits to be used.

Digi-tamers can also aquire stronger evolutions for their transformations through finding mystic crests, which can be found both in the real world and in the digital world. Other forms can be achieved through the use of Data, which is automatically gathered off of defeated enemies. Data can be used for a one-use transformation, called Burst Digivolution, or, if enough Data is used, it can permemently unlock a transformation which is also called a Burst Digivolution. A small amount of Data is still required for transforming into permanently unlocked forms though, but if he uses only one Burst transformation per fight, the amount of Data received should cover the expense of the powerful transformation. There's also a third form of Digivolution. DNA aka Mix Digivolution does what the name implies. It uses two or more transformations and mixes them into a completely new digivolution.


Matt has a lot of digivolutions, 14 of which are base transformations and has two crest transformations which transform one of the transformations into a more powerful form although he only has assigned one crest so far. Now, Matt didn't want to refer to his transformations by their species so he gave them, quite unimaginative I must admit, names. The list of transformations goes:

Gallantus - He is Matt's favorite form. A tall knight in shining armor of incredible durability, this form fulfils everything Matt could ever want, that being a chivalrous feel and a nigh-impenetrable defense. Matt did not assign a crest to Galantus yet.

Move list:

  • Lightning Joust-Galantus' spear is surrounded by blue electricity and he charges forward, the spear attracted to his target almost like a magnet.
  • Shield of righteous justice-Golden energy is expelled from Galantus' shield either in the form of a powerful beam of destruction, or as an explosion around him.
  • Chivalrous Cannon-Galantus' spear opens up to reveal a cannon hidden inside. From there, he fires a blast of blue energy that far surpasses the SRJ in destructive power.

Wolfion-Matt's second favorite transformation. A robotic wolf with tons of missiles, lasers and machineries hidden all over its body. It is a terrifying attacker, with incredible firepower and jaw strength that surpasses an alligator's bite, but compared to Galantus it's durability leaves much to be desired. It is still extremely durable however.

Move list:

  • Wolfion Missile Barrage-Every hidden part of Wolfion's missile arsenal is revealed, turning him into less of a wolf and more into a walking missile silo. Everything is suddenly released, filling the sky with missiles capable of leveling cities within minutes.
  • Lightshow-A move similar to the missile barrage, only it replaces missiles with lasers.
  • Burst slasher-Two extremely sharp sword-like objects extend from Wolfion's back. A jet on his back suddenly propels him forward at great speed, the two extension on his back cutting everything one meter or less to his sides.

Myotus-The gentleman vampire. Myotus has the usual appearance of a pale, bound pretty boy vampire, or he would if he didn't just seem so otherworldly and radiate an aura of mystery and slight despair. Mostly concentrates on movement and opponent incapacitation in combat.

Move list:

  • Crimson Blitz-Myotus turn into a tiny red orb before being transported wherever he wants in the form of red lightning.
  • Blood whip-A whip of electrified blood. It behaves much like any weaponised whip and is quite a useful tool in combat.
  • Mist wing-A swarm of bats appears before Myotus. He can direct the swarm to any location and turn them into black mist. The mist can have two properties. First, it can be an extremely thick mist which follows it's target and makes them unable to see anything but blackness. The second property is energy sacking, though the mist is not as hard to see through as the first one. Prolonged exposure to the mist can and will kill you.

Angelus-A white six-winged angel covered with a blue cloth and with a metal helmet covering the entire upper part of h's head, including his eyes. He is useful for his ability to perform lesser miracles and shield allies from damage, though not from pain.

Move list:

  • God Hand-Angelus performs a feat that could be considered a miracle, but only with one hand. He can perform spirit surgery, pull out people from the hardest of cages made of materials that can negate intangebility and it is impossible to negate through any means, which is what brands it as a miracle. However, it cannot be used for combat purposes, so unless he wants to drag out the enemy out of a tough suit of armor, this ability is not really meant for combat.
  • Divine shield-Angelus negates any damage dealt to himself and anyone or anything else he's holding. However, while damage is not being dealt, pain can still be felt, so it's not a good idea to try and pass under a waterfall of lava if you don't have a huge pain tolerance.
  • Blessed rest-Angelus revitalises his allies with a shower of sparkles in a large area. They no liability nger feel tired and as such, this ability is the best combat oriented ability Angelus has. A rested ally fighting a tired enemy is more like to win then a tired ally fighting a tired enemy after all.

Beelzerophon-He has the appearance of a demonic biker waring a leather jacket, tall boots with spikes on them, a mask with three eyes instead of two and a tail. He carries a pair of pistols and uses them in combat to weaken opponent defenses before killing them with a single shot.

Move list:

  • Corrosive shot-Fires a bullet from his gun which weakens the durability of both objects and humans, meaning them easier to kill with his next shot.
  • Shootout-He fires a barrage of building shattering bullets at his target, best when coupled with corrosive shot as it makes the bullets more effective.
  • Run over-Summons Beelzerophon's demonic bike and drives forward, running over anything in his path and crashing even through mountains without slowing down a bit.

Machion-A giant, yellow, cyborg dinosaur, this big guy can fire missiles from his chest, launch his robotic right arm attached to a chain or simply step on you and crush you. A good form for fighting largeropponents or just a huge nuber of small but weak enemies.

Move list:

  • Giga blaster-Fires organic missiles of city block level distruction at a target from the hatch on his chest.
  • Mega claw-Launches his robotic left hand attached to a chain at a target. He can use it to destroy buildings or to wrap the chain part around them and swing them around. Same can be applied to larger enemies.
  • Comet crash-Machion uses his purple wings to fly up into the air and then fall down, either in a nose dive or feet first, and crash like a comet, crushing his opponents.

Grayton-A humanoid yellow dinosaur in tough armor and with sharp metalic claws on his hands. He can harness flames as hot as the sun to throw at his oponets, he can use his claws to slash people into bits or he can spin to win and drill a hole to the center of the earth... Or to the center of you.

Move list:

  • Terra Force-Greyton raises his arms above his head an a relatively big ball of sunlike flames appears between them. He then tosses the ball at his opponent.
  • Dramon Killer-Slashes his claws and cuts through mountains. Doubly effective against dragons and dragon like beings.
  • Flame tornado-Greyton spins at incredble speeds and gets engulfed in flames, he then launches himself towards his opponent aiming to drill right through them. He can change course mid flight.

Garon-A white werewolf with blue stripes all over. He wears nothing but pants and belts. Mainly melee fighter.

Lily-A humanoid pink flower creature. It's actually a female which is why Matt is uncomfortable when transforming into her. Mainly ranged.

Kabuto-A bug, gray and blue in color. A horn on it's head. Uses electricity.

Pierrot-A psychopathic clown thing with unparalleled agility and and a seemingly infinte amout of knives. Don't let it drag you into it's own world. Matt has etremely low control over Pierrot's actions, if any. The only reason Matt still has him is because he's scared of releasing him and Pierrot likes toying with him.

Phens-Giant fiery bird. Which is where its name comes from. Obviously.

Leonus-The mighty Leomon. King of beasts. Yeah, he fulfilled his purpose. His purpose being to die, like he does in every digimon...

Dracon-A humongous dragon which dwarfs both Machion and Phenes together. Unparaleled destructive capability, a result of firing fricking anti-matter beams... Also, it holds the only assigned crest transformation. It makes him far smaller, humanoid and it increases his power tenfold... Don't mess with this bad boy.

Number of crests currently owned: 2, Only 1 assigned.


During a mission in the Republic of Congo, while near death, Matt gained a geass. What was required for Matt to gain it, Matt doesn't know. Or at least, he denies it because he was never directly told and it is extremely embaresing to him. What the geass does is allow Matt to heal even the most greavous wound or dangerous illnes by simply looking at it's target. The severity of the injury does effect the speed at which the healing happens.


He's friends with the members of FCL and Shinodaborn. Also, he's dating Kelly Malkin. Enough info for now. Will make it prettier when I feel like it.


Fits the young gentleman quite well, don't you think?

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Digimon. Digital Monster. Digimon are the champions.

I approve. Keep this beautiful and awesome.

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Knew you gonna use him... well you told me but i'd know even if you didn't.

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@SamJaz: I'll try.

@ReliusClover: Well, Matt is the coolest of them all.

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@DigiDestined: Ken >>> him.

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@ReliusClover: You mean the emo that plays football and pretends to be the digimon emperor from Digimon Adventures 2? Hmmmm. No.

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@DigiDestined: Kai for the win. Is what I'd like to say, but even I know that's fake. Matt's brother rules.

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@DigiDestined: If i wasn't so damn lazy this could have been an overly long and awesome debate with insults tied into it which would degraded into this by the end:

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Nice bio kinda wish that user @TheBlackDragonz was still around. He was a Digimon himself.
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Hey, look what I found.

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@SamJaz: I know exactly what that guy is thinking but I'm not sure I wanna share his thoughts with you.

Sam, no amount of gifs is gonna fix this. I. Hate. You.

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