(LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

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INAZUMA GAKUEN! The place where the strong come to become stronger! A state of the art school hidden in rural Japan where the curriculum of classes is centered on the improvement of all forms of combat, unarmed or armed. Built and funded by the Japanese Government until the 80’s when the economic bubble popped and it had to be sold to a private security company. Under the new management the old techniques were fused by the newest technologies training to maintain the traditions while improving the methods. As many of the traditions from old Japan, handpicked from Shinobi Villages, Warrior clans, Samurai Families and gifted individuals are so dangerous most of the students are either part of warrior families or orphans without anything but talent for combat.

The goal of the school is to improve the students to their top potential while allowing the students themselves to improve the school, either by creating new techniques or new training regimens to enhance the Inazuma Style of Warfare, a massive fighting style that covers most of the known weapons and styles, mixing them in a single school for every single weapon, meaning, joining all the sword school into a single style and improve it constantly. Some purist oppose to this normalization of fighting, yet truthfully this style and teachers for it are the main goal to keep the funding, as it is the main source of revenue for the school a flexible fighting style that is easy to teach and effective in battle, to train foreign soldiers or mercenaries with enough money to pay up.

Currently there are 1200 students in the school divided in 6 different years of progress. Each year is passed if the students defeats a 100 fighters in his same level, 10 on the next and 1 of any class over the next one. When the students reaches the 4 year he needs to pass special test designed by the teachers, many too dangerous to even contemplate, yet a must-do to get into the 5 and 6 years. When you reach that point you can’t lose a single fight or you will be pushed back to the 4 year. A student is allowed a limit of 10 years since his entry, if he isn’t in the 5 or 6 year at least one time, then he will be expelled from the school or kept as cannon fodder for the most promising student to practice on if he proves to be a danger for the secrecy of the school.

Since it went private the school receives international students, thus the school originally small turned into a small city, with services and some entertainment as the most recent studies showed that some kind of distraction from constant training could allow the students less possibilities of shattering under pressure, still this is monitored by the faculty. Inside the Years and through them there are certain important groups with members that share objectives, traditions, styles or just the company of each other. This groups are referred as “Sento no Han” (Combat Clans) and had been incorporated to the curriculum in team battles, depending on the martial arts they employ they are matched against other similar groups and the winners get benefits upon equipment and tutelage.


The current headmaster is the retired General from the JSDF and formerly a coronel of the Imperial Army, Kyoshi Kenmei. He is an undefeated Karate Master and formerly member of the Anti-Gainen Forces during the 60’s. He trained the Anti-Gainen Task Force (Better known for their colloquial name Gainen Satsujin Tai or GStai) and then tried to retire, but The Musai Security Corporation hired him to serve as a teacher. In matter of years he climbed positions until the previous headmaster, Kodai Senshi, master of the Ten Sashi Shokuin Style, retired. Kenmei-sensei is a Spartan trainer that keeps tabs in the most promising students with an iron hand. His only weakness is booze, so the faculty tries to stop him from drinking and going into rampages. He is a simple man, who understands the need of technology to improve the techniques and methods, yet he would prefer the traditional methods over the new ones every given day. He abandoned his former base of operations in Sakurajima to one of his students, Reiji Fukuma, who was part of the GStai. Kyoshi Kenmei is the Steel beam that supports the school and usually is the one who puts the hurt into the misbehaved students, as in this school corporal punishment is a given.

There are 20 teachers in each year; all covering most of the most common fighting style and two teachers in charge of gathering techniques and data from improve the Inazuma Style of Warfare. Each teacher is usually in charge of 10-15 students maximum, yet some have many more, especially in the first year, were most of the students are stuck, some all their careers. Usually 600 students are in the First year, 200 hundred in the second year, 100 in the third year and the remaining 300 in the 3 upper years. Since the inception of the school many students have become teachers in the school and many others passed the tests to become official Inazuma Style Warfare teachers and work overseas in other countries as instructors.

Class M Teachers

Kenmei Fukitsuna (Martial Arts Teacher)

The most popular teacher of the beginner classes, Kenmei is dashing, mysterious and gentlemanly, making him the target of half the female population crushes. He is smart, strong and has looks a winning combination. Still he is disliked by some of the Faculty for his methods and background. When he was younger he was a very promising practitioner of an ancient Kung Fu Style known as Áoxiáng shén quán (Soaring Divine Fist) which he used with almost perfect skills.

Yet he had a womanizer streak at the time and tried to make a move on a fellow martial artist woman. He was challenged to a duel and fought, yet the enemy brought back up and after a long fight Kenmei arm got chopped down. The more traditionalists Teachers of the school thought that his career should have ended there, yet Kenmei forsake the old ways and embraced the new ones. In two years he mastered advanced robotics, an amazing feat, proving his genius, and built a replacement. He destroyed the Dojo and killed all who lynched him.

He decided that teaching was something to do after revenge and offered his services to the school that previously tried to scout him. The same group that dislikes his background also dislikes his methods, as he embraces technology with reckless abandon always creating new machines or devices to train students and he gets results, but the purists insist he is taking the spirit out of their traditions as Martial Artists.

Kurogane Kotetsu

A Shinobi exiled from his clan for the crime of breaking ancestral traditions. What was exactly his crime; he broke the rule that prohibited the use of firearms. It was an accident, a last minute resort action that forced him to use a gun he took from a guard in a mission. His own brother accused him to the Village Elder and he was forced to leave. At first he hated guns, as they cost him everything, yet as he was cut from his clan other clans decided to target him, just for the fun of it, or to train recruits, stripped of his weapons and equipment he used the gun they forced him to keep on his exile. In a short time he became quite skilled with it and decided to upgrade his gear. He started Free Lancing using a mixture of his Ninpo and his Gunmanship to do almost impossible missions. He was recruited to be one of the Weapon Masters in Inazuma soon after pulling off the assassination of the Minister of Economy in Japan.

He is a master gunslinger, usually carrying a customized rifle that allows multiple different pellets. He also carries a Beam Sword he took from one of his victims bodyguards, a exquisite piece of technology that serves wonders when things get up close and personal. Kurogane can be described as strangely cheerful, considering his line of job and his past, he tends to make good relations with the students, even if the Older Teachers hate him, for similar reasons to why they hate Kenmei. He is known across the school for his sweet tooth, another rebellion against his clan that prohibited any kind of sweets.

Alexis Romanov

Alexis is a Shinodaborn, hybrid of human and Jardsam's offspring. She is astonishingly intelligent and combat capable, standing her own against the combined efforts of FCL. She was trained in hand-to-hand combat in the Dreadnought style of her father, a martial art mastered only by herself, Jardsam, and SamJaz, where one is trained to fight against armies using swords, axes, magic and guns. Personalitywise, she is very competitive and loves to excel. She carries a dignified grace befitting her status as a royal, even when getting her hands dirty. She is very to the point and blunt, though loves to discuss slightly irrelevant trivialities, such as the etymology of people's names, or different forms of philosophy.

Alexis' emblems are Touch, and Go. She can use any part of her body to grip and touch as if it were fingers. She can hear, see, taste, feel and smell through any part of her body, and has incredible grip, from holding swords with her thigh to scaling buildings with her fingertips. In addition, she can put any stationary object into motion with a touch, and control its movements by will until it comes to rest. Her Sketch, the Black Carapace, is a black skintight bodysuit with points of light dotted around her body. These lights are actually mixture devices similar to Jardsam's pencil, although much less powerful. These emitters can temporarily edit the laws of physics in the space around Alexis, as well as manipulating objects around her.

Class L Teachers

Garo Takayama (Weapons)

Resident Master Bowman and one of the top 5 archers in the world, he comes from a long line of archers, rumored to be a direct descendant of Legendary Japanese Archer Nasu no Yoichi. Garo’s family is known for their impressive eyesight and accuracy, also they are firm believers of the Inazuma system as their own style the Takayama Senkou Kyujutsu (Takayama’s Flashing Arts of the Bow) has included the technological and technical advancements to their techniques, creating a bowmanship style that includes the calm of Kyudo, the range of British Archery, the speed of Mongolian Archery and many other traits from different styles. They use the best bows money can buy or better said the best they can make with money and skill. His style also includes applications with Ki and close combat techniques to keep distance as very efficient footwork. He is stern, stoic and a man of almost no words; he is a firm believer of using the carrot and the stick during training. Previous to his work here he spend 10 years as an Agent of the JHWAB, one of the only human agents, hunting Hidden World creatures, honing his tracking skills.

Artemis Jaeger (Assassination)

A 27 year old Assassin and a rather young member of the Midnight Carnival (If you want i can elaborate in detail as to what the midnight Carnival is, though i don't think it's necessary for this situation. Pretty much, it's just a club for the best of the best in terms of being an Assassin). She went to Inazuma to be a teacher mostly because she's supposed to scout for potential future Assassins, but at the same time she seems to have persona reasons. She's rarely seen without a hat and a bang of her blond hair covering one part of her face. Her ponytail is pretty iconic too. Usually wears clothes that cover most of her body, with the color being mostly black, gray and sometimes very dark shades of other colors. Besides that she is never seen without a wooden box she carries around, which sometimes grows mechanical legs to follow her around like a pet.

Her personality is that of a calm, collected, reserved and silent woman. You don't hear any real determination or passions in her voice and she usually seems quiet melancholic. Though as stated before she is rather timid and passive, if triggered and provoked she can become absurdly cruel and hateful to the point of torturing students if needed.

Yoshinori Kurosawa

One of the few theorical teachers that knows martial arts, he teaches History of Warfare for several Classes and also handles the joint tutelage of Class L alongside Garo. Yoshinori is a man of wealth and tradition, coming from a long line of Samurai, even if the title was stripped from his family at the dawn of the Meiji age, more than 100 years ago. He is a master of the Spear Style Chokyori Soujutsu (Long Range Spear) Specialized in increasing the range of close combat attacks with clever techniques. He may not be as strong as Garo, but he serves as the perfect counterpoint to the archer, that is 90% experience 10% knowledge, while Yoshinori is more akin to theory than practice. Still he may look old, but he can be quite deadly in battle. He has a skill that nobody else has, he is the only one who can drink anybody in the school under the table, even non-humans.


The Inazuma Gakuen haves a large terrain, with many climates, albeit some forced artificially in domes. There are many buildings; the main building where most of the administrative labors and theory classes are done. The Dojo, a massive building divided in several dozen rooms for practical classes. The Gym outfitted with the latest in training technology and constantly updated. The Armory, home of almost any kind of weapon in the world and newer versions with more refinement thanks to superior technology. The Library holds almost any book about combat or fighting styles ever written with abundant digital copies. The Campus haves several housing buildings for the students and the workers, with some cinemas, cafes, clothing shops and other places of entertainment.

There are some places off limits for most of the student body, the 4 Cardinal Temples are the place of learning for the 5 and 6 years and immediate expulsion is the punishment for those of lower years that try to enter any of this places. There is also the underground Inazuma Style testing ground, in which the main research of the style is held; only people working on the project can access this zone. Each Student, Worker and Teacher holds an electronic bracelet that opens doors and informs them about being in prohibited areas if they get lost. The Bracelet also holds inside a GPS beacon to follow the movements of the students inside the school terrains so they can keep an eye on them and help them avoid problems.


Main Building
Main Building
One of the 4 Cardinal Temples, the Temple of the Fierce Fist of the North, were the advanced unnarmed students are trained.
One of the 4 Cardinal Temples, the Temple of the Fierce Fist of the North, were the advanced unnarmed students are trained.

The school works under a simple set of rules that the Disciplinary committee president, handpicked by the Student Body President enforces the rules with the authority granted by the school. The list is quite short but covers all the important points.

1. Respect your teachers and Senpai

2. Fights aren’t allowed unless authorization is given

3. Killing other students is punished with expulsion.

4. Respect the Off-Limits areas

5. Never ignore a direct order or physical punishment can be employed

6. Combat Clans cannot be larger than 50 members

7. Combat Clans can only fight against other groups in approved bouts

8. Sparing is permitted with supervision

9. Live with Honor

10. Fight with Bravery.

Current Students

1st Year

Class M

Tetsu Yamanaka

Youngest member of the Yamanaka Clan, he is trained under the Yamanaka Karate Style. Stoic, serious and not prone to jokes or fun. He entered this year and plans to do the whole 6 years in a single sitting without fail, just like his father did before him and just like his eldest sister is doing right now. His fight style is like him, stoic, traditionalist and resilient, his school preaches that the most important attack is the last one and they even developed ways of increasing their Ki through pain and beatings. He is a promising newcomer ready to shock the world.

Gen Shishioh

The First Spirit Boxer allowed in the school, Gen is brash, hot-blooded and impulsive, but he can back it up, thanks to his amazing durability and willpower, possibly his capacity for taking hits is around the 5 Year level. He is not very popular or promising, yet he had won some important matches thanks to firepower and durability, as his Martial Arts prefers quantity over quality most of the time more traditionalist fighters are overwhelmed by the punching speed and the sheer amount of attacks he can dish out.

Reiko Tokugami

The only heir to the Tokugami Ninpo Ryu, a Ninjitsu style from Kansai. She tends to be quite open, even sometimes too open about her family activities, turning her into sort of a pariah, as many people don’t have the stomach to hear her talk about the exploits of her family and her style that is quite gruesome. Reiko is a very friendly person and if you can ignore the horrible and life scarring tales of the missions of her family she can be a very good friend. Is quite the contrast to meet a master of a style focused on gutting the enemy and removing their internal organs by hand to be so nice and cute most of the time. She is a bit of a ditz and clumsy, yet she is quite the fighter.

Lei Sheng “Wallaby” Conroy

Australian/Chinese Teen with a personal style based upon his personal experience and a forgotten kick only style from Chinese Kung Fu. His nickname comes from his preference for kicks and his accent when talking English. He was orphaned at a young age and ended up inheriting his parents fortune, still he didn’t care a lot about that as he spend most of his youth on the streets or the outback. He is a genius and his kicks are 4 or 5 Year Level, capable of shattering steel. Under guidance from one of the teachers (Kenmei Fukitsuna) he currently wears weighted bracelets and leg bands, to increase his powers. He is easy going and laid-back, not caring too much about anything but always excelling, the sign of a True Genius.

Raisa Ubiytsy

Daughter of a Russian General, Raisa is a very serious and talented young woman, that discovered her immense skills as a swordsman when she found a old katana, a souvenir her grand-grand-Father took from the Russian-Japanese War. The moment she picked up the rusty sword of an officer killed by her ancestor she understood how to use it and her house was the one to pay the price of her newfound skills. A single slash split a massive mansion in half and from that point onwards her father, seeing her potential, got the best Japanese Kendo teacher he could find. With time she learned to control her attacks, but not thanks to good training, her natural instincts are so developed to wield a Japanese Sword that the training only lowered her overall skill. She fights with her own style only if the opponent is strong enough. She is the most promising one of the newcomers this year and by far the coldest. There is a bit of fan following for her in the school, but she doesn’t seem to care. Truthfully she wants a friend, as her skill always left her isolated.

Imperial Squad

As part of a special exchange program, 5 young members of the Imperial Embassy were sent to study in the School as well to teach the basics of Imperial Fighting Techniques and Tactics. From left to right they are Andrew Shade, Selena Rogan, Athena Argent, Reave Behemoth and Slim Crownslide, all of them highly trained and skilled warriors on their own, but forming an even stronger unit. The whole group is watched over and guided by Sgt. Ezio Eaglestrider

Toramaru Nagare

One of the Myth Soldiers that escaped the Forgotten Ryugu-jo Laboratory, he is one of the youngest members of this group. He is a Half Oni, with immense physical strength and endurance, but lacking many social skills. He was trained by his elder brothers Daikichi and Daigoro in the utilization of his Oni Powers, such as Flame Manipulation, Size Change and Taming animals, but his martial training came from multiple different members of the Eastern Community, giving him a strange style, mixing Karate, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing Steps. He is extremely talented and was approved by Houzi Nagare (As many male Myth Soldiers respected Ichigan Nagare sacrifice, many took his surname when registered as Japanese Citizens, many of the females took the surname Nakamura in honor of Hitomi.)

Xi’ai Sizhou

A Chinese martial artist that comes from a long line of weapon users, masters of the Chuan Quan (String Fist) She is the oldest in the household and inherited the technique from her mother. She is also a master seamstress, yet she haves a bit of an inferiority complex regarding her work, as seemingly somewhere in the world exist a much better seamstress than her. She tends to be glum and not very sociable, most of the time she thinks that anybody praising her is trying to mock her. She is quite talented as a fighter; unskilled fighters aren’t able to follow her attacks, as the silk strings she uses are so thin most of them don’t notice them until they are biting the dust. The teachers expect big things from her, yet she doesn’t haves the same opinion.

Kojiro Nakatsuka

Delinquent by choice and maybe by birth, Kojiro is son of a high ranking Yakuza and a female Wrestler, he haves the blood of a warrior from birth. He trashed several schools out of petty reasons and minor conflicts, very easily to enrage he is the only student in the first year more hot-headed than Gen, to the point that even the Hot-Blooded Boxers mocks him for it. He is rough, uncivilized, unable to control his own strength and most important a very strong and unorthodox fighter. He walks the path of the Brawler, picking almost any object as a weapon; he is a rarity, a hybrid armed/unarmed fighter with durability to burn. He dislikes tactic based combat, preferring to overwhelm his opponent with a storm of blows. His catchphrase is “Ore Sanjou!” (I have arrived)

Ross Archer

He is one of the youngest students. Unlike most others he came there with no knowledge about martial arts outside of movies, though that can hardly count as knowledge. Not only that but his body is weak as well. Being a 14 year old who never worked out in his life, he is utterly hopeless when compared to the others. Nevertheless he has a strong will to learn and great respect for everyone in the school. Outside of training he's sweet, kind and polite. Though he lacked any real qualifications he was accepted thanks to his ability to use boxes. His goal is very simple, become stronger and help others, a trait that has turned him into a borderline martyr.

Archer does not try to hide his excitement about being accepted into the school as he sees it as the best chance he'll get to improve his ability to help others.


Sarutobi's parents were murdered by a demon planting a seed of hatred in him he was then taken in by his uncle who taught him Tai-Chi. Years later he has become much more powerful and fluent in Tai-Chi and his hatred of all supernatural creatures has only gotten worse. Adding on his desire to constantly fight strong people and his uncle saw he was heading down a dark path. So he decided to send him to a school where he could be around warriors his own age and develop friendships and overcome his anger , his uncle just hoped he did not kill anyone.

Hebi Teizoku

A dangerous delinquent that entered the school chasing behind his bitter rival during middle school, unluckily for him his rival was more skilled and advanced up to 6 Year, while he got stuck. Hebi will use any underhand method to win, in fact he could be considered a master when cheap shots are the subject. He is petty, loud mouthed and worse of all most of the time he cannot back it up. Of all the students’ active in school he is the one who lost most fights and the least likely to even get up a class, still he is quite astute and years in the school granted him quite the amount of contacts and knowledge of the inner workings. He may not be dangerous opponent on a fight, but he can prove to be quite deadly as an enemy. He was placed in Class M to show the newcomers what they could become if they don’t work hard.

Class L

Keiji Nakahara

Keiji is the last person one would expect to be attending Inazuma, he is weaker than most students let alone kids his own age, he is a master of speed, nor is he a martial arts expert in the least bit. Keiji lacks or is below advantage in most skills one would expect to be attending Inazuma, however he does possess one quality that for exceeds the other students an unbreakable determination. No matter how hard Keiji is knocked down he never quits or gives ups, despite being bully nearly all his life he has never backed down and while most of the times he gets beat up he at least his courage and pride are intact. Despite lacking overall ability it’s this determination and a hidden well of potential that got Keiji into the school.

The clumsy, shy, and often gullible teen also possess something that not even he currently knows about, within Keiji’s body is the spirit of one of the greatest Martial Artist who walked this earth the spirit saw the potential in the young man and his unbridled courage and has taken residents in him. In times of great peril the spirit can temporarily take control of the host and unleash a sliver of a faction of its god like fighting ability. However because Keiji body can’t handle the strain of performing this impressive feats and even after a minute the spirit must let go or risk permanent damage to the host.

Alicia Weston

Alicia is second in line to the Weston Family name and company Weston Munitions, one of the world’s largest gun and Munitions Company, behind her brother Roy. Weston Munitions actually holds a contract with Inazuma providing the school with ammo and some guns for its armory. Similar to Roy Alicia was tutored, taught, and trained to be lead the Weston family should anything befall her older brother. However Roy and Alicia are two different creatures, Roy is a prodigy and was sheltered most of his life while Alicia is nowhere near the level of her brother and she was for the most part a spoiled child. Being Daddy’s Little Princess has several benefits including almost always getting her father to give her whatever she asked for with a pair of sweet eyes and few “pwetty pweases”. Alicia also has fan like obsession towards American Bounty Hunter, Crow Cementerio, Alicia claims she is Crow’s #1 Fan and the President (and only member of the Crow Cementerio Fan Club).

This idolization is what has driven the Bullet Princess to Inazuma in the first place, Alicia dream is to one day meet her idol and defeat him in a shootout (or as she has stated “Pump him for of lead”). This cause of this obsession is yet unknown. Alicia spoiled childhood has made her into somewhat of a brat she is loud, obnoxious, and short tempered when not getting her way even going as far as getting violent with people. She rarely cares for learning someone name and instead always gives them a nickname that she refers to them as (most of the time this are demeaning). Despite her size she is capable of holding her own against most foes, Alicia wields two custom made Weston .45 Scarlet Hawk handguns a surprising heavy pair of guns for such a young girl. Unlike her idol Crow and her brother Roy Alicia tends to prefer firepower over accuracy. Her catch phrase is “I’ll pump you full of lead!”

Huang Mao

Chinese orphan and practitioner of the Diqui yu Tian (Heaven and Earth / 地球與天國) spear style, a very rare group of technique that uses a twin spear. He is cold, arrogant and uncaring of others, solely focused on his style and nothing else. He will flat out refuse any other practice than with Spear, as he feels disdain for guns, swords and any other weapon, he even hates unarmed combat. He considers the spear to be the most elegant and perfect weapon there is, as he grew in a monastery of Warrior Monks that cared for their weapons more than their lives. He may come off arrogant to the point of stupidity, but he has great pride on his skill and his weapon of choice.

Jean Chateau-Rire

A young French teen that inherited a fighting style from her grandfather, veteran from Vietnam, previous to the U.S.A. intervention, that befriended the locals and was taught Vovinam, a particular sub-style called Anh Sang Da (Lighting Kicks). Jean used to work as a barwoman/bouncer in her family bar after school, but her inmense skill, not to mention certain troubles with gangster that didn’t take too kindly that a young girl kicked their asses, forced her to leave to another country. Her grandfather sent her to Japan with a letter of recommendation and she was admitted to Inazuma. Jean is a tomboy, always filled with energy and attitude, but she has an appreciation for the finer parts of life, like music, culture and arts.

Izumi Hayashi

Member of a long line of Jujutsu masters, Izumi is the 16th head of the Hayashi Clan and the 10th head of the Muon-rin Ryu (Silent Forest Style / 無音林) she is friendly, kind and compassionate, the true ideal of Japanese woman, with knowledge in culture, science and even house chores. She shouldn’t be here, and her retainers told her, but she entered Inazuma to further polish her skills and showcase that her style is the strongest Jujutsu style there is, in honor of her late younger sister Rika, which had that dream. Upon her death in a car accident Izumi took the head of the school title and decided to fulfill her little sister ambition.

D-boy Mcfro

A weird fighter if there ever was, with a weird behavior and name to add to the general bizarre air around him. D-Boy is a battle dance, mixing breakdance, hip-hop, disco and many other dance styles with martial arts. He may look strange and behave equally as weird, but his skills aren’t a joke at all, capable of fighting against martial arts with his incredibly unpredictable and unorthodox style, capable of confusing even the calmest of minds. Not much is known about him as his Japanese is horrible and his English is surprisingly bad or at least limited to exclamations and some short words. He fights even better if he has music playing nearby.

Alto Cross

A young child prodigy from the states who turned delinquent to do gooder after a tragic death of his gang which he lead like a proud leader and was exceptionally good at it he is good with words and takes responsibility for his action like a leader should but these traits are hard to find now now he is just he is fairly serious focused on the task at hand and just trains frequently on days on end trying not to dwell on the past but since he cant train him self he needs to go to school to actually improve his skills

Sid Renner

Taken at face value, Sid appears to be one of the laziest people around. While he prefers to play around with his opponents before getting serious, he has been known to shatter thick concrete walls with his powerful kicks. Beneath his lazy facade, Sid is extremely intelligent, and wishes to find powerful people at this school to put some much needed excitement into his life.

Batilda Berg

A swedish girl with enormous appetite and strength, she was gifted from birth with an endless void in place of her stomach and mountain shattering might. She may lack killer instinct, wits, stamina, speed or skill, but her durability and strength are off the charts. Batilda is childish, naïve and too kind to be a warrior, but her amazing body, capable of lifting over 10 tons with ease and capable of resisting tank blasts as if the projectiles were wet paper balls, made her a must recruit for the school. She received minor wrestling and sumo training before arriving, but apart from that Batilda is pretty much green.

Andrew Bonham

Member of the famous Bonham Clan, Andrew is the youngest of his generation, in a family composed by soldiers of fortune with great prestige as bodyguards for businessmen and politicians in areas of conflict. He never really wanted to come to Inazuma, but it was a better prospect that being treated like a manservant by his older siblings. Andrew is lazy, aloof and will try almost anything to avoid doing hard work. Yet there is hidden potential in this weapon user, as all the talented members of his family develop a particular power known as the Bonham’s Eye, which allows them to enhance their sight to several levels over the rest of humanity. He may surprise us all.

Barnaby Talons

A rarity in the whole school, and that’s something quite strange, Barnaby’s weapon is a vehicle as he is a prodigy of Aviation, with a body blessed to resist any G force and a natural 3d perception that helps him navigate the skies. Barnaby is sometimes called the Mozart of Aviation or the Lonesome Hawk, as he is the sole pilot student in the school. On foot he may not be a force to be reckoned with, but he can handle himself on a fight, having basic boxing and wrestling training, not to mention his innate situational perception and razor sharp reflexes. He is out going but his mood sours if he doesn’t flies from time to time.

Yun Bai

A female practitioner of Kung Fu, Yun Bai is a Chinese/Korean high school Student that was taught Zonglu Biaozheng (Soaring Palm/棕櫚飆升) by her grandmother, a grandmaster of the style, just for the most basic technique of this style, the Rexing Tianqiao (Skywalk/人行天橋 ) that allows the user to jump to great heights, only to win on a school athletic contest to get the attention of a boy. She was scouted after she broke the Olympic record for high jump. Her grandmother allowed her to continue the studies of the style, even giving her the sacred scrolls, but she put a condition, she must marry a man that can defeat her first. That was a very important selling point of Inazuma, a school so big surely had really cute guys that could defeat her grandmother in a duel.

Ayla Tilki

A Turkish thief that managed to pickpocket one of the school teachers when he was on vacation. She survived on her own on the dangerous streets of Ankara. She already killed many times to survive, avoid rapists and other thieves trying to stole from here. She was tempered in despair and suffering and when somebody offered her a way out she accepted it. She lacks any style, but her physical traits, especially her agility and her hand speed and coordination are amazing. She prefers bladed weapons and dislikes being touched, being sullen and unfriendly to all. Her “catchphrase” is to add the word Domuz to all her interactions with men, for those who do not know Turkish she is calling them pigs.

Ambrogino “Gino” De Rege

A mysterious teen from Italy, nobody knows much about him apart that he has a charming smile, big blue sparkling eyes and is adorable. Somebody in the directive council vouched for him when he applied. His fighting style and background is unknown.

Gerwulf Brantheim III

Son of German nobility, Gerwulf was raised to believe he is the best in the world, he is incapable of admitting defeat and is completely immersed in that delusion and dusty knightly traditions. He is a user of Kampfringen and old German fighting style focused on punches, locks, elbow strikes and headbutts, usually used alongside swordsmanship Gerwulf’s family uses an altered version that only focused in the unarmed side and they call it Strumkampfringen, as their blows are like thunder. He is arrogant, self important and regal, considering all the other students under him. He is quite talented, but maybe his arrogance will get on his way.

Katsuo Sakurai

A romantic, a poet and a sage, those are the things Katsuo aspires to be, unluckily for him he has the sensibility of a brick, the creativity of a sponge and the wisdom of a crack junkie. Still that doesn’t stop him from trying and having some success. He is the oldest brother of Tatsuhiro Sakurai, who is already in 2 year. Their difference in skill is mostly a result of their different behavior and focus on swordsmanship. While Tatsuhiro puts his search for harmony with his blade over everything else, Katsuo thinks it more as a way to express his inner self. Instead of using his family style he fights with an unorthodox fencing technique, very difficult to predict.

2nd Year

Laura Tatsumaki

Half Brazilian/ Half Japanese mixed martial artist, centering on submissions and kicks, combining Brazilian Jujitsu and Capoeira in a deadly high-flying submission style that to the untrained eye seems like Lucha Libre (Mexican High Flying Wrestling) But the quality of the movements is different, when fighting she turns into a tornado of destruction, managing several different types of locks and throws from a mid-air stance. She is quite popular thanks to her skill, but mostly thanks to her behavior, a bit less formal than other students, not to mention her preference for lighter clothing. She is also known for her immense appetite, being one of the biggest eaters in Campus.


Member of an Ainu Clan, Karasu was born with talent to fight, he is inhumanly strong, fast and durable, yet he is a pacifist by nature and tries to avoid fighting. Still he came here not to learn how to increase his might, but to control it, as his powers are a danger to others. He specializes in locks and non-lethal takedowns. He wears restrictive gear that blocks part of his strength, so he avoids killing people. Yet his talent to fight comes from a supernatural force a Demon that uses him as a host. In times of great duress the demon takes hold of his body and destroys anything in its path. The Demon proclaims himself Ryoshi and he uses Karasu’s strength to the limit.


A mysterious teen that suddenly popped up in the School entrance, he cannot talk a word but “Koi-Koi”. His equally mysterious style emulates the movement of fish, being capable of undulating his body through the battlefield avoiding strikes and locks with a slippery aura of Ki. He is almost at Master Level when it comes to Ki Manipulation, capable of altering the density, color or texture of his Ki according to his wishes. He should be on a higher Year, yet his sometimes eccentric demeanor and his inability to read and write had stopped him thanks to the horrible results this flaws cause in his written exams

Alice Yukimura

USA/Japanese student of Aikido, she is almost in master level when it comes to skill but her father insisted that she would assist to the school, to further improve her own skills and to prove the power of her family Aikido Style, that until recent years was covered in shame by the actions of her father, that lost a match against a female boxer of North America, that ended up being Alice’s mother. Alice is split in between her mother more warm and hot-blooded personality and his father calculating and cold demeanor. She seems calm and composed most of the time, but her mother genes can suddenly pop up from time to time, creating two different fighting styles that she cannot blend into one as they are mostly incompatible. She is strong and haves the basis to become a Spirit Boxer, but his father hateful and spiteful words against her mother got to her and she dislikes the idea. Thus she hates Gen.

Yuriko Kazegawa

Heir of the Kazegawa Conglomerate, a massive enterprise that holds most of the crops in Japan under their farmlands and currently own 90% of the Beef market in Japan, she inherited from his grandfather the Kazegawa Kobushijustu techinques, an ancient Martial Art with influences from Kenpou, Karate, Kung Fu and many others trying to become specialist on fist fighting. She may look like the classical Ojou, but she is brash, impulsive and hot-blooded, think of her as female traditionalist Gen. She was already planning to appear here as she knows Rin from the school, but she changed to Inazuma to further develop his skills leaving the Conglomerate to her younger brother, that haves a head for numbers. Her style uses every possible type of strike with the hands, in combination, in fusion and in combos.


One of the so called Speed Prodigies in the school he already moved at sound speed 10 years ago and from that point on he only increased his speed. He comes from a family of martial artist, all under the Chisoku Tenken Ryu a karate style that puts speed over any other trait. But his specialization comes to a price, he cannot have much muscle so his attacks are quite flimsy compared to others fighters, so is his durability, but to prove that weakness you first need to catch him and his trademark Ryutai Undo Sanpo (Fluid Motion Walk) allows him to avoid attacks with immense skill and speed, barely seeming to move at all. He may not be able to take a punch, but first you need to punch him.

3rd Year

Velvela Gedide

Former Street Rat in the streets of Jerusalem, she was forcibly drafted into the army at a very tender age, as it was the army or the reformatory. To the surprise of her trainers the girl broke every record for soldiers and in a fourth of the assigned time of training she bested multiple veteran soldiers in games of war. Inazuma Gakuen recruited her with permission of the Israeli government. She is possibly the most gifted soldier type in the whole City and enters in the all time top five in most contributions to the Inazuma Style of Warfare. She has mastered tactics and strategy, defeating enemies much more powerful through cunning, skill and well cared equipment. She is currently on a mentoring program with an guest teacher, one of the deadliest men on Earth, Falken Degiraz. Under all possible definitions of the term, she is a Super Soldier.

Mauvais Loup

French Exchange student, a practitioner of Savate, one of the top 10 kickers in the School, yet he is stuck on the 3rd Year, not for failing, but for lack of trying, he likes to break the dreams of others, he enjoys breaking other students to the point the need to stop fighting forever, he plans to rush through the last years in a blur, but for the moment he enjoys kicking the shit out of people weaker than him. He haves bad reputation among students and teachers, thanks to his sadistic demeanor. He is keep on tight watch, as the teachers believe he can fall to the Path of the Demon, where the fighters just fight for bloodlust rather than enhancing themselves or protecting others.

4th Year

Nusumi Himitsu

The heir to the Senkou Clan Ninpo, a master of stealth, the president of the School newspaper, a World Class Pervert, this and many more statements could describe Nusumi Himitsu. Generally known as one of the stealthiest members of the student body, ranking 3 according to the teachers, Nusumi popularity is two sided, famous with the men as he gets the best pictures and infamous to the women as they are the unwilling models of those photos. Nusumi is one of the students the teachers call “Genkai” as he reached his “limit” and unless there is a major shift in the upper years he would be incapable of reaching 5 Year. Still he cares not for that, but he cares to get the best pictures, considering them proof enough of his stealth abilities. His current targets include some newcomers as Raisa and the Imperial Soldiers and some of the most difficult targets in the school, people from the 6 Year.


French-American kickboxer of uncanny speed, strength and durability, yet his strongest assets are his charisma, as he created one of the strongest Sento no Han in a record time and his mysterious technique only known as "THE END" that coined his nickname Shuryo, some say is a punch, others say is a kick, but it could really be something stranger. He is cold, cool and imposing, his size puts him a bit over the average height on the school and the aura around him makes him look even bigger. He was allowed to stay on the school even after killing another students as it was in self defense, that makes him one sinister yet intriguing character. He isnt fond of people weaker than him, but he doesnt bullies people. He is forcefully stopped his meteoric advancement through the classes to win this year Sento no Han battle Royale, that he lost at the hands of the Kinkishi Sento no Han last year.

5th Year

Most of the 5th Year tend to be less in Campus and more in the special areas.

Shinken Tamahagane

One of the best swordsmen in the whole campus, Shinken comes from a long, long legacy of Blade Masters, which could be traced to the Muromachi Period in Japan. The sole heir of the powerful Hien Kami Taiji Ryu, he is one of the most feared fighters in the school, capable of facing the 6 Years in equal ground and one of the top 5 Sword Masters in Inazuma. He is about to enter the 6 year as is preparing to duel the Pinnacle of Hard Work when he does, as he is the Top 1 Sword Master in the School. He likes strong opponents and haves a soft spot for cats. Shinken tends to be kind and compassionate with his kohai, even training them if they ask, his only request if for them to buy him a curry bread, his favorite food, but there is more to that request that it seems, so beware.

6th Year

Not much is known about the 6 Year students, most of them are in secluded training or in practical trips with mentors. What is known is their organization, it exists a hierarchy between them, with one over all the others, 4 under him but over the others and the rest as a single class.

The Top Student is called “Tensai”, this position may be challenged only for the 4 elite “Saikoho” and any of the 6 years can challenge any of the “Saikoho” in fights which rules exists since the beginning of the school. Each “Saikoho” represents a virtue of a warrior.

Saino Saikoho is the Pinnacle of Talent

Iryoku Saikoho is the Pinnacle of Might

Jurodo Saikoho is the Pinnacle of Hard Work

Keimo Saikoho is the Pinnacle of Enlightenment

The Tensai represent the balance of the 4 concepts in a single warrior, many of the Tensai are much more powerful than any of the regular teachers and mentors must be recruited to teach them.

Sento no Han

Aoi Sekai

A brand new Sento no Han started this year by Roger Yamagata. They are good natured, most of them heirs to a style and all of them part of the same 1st Year Class M. They are currently in search of new members and as the Students Council allowed the recruiting of 1st Years they are trying to get to the best fish before the sea gets filled with fishermen. They are mostly an unarmed group, with a single full time weapon user and a part time weapons user.

Roger Yamagata

Half Japanese/American teen, trained in the Chikyu no Bunkatsu Ken (Earth Splitting Fist/ 地球の分割拳) Style. He is charismatic and has a magnetic personality. He may not be the strongest, the fastest or the smartest, but he knows one thing, strength of one can be the strength of many, and the strength of many can be of one man. With that philosophy he broke the record of the fastest assembled Sento no Han, Aoi Sekai, which he leads. Most of his companions are 2nd years that entered the school alongside him. He is an average fighter, but has the skill of mimicking, not to the point of super natural effectiveness and replication, but after watching a technique enough times he can copy it, at least with 1/3 of the original skill but with much less time. He is able to connect these techniques and teach them as if he had learned them.


Ainu Tribe member, sole practitioner of a style considered lost. Shiratekka is an advanced practitioner of Isonash, a martial art developed in ancient times to combat armored enemies, humans or not. It mostly consists in locks, throws and other similar movements that some theorize pre-date Judo and Jujutsu. Shiratekka found a cave with the scriptures of a lost master and used the style to defeat a rampant Forest God. Yet he was banished from his village for such crime, as the Forest Gods, even corrupted were Tabu. He travelled to the south and wandered without any goal until he was scouted by Inazuma officers. He is calm and collected yet naïve. He takes great care to fulfill his religious obligations. He is considered to be one of the 4 cutest guys in school after a poll made by the Newspaper.

Suzume Korime

Young Japanese woman of a long line of Kyudojustu masters. She studies the Samuya Kyudo (Cold Arrow / 寒矢) Ryu. She is the only woman in the Aoi Sekai Sento no Han and possibly the smartest. Suzume is well mannered, well behaved lady, taught from a young age to become the perfect Yamato Nadeshiko. Still her easy going attitude and gentle smile are masks she wears to keep her icy glare reserved to battle. Her style centers upon using a single arrow with enough power and speed to finish the battle. She is an amazing archer, yet she haves a long way to go until mastering her style. She is in the school solely to stand in for her brother, which declined it as he was working for the government. Even if she doesn’t shows it she likes being in the school and with her friends, mostly ignoring the embarrassment and sometimes shame they bring her with their antics. She has a healthy rivalry with Velvela Gedide as both are ranged fighters with different combat philosophies.

Berend Siegwarme

German teen, his red hair showcasing his level of hot-bloodiness (At least he says that, rumors tell he dyes his hair) Aoi Sekai’s resident Big Guy and Boisterous Bruiser. He may be the weakest from the skill and technical side, but his strength, speed and stamina are off the charts in comparison. He practices Mixed Martial Arts (Brazilian Jujutsu for holds, Kickboxing and Muay Thai for standing fights with some taekwondo and Karate thrown in there for good measure) Berend says that flashy techniques are bothersome to learn and to use, mostly focusing on basic training and the repetition of basic techniques until flawless execution. His body could be made of Adamatium for all we care considering his inhuman durability. He is the oldest of this Sento no Han and acts as their wacky older brother. He has the bad custom of only wearing his combat outfit, making him the object of ridicule from men and stealthy looks from women checking him. He is easily angered but he forgives quite as easy, but start feeling afraid if you piss him off by attacking his friends.

Feng Weiwu

Chinese born Martial artist, the strongest member of the Aoi Sekai Sento no Han by far, he is one of the most accomplished Kung Fu Practitioners in the school as he constantly incorporates new techniques to his style seamlessly and without problems, Feng is one of the most amazing prodigies in the school. His style is called Wan Xiang Quan (Universe Fist / 萬向拳 ) an all around fighting school with kicks, holds, throws, punches and everything else. His rivalry with Roger during their 1st Year was the stuff of legend. Feng kept winning each fight each time with more brutality as he was trying to make Roger desist of his stupid idea of being his friend. Yet the Karate Practitioner kept fighting and learning from his mistake and from others until he defeated Feng, sacrificing a couple of bones in the process. Feng was surprised and started to respect Roger. When the enthusiastic Karateka recruited him he didn’t think twice before joining. He is the intelligent counter balance to the impulsive leader of the Aoi Sekai.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,178 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Updated, I only need to add a small character roster and a schematic from above of the School Grounds

Post by SamJaz (13,106 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Cool, Should I transfer Moore in?

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,178 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@SamJaz: Yes, if he is purely a Martial Artist or Weapon user, or at least mainly that

Post by SamJaz (13,106 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Ah. No, his power is video games. But he would be going there to raise his combat levels.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,178 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@SamJaz: This is not like Reiji's you need at least being a half decent martial artist to enter. Gen barely managed to enter the school, the only reason he did was the asociation with the SBF and Reiji

Post by SamJaz (13,106 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuma_From_Argentina: IN that case, Naoto.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,178 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@SamJaz: Naoto was the Kenshin look guy right?

I'll try to get the Numbers Bio today and leave a spot open for another player, still this will be larger than just 5 members

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: That's the one. I'll be editing his bio to make him 16, I wanted more teenager characters.

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I really like the concept of this. I may have some characters that will join at a later date.

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Whoa, murder is punished by expulsion? That said, Japan is lenient on minors.
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I guess I will have Ethan transfer as a exchange student to improve his skills so as to better help him when on missions. That is if he qualifies as a good enough martial artist.

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I'll try to finish it this week, I was "headhunting" looking for cool images.

Characters over 20 Years could enter as teachers

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Hm, Jardsam has mastered over 30 legendary styles, Might be interesting to have him teach.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,178 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@SamJaz: No, pass. He is way too broken for this Location or RP

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Does Ethan pass the qualifications?

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Shame. What about Alexis from sketchinoda?
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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos: Link the bios

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Ethan was the same person Gen fought.

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@Shadowchaos: I know, but I need a reminder, as this school will have some sort of balance and highly powerful characters will unbalance this

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