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This will be my character Lebreus; I am new in the forum, so if a violated any rule, just tell me. I'll try to make one original, but someones will notice that I have been heavily influenced by 07th Expansion and TYPE-MOON Characters, sorry


Name: Lebreus J. Himbeldt

Alias: Lebry

Age: Unknown, but probably between 20 and 30

Height: 1,73 m

Weight: 68 Kg

Alignment: Good, Hero class

Appareance: A not very athletic guy, he's skinny but not to an exagerated point, He's dressed with black shoes, brown trousers with a chain in their pockets, and two black belts crossing it, he uses a dark red T-Shirt, and a brown jacket. He got in one arm a brazalet made of silver, however is just decorative. He also wears a collar, with a pearl amulet. Finally, he got brown eyes, and a black hair that reachs his shoulders, a very disordered hairstyle, and no facial hair.


Equipment: In the back of his trousers he got two 9mm caliber pistol, and inside his jacket a Knife. The pearl in his amulet is called The pandora's box, and is a warp device that allows Lebreus to retrieve any weapon he thinks necesary.

Human abilities: He's skinny and doesn't look very athletic, however, he can move quite fast (limited to human condition), and is specialized in unnarmed combat, he also is very smart

Powers and abilities

-Trained Human's Skills: Since child he was an athletic guy, as he had trained in Scion's security force, he can use all kind of real knowed weapon, he is able to drive from cars to even helicopters and tanks, he is skilled in unnarmed combat able to aply a mix between Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do and Ju-Jitsu.

-Pandora's Box: As I said his pearl is the box of pandora, he can pulls anything he wants for it, but however the pandora's box follows three rules.

1) He cannot use it when his other abiliy is active, he can however deactivate his other power and use the pandora's box in the interval

2) He can retrieve a maximum of three objects from the box, after that he must wait five minutes to reuse it.

3) Even if he can theorically retrive any object he wants, he can only retrieve objects based in his other power

*Pandora's box is linked to Lebreus's inner world, if it dissapears, it will always come back

*Once the battle end, all the objects disappear, exception the ones he's naturally carrying

*Any object that respects Human's laws and logic can be retrived from the box, by using only his hands he can retrieve weapons or instrumentes, however he can put the Pandora's box in the floor to retrieve big objects such as vehicles.

-Magic of Logic: A conceptual magic that only he's permited to use, and nobody more can interfer with it; it follows some rules also.

1) Any magic/science fiction or whatever unnatural or illogical object or technique (based on the human's law), cannot be used where this ability is active

2) Once actived, it changes the law of the battle to the logic of the human's law, this allows Lebreus, to absolutely deny and anulate any move used but the opponent that contradices the human's law, that means for example, the enemy cannot throw something like a fire spell, because that's imposible in the real world, the oponnent is only limited to use movementes allowed in the real world. It also deny unnatural items, such as magical swords. Finally, can also deny unhuman strenght, speed, resistance, etc.

3) It deny also the concept of supernatural beings, while this magic is active, supernatural beings status anda abilities becomes the ones of a human; for example: He's fighting against a vampire, but this vampire, cannot use enhanced physical abilities, or magical powers, because of the magic of logic; if the oponent is a being that cannot live without his unnatural characteristics (for example, a frankenstein) its pretty fucked, because the unnatural parts of his body are denied

4) It also affects the user, therefore, Lebreus can only use methods allowed in the real world, and no power that exist only in fantasy can be used.

5) Because the Pandora's box is an unnatural artifact, he can only use it when he deactivate his magic of logic, however, the objects that he retrieve from the Pandora's box are considered to be real objects, like guns or sword

6) Magic of logic is actived consciously by Lebreus whenever he wants (is actived by the thought of activating it), and also can be consciously deactivated. Also it's activated unconsciously; whenever the though of survival or battle crosses Lebreus's thoughts it automatically actives. In case that Lebreus is unconscious, the magic of logic will be unconsciously active if he's still in the battle, if the battle finish, unconsciously deactivates, except when Lebreus is conscious, this way it only deativates when Lebreus want to.

7) Magic of logic isn't a field ability, it is something that will exist as a reality law when it is active; also this ability not only affect Lebreus's oponent and himself, it also affect allies and other enemies.

8) Finally, the magic of logic is the only unnatural move allowed to be used when the magic of logic is active; is important to declare, that this power exist in a conceptual level, so it cannot be anulated, deactivated, evaded or blocked by moves that are physical, spiritual, energy, mechanical, mental, astral, universal, cosmic, etc. There is absolutely no way to avoid this ability

*Also things that theorycally can exist or be created, but doesn't exist in real world, are affected by magic of logic.

*This human's law or human's logic, works in the real world not of an story, but the real world that we all know

*Please notice that the conceptual plane in which Lebreus's move works, is a conceptual plane based on the ones in When They Cry and TYPE-MOON universes (which are similars in certains points)



-He got the status of a trained human, no more

-The switch between his two powers, allows a little bit of time for the oponent to use an unnatural ability

-He can reuse Pandora's box only after five minutes of its previous use

-Some allies abilities becomes useless when he activate his magic of logic, so he also is a thread in teamwork (However by creating a very good strategic, team characters may be able to fight in a good condition)

-Lebreus doesn't desire to kill, so he'll always fight without the intentionof murder. He only will kill if it is really, really necessary


Personality: A curious person, who wants to know everything, that's the reason why he has studied a bit of everything that he found, and is very knowledgeable, he can be categorized as a jack of all trades. He also is very hiperactive, so is no weird, to hear him talking a lot and running all over a place. Finally, he's a person that always shows a smile and an optimistic attitude, and always gives advices and helps other people; however he's only being optimistic and smiling in the outside, and in the inside he knows that there's really no person able to help him. He loves to talk in different ways, sometimes like a dark warrior, others like a childish boy, others like an heroic person, he is very imaginative in this fact, but, what he really likes is to use sarcasm. Also he loves to quote phrases.




He was found as a baby by a couple the one who raised it as his child?, No, too cliche, he was indeed found by a couple, however he was given to an orphanage, so he was raised under the orphanage's care. In this orphanage at the age of 6 he mets his first friend Elias, the both quickly becames the best friends and were knowed in the neighborhood as a troublesome ones. When he was 10 he was noticed by the carers as an innated genius, always hungry of knowledge, so, one of the carers showed to Lebreus the Scion's library to fed his hunger, however he was always harased by the orphanage childs because he was "a freaky one who reads books and write bullshit", even if Lebreus was able to easily kick the kids ass, he never liked to fight, and with kids between 10 and 15 talk was useless, so he silently accepted the harassment. He quickly became bored of Scion's Library because almost all books were common ones, he wanted to know strange and unknown things, this was when he mets Friedrick and Naila, a boy and a girl olders than him by three years, however just the same as Lebreus both were "knowledge eaters", by the advice of some unknown man Friedrick, Naila and Lebreus learned of Scion's forgotten Library, a mysterious library visited by few people, popular labeled as a disturbing place, were strange people lurked, and some legends were upraised in the city such as a library were sect's books were holded. In real it was just a common forgotten library, however, the kind of books here were always about other cultures secrets, and some fantastical legends, Here Lebreus learned a lot of things, such as ancient languages, old legends, and other practical things.


Lebreus, formed some kind of friend's team with Friedrick, Naila and also Elias, labeled by the last one as Verd, even with the difference of three years the four of them played as childs like some kind of secret squadron against the forces of evil; it was at the age of 16 when both, Friedrick and Naila expressed their desire to join the security force of Scion, their statement was "It was our dream since little kids", to Lebreus, as the quick thinker that he is, this seems strange, because they never in fact told that before, so, moved by curiosity, Lebreus joined with them in the Security force, however, Elias didn't wanted to join the force, because he had a bad feeling about this. So, they participated in the training, that would take at least 3 years, however they didn't waver, and here the three of them adquired skills in unnarmed combat, weapons, driving, tactical operation, security measures, and more things useful in both, security and defense in case of war; Lebreus was labeled at the number one rookie here, but also as a troublesome rookie, because he and the captain of the training force Demias Gallaher didn't get along very well, they often engaged in hard discussions that always ended with hard punishments to Lebreus, one of them called by the captains, as "The demise of God".


A bad idea was to Lebreus to engage in a fist fighting with Demias, not only he loses, but also he was punished to do an special training. The demise of God, the training labeled as the punishment of death and fear. Lebreus had to enter into the ruins of an old gigant church outside the city that was long time ago robbed and destroyed by a band of thieves coming from other town; even if the thieves were quickly arrested and represented no thread, the church was outside the city and didn't count with security corps because they weren't something that must lurk in a sacred place as that one; the church, as explained before, was a big one, and had an old subterran dungeon, were it is rumored that dark rituals were performed. Even of the city of Scion is pretty similar to a real one, the god here wasn't the God that we all know; Scion's population were descendants of one faction of the masons, so, their god was The Great Architect of The Universe.

The special training consisted in to retrieve an old ID leaved there by Demias long time ago, he also stated that if Lebreus was able to retrieve the ID, he will prove his capacity and was going to be ascended as a soldier, skipping the last year of training, however, not only Demias but all the other captains adviced him to use all of his training, because no rookie that entered in the church was able to retrieve the ID, and also they usually never returned, and if they do, they were in an inmense state of shock unable to talk or to move in a right way because of the traumatic experience. Lebreus wasn't gullible so he didn't believe this stories, in fact, he was excited to begin the training, because the recompense was a tempting one.

He entered the church and investigated it completely, it was big indeed, however it was completely ruined, all the idols were broken, also it was the seatings and podium. He encountered some savage animals here that converted this place in its habitat, some of the animals attacked Lebreus, however, with his skills beating this animals were no trouble, he also, used a tranquilizer gun, because he didn't want to have the burden of a death creature. It took to him less than two hours to find the secret entrance to the subterranean dungeon; it was an stinky but normal crypt used by the church to bury corpses. However it was here when he understood the reason of the traumatics experiences of previous rookies; in an strange hall, some kind of devilish rituals were performed, strange and diabolical signs where drawn in the floor long time ago, and also blood was spread all over the place, and... corpses, this place was packed of rotten corpses, however, this corpses weren't the typical quiet ones, in fact, this corpses were the living but dead creatures labeled populary today as zombies. Lebreus was frightened, he was never as frightened as this day, and also, he recognized some rookies because of the training uniform, they slowly walked toward Lebreus, ready to give him a warm welcome to the non living life. But... for some strange reason, Lebreus didn't even pointed his gun, because the bodies quickly fell one after another, he didn't understood what happened, but after inspect (without touching of course) the dead bodies, he concluded that they in fact were immobiles, so, he continued his search, and in the same room, he founded an old ID, the letters clearly says "Demias Gallaher. 2nd rank soldier" Lebreus however wasn't able to express his happiness, the living corpses still were traveling through his mind.

At the exit, the captains were surprised to see Lebreus completely sane and with the ID, so they asked about the situation, however they didn't believe in Lebreus's words, with the exception of Demias, who proposed to explore the old church one more time again. Here Lebreus showed to them the secret passageway, it was quite strange, that rookies were able to find the passage, but not the high ranked captains and officials, however in that moment, they didn't care. Following Lebreus indications, they reached their destination; One of the soldiers was sended by Demias to take a look at the situation; the soldier didn't came back, and only screams were heard by the rest of the team, so they quickly under Demias command run to help him. It was indeed a surprise, the corpses were alive again, and also the soldier became one of the living deads corps. Desperately the rest of soldiers fired their guns but they were useless, because as we all know, you can't easily kill a zombie. However, in the moment that Lebreus entered the battle, the dead corpses became dead rotten immobiles bodies again. To this situation no explanation was possible, Demias, Lebreus and the soldiers left the place still with their hearts in hard beating, and their thoughts filled with the strange situation. After that, more squadrons were sended to explore the catacombs, however they wouldn't be able to fight the zombies, except, when Lebreus was there, in that case, the corpses simply returned to be rotten corpses; they interrogated Lebreus several times, however no explanation was reached, finally, they decided to lock the entrance to the catacombs, and they prohibited the incursion in the place.

What really happened there was because of the unknown Magic of Logic that existed with Lebreus. The first time, the ability unconsciously actived because the thought of survival crossed Lebreus man, the rest of the times was because the thought of battle crossed his mind. Living dead creatures aren't allowed to exist in the real world, so against the Magic of Logic of Lebreus, its bodies adquired the status of a real one, so its strenght and resistance only wavered in the limits of human strenght and resistance; but, why did the corpses fell down?, this because a rotten body cannot be alive in the real world, so even if they adquired the property of humans, the rot in its bodies didn't allowed them to live.


It was one day, when Lebreus was 18 that an strange man arrived the city; he always seems to had an strange aura, whenever someone was near him that person would feel a kind of divine presence emanating from the man, also he always had a serene and calm expresion, because of that the people in Scion labeled him as The Nirvana's man. He also seems to be important, because he was granted the access to all places in the city, including Lord of Scion's palace. Lebreus, Friedrick, Naila and Elias encounters him many times, however it was really no big deal, except for Lebreus, the only thing that he can remember about this man was the strange blue jewel labeled by Elias as the Pandora's box, the one who now Lebreus uses as one of his main sources of power, but, he doesn't remember anything about the man or what was of him, because some day, he simply dissapeared. He also learned about how his power really work, and how to control it, but still, he doesn't remember how, but of one thing he is sure, this is related to The Nirvana's man. If Lebreus forces his mind to much to remember The Nirvana's man, his brain starts to aches and beat very hard, usually leading to fainting.


19 Years, Lebreus's mind last year in Scion, now a soldier together with Friedrick and Naila, he usually visited Elias who tried to became an scholar with all his might, it seems, that Elias hunger for knowledge was bigger that the one of Lebreus. Exactly in the month of april, the main entrance of the city was heavily assalted by a big troop of unknown origin, the ones who didn't carried any weapon, they weren't firing with nothing indeed, however they were able to make knifes fly, also they were capable of break anything without even touching, it was indeed a troop of telekinetic warriors, not only able to control objects's trajectory, but also to squeeze distant objects, people were easily executed by the rain of sharp weapons, and buildings collapsed one after other. Scion's security force wasn't able to control them, they were able to bring down some distracted ones, however the ones that paid attention, easily squeezed the gun's cannon, others prefer to play with the weapon making it fire against its own user or his partners.

As members of the security force Friedrick and Lebreus were dispatched with other soldiers to the east part of the city, while Naila, as an expert in the drive of artillery, was entrusted with an stationary machinegun instaled in the third floor of an old building. Thanks to Lebreus Magic of Logic, the invaders weren't able to perform their sinister knife dance, so the unit easily defeats the troops that tried to take that area, but... the devastation in other places of the city was horrible. Lebreus's troop was ordered to not move of their position, however Lebreus as a fickle one, run toward the battling areas of the city, eliminating all the invaders that he found in his way, he was followed by his fellow friend Friedrick. In the meanwhile, tanks and helicopters were dispatched, however the telepaths were even able to crush the tank's cannon and helicopters's propellers, but, the artillery force was able to take down a big lot of them, because the telepaths weren't able to stop fast things like a bullet. However the invaders weren't fools they also bringed with them their secret weapon, the beast labeled as "Fangs of the demise", a big black dragon, a creature that only existed in fictionary worlds that lurked inside old books. Where did this invaders came from? and what did they want?, things like that wasn't something that you may see in a city like Scion, so logically the Security force wasn't prepared for that.

The dragon easily obliterated all Scion's security force, only the wave of its wings was enough to bring down helicopters and warplanes, its fierce claws destroyed tanks and its fierce teeth demolished buildings; the invaders used this time to make a temporal retreat, leaving the city at the care of the beast. The artillery wasn't enough to bring down the legendary beast knowed in fables by its hards scales, and this was time for the dragon to demostrate its more popular ability, the fire breath, strong enough to destroy all the artillery force, and also bringing the demise of all the Scion's soldiers that were scattered there, so Naila's life was in that moment extinct.

Lebreus and Friedrick arrived to the center of the city only to see the whole destruction caused by the dragon, they were able to see it flying in the sky, so they rushed after it, however it was too late, and as a hard hit, they were in the perfect spot to visualize the end of all the artillery force. This unleashed all Lebreus rage, a ferocious rage released in a ferocious scream, an scream that even the dragon was able to hear, so it head was directed toward their direction. This was indeed, Lebreus vs Fangs of the demise. The dragon flight to the sky, at the same time, Lebreus retrieved a big bazooka from Pandora's box; the dragon opened its mouth and charged its next shot, however Lebreus activated his Magic of Logic, the ability that normally is useless against normal beings, turned the dragon into only a big lizard and its fire disappeared; a creature like that cannot exist in the real world, however different to the zombies, its body was still able to maintain the creature alive, because it was a functional body, however, now the dragon was just a big lizard, and lizards cannot fly, so it fell down. Lebreus fired the bazooka with a big scream towards the big lizard catching it in mid height. Its legendary scales were normal scales now, so the lizard was devastated by the bazooka's blast, but, Lebreus was in rage, and he wasn't conviced of the beast's death, so he charged a new shot and fired it towards the beast; he didn't now but the first blast was enough to kill it. But, the dragon fell just over a group of houses, one of them, Elias's house.

After the big battle against the dragon, Lebreus retrieved a motorcycle from Pandora, and drive toward the troops that were withdrawing, he wasn't quick enough, though, the invaders blocked their exit by making big buildings to fall in the middle of the street. But, Lebreus was able to see one last thing, one guy was with them, one guy that he knew very well, and he was carrying an object, it seems that the object was the reason of the invasion. The buildings collapsed in front of him, the impact was enough to make the earth tremble a bit, and Lebreus lost its coordination falling from the motorcycle, and he lied there, unconscious. The troops were able to make a succesful escape, both, Elias and Naila were death, almost all Scion's security force was obliterated, almost all the city of Scion was destroyed, but, Demias Gallaher was smiling with the invaders and carrying an strange object in his hands.

The flowers are known their colorful attractive, and this day, the city of Scion was anihilated, and not even its colors were left alive. So it was knowed as "The Battle of the death flowers"


Lebreus awaked in an hospital bed, he didn't understand what was he doing there; with a bit of pain, he slowly get up and walked toward the window, the whole city was heavily damaged, lots of buildings collapsed, and the streets where broken, parts of cars where spreaded all over the places and also a red pinture covered almost all the asphalt. However to Lebreus that meant nothing. Friedrick entered the hospital room, with a face full of grieve, obvious, a lot of people died and two of his friends too, but, Lebreus didn't seem to care, in fact, he didn't knew what happened or where he was, not even the face of the boy that came to visit him, the traumatic experience was enough to cause to Lebreus a self induced amnesia for trauma. The doctors stated that is imprecise when he will recover his memories or if he even will. About Demias Gallaher, nobody knew anything, he was labeled as dissapeared and probably death.

Between a period of two and three years passed. The city was recovering its color in an slow pace, too many people died, so the grieve to the poblation was inmense, even a new cemetery had to be built. It was hard indeed, but with the help of Friedrick and the rest of the force's members helped Lebreus to recover his memories; he never recovered from the amnesia, however unconsciously he was able to regain a lot of his memories, even the usage of his power and his jewel; however he couldn't remember The Nirvana's man and the invasion, also, he wasn't able to remeber Demias Gallaher, the last man that he saw before fading. This should be great, but he rememberd also Naila, who was death now, and Elias, the one who was killed by the fall of the Dragon, with that, he also was able to remember about the Dragon, not the invasion though; but.... He also remembered who was the culprit of the Dragon's fall, this indeed was an incredible shock, yes, he now carries the weight of Elias's death. Lebreus wasn't able to endure it, he curses himself and his power; since that day, he sweared to not use his powers in an indiscriminate way, and also, to not kill anything unless it is really necesary, this was now Lebreus's stigma.

Against the will of his fellows partners, Lebreus decided to leave Scion, not in search of revenge, because he didn't remember the invasion, but in search "of something that he can do", because even if the memories that he carries now are the real ones, he distrust them, because he doesn't feel them real. The only thing that he feels real now is the context in which he lived, this was his real world, and no new one will be able to replace it, this also means the sealing of both, the jewel, and the Logic.


Since he has memory, he's capable of use the magic of logic. The Pandora's box is a jewel granted to him by The Nirvana's man because of some unknown reason., that is imbued with an unknown kind of sorcery. The jewel is indeed one of the remains of the great architect of the universe, this emboid the concept of the creation of all stuff that the architect considered as real, now is limited to only create stuff that his user consider real, and with a lot of limitations, but also an advantage, as a remain, it can only be used by a remain too, so it is linked to Lebreus

He's in reality one of the remains of The great architect of the universe taking human form (notice please that however the great architect did in fact create the universe, it isn't God), and he comes from an unnatural source, so is not that he doesn't remember his parents, he never had them, and his appareance is based only in fragmens of the data that the great architect used in the creation of the universe; there are more remais of the architect that take the form of other things such as animals, plants or concept (The reality itself is a concept created from the remains of the great architect), and is important also to notice that when a past form of a remain of the great architect dies, his energy prevails creating a new being.

His magic of logic also comes from the great architect of the universe; the architect was granted by God with a bit of it's divine power, allowing the architect to structure the universe. Originally a power used to create and define nature laws, today only can be used to modify the laws to the law that surrounded the live of the user, in this case, the human law

Post by Kuro_San (1,360 posts) See mini bio Level 11

Cool, is a strange yet awesome power, having a hammerspaace box sounds useful

You should roam throught deviantart in search for a pic

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I love the magic of logic power because it equalizes all playing fields.
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@Levance: Very interesting character.:)

Post by Emerald_Flame_Fate (699 posts) See mini bio Level 11

@Levance: Great! I'm looking forward to RP with you! ^^ Awesome bio!

Post by Levance (1,846 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@Levance: I love the magic of logic power because it equalizes all playing fields.

Well it equalizes almost all battles, but is not a boundary field skill

Post by Kurohige (3,857 posts) See mini bio Level 19

Nice, the vice is getting more and more characters every week or so. Lol we should be having a lot more RPG threads at this point, but I like your character no pictures either, that is something not many do so good job.

Post by Levance (1,846 posts) See mini bio Level 12

I really believe that an original character (if I can call mine an original one), must not have images coming from other existing media, even if the character is alike, to put an image from other media, damages the originally of the character. A question, things like tournamentes between RP characters, are a common thread here?

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,290 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@Levance: It happens from time to time. And I share your opinion about characters (Even if I dont follow it quite right, as the content of my characters is different from their images, but still i'm using media-based images)

Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Actually with you I can see that you try and keep your character completely different from the images you use. That's why your characters always seem to be original, because they are.


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a bit of Lebreus info updated

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@Levance: Nice update.


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A big update

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Wonderful, I'm new here too. :)

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@Zuukei:Finally, at last I don't feel like the lowest rookie

Post by Zuukei (58 posts) See mini bio Level 6

@Levance: What's that supposed to mean? <-< How do you know that I am a rookie? I may be new to the vice, but, I am no rookie. :P

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@Zuukei:Damn, that move indeed is able to break my mate xD

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Last part of Lebreus bios was updated, howver he now begins his journey through animevice's multiverse, what kind of situations awaits for him? only the concept will know

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@Levance: Nice update


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@Newdeath: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Zuukei: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Kurohige: @Emerald_Flame_Fate: @Manami: @Kuro_San: What do you think of the operation 7's guy as Lebreus picture?

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