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Name: Masako Hihashi

A.K.A: Inazuma, The Wolf of Matsumoto, Renegade Reitter, Hell Reitter, Schwarz

Age: 18

Height: 1.71 mts

Weight: 65 kg

Faction: Villain

Place of Residence: None


Born and rised in Japan, Masako is the product of years of parental ignorance, and the pressures of the system and the education. Some people say he was born like this, a monster, others say that the society turned him into the abomination. Either way, right now his present is more interesting than his past, but for order sake, we will start with his childhood. Masako was brought to life in the idillic town of Matsumoto, nearby to Tokyo. From his childhood years he displayed some pyschopathic traits, killing small animals, starting fires, beating up other kids, and much nastier, but less known. Masako was taken several time to a shrink, but all of them got too scared or too damaged to keep going. His parents were scared, knowing that their child was getting slowly out of hand. A secret was behind Masako's birth, as the ones who he knew to be his parents were only surrogate. His real progenitors didnt existed, as the young Masako was made on a lab. A experiment to test out theories of a mad german scientist, Otto Von Licheztein, that lived in Japan after the war.

Nobody knew about it, the Japanese goverment kept it secret to every other country. The experiment was conducted by the previous assistant of Von Licheztein, a japanese scientist named Saiga Shinomori. The experiment had the object of creating a real master race, as Von Licheztein didnt believed in Aryan superiority, and decided to create a superior human, with the ability to adpat to any condition, and to understand the world from a higher point of view. He made several tries, but ultimately failed. He locked away his research, and gave it to his assistant before dying. Dr. Shinomori resurrected the proyect after luring the goverment with promises of super-soldiers if they funded his investigation. The Proyect was know as Reitter, and planned to make five specimens. Masako was an unplanned number 6, that was created by his adoptive father, as he couldnt adopt, or have a child of his own, since his wife was sterile. He took the baby and escaped, not knowing the evil he unleashed over the world.

Resuming Masako story, with age he got even worse, and his almost malevolent pranks took a new dimension, growing to be full fledged crimes and atrocities. But yet any kind of strange ability he could have was still hidden inside him, without even showing signs of it. Masako grew to almost own the school, having the teachers and students under his command out of fear, when he was 14 he had conquered two schools, and when he reached his 16 birthday he owned the entire district, having the whole schools as subordinates. But this didnt lasted, his greed and aspritation got to high, and he started to harass the Yakuza and other criminal organizations nearby to his territory, and even if he had more mapower, his opponents had better training and weapons. A war was waged on the streets, in event so bloody it was called by the media the "Blood Donation from Hell" after 4 months of urban warfare, were the police formed a third front and increased the chaos even more, Masako realized that he was fighting in the losing side.

The war ended one stormy night. The Yakuza jumped over the last defenses Masako's troops had build around the school. The firearms were mostly depleted at this point, so this last battle was defined men to men, using anything at hand as a weapon. The rain washed the blood from the School yard. The shouts of agony and pain were numbed by the thunderbolts. Masako was in the rooftop fighting off a dozen of Yakuza, when suddenly, one of his own men decided to shift sides, scared of losing, and attacked Masako from behind. The rust pipe opened a wound on the young delinquent boss, and as he tried to stay standing he took several grogy steps, until he fell from the rooftop. That simple event ended the battle, as the students were only coerced throught fear. The three sides stopped fighting and some of them even celebrated, but they didnt knew that their lives werent safe, in fact the battle before the incident about to happen was just warming exercises.

Some of the Yakuza walked towards the place were Masako fell, looking for the corpse to parade around, but when they got near to him, Masako opened his eyes. The power hidden inside him, product of decades of research, was unlocked by the near death experience, and the instant they found out Masako was alive, was the last of their lives. A massive pyschokinetic detonation, that shook the whole school, dismembered the yakuza and everyone in a half kilometer radius, and after that first wave, a second, more powerful detonation, destroyed everything around the amazed Masako. Half a kilometer around him was turned over by his newborn skills releasing from his body, that served as a cage for them. Everybody in the school grounds and around was destroyed instanly, and their pyschic signatures absorbed by Masako. The Young delinquent powers awakened, turning his human self into a pyschokinetical powerhouse, but this change didnt went unnoticed by the Reitter Proyect.

For days Masako roamed aimlessly throught the city, still confused and dazed about his new condition, and the constant flow of information his new powers brought to his brain was only getting his head overloaded with to much stimulus. While he walked around the ruins, the Reitter Children, the other five children were in the move to trap him. Masako was found, and a battle started. The Five Reitter Soldats were powerful, and the trampled over Masako with ease. But they didnt had something that our young delinquent had in spare. The Five Children were trained to fight like soldiers, and they didnt had any contact with the outer world, they were efficient and their powers focused, as if they were a combat knife, sharp and deadly. Masako was ruthless and had the street smarts and dirty tricks they didnt, and his powers, even newborn, were more powerful, but not focused and raw, carrying punch blunt force, as if Masako carried an sledgehammer.

The Other Reitters fell into his trap, as Masako played dead. The Children moved foward towards their opponent, planning to obstruct his movements with their pyschokinesis, but before they could act Masako released another wave of energy, similar to the one he created when his powers awakened. The Weiss twins, a girl and a boy were instantly erased, while the other three, Rot a tall red-headed teen, Blau, a short blue haired female with glasses, and Grun, the biggest one, sporting a mane of inhuman green hair, managed to lift PK shields to protect themselves. The PK Blast created by Masako lifted a curtain of dust, an advantage that our favourite delinquent pyschopath took to attack Grun, thinking that the biggest was the strongest. The green haired Esp didnt saw it coming, as Masako covered his hand in raw PK energy and punched a hole throught him. Grun looked his stomach with amazement, as Masako took his hand out and licked the blood from his fingers with a bloodlusted grin.

The dust was pushed away by the two remaining Reitter Children, Rot send a blast with pin-point accuracy towards Masako, while Blau moved the body of Grun towards her and cried over his chest. Masako was pushed backwards, but he wasnt knocked down, as he absorbed Grun and the Weiss twins PK signature, getting not only a boost in power but also their memories. So, I think this is a family reunion, said Masako with a smug smile after deflecting a second blast created by Rot. Masako kept moving foward, as Rot tried to push him away, but his blast were growing weaker and weaker. Nobody taught the Reitter Children about the real world, they were only expected to fullfill their missions and to lower their heads, always fighting terrorists or criminals, but Masako was in another level. Rot never fought against somebody with similar powers, and Masako didnt only had powers but also a intimidation factor greater than anything the Reitter Children ever saw. Rot and Blau were scared, a emotion that was unknown to them, and Masako restless advance only increased that fear, making Rot blast vanish before reaching Masako.

Masako's brothers and sister couldnt speak, as the comunicated by telepathy, a skill not yet developed by Masako, as his skills were yet raw. Rot couldnt scream, but his agony reached Blau, that turned around just in time to see how her "elder brother" got his head chopped off by Masako PK covered hand. Rot's head rolled towards Blau, that only let out a choked scream, almost soundless, as this was the first time she was forced to speak. Masako walked towards her with a sadistic smile. The things he made her are unspeakable, and life scarring. The Young delinquent tortured her and even worse, while she weakly tried to defend herself, but was clearly overpowered by Masako, that absorbed Rot power to increase his own. When the dawn lighted the city, he let her go, using her as a messenger. Tell them to send more food, your brothers werent enough for me, he said with a grin, as Blau tried to drag herself away from Masako, as her hips and legs were numb. I'll get my revenge, this life or the next one! Balu sent a telepathic comunication to Masako, her PK signature showed her anger and hatred towards our least favourite Delinquent.

Masako's smile got only wider and creepier, in a flash his foot was pressing Blau head against the ground. Bring it on blue b$%&$!

After that he left her in the ground, and left the place by levitating himself. He left Japan, looking for a new frontier, not without troubles as he fought against a hooded swordsman in Osaka. Masako got several wounds, but he quickly healed, while the hooded man, clearly superhuman, barely managed to escape from Masako.

Appearance and Personality

Masako is wicked and ruthless, he haves pyschopathic tendencies, rendering him unable to understand simple human emotion. He doesnt haves any moral boundary, and will do anything to fullfill his goals, that are destroy anything that opposes his will and become the most powerful being walking the Earth. Masako is cannibalistic and haves several hundreds of vices, as his body can process anything only leaving the positive effects. He haves a superiority complex the size of a mountain, and he is arrogant to the point of stupidity. His body and mind are always battle ready, and he hungers for blood all the time. He also hungers for knowledge, as his powers allows him to suck information and memories from others.


Hell Reitter Physiology

His new form grants Masako enhanced strenght, speed and durability, while keeping other traits from before, as inmunity to disease and venoms and great endurance to pain and exahustion. His body glows with the stored energy of thousands, and his abilities progressed into a much concentrated and battle oriented mode. His mind was also enhanced by the change, as he is now able to almacenate much more information and processes it twice as fast. The defects of this new from is that needs much more food, mental or regular, to keep it in the full gear. This new form haves the potential to reach the True Reitter Power, the Schwarz Konig Hell Reitter (Black King: Illuminated Reitter)

  • Strenght: 5-10 tons
  • Speed: Sound Speed
  • Durability: Building Level
  • Endurance: Week

Tactile Telekinesis (TT)

Masako new main power, after the evolution into Hell Reitter, his powers losed all the range and massive scope, now they are all close combat based and greatly concentrated, making them pretty much powerful than before. A simple flicker of his finger with this power at it maximum and he could attack with 50 ton/cm3, a punch is three times stronger, this doesnt means he can lift that weight, but he haves that destructive power.

  • TT Punch: A layer of energy engulfs Masako's fist and he punches with added extra Strenght
  • TT Kick: A layer of energy engulfs Masako's leg and he kicks with added extra Strenght
  • TT Lariat: A layer of energy engulfs Masako's arm and he attacks with added extra Strenght
  • TT Dash: Masako pushes his body in short bursts of hyper speed, breaking the sound barrier, with ease
  • TT Shield: A force Barrier that blocks attacks up to Masako's upper TT limit, he can make it like a massive aura or a thin second skin-like armor.

Biological Assimilation

Masako can absorb DNA traits by consuming the flesh of the user, the Hell Reitter body will adapt and create a similar organ or physical trait that will copy or mimic such skill.

Energy Vampirism

As his other skills, Masako's Vampiric power also took a leap to the next level. Now the Hell Reitter can abosrb any energy that happens to be floating around him unattended, as well incoming energy-based attacks. His range is 5 mts, and he can suck dry small animals or childs in matter of seconds. Adult humans can withstand a couple of minutes near him, before turning into lifeless husks and super powered humans can last longer. Masako cant absorb magical based attacks, even if they are energy-based as well. He can absorb electric, light, fire, magnetism and ki. He drinks from the lifeforce of others. He still keeps the ability to copy memories and skills on touch.

Schwarz Konig Hell Reitter


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I'll add more later

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@Masako_Hihashi: Hey, he sounds sorta like my character. I think we would get along.

Here is a link to my guy

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Nice, Masako's coming back


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@Masako_Hihashi:More fiction ready to be hunted, or maybe some guy who will stand in Lebreus's path?

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@Levance: Or maybe my new rival :3

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@JayDox:It's legal, my characters are still too new to say that they have a rival, and well, to Gerad all are enemies, goods, neutrals, evils.

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@Masako_Hihashi: I saw you changed your alignment from good to evil earlier and I was like oh crap Masako is back and he back to evil again when is the bio coming XD

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@Masako_Hihashi: Damn, I think Dahlia could relate to him:P

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I hope he comes after Crow too :P less probs for ND XD

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Small Update in Story

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@Masako_Hihashi: I am really curious to see this new Masako's powers

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Story Update

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@Masako_Hihashi: Now Jay wants a piece of you. You killed all those students and made them work for you out of fear. :(

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Update in story, and revelead some of his powers (Think in Akira and is almost the same kind of powers)

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Finished Story, added personality and appearance

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Finished (by now)

@Newdeath: Thanks

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@Masako_Hihashi: Cool bio!

But Masako is really scary...please go easy on me ;_;

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@Alicia_Aegletes: we'll see

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