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 Light Justice is a super powered organization who's goal is too maintain all beings that can be classified as "Super-natural" by any means neccicary. We kill those who are deamed scum and we recruit those we see worthy,  we protect the innocent at all cost, we do believe in sacrifice, our men are disposible, all who join be prepared to fight and die for absolute jusstice! We are divided into three main groups: 
Arrest and control: This squad is run by Mokujin, they handle high level threats that are meant to be captured are controled to administer the facine to neatralize their powers. They are supposed to control the situation by any means neccicary and mainly capture the suspect alive, but hey not everyone is perfect, if needed leathal force is acceptable, this group has a fair amount of people with a total of 39,000, this group is given medium weapons such as shotguns,snipers,magnums and grenades as well as mines and like everyone in light justice they are given a buster call, the ability to call for an airstrike that delivers either an atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb. This base is located in the big city that is heavily guarded.
Annihilation and Recruit: This squad is run by Yogan Kaji, this sqaud is only to be called on when all life in the said area must be terminated, anyone in the crossfire would be only a minor loss, this squad is usualy called on when a rebelion or war takes place or when there are multiple S level threats. It is also used for recruiting those who are not deadily but powerful and also not wanted by official government employees, when a member of the recruit squad comes to get you you are to have noweapons, novisible sgns of hostility or your powers sighted or you will be terminated on the spot, if you refuse to join you will also be terminated this is likely the least populated group with only 10,000 soldiers, tis group is given heavy arms such as bazzokas, nukes, and special armor. . This area is located on islands usualy occupied by a volcano.
Confrence and finance: This squad is run by Toketsu, an easy task for those not battle fit, this section handles important meetings on laws,weapons,trade, and information for data on suspects or locations (Gained by Mokujin or his squad) this is the most papulated squad, coming in with 400,000 members all handling calls and moving out to different parts of the world on businece conferences. This squad also handles money, money that we use to buy more weapons,food,clothing, also money for pay medical supplies and money we are suppossed to get. This base is located out in the sea areas around the world 

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I will add officer's, weapons, and ect. later and theme

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Nice. Very well done. 
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So you finaly stopped being lazy and made it huh?
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Good job Yogan.
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Did you guys think I was that lazy?
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Yeah we did, now when are you gonna add everything else, also is this canon, can others come here? And when are we gonna get started? And where is the main base located?
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Yogan walked into the main headquarters and looked at his two comrads "Listen you twp slackers we have to pick up the work! Mokujin there is a tournament going on and Newdeath is a part of it, get over there and get some data! Mekix is there too!" He said with his fist clenched.
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From the distance a giant hurricane could be seen followed by four tornadoes, they crashed into the government walls where the epic a manly Justice stood strong and proud with his arms crossed. His men behind him, as Justice spoke loudly as usual "So, what kind of evil organization is this!?" ignoring the damage he caused and oblivious to the organization he broke into
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Justice's men came in right behind him, they stood like guardian angels beside their lord,friend and hero Justice!
Ninja red: "Let's shut this place down boss!"
Ninja blue: "I bet they are up to no good boss!"
Ninja green: "Lets throw them in  jail boss!"
Ninja Yellow: "Let's rape them boss!"
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With a sigh Toketsu got up from laying on the ground and looked at the strange power ranger-like men, clearly they did not know that this was called Light "Justice" and was a government branch "You guys need to chill out..." with that, Toketsu exstended his right hand as a mist of frost covered the men, freezing them instatnly with temperatures in well below the negatives "You guys will be nothing more than hollow shells, don't worry though, you will thaw out in about 3 hours, be lucky I didn't use my absolute zero technique. However if you can help us find Gekido I may consider not shattering you guys...." Toketssu said with a bored tone.
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Justice and his men were instantly frozen the pain of frost bite was severe "Gaaaah! Why you-" Justice listened to the man's words "What? You  are trying to get rid of Gekido?! Maybe we can help you, as long as you are not eveil, now can you un-freeze me and my men so we don't die!?"
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@Justice: @Toketsu: 
Yogan emerged from a pool of lava "Toketsu you idiot! Making a deal with the enemy!? Forget it! We can kill Gekito ourselves, let's kill this screaming fool right now!" Yogan yelled heating up a lava ball in his hand.
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@Yogan_Kaji: @Toketsu: "Never!" Ki radiated from Justice as he broke free of the ice, he jumped into the air and did multiple quick handsigns "Gold Star Style:Molten fire!" Justice fired out a stream of fire as hot as lava at Toketsu and Yogan as well as thawing out his men.
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(Nice description! <3 )
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