Legato Winters - The Ace [Character Bio]

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Legato Winters - The Ace
Legato Winters - The Ace
  • Name: Legato Winters
  • Alias: The Ace
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Villain


Legato has a personality that appears to be upright and honest. He's always ready to help even off duty and selflessly puts the well-being of other before his own. Though that is nothing more than one big lie. Legato is in fact the born hypocrite. He'll judge people for doing something yet do it himself in the next moment. Beyond the facade of a nice guy is a very cruel person ready to do anything to achieve his goals. He isn't a sadist and doesn't get an pleasure from the pain of others, but he's also very unforgiving often swearing eternal revenge for sometimes silly things. His biggest crime perhaps is his ambition and the readiness to walk over corpses to his goal. He views himself as special, and as the only one who actually recognizes the potential of things. Legato also has an enormous idea of self-worth and often overestimates his own importance in the world. Very possessive of both things and people, it's very unlikely for him to let go of something once he owns it.

Though many of his traits suggest that he's an impulsive person he's actually very calm and held back. It has mostly to do with his patience and willingness to wait to achieve his goal, even if it means that he has to start as a simple nameless solider, he'll still go for it and work his way up. That also makes him, what many call, a "determinator". No matter what happens, he'll continue on his way towards what he wants, no amount of physical or mental punishment can slow him down on that path. That same willpower was what allowed him to become the Ace of his unite and surpass every single solider in his team. He wasn't a natural genius for things like that, he'd simply repeat something a thousand times till he could do it perfectly. Sometimes he even trained for days without rest or food.

One thing that did help him and that he was naturally born with is his sharp mind. Not only did it allow him to store massive amounts of knowledge but it also helped him develop incredible manipulation skills. He's ready to go to great lengths and even offer his own body just to get what he wants, things other than his current goal don't have any worth for him.

Legato is a very unstable person, but his lies and mind have helped him to cover up his true personality and even today no one knows who he truly is.


Power and Abilities

Cerberus Enchantments

Legato was always interested in authority positions and he was in the army and several special forces. Later on when given the chance he joined Cerberus because the possibilities it offered him. Legato even before being modified had incredible skills on all fields such as marksmanship, survival, stealth, driving and piloting as well as hacking. His mind also allows him to analyse any situation or person even in the heat of battle. After going through the modifications of Cerberus he truly went beyond the bounds of human and entered the zone of superhuman. His muscles were argumented so that they are not only stronger but he no longer feels any pain from physical activities, he can run or even lift things beyond the limit of his muscles without slowing down or any sign of pain. Pain isn't completely eliminated though, but it's still greatly reduced. His whole nervous system was upgraded giving him enchanted reactions and processing speed as such he can dodge bullets with ease and even faster projectiles.

He was also given a photographic memory and can remember things in an instant after seeing them only once. In that sense his head works like a computer, he won't forget something unless he wants to and that memory stays the same and does not change overtime. He also has a much bigger memory than regular humans, being capable of remembering the names of all people in a telephone book for an instance without any trouble. Like every other soldier of Cerberus he can sprint at incredible speeds, or make short bursts for combat purpose way beyond the speed of sound. His senses are also improved, most notably his hearing and sight which are now on the level of animals that depend on those to survive. His senses can also quickly adapt to various situations, reducing noise that might be too loud or harmful, protecting his eyes from small particles or filtering out a particular color. The eyes can also adapt to seeing in the dark or through thick mist. He has special reserves of oxygen and blood inside his body, allowing him to stay underwater for long periods and lose more blood than a human even has without serious consicuences.

His body can adapt to extreme temperatures on the fly and even shift his natural body temperature if needed. Many parts of his body were replaced with machines and advanced technology so that wounds that would normally kill a human only cripple him. It also allows him to minimize the time he has to rest after he has sustained serious damage as he doesn't need to wait for natural healing but rather just has to replace a few parts. He has various nanobots in his body and blood which regulate his body functions without him even being conscious, they also ensure that his body is free of disease and expel all kinds of poison. In the worst case scenario, when he has lost his consciousness the mechanical part of him can temporally take control of his body with the main task of self-preservation. He also has various ways to "plug himself in" into any machine allowing for fast access to data as well as superb hacking speed as he can literally transfer a part of his mind into the machine and operate it with thinking only. In the end it's worth noting that Cerberus soldiers were modified and changed to the point that it's hard to consider them human anymore.


As far as stealth goes, he can without problem's infiltrate any building without anyone noticing in record time. He's also a pretty skilled hacker and has his way with computers and security systems of all kinds. He has mastered several martial arts and is extremely skilled at analyzing the enemy's combat style and find a way to effectively counter it, even if it was the first time he ever saw a style like that. Legato has incredible marksman skills which are further enchanted by his advanced eyesight and long range and precision of his weapon. All soldiers of Cerberus, including Legato, went through an extensive training to survive in extreme conditions. It's not just the structure of their body, but they also have the skill and knowledge to survive in the harshest places where life usually isn't even possible. He has extensive knowledge of psychology and can make a profile for a person in the first few hours he met the person.

Legato also became a skilled mechanic once they introduced Mobile Combat Units at Cerberus. He has taken his own MCU apart and put it again together many times. He knows most of the other models which he himself hasn't used and even some of the completely unique custom made MCUs used by the higher ranked Cerberus officials. His last and probably most important skill, which was the one that earned him the title "The Ace" the most, is his skill as a pilot. He's capable of understanding any machine he enters and can even operate those he never encountered before and he usually masters them in a matter of hours. He can pull of stunts with his MCU that were called impossible by Cerberus's scientists just a day before. It got to the point that a regular sparing match for Legato became him alone versus an entire squad, yet the results were always the same he would end the fight without his MCU even being damaged.


Besides the modifications they have undergone and the skills they learned, Cerberus soldiers greatly rely on their equipment. First of all there is their standard uniform. Despite looking like any normal cloth uniform it in fact is more durable than kevlar. Their boots are equipped with a friction modifying engine, allowing them to reduce or increase the friction with the surface they are standing on. Though all those things are useful, their most important piece of equipment remains their weapon, The Kaiser.

It's a rather large metallic-gray handgun. The most obvious thing that sets it apart from usual guns is it's very narrow and small muzzle. A few light blue circuits can be seen running over it as well. The Kaiser is not a simple piece of metal, nor is it a pure mechanical object. It could be called an advanced computer in it's own right and in fact it does surpass most modern computers. It is constantly connected to the Cerberus Main Server from where it gets updates (though any bigger modification still needs to be made by hand in a workshop). When it comes in contact with someone in runs a DNA tests and won't fire or operate in any other way unless the DNA is confirmed to be that of it's rightful user. It also refuses to fire at any other member of Cerberus (unless the blockade wasn't disable by Cerberus itself, but that does not modify the gun but rather the data it has about the person which is supposed to be killed). The gun can register thoughts and if the trigger is jammed in some way or unaccessable a focused thought by the user is also enough to make it fire. The gun can freely change it's form and has various modes ranging from standard close combat mode, over a rapid fire mode to long range modes used for sniping. It's ammunition is generated inside of it and is actually in the form of light blue, electricity like energy.

The energy is generated through about any actions or source. Walking, sunlight, air even breathing are enough to charge the gun. Even if that sounds like a desperate way to collect energy it's not, the gun has a nigh-unlimited supply of energy through just one of the sources. The other methods are just there as a safeguard if one of them can't work at a given time. The narrow muzzle is used to shoot the energy in it's raw form with no modifications to it through the muzzle like the rest of the gun can change it's form at will. A special converter inside The Kaiser can also solidfy the energy inside the barrel allowing for more traditional bullets to be made. It can generate anything, from paralyzing shots, over a a large verity of lethal shots, all the way to tracking and marking devices. The Kaisers inside a team are always connected and notify the others if they are fired. The frequency of the guns is set to be so that only those that were modified by Cerberus can hear them. They also analyze the conditions of the battlefield as well as the mental condition of both their user and their target and adjust to them. The Kaiser was developed and upgraded since the creation of Cerberus and remains one of their most effective and advanced weapons.

Standard Issue Kaiser
Standard Issue Kaiser
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@Fehafare: neato

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