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Masako's Bio

Masako and Catupecu The Spirit.
Masako and Catupecu The Spirit.

Name: Masako Hihashi
Age: 18
Height: 1.92 mts
Weight: 85 kgs
Nationality: British/Japanese
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan.
Source of Powers: Ancient Spirit Possesion.
Alignement: Neutral
Afilation: None
Profession: Student/Archeologist Assitant. 
Theme Song: Core Pride by UVERworld 


(I was about to finish but the fricking navigator just crashed so I will resume it)
  • Son of a Japanese P.E Teacher and a British English female teacher
  • Learned Karate from his Father and English from his mother
  • Lived with them until he was twelve when they died
  • Lived for one year with a foster family, got bullied by his foster  brother, took revenge before leaving the house.
  • His Grandfather stopped working as an archeologist to look after him and they lived in Japan
  • The lack of prescence of  his grandfather during his teens made him quite the rebel
  • He ended being expelled from high school and his Grandfather took him as assitant
  • They travelled to Mexico to investigate strange ruins found under Mayan ruins.
  • After losing the other members of the team after a trap sprung he wandered throught the ruins
  • He found a temple and several urns and as he openend one all the other opened
  • Got linked to an ancestral spirit named Catupecu, and several other spirits flew away, one ended in his grandfather.
  • He is now living in Japan, finishing the school years in another school while he thinks what to do with his newfound powers.
  • He'll posibly move near the school Retrias is attending as he got an invitation to it


When he was a kid he was happy and outgoing, but after the death of his parents he became easy to enrage and when in a good mood kind of snarky, he dislikes bullies, even in some cases he seems to behave like one and hates people that think too much of themselves. He is good wiht children, even if he doesnt likes to admit it and hopes to finish the school to become an archeologist like his grandfather, which he respects even if they sometimes have disagreements.


Catupecu Spirit

An ancestral spirit trapped under the ruins of a forgotten civilization, it links with a human to use him as an anchor to this world, granting the linked human heightend senses and physical atributtes, as well some other powers, linked to this spirit domain. The spirit is visible if Masako wants him to be and appears to look like a highly muscular humanoid with almost two meters of height, blue skin and dark blue hair. The domain of this spirit is the Speed, meaning he is the spirit of all things that move, all the other primal spirits also represent a force of physics. The spirit can work as an armor for Masako, blocking the hits too strong for Masako enhanced durability, ranging from bullets to tank attacks. All of this spirit abilities are named in spanish as seemingly is the easiest language that Masako brain can translate their names. Masako mastered the first three skills, and know  the others, but he isnt capable of using them willingly.

  • Magia Veneno: Catupecu attacks the desired objective with a flurry of sonic speed punches
  • Plan B: Masako orders Catupecu to attack, and the spirits beams towards the target with a massive haymaker at hypersonic speed
  • Y lo que quiero es que pises sin el suelo: Catupecu allows Masako to jump higher distance and allows him to walks in air.
  • Gritarle al Viento: With a fast flurry of blows Catupecu lifts a massive blast of wind that is capable of lifting cars from the ground.
  • La llama: Catupecu starts rubbing his palms at supersonic speeds and creates a flame that he can launch at long ranges.
  • Amague Calaverico: If Masako is about to get hit, Catupecu can replace him in a blink of an eye, Masako get burns from friction.
  • Cuentos Decapitados: Catupecu spins with incredible speed, making his hands become  a sharp razor.
  • Oxido en el Aire: Catupecu accelerates the wind to incredible speed around metallic objects, forcing them to rust.
  • Juego Sagrado: Catupecu moves fast enough to leave  after images, creating the illusion of attacking with several clones
  • Simetria de Moebius: Catupecu Moves so fast the time seems to stop for him and Masako

El Sueño 

Catupecu Machu most powerful skill, only it's name is known to Masako


Masako gains several advantages for being the host of Catupecu, such as peak human strenght, capable of lifting 2 tons,  sonic speed and reflexes, being able to up to sound speed attacks, superhuman durability, capable of withstanding attacks with more than 3 tons of strenght behind them, healing factor and limb regeneration. His senses are also increased being able to smell, see and hear is five times more keen and with longer range than a normal human without any ill effect for overexposition to strong sensorial surges. His spirit, when inactive, grants him a 360 degree range of sight, but while active his brain can process the information of his eye range and Catupecu, that can move 10 mts away from him, thus granting Masako two different points of view. The spirit itslef is stronger than Masako, as he is able to lift 5-10 tons, move at hypersonic speeds and resist up to attacks from tanks.


  • Masako is unable to summon Catupecu for more than 10 seconds, having to wait at least a minute to summon him again, and he is unable to summon it more than 3 times in a row, since he gets extremely tired afterwards.
  • Each time he summon Catupecu, Masako's body burns it's body calories at an alarming rate, making Masako being force to eat much more food than a regular human.
  • Masako is able to use only two of Catupecu skills in it's inactive form, Y lo que quiero es que pises sin el suelo and Batalla.
  • Masako cant use Catupecu advanced skills until he is under a lot of stress, and that's difficult to acomplish.
  • Masako is extremely weak in comparison to Catupecu, so attacks, capable of damging Catupucu, directed to Masako could easily kill him.


Masako is a 3 dan black belt, as he was trained by his father and participated in the Karate clubs of high school, since it brings fond memories to him, he is also proficient with street fighting and some Judo

  • Multilingual: Japanese, English and Spanish
  • Archeological Knowledge
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Northern Tokyo Ramen Big Eater championships reigning champion

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