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Name: Kurohige
Physical Age: 28
Real Age: 40 
Aliasses: Blackbeard, The dark void, Dark one 
Race: Human
Nationality: English
Height: 12''0 
Weight: 463 lbs 
Hair: Jet black 

Eyes: Jet black   
Place of birth:  Bristol, England ( Raised in the Caribbean)  Date Of Birth: 1971 (Or 1680)  
Mottos:   ''This "New Era" they talk about is crap. The age where pirates dream is over!? Eh!? Oi! Zehahahaha... THE DREAMS OF MEN... NEVER END! AM I RIGHT!?''  ''We have a lot of work to do!''   ''Zehahaah! I am darkness!''     




   Kurohige is a very large man with several missing teeth, a very hairy chest, and a black beard that thickens every week or so. Kurohige's attire is a sterotypical pirate look, he wears a captains vest, a bandana, lots of jewlery that consist of rings on each finger and each ring carries a different colored gem. He also carries two kinds of alchohol that he puts in his yellow sash, he has red beaded bracelets on each wrist and a red beaded necklace, he has a crooked nose and long,thick, curly hair that comes down to the back of his neck. He is known to always have at least 50 cherrie pies with him in a purple cloth.


Kurohige believes heavily in fate and acheiving your dreams, he has absolutly no morals and will kill women and children to acheive even his most minor goals, he believes there is no such thing as good nor evil in the world. He is not afraid of anything, be it a strong opponent, big numbers, or even death. He has a carefree additude, is very patient and will stay in one spot for days if looking for something and is conniving. If he makes a mistake he is not afraid to admit it and will ask for help when needed. Even though Kurohige a cruel, unusual, and amoral, he cares deeply for those he works with and will sacrafice his body in battle in they are in danger.He enjoyes to mock others like people who have lost someone dear to them or believes in good, evil or justice. His one true gaol in life in to have complete world domination, he believes that everyone should acheive their dreams no matter the cost, Kurohige also has a huge apitite most noticably for cherrie pie being able to eats pound of food in less then a hour.Kurohige's hunger does not stop at food, he also wants absolute power over everything and will do so at any cost. Kurohige obtained his power over darkness by selling his soul to a demon and killing his family as a contract to gain the power.




Little is known about Kurohige's past other then he was a spoiled child in a middle class family always wanting more and going to extreme lengths do get it such as stealing and selling family heirlooms. And killing the family dog out of anger for being told no that he couldn't have anymore candy before dinner and predending to cry having his mother give him candy as sympathy. He also made a deal with a demon to gain the power of darkness


 and a catch he had to not only had to sell his soul but he also had to kill everyone he considered family


And soon after lost everything.....

 Kurohige did so with almost no hesitation brutaly murdered his family with a knife doing this Kurohige obtained the power of darkness losing all morals he had left. Kurohige also has a trademark flag that he leaves whenever he gains a terrain:



Joining Gekido

       After Kurohige embarked on his quest for world domination on his ship he came across a island it had been weeks since he has been on land so he decided to stop there, he soon found out it was no regulare island but an organization with goals similar to his. Kurohige thought this would be the perfect chance for him to get where he needed to be, so he acquainted himself with the team but the one who stuck out most to him was Newdeath after meeting him and seeing just a bit of what he can do Kurohige wanted to surpass him not because he looked up to him but because he feared Newdeath   could be the biggest threat to his plan. So for now Kurohige resides in the Gekido waiting to take his plan into action ''After I take out Newdeath and get what I need from him nothing can stop me Gekido and the world shall be mine in do time zehahahahah!'' Kurohige said to himself as to what Kurohige ''needs'' from Newdeath, how long he plans to be apart of the team, or how he plans to beat them is still unknown. However lately Kurohige has shown some interest in Keith's abilities as well.

Powers and Abilities 

Kurohige has complete control over darkness, being able to create mimicry blackholes , vortexes and vacumes .
As well as being able to manipulate gravity and teleport, Kurohige also has enormous strength being able to lift small cars and punch down wooden houses in one punch and being able to smash solid rock and dent steel (Although he can only make minor dents but they are noticable) He also has high defense being able to take swords, flaming knifes and even minor gunfire and mental attacks and blast 

not be slowed down this is also due to his high speed regineration as long as the wound is not instantly fatal he and reginirate it, Kurohige is not the fastest man in the world but he is no slouch he can sprint at high speeds but only for a few sceonds befor he gets tired.While Kurohige may not be able to completly turn into darkness he has the power to neutralize the power of his opponent so long as he has his hand on them at all times if it is a super natural power, if this power of his opponent is something they were born with it will not work. 


Black Hole

(闇穴道, ブラック・ホール): Kurohige's most used attack, he spreads his darkness over a large area and, much like a real black hole, swallows up anything he chooses. When swallowed it is subjected to a large amount of gravity and crushed, such as an entire village on . Kurohige can  swallow up people as well and crush them along with the debris.     

    <Liberation (解放, リベレイション): Used following Black Hole. Kurohige expels all of the destroyed remains of what his darkness has swallowed up at once. This is especially good at demonstrating his power. this attack can  be used to launch cannon balls and swords like projectiles.

    Kurouzu (闇水, Dark Vortex): Extending one arm towards his opponent, Kurohige activates the gravity power of his darkness to pull them into his grasp. Kurohige can then attack them with his massive strength. This move is particularly useful in conjunction with the darkness power-nullifying abilities, since the target could easily avoid it by fighting at a distance from Kurohige. The name of the attack is also a pun on the English word "closer", or "close".         

Kurohige can transform into and control darkness. The darkness is a void that devours everything and crushes them, therefore allowing user to manipulate gravity as well. Due to this, Kurohige can absorb physical matter and attacks of any type by sucking it into the darkness which spreads from Kurohige. Kurohige can then crush them with gravitational forces similar to a blackhole and regurgitate blow back out at high speeds. 

The most unique and powerful strength of Kurohige's power, is that Kurohige also has the unique ability to nullify the powers of his opponents  by  touching them and draining them of their abilities.   

 Transformation: Kurohige transforms into a slimmer, stronger, and faster being with four lives and attacks however he can only maintain the form for three  
Also he put on a ninja mask and gear to imitate Newdeath.


Dark vector: String from Kurohige's body come out with infinite force there are ten of them and can slice or crush anything 
Dark vector
Dark vector


Infinite Poison
: Kurohige vomits black tar like substance that emits a gas with toxins that can kill anything that inhales it the tar is a acid that burns anything it touches. 
Dark vortex: Kurohige throws a spiral of darkness any thing caught in it has it's cells ripped apart. 

Dark vortex
Dark vortex



He can also throw it: 

Thrown vortex
Thrown vortex



Giant black hole
: Kurohige's powered uo black hole attack this time it can activate when an enemy or his attack  makes contact with him and it neutralizes the ability of the opponent.



The major weakness of this Power, however, is that the darkness the user transforms into swallows up everything, including attacks. So Kurohige is still vulnerable to attacks as he cannot turn into darkness in order to dodge them. If he fail to absorb the enemy's attack in time, the Kurohige can be hurt like any other normal human being or even more. In addition, while the ability to nullify opponents abilities is great, Kurohige must actually touch and remain in contact with the victim for the affects to remain constant, meaning that if the victim separates from Kurohige's psychical touch they quickly regain their born power. Although, due to the fact that Kurohige can control gravity, it is very difficult to avoid contact. Kurohige has superhuman strength and durability however his weight sets him back a lot, for example he is able to run at great speeds about 60 miles per hour but he can only run this fast for about 3 seconds until he gets tired and gets short of breath. Another flaw is that Kurohige has almost no style in fighting he is just a brawler and usualy wins his battles by overpowering his opponent with his strenght and surprising them with his powers and not winning using skill, so against a very skilled opponent he is at a bit of a handicap. Another flaw is that his ''Blackhole'' attack only works in the manner of a actual blackhole he does not actualy create one also he has a limit to how much he can suck in the limit for him is something about the size of a small town. He also must be patient in most battles due to his fatigue and wait for opponents to come to him or use his gravity to pull them in, His most noticable weakness is while he can tank hits that would kill normal humans his tolorance for pain is little to none as getting hit by a some what powerful hit will cause him to scream and roll around on the ground in pain

His attacks are also meant for total destruction so if he is in a place where there are hazards he does not do too well as he has trouble controlling and concentrating his energy into a single point to he mainly lets it all out destroying evrything in his path. Kurohige's regineration only works on non instantly fatal wounds or if he is mentaly capable of healing so is for example he takes a hit to the brain he cannot heal depending on the damage level. He can reginerate a arm or leg things along that nature. 

Training And Results

 One day after Kurohige challanged Newdeath to a fight and Newdeathed showed him his thunder dragon technique 
    Kurohige knew he had a lot to learn but little time so Kurohige left one night without a word and for almost a month began his shortest but most intense training in his life in the place where no one dares to go, hell itself  

 There Kurohige spent almost a month of training all that could be heard from the gates where his screaming. 
When Kurohige emerged he realized he had gotten half the powerneeded to make the perfect gravit attack. The attack Kurohige wanted was enough power to mimic a real giant blackhole with gravity so dense light could not escape.     
 along with that most of kurohige's fat became muscle and his intellect became even greater as to what kind of training kurohige did has not been revield..yet.
A new move Kurohige mastered was the dark cloud what this move does is create dark clouds around the sky it can even become a existing cloud anything caught under the clouds can't see anything at all and are crushed almost into dust even diamond.he can then absorb the remains into himself getting even stronger  

 He also learned how to use his gravity in normal attacks like when he used his gravity fist and punched the ground:
He also learned to increase the power of his Kurouzu attack making it so strong he could pull down meteors from space
Kurohige is now back at gekido but plans on training again.

Rising with the sun

 After Kurohige heard about Sunrise he knew he did not have much time to wast, Kurohige's first move was to gather a group of experienced rouge high ranking government officials to help him with any material,codes,infiltration ect. His first move was to get Sonata and Newdeath as angry as possible knowing full well the existent of their powers. The reason for this is because In order to gain the power of the true black hole he needs power, absorbing Newdeath or Sonata's energy would end up only hurting him however by using Newdeath's sword and the technology from the government he can fuse the magic sword with him not only making him invulnerable to physical attacks, but also making it so his skin can reflect like the sword as if it were a mirror  using his infinite darkness  he is able to make the defense infinitely  strong repelling anything, so if Newdeath or Sonata attack him with full power it would hit them both instead he can them attempt to absorb them without having to worry about being hurt taking their power and achieving an even higher gaol. So to start Kurohige destroyed Gekido HQ leaving almost nothing insight, little to his knowledge Keith had already made another one. Still currently Kurohige is training to use his New power. 

A new type of darkness

After Destroying Gekido HQ Kurohige and his team returned to his ship Queen Ann's Revenge. Kurohige went into the lowest part of the ship to use one more ability he learned while in hell, he would try to conquer the demon within him: 
Demon: ''Fool, what are you doing!?" 
Kurohige: "What does it look like you stupid demon!? Im gonna be the one to control YOU!" 
Demon: "Even IF your body does not explode from the power of a demon lord going into your body the pain will be too unbearable for just one man, it takes 5 demon king too share just part of one demon lord and you think you can take a whole one by yourself!? This is suicide!?" 
Kurohige: "Shut up!" 
Kurohige grabs the demon sprit and attempts to turn it into energy, the ship glows with a ''Dark light" he then shoves the dark orb of energy right into his stomach. 
Kurohige: "Gaaaah!" 
Officer: "Sir, a-are you alright?" 
Kurohige: "I-i'm fine j-just shut up and stay back or i'll kill ya! Zehahah-gaaaah!" 
Lines of what to appear to be dark tentacles pierced throughout all of Kurohige's Body his fat was beginning to deteriorate his eye where changing color and his hair was getting longer, he puked on the ground his vomit was pitch black then everything went black. Later Kurohige woke up but he was not dazed at all it was as if he was given some sort of steroid while asleep but he was naked he went to his old mirror and looked at himself in the mirror: 
Kurohige: "Zehaahahah! I did it, I freaking did it! The pain was unbearable and I don't know how long I was out but the power feels great, I can't hear the demon anymore so I guess I won!" 
Demon: "Kishishishi! You won the battle but not the war, you thought it would be that easy!? I will admit though you surpassed all my expectations." 
~Kurohige turned his head all the way around and looked on his back and saw four masks in the form of demon faces~ 

Kurohige: "I see so I take it each on does something?" 
Demon: "Indeed it does, when you summon us we have one special ability, I can absorb anything and return it to you, the next one can protect you from anything at mach 2 speeds the next one can attack once per minuet with a gravity ball with infinite force, and the last one can create a area around you and you enemies. Anything that happens to you happens to your opponent, also we act as lives if you happen to die you sacrifice one of us and we can resurrect you however you can only do this once per week and this form last for only three hours, go past that and I take control of YOU." 
Kurohige: "Good deal." 
Kurohige walks back up to the ship deck he sees the moon: 
Kurohige: "So I was out all day huh?" 
Men: "Sir are....you okay? You look different." 

Kurohige' close up new look 

Kurohige: "I'm fine, next stop is bakc to gekido HQ I sense there is still a presence there!" 
~ Kurohige's ship turns around heading straight for Gekido HQ~
Kurohige: "Just wait Newdeath, the battle of a sentry awaits!" 
 Long time no see....Brother!

As Kurohige and his crew were sailing back to Gekido HQ, the navigator shouted 
Kurohige: "What!? How so sudden?!" 
Three huge waves covered the sky, the ship was now tinted light blue, fish and sharks along with rock and other debris could be seen inside the monster as it got closer, hurdling towards Kurohige's ship. Kurohige put his right hand out and shouted: 
"Black hole!" 
In an instant he swallowed the tsunami. 
Kurohige: "Is everyone okay?!" 
Officers: "Yeah, more or less." 

Officer #2: "Who was that sir?" 
Kurohige: "The only other person capable of destroying the earth so easily, my brother!" 
Officer #2: "W-what can he do?" 
Kurohige: " He creates earthquakes up to a 10.0 ratio anywhere, in the air, on the surface of the earth, underground, even inside people." 
Officer #2: "You had to make a contract with a devil to get you power and pay the price of your sanity, what did your brother do?" 
Kurohige: "He made a contract with an angel, his price was his youth and health, in order to fix this he must kill the one who made a contract with the devil, which is me." 
Officer #2: "Why has he not been found out my Gekido members like Keith? And what is his name?" 
Kurohige: "He was never found because he lived in hiding as a  doctor  until he recently heard about the sunrise and me swallowing everything. And his name is Shirohige:  

It's time my brother...!
It's time my brother...!

Shirohige: "Good to see you are well educated brother, but you have hurt too many innocents, so for my sake and the people of this planet you and Gekido will perish!"

Kurohige: "Zehahahahaahahaha! That's what you think old man! Take this Black hole!" 
Kurohige unleashes his signature move from his hand, a large black void opens from his palm sucking in everything, the water in front being pulled towards him taking away parts of the islands themselves, Kurohige's men stood far behind him. S smirk appeared on Shirohige's face as Kurohige grabbed him by the arm. 
Kurohige: "Zehahahahahaha! No more quakes for ya eh bro!?" 
Shiroohige: "Maybe not, however I need them not." 
Kurohige" Wha-" 
Shirohige used his giant spear and slashed down hard onto Kurohige's right arm, the power of the blow split the clouds above and seperated the ocean behind them, Kurohige's men were sent flying though the air and crashed into the now visable sea-floor, the spear sliced though Kurohige's shoulder blade and collar bone, blood rushed from the wound like a fountain, Kurohige released his grasp as he fell on to the sea floor, screaming in pain. 
Kurohige: "Aaaaahdadadadadaaaaaaa! Shit the pain, my dear god the horrible pain!!" 
Shirohige walked toward Kurohige and picked him up by the shirt collar, he then threw him into the air, as Kurohige came back down Shirohige used his right arm and slammed his fist into Kurohige's side, the impact alone from that blow broke every rib on that side, Shirohige then sent an earthquake into his side, Kurohige's body twiched as a loud BOOm was heard following the island behind them to shatter along with half the moon that was visible above, blood gushed from Kurohige's mouth as his eyes rolled to the back of his head, he then fell to the ground in shock. Kurohige's men ran towards Shirohige, firing off their bullets and using the ship's cannons as well, however Shirohige merely stood there not even flinching, he then sent anothe quake in there direction blowing them along with the ship far off into the distance. Shirohige once again proceeded to walk towards Kurohige as he was ready to make the last strike. 
Kurohige: "W-wait! I'm your brother! You can't kill me!" 
Shirohige: "Wrong, you are no brother of mine anymore Kurohige! You killed out mother and father, and for what!? Power!? Well you can be forgiven when you apologize to them before you trip to hell!" 
With that Shirohige slammed his fist down onto Kurohige's face sending another earthquake that split the ground deep almost into the eath's core, bubbly blood splew out from Kurohige's mouth,bose,eyes,and ears, Shirohige then picked him up by the throat and held him there. 
Shirohige: "I'm surprised you're alive still even though I held back, however take this chance to pray for fogiveness:
It's over now!
It's over now!

Kurohige: "Okay I'm sorry litsen let me go and I shall take you to Gekido right now!" 
Shirohige studied Kurohige for a while. 
Shirohige: "Very well little brother take me to them. At least you have done one thing right in your life..." 
Shirohige let Kurohige go, Kurohige coughed up some blood before smiling "Fool" he muttered "Go get him boys!" Kurohige had summoned his four spirits to attack, Shirohige quickly turned around as he spoke in a saddened tone "So there really is no hope for you.... YOU DAMNED FOOL!" Shirohige sent a massive and his strongest quake capable of destroying the whole planet at Kurohige and his demons, Kurohige's battle demon opened the mouth on it's back and absorbed the entire quake and then fired it back at twice the speed, Shirohige attempted to brace for it but it was too fast, the quaked was directed straight towards his heart and destroyed it, Shirohige remained motionless as blood came out of all openings in his body. 
Kurohige: "Zehahahahahahaaaaaaa! Now what huh!? All that big talk and now you're dead! Zehahahahaha, you okay men!?"  
Kurohige's men all floated towards Kurohige on their boat "Ready to go sir?" Kurohige walked towards his brother's body his eyes were dead but filled with sorrow, Kurohige smiled at this "It's your own fault..." As he placed his hand on his chest the Intel demon went inside Shirohige's body after a moment Shirohige's body dissapeared "Zehahahaahahahahaaha! I now have the power!" Kurohige sent an earthquake to anothe island destroying it instantly, all of his men were in awe "W-wo boss has that power now!?" "Zehahaahahaahaha! That's right and amplifying that by my infinite darkness my quakes have infinite power! Zehahahahaha!" 

The infinite darkness and now the powerful quakes that shatter every planet, combined into one infinite power! Zehahahaahahahaha!
The infinite darkness and now the powerful quakes that shatter every planet, combined into one infinite power! Zehahahaahahahaha!

Kurohige: "Let's go men we got shit to do!" 
All men: "Sir, yes sir!" 

The Gekido Sunrise

It is raining, Kurohige is walking along a empty road wearing a black hooded cloak covering his eyes thinking to himself ''It sure is quiet for this place even at night, heh the damn cowards must be scared of Gekido. Well I guess they should be because of Newdeath, tch! Funny because it's me they should be fearing, ah well in just a few hour they will be.'' Kurohige looks up towards a sign. ''I'm almost there, its was good while it lasted Newdeath enjoy your reign for soon you will crawl at my feet then Gekido and the world will be mine!'' Kurohige was head straight towards downtown Whitehorse when he got a call on his communicator: 
???: ''Kurohige where are you?! The meeting has already started...!''  

Kurohige: ''I was tied up with business I had to make sure everyone in Gekido left to take over their country.''  

???: ''Okay just...Just hurry up.''  

Kurohige: ''Watch who you're ordering around Thane! Newdeath is not the only one who can destroy the planet!''  
Thane: ''Okay, okay  it's just the rouge officers are getting antsy'' 
Kurohige: ''I thought we got men, not cowards.'' 
Thane: ''Can you really blame them? It's just you, me and five of the Canadian government's top 5 officers against Gekido and the world so can you really blame us for being just a LITTLE nervous?! I mean you should be more than any of us you know first hand the power of Gekido! That and the fact that both Newdeath and Sonato know your powers.'' 
Kurohige: ''You fool! My power and my plan will be more than enough all I need is Haseo's spaceship or any of his aircrafts for this to work, a little forced help from Keith, and you guys. And Ray is too high strung and pays no heed to what beneath him, that fool love struck by Sonata that is exactly why he is weak and speaking of lady Sonata...'' 
Thane: ''Kurohige you don't mean...'' 
Kurohige: ''Yes we are going to kidnap Sonata just for a while so I can get Newdeath to come out but only after we get the material.'' 
Thane:'' Kurohige what do you need with Sonata, what do you need with Newdeath or Haseo's ships or even the great mastermind Keith! How the hell can you outsmart him!?'' 
Kurohige: ''I'm right outside the base now, open up I will tell you the details once I'm inside tell everyone to make some cherrie pies and gather in the living room around the fire.'' 
 Kurohige Sits down ina king like chair and grabs a whole cherrie pie, everyone in the room looks angerly at him anxious as well 
Thane:Well?! What's the plan big man? 
Officer #1: Yes indeed my wife is starting to suspect something and I rally don't want to have to kill this one too. 
Kurohige: Calm down first of all we must change base this place is too dangerous we probably alerted a lot of people, Newdeath included. But before we set up a new base I need to destroy an old one, let's go. 
Everyone got all their food and gear nd followed Kurohige to a big boat and hopped on with him Kurohige used his reverse gravity to push the boat towards Gekido. 
Thane: We are going to your old base?! Is anyone there? 
Kurohige: Unlikely zehahahaha! Everyone is out attempting to take over a country. 
The boat stops at an island Kurohige gets off and head towards Sonata's room. 
Kurohige: ''Well well well I never got the chance to see lady Sonata's personal room zehahahah!''~ Kurohige gets out a bag and puts everything from Sonata's room into it.~ 
~Kurohige looks towards Newdeath's room..~ 
Kurohige: He did say he made a fake room incase Kao got in but that was a while ago. Still he has nothing of use to me that is here. 
~Kurohige heads toward the boat and sees everyone else about to get off~ 
Kurohige: Stay there! 
Thane: Why I thought you were going to- 
~Kurohige gets on the boat, stands in front of the Island and puts his hand down on the edge of the island~ 
Kurohige: ''BLACK HOLE!'' 
~In less than a few seconds the entire Gekido island was sucked up as if it were never there~ 
Thane: Holy crap! 
~Everyone on the boat was in shock~ 
Kurohige: If you thought that was impressive you have a lot to learn you have not seen anything yet zehahahaha! 
~Kurohige cleches his fist~ 
Kurohige: LIBERATION! 
~The crushed remains of the Gekido were so small you could not tell it apart from the sand or dirt all the debris scatter all around the sea and other pieces of land~ 
Kurohige: Okay my work here is done, lets go zehahahah! 
~Kurohige and the stunned crew turn around and head in the opisite direction of what was Gekido~  
 Kurohige: Now lets go see what kind of toys Haseo has for us zehahahaahah!. 
   Kurohige and his men had been wondering towards the power for days, everyone except Kurohige was tired, out of breath, and dehydrated. "B-boss, can we stop now!?" "Yeah sir, we can't go on like you." The two men said as the rest of the crew joined in. 
Kurohige: "Shut up! Look I will absorb you, then let you out when we get there okay?"  "Okay sounds good." Said one of the men.  
Kurohige: "Very well then. Black hole!" In an instant a vortex appeared and and sucked everyone in painlessly. "Nothing is going to stop me from getting to Sonata." Kurohige saw the fire spirit Newdeath had summoned and smiled as he heard his desperate words towards Sonata and laughed out loud, he got on top of a destroyed rock looking over at Newdeath, who was in ear range at this point "Zehaahahahah! Oh my god master Newdeath you pathetic bastard! Look at you! Resorting to this, what kind of man are you!? If you really loved Sonata instead of letting her do all of this and hurting people, in attempt to stop her with non violent ways, show her that you really trained so hard, show her you care about her by doing what's you KNOW is necessary, show her some tough love dammit!" Kurohige had a vein on his head from the anger of seeing the man he wanted to kill for so long be like this, not killing and being kind and sentimental. He then raised his hand in the air and a dark vortex spiraled around his hand, a loud gurgling sound could be heard as he spit his men back out. "Look guys, look at this because this is a once in a lifetime event, the infamous Ray Tsukasa, my master, reduced to nothing zehahahaahahahah!" 
 "W-wow sir, ummm what's the plan now?"  
Kurohige: "To show master Newdeath hoe things are done by a real man!"  Kurohige looked over at the enraged Sonata and spit at her direction "Lady Sonata you pathetic beast. Can you even see straight? Get over yourself, as you are now you are more of a wimp than I last saw you. If master Newdeath really loved you and had so much power to protect you, why did he let me destroy Gekido, your hard work, your pride and joy? Why did he even let me join even after knowing my intentions, and that they could possibly hurt you? Why didn't he kill me when he had so many chances!? And most importantly if he did have love for you, why can he use that power to stop you now? Does he even understand you? No! Why? Because he doesn't love you! So go crazy attack me, destroy everything, Newdeath, Mekix, Gekido, Teku the whole damn world Zehahaahahah, show me your power Lady Sonata, if Newdeath really thought you were powerful, he would respect it enough to test it like me! Come on what are you waiting for!" Kurohige said smiling insanely with his fist clenched and darkness flowing around him. "Didn't you say you wanted to know how my darkness tasted? Well nows just as good a time as any to find out lady Sonata!" 
"B-boss are you nuts!?" cried one of the men 
Kurohige: "Shut up I know what I'm doing." Kurohige waits impatiently tapping his foot.
Newdeath: While patiently waiting for Sonata's answer whilst in his most powerful form "God Mode" Newdeath crossed his arms maintaining his calm and cool demeanor in silence however just as it seemed as though Sonata would calm down an event Newdeath deduced occurred. Kurohige had arrived and wastes no time proceeding to provoke Sonata's insanity in an attempt to have her destroy everything by unleashing her full power. Calmly shifting his attention to Kurohige, Newdeath's facial expression was altered becoming more serious and stoic as he uncrossed his arms and reverted back to his ordinary form "Kurohige. You're right on time. I predicted this event coming from either you or Keith possibly both. How foolish of you to challenge Sonata and I although I'm certain you wouldn't come here shouting like an idiot without a plan otherwise you would be truly an idiot. I'm not fighting Sonata because I understand her, fighting her would only worsen the situation and why would I? I don't want to hurt her but I can't say the same for you now can I my pupil. I must say I can sense the power and darkness dwelling within you. Hmm your idiocy is truly interesting kiddo. I'm not stupid enough to fight you at full power.. because thats what you want isn't it? For me to show you my power right? You are so predictable you pathetic loser" said Newdeath with his trademark calm and cold voice while glaring at Kurohige with his dark and soulless Kami Eyes "I know why you're doing this Kurohige. Its not because you want something.. its because you fear me" said Newdeath as a terrifying and eerie air manifested in the environment. Disrespectfully ignoring Kurohige and turning his attention towards Sonata he says "Don't listen to him Sonata. He's just a fool looking to eliminate his fear of me. Do not fall for his mind games. If you unleash your power you'll be falling directly into his trap" said Newdeath as he warned his wife not to blindly unleash her power despite her mentally unstable state.  
In a heartbeat Newdeath teleported to the outskirts of the unbreakable and impenetrable barrier he had created and calmly hovers into the air staring Kurohige face to face clearly towering over his fallen comrade as he stands at a massive 7 ft 2 inches tall while sporting a menacing physique
"I must say you're method of approach is simply predictable which seems to be the nature of everything you do. I actually feel sorry for you fat man. Why? I don't need to explain. Simply looking at you just shows me what a sorry bastard you are. What you're doing is playing into your own paranoia. Your own fear of me kid. I won't fight you because its useless to fight against someone who's already lost which is why I won't fight you... a loser" said Newdeath in a much more serious yet still calm tone in his voice. In a matter of seconds he landed on the ground and put his black leather cloak back on and raised his arms apparently using one of his Kami Eye powers.  
Immediately using his Seishin Shuyo Ho ability Newdeath summoned his Energy Gate and his Matter Gate bringing them forth into battle. While still coldly glaring at Kurohige, Newdeath calmly shakes his head while maintaining his stoic and emotionless demeanor as he proceeded to say with a cool and collected voice
"What a pity. I always thought you were a poor bastard. I know you've been waiting to fight me for quite some time. Well then first lets see how you can handle my Gates first then maybe I'll consider soiling my hands". Not wasting any time Newdeath sent his two Gates to attack Kurohige while he re-enters the unbreakable barrier to continue his conversation with Sonata once again approaching her. While completely locking Kurohige away from both he and Sonata by creating a barrier made from the impenetrable "Yata no kagami" shield or mirror Newdeath had ensured that he could continue talking Sonata out of destroying everything. 
In the meantime Newdeath's Gates stood right in front of Kurohige preparing to face him in battle as the emotionless gates said in unison while using a rather eerie and stoic voice somewhat similar to Newdeath's cool and composed voice
"We were brought forth to kill you. We can sense the arrogance and haughtiness in you now. Your superiority complex will be your downfall mortal" said the emotionless gates as The Energy Gate remained close to The Matter Gate telling it that Newdeath had warned them of Kurohige's weakness and low tolerance to physical pain as well as his ability to absorb any energy attack. The Energy Gate advised The Matter Gate on a proper plan telepathically telling it to follow its orders "We must remain close so that we succeed. That man over there Kurohige cannot stand physical pain and because you possess great physical strength then breaking all of the bones in his body will do the trick. I have to remain close so that I absorb any energy he projects. Your speed will do you well here. I here this one cannot react very quickly" said The Energy Gate.  
Quickly dashing off straight in Kurohige's direction the two gates unleashed a speed never seen before as Newdeath aided them granting them his Mugen No Sokudo as they entered hyperspace traveling at an amazing 2% greater than the speed of light as the Matter Gate drew back its fist and channeled the physical power sufficient to shatter entire mountains in its right fist as it swung for a devastating punch with well over 60,000 tons of physical force preparing to strike Kurohige on the jaw.  
While talking to Sonata, Newdeath grows aware of the fact that his gates alone will not have the capacity to defeat Kurohige causing him to create the Summoning Gate and place it in battle with the other two gates. The Summoning Gate proceeds to place both its palms on the ground and summons the 50,000 foot tall Fire Spirit with the sufficient power to vaporize the planet with its mere presence. Wasting no time the Fire Spirit lifts it arms and prepares to smash Kurohige to nothingness with its fists using a jackhammer-like strike while channeling the sufficient power to shatter entire planets in its mere fists. Turning his attention away to Kurohige, Newdeath calmly looks over at Sonata and says
"Ignore everything he said to you. He is trash". The number's game already being against Kurohige seemingly leaves the warrior in a tight position as Newdeath hopes to make quick work of him.
     Kurohige smiles wider with every insult Newdeath threw at him as he spoke chuckling "Newdeath, I was right you have gotten weak. Why on earth would I fear something that I am superior to?" Kurohige turns to Sonata "Lady Sonata it is no mind game but the truth! Listen to me! Not this traitor!" Kurohige then looks up at Newdeath and smiles as he listens to his words then speaks in a cocky voice as if he is enjoying this "Why hello there handsome. I forgot how big you were, been working out? It's funny you call me predictable master, because I was just about to say the same thing to you, over all this time and prep you had paid no attention to me, now you fall into my trap like a fly in a spider web, zehahahaahahahh!"  As Newdeath summons his two gates and goes back to Sonata after making a barrier, Kurohige grimaces at Newdeath as he spits on the ground, "Always so full of yourself Newdeath, see what I mean if it were so easy just do it now, kill me with your own hands because right now every second you don't is only helping me zehahahaah- eh!!?"  Kurohige is struck in the jaw a tooth shoots out of his mouth with blood following "Gaaaaaaaaaagh! The pain the unbearable pain!" Kurohige flies back and hits his head on a rock shattering it and he bounced onto his stomach dust flies everywhere. Kurohige looks up only to see the monstrous fire spirit's fist coming down on him, Kurohige smiled as his eyes turned green and he spoke in a echoed tone "Me and you are two types of people Newdeath, you are a god and I am a demon. However the reason why I am superior is because...." A huge explosion emerges from Kurohige's area shaking the planets as everything within a hundred miles is crushed into dust instantly however Mekix, and Kurohige's men were unharmed do to his complete control, though the smoke Kurohige is seen now in his new form, costume and all he gets up and glares at the fist as he finishes his sentance "I am also   Ragnarok! Behold my power!" Kurohige put his hand in the air and grabbed the falling fist , "The reason I am able to even get close to this disgrace of a being is because, ever since this all started I used my demon to absorb the darkness within people, anger, hate, jealousy over all this time it has been fueling me with nothing but power!" A dark line could now be seen from under the ground with energy cycling through it. "I must thank you Sonata for you gave me most of it zehahahahah! But this is not your power, only your emotion that I tansfered into my own power, now Do you see Newdeath, why I told you to kill me when you had the chance!? Now you are left with only two choices, take out Sonata to stop my flow of power or kill me yourself but risk dying. or a third option, give me your most prized sword!" Kurohige smiles at Newdeath as he awaits his reply.  
 While calmly conversing with Sonata, Newdeath suddenly shifts his attention and watches Kurohige get knocked down by a devastating punch swung by his Matter Gate accompanied by his Energy Gate. Upon witnessing the successful attack Newdeath crossed his arms and glared at Kurohige with his usual and common cold and stoic facial expression "Hmm.. this should make for an interesting battle. Time to see how far my pupil has come" thought Newdeath in a relaxed and calm manner as his black leather hooded cloak flows with the blowing wind. As a battle is about to seemingly ensue the violent and powerful winds of the desert begin creating humongous and dangerous sandstorms tearing apart the bones of any ordinary human roaming the vast desert leaving behind only remnants of their skeletons. Upon hearing Kurohige speak to Sonata once again Newdeath takes a more serious yet still calm tone "Shut up" he says in a cold and terrifyingly deep voice as for a brief moment his eyes flashed a red light. Newdeath continued still taking the same serious and cold tone "Don't talk to my wife. Just shut your mouth otherwise I'll kill you. You are not even to look at her. You call me a traitor yet you are the one who destroyed the Gekido Headquarters. What a hypocrite" said Newdeath while glaring at Kurohige as the look in his Kami Eyes grew more intense yet he maintained his cool and stoic demeanor. In a matter of seconds Kurohige unexpectedly reveals a new form and begins a violent and energetic transformation but apparently did not shock Newdeath with his revelation of power "Hmm you unleash such energy upon the land. Can you even control it? Or are you simply so arrogant and cocky that you believe you don't need control over it? Anyway that is of no concern to me" said Newdeath taking his trademark relaxed and aloof voice tone.  
Once Kurohige's transformation was complete he had revealed a newer, more slim and masked version although the sheer power flowing through his veins could be detected by Newdeath who measured the level of Kurohige's power by using his Kami Eyes. Taking a good look at Kurohige's new form with his all seeing eyes Newdeath showed only the slightest sign of surprise by raising an eyebrow while his facial expression remained unfazed despite the surprise
"Ah a new form I see. Well Kurohige I must say you haven't disappointed me completely with your progress. I take it that your speed is also increased in this new form of yours" said Newdeath in a rather calm and detached voice proceeding to uncross his arms. A brief silence befalls the land as Newdeath tightens his black leather gloves and removes his head causing his medium-length silver hair to flow in the wind along with the bangs of hair hanging over his forehead. In the calmness and serenity of the silence Newdeath tightened his black mask that covers the lower half of his face and thinking to himself "Well looks like this guy is serious about fighting although I'm not going to soil my hands fighting him myself. With all of my gates summoned they could fight him for me but if they fail.. well then I guess I'll have to tame this animal myself" thought Newdeath. 
Upon hearing Kurohige state that he and Newdeath are two kinds of people: gods and demons, he is the demon and Newdeath is the god. Hearing this statement surprised Newdeath slightly although not nearly as much as Kurohige's revelation of his new form
"So I see you know that I am an immortal being eh? You are a demon and I am a god you say. Tell me Kurohige... can you even control the demon within you? Have you ever considered that as every second passes that demon inside of you could be eating away at your soul and soon enough without warning you'll lose yourself to your demon" said Newdeath in a rather manipulative yet cold manner while cracking his knuckles "I suppose you expect me to show you my true form as well? The one you haven't properly seen yet. Its not any Izanagi state, you'll be surprised at what I've achieved although its not like I'll show you" he said while once again crossing his arms.  
Calmly observing Kurohige stop The Fire Spirit's fists from decimating him Newdeath commented on Kurohige's newfound physical strength
"My, my aren't you strong? But I can still see that your physical strength is at a low level. I take it that The Fire Spirit underestimated or is going rather easy on you. It isn't like him to pity my enemies despite how pathetic they are.. well it looks like you're so pathetic he is reluctant to kill you" he said again with his trademark coolness and collectivity causing The Fire Spirit  to slowly raise its hands preparing to use its full physical strength on Kurohige only for Newdeath to order it not to saying "No. You don't have to do that. Don't soil your hands on him Fire Spirit. After all you are the representation of the fire element aren't you? I wouldn't want to have you waste your time on him. The one we fought before Mekix is a much worthier opponent regardless of the major power gap between them. Anyway you would shatter the entire planet with that blow. You were going to use some of your real strength and it would destroy the entire planet. Thats not what I'm here for" said Newdeath. 
In a heartbeat Newdeath dispelled the summoning himself causing The Fire Spirit to unwillingly vanish however he still kept all of his Gates in the  battlefield but had them leap a few meters away from Kurohige. Newdeath patiently heard Kurohige speak out claiming he has two options which are: Defeat Sonata to stop his flow of power or kill him but risk dying however he suddenly revealed a third option which involved Kurohige demanding Newdeath hand over his most powerful and prized sword. Upon hearing of his supposed
"Three" options Newdeath maintained his composure and calmness as he replied to Kurohige's demands "I don't believe you're in any position to demand anything although I have patiently listened to you stating my supposed options there are flaws in your demands. One I would never hurt Sonata so you can forget about me taking her out. Two I can kill you but I won't die... I'm immortal. But your third option intrigues me" says Newdeath as he calmly unsheathes his jet black sword calmly taking a look at it "I see you want my most prized sword. You want the "Yami No Ken". I wonder what a poorly skilled swordsman like yourself would do with a powerful sword like this" said Newdeath as he put on a sly smile however it could not be seen due to his mask. 
Still holding his sword he looked at Kurohige and tossed the sword over to his nemesis clearly giving it to him
"You can have it" he said in a visibly calm tone however unknown to Kurohige it was a fake sword and not the original Yami No Ken sword as the sword given to Kurohige possessed no special or mystical properties and was nothing more than a fake with no power designed to exist for only a temporary period of time which is approximately 3 days and it would soon disintegrate into pieces once the time limit was up. Unknown to all Newdeath's real Yami No Ken sword is being kept in Izanagi's dimension as it is being enchanted with dark chi. Calmly looking at Kurohige, Newdeath's sly smile fades away and says "Why I gave you the sword is to see what you'll do with it. A greedy schemer like yourself should be able to come up with so many uses for that sword" however thoughts began to appear in his mind but Newdeath hid them from everyone with his telepathic powers and used them to cloak his thoughts preventing anyone from reading them "Hmm lets see what that idiot will make with a sword that will exist only for 3 days" he thought turning his attention back to Sonata. 
After Sonata turned to Kurohige and yelled "You miserable troll I haven't forgotten what you did, and Im going to make you pay!" Kurohige simply smiled, but it was covered by his mask as he spoke silently to himself. "Yes, it worked all too perfectly." as Sonata charged at Kurohige with a barrage of light-speed punches and kicks he didn't even attempt to block,dodge, or even make a move, he just stood there, and smiled. Kurohige's body shook and twisted like a rag doll with each hit as he screamed in pain from everyone black blood spurted out from every hit from his eyes,nose,ears, and mouth, as Sonata charged her final blow Kurohige let out a faint smile as he said out loud "Go for it, idiot." and as soon as Sonata landed the punch to Kurohige's gut every bone in his body was reduced to ruble as he went flying into a huge pile of ruble and created a huge blast on impact. He laid there motionless, his shirt torn off reviling only his bloody and beat up skin and muscular body, his mask was torn off too, making his face visible, he had a huge smile on his face, his razor sharp teeth being clearly visible. His stomach opened up and black smoke emitted from it into the sky making a black cloud that covered the entire battle area, while that happened the black lines came from under ground again healing all of Kurohige's injuries, he got up the black smoke still coming from his body, he looked Sonata in the face as he smiled and said in a normal voice "Looks like my plan worked out just fine, every hit, the faster you get, the more destructive power, everything, even what you say and feel has helped me to this point. You see everything I said, and did when I got here was to get you to calm down and try to kill me, I knew for a fact you were not going to listen to me, besides.... No one is going to kill my master, my friend except me, and no one is going to kill me except him. You see, with this new power I have absorbed all your anger from every devastating punch and kick and absorbed it into permanent power in exchange for a little pain. Now look above the clouds above are gravity clouds with infinite force that will only harm you! And underneath the ground  and black hole in waiting to suck you in near the earth's core, now what shall you do? You see, over all this time I need no flashy power or anything, just my same two moves will be enough. Now fall into the abyss!" Kurohige said as he slammed his hand down and a thunder like crack could be heard as the gravity shot down at instantaneous speed on Sonata's head, and is this attack should succeed she will be crushed and incapacitated into the earth until she reaches the black hole which she will be trapped in and spit out hard.  

A new start

After the Sunrise event Kurohige was at loss, no crew,no master, no power, or so he thought, The power Keith had given him, was just what he needed Kurohige took off his old attire and put on new ones, he even slimmed down a bit into his new look "I had forgotten what it menat to be a pirate....." Kurohige said as he looked into his mirror: 

However Kurohige was not alone  
Intel demon: "What are you talking about? Just look at our new power!" 
Eh, oh I possesed this chick if ya don't mind boss.
Eh, oh I possesed this chick if ya don't mind boss.

Defense demon: "He's right man, just look at my new upgrade!"
Now nothing will ever go through me, Keith is a genius!
Now nothing will ever go through me, Keith is a genius!
Spell demon: "That's nothing just look at my power, I am death itself!"
The power of my spells are endless!
The power of my spells are endless!

Fighter demon: You all blow smoke, I will absorb everything and become more powerful from doing so, my size alone will be enough!"
Fear me,I will absorb every attack that comes my way!
Fear me,I will absorb every attack that comes my way!

Kurohige smiled "Well then, lets not keep Keith,Mekix and Fatalis waiting... Lets go meet up with the company..."
Weapons: Other then his standard power of darkness, Kurohige has three other weapons as well, one of them being a revolver-knife he rarely uses this unless he a robbing or at close range to an enemy:


His other weapon is a black and silver pirate finlock pistol, he uses this when he can't use his darkness power for any reason no the most powerful gun but it usualy gets the job done However Kurohige has been able to change the weapons to fire dark matter now instead of regular bullets.

Finlock pistol
Finlock pistol


And his third weapon is a ship named Queen Anne's Revenge, this ship has 40 gun and two cannons he only uses this when traveling though. 

Queen Anne's Revenge
Queen Anne's Revenge



 And he his ship's flag is depicted a skeleton spearing a heart, while toasting the devil. Flying such a flag was designed to intimidate one's enemies.     

Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Overpowered is a bit of understatement. You should downgrade his powers a bit or give them a bit more detail...especially the blackhole and vortex control. And what darkness control really mean? You should give more explanation about them and also put it into a more ordered state.
Interesting ideas anyways.
Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@willyvereb said:
"Overpowered is a bit of understatement. You should downgrade his powers a bit or give them a bit more detail...especially the blackhole and vortex control. And what darkness control really mean? You should give more explanation about them and also put it into a more ordered state. Interesting ideas anyways. "

Yea the picture made it seem like he makes actual blackholes my bad lol, but I had them in a good order but I messed up and put the pictures in last so it made it look weird but I will fix it later, as for darkness control it means he controls the dark in a sense but I will be sure to do more detail thanks dude.
Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19

So lower his power and explaine them a bit more, is that it?
Post by Sublime (222 posts) See mini bio Level 6

Um black holes? That is kind of overpowering him if you ask me......
Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@Sublime said:
"Um black holes? That is kind of overpowering him if you ask me...... "

His powers work in the function of a blackhole, as in they suck in and crush things he can spit in back out too. But he can't like crush the planet or anything i'm not done yet I still need to do his weakness part.
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
A black hole? How did he even gain this power of black holes? It isn't properly explained why. 
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@Newdeath: see one piece blackbeard, most likely same reason
Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@cfatalis said:
" @Newdeath: see one piece blackbeard, most likely same reason "

Blackbeard just ate a fruit that makes even less sense lol buthe made a deal with a devil to have complete control over darkness a blackhole is somewhat related to darkness.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@Kurohige said:
" @cfatalis said:
" @Newdeath: see one piece blackbeard, most likely same reason "
Blackbeard just ate a fruit that makes even less sense lol buthe made a deal with a devil to have complete control over darkness a blackhole is somewhat related to darkness. "
fruit that grants you magical power
Post by TheVicePolice (59 posts) See mini bio Level 4

Well so long as you except constructive critisizm and edit when needed I think you did very well I mean thats if you're not comparing this to people like newdeath and willerwb's bio this was done fairly well maybe you should add some story arcs and stuff like that kinda like willyvereb's bio. And  your power may seem cheap to those who don't know Marshal D. Teach so explaining the whole darkhole thing a bit more would be wise but you did edit, so I give this bio a 8/10 try RPing some that way you will get more credit these are just my words of encouragment so you don't get discouraged to RP based on the feedback, this is coming from my RPing experience on other sites.

Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@cfatalis said:
" @Kurohige said:
" @cfatalis said:
" @Newdeath: see one piece blackbeard, most likely same reason "
Blackbeard just ate a fruit that makes even less sense lol buthe made a deal with a devil to have complete control over darkness a blackhole is somewhat related to darkness. "
fruit that grants you magical power "

Well yea but its not explained why it does that.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@Kurohige said:
" @cfatalis said:
" @Kurohige said:
" @cfatalis said:
" @Newdeath: see one piece blackbeard, most likely same reason "
Blackbeard just ate a fruit that makes even less sense lol buthe made a deal with a devil to have complete control over darkness a blackhole is somewhat related to darkness. "
fruit that grants you magical power "
Well yea but its not explained why it does that. "
said fruit is said to be the creation of a devil so yeah, or so i have heard
Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@cfatalis said:
" @Kurohige said:
" @cfatalis said:
" @Kurohige said:
" @cfatalis said:
" @Newdeath: see one piece blackbeard, most likely same reason "
Blackbeard just ate a fruit that makes even less sense lol buthe made a deal with a devil to have complete control over darkness a blackhole is somewhat related to darkness. "
fruit that grants you magical power "
Well yea but its not explained why it does that. "
said fruit is said to be the creation of a devil so yeah, or so i have heard "

Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19

Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@Kurohige: Well that hardly makes any sense. Darkness is only related to a black hole for the fact that it is "black" but anything else it would be cosmic considering that a black hole is the last stage of a supermassive star so in fact your character would need control over stars and the ability to properly collapse them to be able to create a black hole. Darkness is only the absence of light, that is completely unrelated to a black hole. 
Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@Newdeath said:
"@Kurohige: Well that hardly makes any sense. Darkness is only related to a black hole for the fact that it is "black" but anything else it would be cosmic considering that a black hole is the last stage of a supermassive star so in fact your character would need control over stars and the ability to properly collapse them to be able to create a black hole. Darkness is only the absence of light, that is completely unrelated to a black hole.   ND "

Again it is not  a black hole if it was he could destroy everything, it attacks in the manner of one think of it like  miroku's wind tunnel from inuyasha like I said he controls darkness yes a blackhole is only related because it is black, but darrkness devoures everything in a sense but read up blackbeard from one piece then you will see what i  mean.
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@Kurohige: I know its not a black hole as in powerful enough to destroy the Earth but the statement still stands. One would need intense gravitational power to create even a miniature black hole. Alright I'll check out Black Beard. 
Post by Kurohige (3,776 posts) See mini bio Level 19

So anyone else?
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
Oh I see what you did there.  
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