Kyrogi VS. Sonata, Battle of the Elite

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Beams of sunlight faded away as a colossal, coal black thundercloud consumed the golden warm rays, enveloping the entire landscape in darkness. A light fog loomed close to the ground, hovering above it as though repelled by some unknown force. Tall trees, everywhere, surrounded by lush bushes, with water clinging to their leaves. Blown in a slight gust of wind, the leaves rattled back and forth, and some of the water dripped to the ground. Loose soil, partially dampened, with patches of crisp grass in spots, while lumps of freshly tilled dirt mounds in others. A solo rain drop fell from the sky, and collided with warm skin. It slid down the figure’s cheek, and continued down the neck, until it was absorbed by the robe. Upon contact with the figure, an army of rain let loose from the thunderclouds, and plummeted down towards the earth. The figure’s eyes squinted, as a bolt of lightning was cast along the sky, and streaked across it in the blink of an eye, illuminating the pitch black expanse for a short time. Nature at its finest.

Bushes rustled, as the figure quickly moved past them. Three leaves fell, and three objects flew through the air towards them. Dead center, each one, stuck into three different trees. Kunai. Silence filled the air; with the only sound that could be heard was the beating of a heart. Blood coursed through the figure’s veins, as he wiped away the rain from his eyes. Adorned on his forehead, he wore a ninja headband, a very rare one from the village hidden underwater. The figure suddenly came to a stop, and scanned the surrounding area. After nodding his blonde haired head, he jumped up into the air, with ease, and traveled tens of feet up, until he landed on an extending branch of an old growth tree. A pillar of smoke rose above the canopy of the forest, and the ninja closed his eyes. He thrust them open, and quicker than anyone could track, the lone figure was gone.

Fire was put out from burning skin, one of the last people rescued from the burning house. The woman coughed as she was at a loss for words, but had an expression on her face that could be read clearer than words. She shook, as she raised her arm, and pointed back towards the burning building. There was still someone left inside! The man who had saved her yelled out, “It’s nearly collapsed! And the fire is too intense!” Another man yelled back, “We must try, if there is someone still left in there!” The man ran towards the opening, only to thrust his arms up to cover his face, and retreat from the fiery furnace. He shook his head, “There is nothing that can be…” A figure stopped the man in mid sentence, with his arm held out to him. It was the ninja, who was dressed in red and black robes, and had a commanding tone in his voice. “I’ll go in, don’t cover me.” The ninja ran towards the extremely hot flames, and jumped in. Seconds passed, and no sign of anything still alive. The building began to creak, and then collapsed, with the ninja and the trapped person inside.

A fountain of flame burst into the air, as the ninja erupted from it, and held a small body in his arms. He came towards the ground and skidded to a halt. In his arms, he held a young boy, not ten years of age, who was badly burned and dehydrated. “He needs medical attention, and will make a quick recovery after.” The ninja turned, and was about to walk away, when he felt a tug on his robe. He stopped, and turned around. It was the man, the one who had tried to rescue the boy. With much gratitude in his voice, he said, “Thank you so much sir!” The ninja cracked a smiled, and was about to walk away, when the man said, “Can we at least have a name?” The blonde haired shinobi set his head back, and replied, “Kyrogi Kawanoka.” He continued to walk away, when he suddenly stopped again. He had seen something move, not too far off, and it was no animal. Kyrogi muttered, “They are still here.” He paused, and then told the villagers, “Stay here, and stay out of the way.” Kyrogi shot off, and ran across a stream, and looked around. Kyrogi liked to have a little bit of a challenge. “Come out I know you are here.” He waited for the fiend to make their move.

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A Couple Hours Earlier

It was Mid-day the sun shifting in and out through the clouds peak, there was a calm stillness in the air as like a storm was about to happen A Black Mercedes was driving along on an asphalt road at a moderate speed. Small Sunlight reflecting off of it showing that it just been washed and wax detailed,inside the luxury vehicle were three people, there was man in his late fifty's driving the car named Jobu he was starting to go grey on his beard, and was losing his hair.sitting on the tan leather seats in the back of the car were a young man named Ryosuke wearing a traditional brown business suit and a Young Woman Named Sonata.Wearing a black skirt with matching blazer with an Espada corporation pin on her left collar Sonata the raven-haired beauty was making her second trek to this strange village.

Reaching into her blazer pocket she grabbed two lachored red and black chopsticks,she crossed her legs and began to tie her long hair into a Chinese bun. Ryosuke began to blush a little when he started to look at Sonata's legs but quickly turned away, Sonata looked over toward him asked him "What's the Matter" Ryosuke would try to look her in the eye and mumble under his breath "Uhhh I-its nothing Ms. Hinamura nothing nothing at all". Sonata raised one of her eyebrows as she looked at Ryo then just shrugged her shoulders, she reached down into the center console of the car, and grabbed a ice cold bottle of champagne with a glass.She began to pour the golden liquid into the glass and watched as it started to foam. Ryosuke looked outside of the window, and seen all the wondrous trees go right by them as they were driving along, "Ms. Hinamura, what exactly are we trying to accomplish out here?" Ryosuke asked, Sonata closed her eyes and took a sip of the champagne, tickling her taste buds as it went down her throat," The answer to that is simple really she answered with a small smirk on her face looking at her reflection in the glass,"The Espada corporation want the oil that is buried deep beneath here, and we will do whatever is necessary to get it."

An sinister smile came across her face after saying those words, Ryosuke had a shocked looked on his face and asked,"W-what do you mean by Whatever is necessary" she looked him right in the eyes as if she were piercing his soul her Red and blues Irises, "If this doesn't work you will find out soon enough" Sonata told him with a cold tone in her voice. She took on final gulp of her champagne,that's when Jobu's voice came across the intercom, "Ms.Hinamura we have arrived at our destination" Sonata was very pleased that they finally got to the Village "Alright its showtime" she reached in the side pocket of her blazer to grab a pair of dark sunglasses she doesn't like people she doesn't know that well to look at her different colored eyes. The car finally came to a stop in the middle of the forest. Ryosuke crawled over and opened the car door got out and held it for Sonata,one by one her each of heels touched the soft soil of the earth as she got out. Jobu stayed inside the car keeping it warmed up, Sonata and Ryosuke walked toward the small village, it looked like a small paradise so much wonder and wildlife roaming about.

The Duo finally caught up to the head elder of the village, he was an old man with a long Grey beard do some farming on his land, Sonata gave him a false smile trying to act like she was pleased to see him, she offred to shake his hand, but all the old man did was give her a funny look then said "I know why you have came back to this land and the answer is still NO! We will not give this land up!" Sonata was little annoyed that he didn't let her speak and was taking words out of her mouth. "But you havent heared this new offer I have for you Sonata responded back she pulled out a check from her blazer pocket, "Here twenty Million dollars for the land with that amount of money you could buy yourself an island". The Elder took the check from Sonata's hands and began to rip it apart in a thousand pieces and blew it back in her face to add insult to injury "The Espada Organization will not by us off, leave this place I don't want to see you again! After that The Elder then turned his back and walked away. Sonata clutch her fist in a fury and shot a dense Red Lighting Bolt directly into the ground, Ryosuke Looked at her with Concern "Maybe you should calm down Ms. Hinamura" Sonata quickly grabbed Ryosuke by the collar and looked into his eyes "Don't ever tell me what to do!" She shoved him back and stormed back to the car, Ryosuke adjusted his collar back and cautiously followed her.

The grey clouds began to get thicker looks like a storm was about to brew,Sonata and Ryosuke got back inside the car, "What do we do now Ms. Hinamura, the Villagers arent interested in the Offer? Ryosuke asked, "Jobu, take us a mile down the road" Sonata told him, "Yes Ma'am" Jobu responded back, "Well that old fool doesn't what to see me again that's fine lets see how he will like Black Diamond instead, she then turned to Ryosuke and told him " I told you earlier, this will belong to me on way or another". In a few minutes they were about a mile away from the Village, the car pulled over to the side of the road, "Let me out of the Ryosuke and Jobu open the trunk" Sonata ordered them. They both did as they were told and with haste Ryosuke quickly opened the door for Sonata, Sonata quickly stepped out of the car rushed to the back, Inside the trunk was a large black metal Suitcase, she lifted it out of the trunk and looked up at the sky, a couple of rain drops hit her in the forehead. "What is that Ms. Hinamura?" Ryosuke asked, Sonata laughed and said "Ohh you will see in a couple minutes, wait right here." Sonata dashed behind some trees and brush so no one can see her, She opened up the suitcase and it contained Red and black ninja armor,various ninja tools, and The devilish Black Katana Fatal Discord, who some believe it may have a mind of its own.  She quickly changed her clothes put on all the Items in the suitcase,and put clothes she had on previously back in the suit case, she picked the suitcase back up and headed back toward the car. Ryosuke Looked at Sonata in shock "W-what you brought your Black Diamond gear with you!?" Sonata just smirked at him "Of Course I did, if plan A doesnt work go to plan B, Alright you and Jobu head back home I'll take it from here", She tossed him the suitcase and put her mask over her face, then in a flash of speed she ran back toward the village.

Present Time

With her Red and Black katana on her back, and her lighting like super speed she was racing through the woods weaving through the trees that lead back to the village. There was a faint red glow on the Katana sensing Sonata's aggressive intent, The thunderstorm would be the perfect cover for a high speed assault.As she finally returned to the village she hid behind on of the trees, and surveyed the area, most of the people are inside because of the storm, she pulled out a couple explosive Kunai out her pocket, with a grin on her face she raced towards the closest house and jabbed two kunai into its foundation. The rain was coming down, but its would wash away Sonata ambition to obtain the land. Sonata then rushed back into the shadows to get ready for the up coming fireworks, she Mumbled the countdown under her breath 3...2...1 BOOOOM!!

The house began to blaze with fire and the smoke was touching the heavens, Sonata began to laugh as the poor villagers were still trapped inside,"hmph it serves them right, they had there chance to get out but they didn't take..too bad" she thought to herself. The Fatal Discord Katana began to give off a bright red glow, like it was also happy to see the destruction. Suddenly a Blond male appeared and it seem he was helping the villagers escape their fiery doom,"Who is this guy ruining my plans" she said with an angry tone in her voice, then the Man shouted towards her direction "Come out I know you are here!" Sonata was some what stunned that he found her out, she stepped out of the shadow and sarcastically applauded him "Quite impressive, but I'm afraid you stuck your nose where it does not belong" 
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Out from a shadow, came the masked figure. From the form, Kyrogi instantly recognized that she was a ninja. She spoke with power in her voice, not overconfident, but not weak. "Quite impressive, but I'm afraid you stuck your nose where it does not belong." Kyrogi nealt down, and seemed to ignore her. As he looked toward the ground, his lips hidden, he spoke softly, "Miss, I believe you do not know who you are dealing with."

He scooped up a clump of grass and dirt, and held it in his hand. "You see, this dirt and grass used to have the means to survive, a way of life, but has just been stripped away from it. If replaced without too much of a delay, it can recover. You, Miss, are similar to this clump of grass and dirt. Your safe roots have just been severed, and you will not be able to last until you rejoin again." He brushed his thick, blonde hair back. Kyrogi stood up to his feet, not yet having made eye contact, and approached a large rock. He rested his hands on it, and then fell onto it. Just like home, but home is but a lost memory to me now. Kyrogi turned around, and, still holding the clump of grass, he grabbed the right shoulder of his blood red cloak, with black symbols upon it, and pulled. The robe came off of him, which revealed a musclular, toned body underneath. Strapped to his under shirt, bore headband after headband, of every rogue that Kyrogi encountered, fought, and took the life from. "You see, this is but a game. Two players enter, one player leaves."

Kyrogi walked behind a tree, passed behind it, and circled around back toward the female ninja. His eyes were down towards the ground, as he scanned it. Still, no eye contact. He was considerably close to her now, and Kyrogi looked up. His bright blue eyes locked with hers, as he asked, "Why would such a sweet rose, such as yourself want this to be what she does with her life?" He paused, and closed his eyes. "No matter, you are who you are." He reached into one of his pockets, and held out what looked like a piece of paper.

The rogue ninja began to walk closer toward her, and held the paper high in the air. Rain battered against it, and wind blew it side to side horribly, but Kyrogi continued to walk forward. One side of it lit up, a shinobi paper tag. Kyrogi seemed like it was harmless, despite the power to blow a person to bits. His eyes never left her gaze, as he lessened the distance between them. Ten feet, and still moving forward. A lightning bolt struck the ground right next to Kyrogi, but he was undazed. He smiled, as he said, "Goodbye."
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Sonata was a little irritated that this blond warrior would interfere with her plans,The black sword she cares on her back had a crimson glow to it,feed off of Sonata's frustration."Miss, I believe you do not know who you are with." Sonata clutched her fist the leather tightening around her hand,"who does this guy think he is! that's strike one!" Sonata was thinking to herself.

She never took her eyes off of him trying to get a read on what the ninja was up to next, That's when The Ninja said to her "You see, this dirt and grass used to have means to survive, a way of life, but has been stripped away. If replaced without too much of a delay, it can recover. You, miss, are similar to this clump of grass and dirt.Your safe roots have just been severed, and you will not be able to last until you rejoin again." She listened to his words something a wise Monk would say,but being compared to dirt and grass did not amuse her not one bit.Sonata was slowly getting angry, on the outside she looked calm, but on the inside she was like a volcano ready to explode. 'Strike two" Sonata mumbled to herself Even as The blond rogue ninja showed off his impressive headbands he won, Sonata was not intimidated in the slightest, but a little bit curious and wonder how strong he is.

"You see, this is but a game. Two players enter, one player leaves."The Blond warrior spoke out to her, A slight grin came across her face she finally agree with something he said. The rain and wind started to pick up and lightning flashed across the dark grey skies He was inching ever closer too her, she still had her eye on him and kept her guard up. She was watching each step he as he approached   When he finally came closer he spoke out again "Why would such a sweet rose, such as yourself want this to be what she does with her life?" "No matter, you are who you are." Its a cruel world out here kill or be killed hunt or be hunted....but you should understand that by now" Sonata responded back to him.  

The Ninja was getting too close for Sonata's comfort as he pulled out a strange piece of paper. The weather made it tough for her to Gage what it was exactly, until it began to light up on its side. Even as a lightning bolt dropped down from the sky it did not faze the warrior "Goodbye" he said too her, but Sonata was ready and used her blazing speed to put about 10 yards of distance between them. Once Sonata got clear she leaned her back against a tree behind her and held out right hand holding out three fingers,then shouted out toward the ninja "That's Strike three,You have become quite an annoyance to me, like a fly hovering around my food, but I have the fly swatters right here." She pushed herself off the tree, then with both her hands she grabbed two studded red and black Tonfa batons that were attached two her hips, once they were in her hand she gave them a quick twirl, then she looked at him and said "So my young friend, you have to ask yourself one question Am I ready to face Black Diamond's Wrath?
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Sparks flew from the paper tag, as it became smaller. The ninja still walked forward. The female ninja stood her ground, then all at once moved thirty feet away from her location, quicker than the blink of an eye. Kyrogi was still unaffected by it, and walked forward. Half of the paper tag had burnt up, and it would soon blow. She leaned against a tree, and waited. Then she yelled, "That's Strike three,You have become quite an annoyance to me, like a fly hovering around my food, but I have the fly swatters right here." Just as she finished her sentence, the tag ran out of burnable material, and exploded in a powerful blast. Kyrogi was ripped apart.

Body parts flew in all directions, some of which came toward little Miss ninja. As it made contact with the trees and the grass around where Kyrogi had stood, the body parts became the color of the earth, and crumbled just as a clump of dirt crumbles. An earth clone.

The real Kyrogi had secretly made an earth clone of himself as he had previously passed a thick tree, and come out on the other side appearing the same. This is when the rogue used his highly trained stealth skills, to scale up the tree, and balance from the high branches, all without making the slightest movement in the branches. The earth clone with the paper bomb had only been a distraction, and it, to the blond ninja's knowledge, had done its job successfully. Kyrogi now slowly slid down a tree opposite to his foe, quite sure of himself as he had not been spotted yet. I do believe that she was so focused on that earth clone, that she failed to see me sneaking up on her. If that is so, I should be able to get a perfect ambush, and possibly have the chance to end this now, in a quick, bloody mess.

A branch snapped as Kyrogi put his weight upon it, and the faint sound rang as loud as a morning alarm the both him and her. He knew she had heard it, and that his stealth attack was over. I was so close. He knew that he had to act fast if he wanted any advantage at all. Kyrogi bolted off from the tree, and came through the air when he saw her standing there, by the tree. She drew two red and black Tonfa batons, and twirled them around. A moment later she said, "So my young friend, you have to ask yourself one question. Am I ready to face Black Diamond's Wrath?" She smiled as she waited for a reply. Kyrogi stuck out his foot, which moved his balance off, and let him plant his foot on the ground. He skidded to a halt, just feet in front of her, and drew his hands up to a ready position. "I've been ready this entire time, to face you." He stepped forward, then stopped again. "Oh, I haven't properly introduced myself have I? How rude of me. My name is Kyrogi Kawanoka." He paused, then said, "And you are?" After the female ninja either told him her name, or decided to keep it concealed, he tightened his muscles. "You are about to become only a part of my memory."

He pushed his hand into a pocket, and removed it again. "Let us begin." Kyrogi opened his hand, which revealed three shuriken. He flicked his wrist, and they all skimmed through the air, spinning wickedly fast towards her.
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