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@Crimson Vapor: If I do though, Then I need to make Alvin's world a location,...

Fine, do it tomorrow. XD.

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London, England: Enigma's Loft

The Superior Enigma sat the dark the only light being that of glowing computes screens on in the background, Enigma was becoming a bit disheveled since he had started this game against Kuro-san the Underworld Emperor his number paranoia generated by years of being extremely perceptive had gone through the roof as he was now starting to believe that Kuro-san was plotting against him and everyone he met was an assassin or killer sent by the current King of Crime, but that was what the medicine was for. The Spider of Information open up a bottle supplied by him by Dr. Olivia Verde who was currently his fiancé and doctor prescribing him and sometimes making the medicine that kept him on the line of genius and insanity. Enigma was setting up a stack of dominos as he quietly plotted against his rivals especially Kuro-san, he wasn't sure if he should wait and see how things played out in Otaku or used Otaku as another chance to upset the balance that Kuro-san was trying to preserve. After all that was it this had become a balancing game just like these dominos and sooner or later one of the dominos would fall and the builder would have to up whatever is remaining and start over.

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@this_is_riddle: Through the blackness of Enigma's loft the temperatures started to a dip into bone chilling temperatures. Hundreds of deranged demonic eyes began look upon Enigma as if they were peering into his soul. Then a female voice could be heard from all directions speaking to Enigma."You are a tough one to find to those of a simple mind, but to me that dark shadow cast over you is as vivid as the high noon sun hahahahaha!" In the blackness the form of a woman appeared. Abnormally tall to be human, she seemed otherworldly. She approached Enigma with eyes burning crimson with chaos power, with a smile on her red lips. The Chaos Queen herself has come to visit Enigma, but for what purpose?

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@Sonata: Despite the ominous feeling in the air the Superior Enigma paid no mind as he played with his dominos setting one up after another slowly a slightly smirk on his face as the reigning Queen of Chaos made her appearance; "Thank you but I wouldn't be good at my job if I couldn't conceal myself let alone alive. Then again when dealing with people of a magical nature such as yourself I suppose it would be a bit easier to find me. I will have to take that into consideration." Enigma lend back in the couch as he pick up the phone on the table and turned on the lights a little. "Now if my assumption are you correct and they usually are. You are Kita Kurenai correct? Interesting I been dealing with the Inner World for a while now and this is the first time I have met someone of your level. I don't know if I should be honored or curious." Enigma stood up cell phone in hand as he push a few buttons syncing the wall mounted 42 inch flat screen television with his computer to reveal a file that held a dossier on the Chaotic Mistress while small it seemed that Superior Spider had gathered a little information on her. "Now Ms. Kurenai how may I help someone such as yourself?"

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