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Taylor watched the broadcast, still holding his Xbox Controller.


He raised the remote, flicking the TV settings back onto his game console, only to find the dreaded -GAME OVER - screen, taunting him as usual.



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Inside his base of location the One True King was following some leads on several bounties he was currently after, including one involving a Cuban drug lord who was currently hiding off on a secret island somewhere when the message from Kuro-san appear on his screen. Aldrich Reine the Absolute King and Absolute Justice watch the screen with interest and when it ended he began to break out in laughter until he picked a large black revolver and fire six shots through the screens. "A business man huh that is hilarious I am a King why would I conduct business with a lowly business man. But still this Kuro-san is an interesting individual and his proposal does create a great deal of opportunities." Aldrich was a Bounty Hunter with the BHA Artemis or U.S. Branch as such it would be against the BHA rules for him to collaborate with someone who called themselves the Lord of the Criminal Underworld of Japan. While it may be against the rules for me to collaborate with Kuro-san I will be serving a justice if I can catch several bounties besides as he said it himself he is a business man and it is not against the 'law' to collaborate with a business man. Besides this mention of Osaka is the perfect chance to catch some high ranked bounties so I see no need to make mention of this to the BHAJ anytime soon. But Kuro-san claims he is a lord but there can be only One King as long as he does interfere with my throne I will not interfere with his kingdom. With this Kuro-san help I can rid the weak and unlawful from my kingdom of the Inner World and claim my rightful throne on top of it. With that the bounty hunter got up and looked at a map smirking as he pin pointed the location of the drug lord and plotted a way to catch this bounty.

(my first post with Aldrich what do you think?)

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@Absolute_Justice: Nice!

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: (thank you I think there are some things that I need to work on but it was fun I also hinted at my next RP ;) )

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