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Personal Stats



Name: Martyrdom  
Aliases:King, fighter of love 
Age: 23  
Alignment: Neutral 
Height: 6'9 
Weight: 190 lbs 
Gender: Male 
Nationality: German 
Birthplace: Denmark 
Race: Angel/Human 
Occupation: Ruler 
Martial status: Soon to be engaged  
Quotes: "Mekix, you simply don't have the power, the ruthlessness needed to protect Sabine!" "Sabine my love, stay behind me..." "You don't love me you say? You will soon, after you see the power I have." "In this time you need to be ruthless if you wish to survive, power is the only way!" "Mekix, your obssession with Sabine is not even close to mine!"


Martyrdom is a tall, well built and handsom young man with very fancy clothing. He has long beautiful, smooth blonde hair, he wears black dress shoes, a long purple cape white royal pants and shirt with armored shoulders. Martyrdom has a very mencacing look with his sharp eyes, his skin is a perfect shade of apricot. Martyrdom leaves a fresh scent of roses after him even after he staines his hands with blood.


Martyrdom is ruthless and cunning man, he has no real values for anything other than Sabine, almost anything is only an obstical for him to gain control over the world to give to Sabine. Martyrdom is full of deadily ambition and plans, he does not always chose to fight but when he does, even if the opponent begs for mercy, he will kill them anyways. When not around danger or out of a fight and only around Sabine he is a very gentle man and would give up his own life to make her smile, Martyrdom is also a very jelous man, he hates Mekix for not having the "Ruthlessness" required to protect Sabine. He wishes to make Mekix suffer as much as he can. Martyrdom also has no problem with killing children or robbing the weak, or even his won men although he only does so when he demands land or they talk bad about Sabine. <artyrdom would also never harm a women although he would be more agrresive if they do anything to put his plans in danger or hurt Sabine. Martyrdom is a man of passion and love, he loves music only by women and he loves to sing, he has a beautiful singing voice, he also believes emotions and feelings of affection can be taken with power and not earned. Ironicly he bears the destiny of the Star of Martyrdom ( 殉星 , Junsei ), who is destined to live and die for love.      



Martyrdom was born under the star of Martyrdom and since his birth he was raised in Denmark and trained in ther art of the South Dipper Lone Eagle Fist    until he was strong enough to gain control over France, the place of love. 
"Why are they doing this?!" "Never mind that, hurry get to you stations how is this one man taking out all of France's army!?" within hours Martyrdom had already taken over france, but even after this all he could do is sigh while holding a beautiful red rose over the countless pile of bodies, "Sigh, if only I could find a women worthy of sharing my power with, what use is love if there is nobody to share it with....?"  One of Martyrdom's men came running over "Where to next sir?" without looking Martyrdom answered back "How about Königsberg, Prussia, I always wanted to go there..." Without a word the man went back into the carrage and told everyone where to go. After a few days they arrived, it was a beautiful town, however no one got Martyrdom's eye, he looked down at some people preparring a mirrage, he asked one of the people what was going on "Mr. and Mrs Frose's daughter is getting married, but you don't look any older than she is boy, what are you doing here?" Martyrdom got a bit angry, he may have only been 7 but he knew more about the world than most. However through the crawd Martyrdom was able to catch a glimps of the girl known as Sabine, she was like a goddess, Martyrdom had to have her, Martyrdom's guardian patted his shoulder "My lord, wait until you time  yo-" "Have out spies look after her, we will leave this town alone, if anyone so much as scratches the pain on the wall they will be slaughtered by my hands, is that clear?" The man gulped, he new better than to go against Martyrdom's wishes, so he instructed everyone to leave before sending one of their elite Ninja spies to observe and record everything Sabine did, and when he was old enough he would know where to find her. Years later, Martyrdom was now 23 and his spy had returned with the information, he was able to show video of the fight with Mekiz and Sabine "No, that man is simply not worthy, he did not even know how to comfort her! That bastard. We must get her right awat!" Now Martyrdom is out to find and capture Sabine to force her to marry him. 

Powers and abilities

 Marytdom is a master the South Dipper Lone Eagle Fist  , a style in which uses stabbing/thrusting attacks, most dangerous in close quarters. It also has the ability to perform flying kicks, and uses air pressure to disable an opponent's limbs.     specializes in destroying the enemy, from the outside    in. It also allows Martyrdom's hands to be able to peirce any form of matter, because of his divine origin he can also hit non existent things as well.
南斗獄屠拳 , South Dipper Hell Slaughter Fist): A flying kick which maims the enemy by slicing the tendons in their arms and legs.       
南斗千首龍撃, South Dipper Thousand Dragon Head Attack): A rapid stabbing motion    that attacks the opponents vital organs 
南斗飛燕斬, South Dipper Flying Swallow Slash): A powerful flying kick    that uses extrem air pressure to implode the opponent. 
南斗飛竜拳, South Dipper Flying Dragon Fist): A series 1,000 of rapid light-speed punches attacking the enemies pressure points. The result of the attack makes his enemy crack all over like rock before Martyrdom deals a finishing blow. 
南斗施鷲斬, South Dipper Bestowing Eagle Slash):  with this flying strike    the opponent is sliced by an almost infiniy burst of air pressure.  
Five Finger Explosion ( 五指烈弾 , Goshi Retsudan)     Causes the opponent's fingers to explode       
Five Finger Explosion ( 五指烈弾 , Goshi Retsudan ) Causes the opponent's fingers to explode. Used against Taishan Temple assassin Gouda in the Hokuto no Ken pilot and against Club in the series.  
North Star Twin Dragon Wave ( 北斗双龍波 , Hokuto Sōryūha ) This technique used by Martyrdom in which he finishes his opponent with striking the opponent's chest with both fists.  
Meteorite Face Breaking Kick ( 流星破顔脚 , Ryūsei Hagan Kyaku ) A kick technique Martyrdom  uses , which causes his opponent's  head to split vertically in half.  
North Star Strangling Neck Break ( 北斗絞首逆折 , Hokuto Kōshu Gyakusetsu ) A technique which causes the opponent to twist their head around.  
弾 , Hokuto Hyakuretsu Dan )
North Star Hundred Crack Fist ( 北斗百裂拳 , Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken )  technique, in which Ken strikes the opponent's body with a relentless flurry of punches, resulting the immediate breakdown of the internal organs, followed by an immediate death.  
Two Finger Air Snatch ( 二指真空把 , Nishi  
Shinkū Ha
An arrow shot towards the user is deflected back towards the opponent.  
Boulder Splitting Wave ( 岩山両斬波 , Ganzan Ryōzan Ha ) A hand chop which splits the opponent's skull in half.  
North Star Remorse Fist ( 北斗残悔拳 , Hokuto Zankai Ken ) A technique  to make the oppoenet  feel regret for his/her sins for three seconds  
Skull Splitting Fist ( 交首破顔拳 , Kōshu Hagan Ken ) A knee kick to the face, causing his head to split open in half.  
North Star Cross Kill ( 北斗十字斬 , Hokuto Jūjizan )      finishing technique  in which by striking his vital points in the shape of the Bloody Cross.  
North Star Muscle Cutting Kick ( 北斗鋼筋分断脚 , Hokuto Gōkin Bundan Kyaku ) Used to weaken the muscle.  
North Star Muscle Control Spin Kick ( 北斗繰筋自在脚 , Hokuto Sōkin Jizai Kyaku ) Used  to control his body against it's  will.  
Empty Deflection ( 空極流舞 , Kūkyoku Ryūbu ) An evading technique that allow Martyrdom to avoid any attack for 2 seconds  
North Star Bone Crushing Fist ( 北斗壊骨拳 , Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken ) Finishing technique, causing the skull to rip itself from the body.  
North Star Nothingness Finger Bullet ( 北斗虚無指弾 , Hokuto Kyomu Shidan ) Causes to erase the last few days from an opponent's memories.  
North Star Muscle Cutter ( 北斗断骨筋 , Hokuto Dankotsukin ) Causes an opponent's muscles to self-destruct.  
Dragon Breathing Technique ( 転龍呼吸法 , Tenryū Kokyūhō ) Technique in which Martyrdom  uses 100% of his body's capabilities.  
North Star Seven Star Points of Death ( 北斗七死星点 , Hokuto Shichishiseiten ) Finishing move  in which the vital points are struck in the shape of the Big Dipper.  
 , Hokuto Hagan Ken )
Holy Perfect Circle ( 聖極輪 , Seikyokurin ) A stance used to signal an unwilling opponent in case of an emergency.  
North Star Dragon Attacking Tiger ( 北斗龍撃虎 , Hokuto Ryū Geki Ko ) Places the opponent in a temporary death-like coma.  
North Star Thousand Hands Kill ( 北斗千手殺 , Hokuto Senjusatsu )     A series of rapid hand-stabs  
North Star Eight Agonies Nine Breaks ( 北斗八悶九断 , Hokuto Hachimon Kudan ) A technique that causes the opponent to feel eight different types of pains in the body before exploding into nine splinters.  
North Star Arhat Attack ( 北斗羅漢撃 , Hokuto Rakangeki ) A series of rapid hand strikes.  
Opening of Sharper Senses ( 醒鋭孔 , Seieikō ) Causes an opponent's nervous system to become hypersensitive.  
Vital Point Sealing ( 秘孔封じ , Hikō Fūji ) A defensive technique used to make one's vital points more resistant to an opponent's attacks.  
Fist of the Walk of Repentance ( 残悔積歩拳 , Zankai Sekiho Ken ) Finishing move  causing an opponent to walk against his will.  
North Star Steel Ripper ( 北斗鋼裂把 , Hokuto Kōretsuha ) Destroyed any matter with six fingers.  
North Star Humane Fist ( 北斗有情拳 , Hokuto Ujō Ken )  the opponent is euthanize without causing pain.  
North Star Humane Face-breaking Fist ( 北斗有情破顔拳 , Hokuto Ujō Hagan Ken ) A technique  that leaves his opponent feeling a sense of euphoria before dying.  
North Star Seven Death Aura Interruption ( 北斗七死闘気断 , Hokuto Shichishi Tōki Dan ) Martyrdom gathering of Fighting Aura  
Seven Stars Mark Spirit ( 七星点心 , Shichisei Tenshin )     The user moves towards the opponent in a pattern modeled after the shape of the Big Dipper.  
Water Spirit Reflection ( 水影心 , Suieishin ) A secret techniques that allows its user to learn another fighter's technique after witnessing it once.  
Heaven Breaking Impalement ( 天破活殺 , Tenha Kassatsu ) A powerful aura blast which strikes the opponent's vital points in the shape of the Big Dipper.  
North Star Humane Fierce Flying Rip ( 北斗有情猛翔破 , Hokuto Ujō Mōshō Ha )  finishing move  which causes his opponent to die without feeling pain.  
Seven Stars Obliteration ( 七星抹殺 , Shichisei Massatsu ) The secret technique used to seal Raoh's fists.  
Unconscious Shadow Killer ( 無想陰殺 , Musō Insatsu ) A technique which allows Martyrdom to foresee his opponent's moves.  
Fighting Strength Summon ( 闘勁呼法 , Tōkei Kohō ) A secret technique which sends shockwave through the ground.  
Unconscious Transmigration of Souls ( 無想転生 , Musō Tensei ) can only be mastered by those who experience true sorrow.Allows the user to be able to interect with reality, but reality cannot interect in any way to the user, the cost is this user's ability for 24 hours  
North Star Wizard Spirit Thunderbolt ( 北斗仙気雷弾 , Hokuto Senki Raidan ) A techniqueused to restore  sanity.  
Raging Flames Reverse Flow Fist ( 烈火逆流拳 , Rekka Gyakuryū Ken ) A technique which prevents his body from exhaling,  
North Star Muscle Embracing Will Fist ( 北斗繰筋自在拳 , Hokuto Sōkin Jisai Ken ) A technique which causes two opponents  to embrace each other literally to death.  
North Star Sky Slash ( 北斗虚空斬 , Hokuto Kokūzan )  technique in which  immobilizes an opponent with a jump kick.  
Method of Internal Energy Release ( 発勁の法 , Hakkei no Hō ) Stops projectiles thrown towards one's body.  
North Star Chest Killing Splinter Stabbing Fist ( 北斗胸殺刺突拳 , Hokuto Kyōsatsu Shitotsu Ken ) A technique in which strikes the opponent's chest with hand thrusts, which then explodes.  
North Star Shoot Down Finger ( 北斗撃墜指 , Hokuto Gekitsuishi ) A technique in which Martyrdom sticks his fingers on his opponent's head, causing the opponent's head to explode once they're removed.  
Antidote Technique ( 解毒術 , Gedokujutsu ) Cures venom in one's body.  
Still Gate Collapsing Cave Finger Strike ( 当門穴破指挿 , Tōmon Ketsu Hashisō ) Destroys all the bones in one's body while maintaining the external structure of the body intact.  
Divine Kick of Violent Thunder ( 雷暴神脚 , Raibō Shin Kyaku ) A leaping technique which leaves a print on the ground.  
Art of Air Breathing ( 調気呼吸術 , Chōki Kokyū Jutsu ) Hold breathing for ten minutes.  
North Star Torus Palm Wave ( 北斗円掌波 , Hokuto Enshō Ha ) An energy wave shaped like a circle which causes the opponent's blood to be drained from the pores of their body.  
North Star Combination Barrage ( 北斗輯連打 , Hokuto Shūrenda ) A series of fists which causes blood to leaked out from the pores of the opponent's body.  
North Star Dot Chime ( 北斗一点鐘 , Hokuto Ittenshō ) A powerful fist which pushes away the opponent.  
Kisha ( 気舎 ) Paralyzes an opponents body.
Tōi ( 頭維 ) or Shigō ( 四合 ) The pressure points struck on the opponent's temples when the Remorse Fist is used.
Suzetsu ( 頭顳 ) Located below temples. Renders an opponent unconscious.
Meimon ( 命門 ) Contracts an opponent's muscles until the spine is broke in half.
Meiken ( 明見 ) Pulls the opponent's hands
Teishin ( 定神 ) Works as a tranquilizer
Dōmei ( 瞳明 ) Causes blindness
Shin-ichi ( 新一 ) Forces an opponent to talk against his will
Shinfukumen ( 新伏免 ) Causes instant destruction upon sudden movement
Kyōnai ( 頬肉 ) Leaves an opponent's jaw permanently open.
Daikyōkin ( 大胸筋 ) Causes a body to rust.
Kenmei ( 建明 ) Restores eyesight
Kyosetsu ( 拒節 ) Causes a gunman to aim at himself.
Ryūgan ( 龍頷 ) Causes the entire body to feel intense pain on the thoracic vertebrae.
Gekishinkō ( 激振孔 ) Vital point, which causes his heart to explode.
Sen-yō ( 戦癰 ) Vital point  that paralyzes thes body.
Shitsugen ( 膝限 ) Causes an opponent to walk backwards.
Shintanchū ( 新胆中 ) Causes an opponent to feel euphoria before death.
Shinketsushū ( 新血愁 ) Causes an opponent's body to hemorrhage all of its blood for three days.
Shintanchū ( 新胆中 ) Temporarily immobilizes one's body.
Keichū ( 頸中 ) and Kafutotsu ( 下扶突 ) Hidden points which caused him to feel unbearable pain.
Shinreidai ( 心霊台 ) Hidden point which extended the lifespan for a day after enduring great pain.
Jikyūkyō ( 児鳩胸 ) Causes one to lose their sense of depth perception.
Jinchūkyoku ( 人中極 ) Causes one's body to be destroyed in three seconds.
Sekkatsukō ( 刹活孔 ) Grants one strength at the expense of a shorter lifespan.
Kyōmei ( 鏡明 ) Hidden points located at the shoulders which causes one's hands to explode.
Kaiamon Tenchō ( 解唖門天聴 ) Causes great pain to an opponent who is withholding information.
Zenha ( 喘破 ) Stops an opponent's breathing.
Jōketsukai ( 上血海 ) Vital point used to disable right leg.
Kaketsu ( 戈穴 ) A vital point struck on Falco's chest. Ineffective when cauderized.
Shihōrin ( 詞宝林 )  Allows Martyrdom to read,speak,and write in any language
Anbakukō ( 安驀孔 ) Eliminates the Sulfuric Absorbing Yellow Gas from one's body.
Dankyochūketsu ( 断虚中穴 ) Causes entire body to explode.
Kyōsei ( 竅星 ) Immobilizes an opponent's arms.
Zenchō ( 前頂 ) Prevents an opponent's lung from exhaling
Jōkai ( 浄界 ) Restores eyesight.
Gusoku ( 具足 ) Causes an opponent to walk against his will.
Teikaku ( 停覚 ) Causes an opponent to move at one's will.
Tōa ( 頭亜 ) Causes an opponent to drive a vehicle against his will.
Tōshinmeni ( 頭芯命 ) Causes its victim to shoot someone against his will. Failure to do so causes death.
Hyakkai ( 百会 ) Once struck, it must be held or the opponent's head will explode.
Kokketsu ( 黒詰 ) Causes pain when the opponent refuses to be interrogated.
Suishō ( 錐樵 ) Creates an odor which attracts flesh-eating crows.
Keisetsu ( 頚接 ) Prevents winking.
Ringa ( 輪雅 ) Causes opponent to commit suicide.
Gakuchū ( 額中 ) Caves in head and causes explosion
Ōchū ( 王柱 ) Healing vital point
Aketsushū ( 亜血愁 ) Healing vital point
Tsuishin ( 椎神 ) Stops movement
Heiketsushū ( 閉血愁 ) Stops heart
Jōgaku ( 上顎 ) Located at the upper jaw and used for interrogation
Tōmonketsu Hashisō ( 当門穴破指挿 ) Breaks all the bones in one's body
Bōshin ( 忘神 ) Restores memories
Fūgan ( 風巌 ) Makes the enemy submissive
Zenchi ( 風巌 ) Forces opponent to drink.
Kishō ( 鬼床 ) Causes an opponent's teeth to fall out
Daishi Kōkon ( 大指甲根 ) Causes intense pain to the victim when he tries to yell
Shidōketsu ( 止動穴 ) Causes the opponent's body to be paralyzed for a moment.
South dipper armor pierceing stab
South dipper armor pierceing stab

 Martyrdom stabs the opponent using infinite air presure to caot his skin and stabs his opponent with a venon that attacks their blood tissue causing blood clots and unstoppable bleeding from every opening in their body.


South dipper cutting line
South dipper cutting line

Martyrdom uses quick slices in the air as thin as his fingers causing infinite pressure to slice the opponenet apart. 
South dipper thousand hand slaughter
South dipper thousand hand slaughter
Martyrdom uses 1,000 cutting line strikes that are invisible to his opponent and use infinite air pessure to slaughter all around him 
South dipper internal death choke
South dipper internal death choke

Martyrdom strikes the opponents pressure point causing their air pipes to close and the root of their blood lines to stop flowing through their veins. 
South dipper illusionary death strike
South dipper illusionary death strike

Martyrdom uses 100 strikes in a pattern while using magic to cause illusions that trigger the most horrible memories while striking the opponents pressure points causing muscle spasms and tendons to literaly tear themselves apart. 
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@Martyrdom: Nice. He's so... manly! XD
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Haha thanks.
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@Martyrdom: Uhm O.O that's some bio. O.o
Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@Martyrdom: Though his obsession is unnerving. XD
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Not bad, not bad at all. I must say that this Martyrdom is an interesting character. Although his obsession can be easily toyed with, indirectly of course.  
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@Newdeath: You mean, mean man. Can't you let Sabine at least try to live a normal life?:P
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@Superevil225: LOL its only a matter of time before one of the guys get an obsessed woman after them :P 
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@Newdeath: hahah yes it can ND xDD!! 
@Martyrdom: I challenge you to a fight :P me & Sabine Vs. you xDDD!!!
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 Ha,that was the idea.
Thanks, I will be updating it frequently. 

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@AntiRoX: Who said I was going to fight him??? D:
:< Mean, mean man. :P
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@AntiRoX: Indeed :P I can't help but thinking of luring Mekix into a fight with this guy.
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@Superevil225: LMAO I'm sure Mekix won't stand for it :P it would make for a rather interesting RP if you momentarily leave Mekix for this guy. 
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@Newdeath: Uf, he's way to manly XD
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@Superevil225: And that's a bad thing? LOL 
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@Newdeath: Okay, maybe the manliness is okay, but the obsessiveness is scary. So... (APH) Belarus.... except manly.... 
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@Superevil225: :P But of course. Obsession is meant to be creepy XD now if it was just an attraction I'm sure you'd be flattered :P 
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Great bio, I can't decide is this guy good or evil?

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@Newdeath:  Hmmm... maybe..... :P
Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
I'd just like to point out, Sabine's name is mentioned 13 times in this bio. In Mekix's bio, it's only mentioned 7. XD
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