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Classified Information, Public Security Intelligence Agency File N·1566

Name: Usso Namae (Alias?)

Suspected Aliases: Kato Tomohiro, Masahiro Kanagawa, Mamoru Takuma, Shinobu Tsukasa.

Age: 55 years old

Height: 1.90 mts (Aprox)

Weight: 79 kgs (Aprox)

Occupation: Owner of the Nagareboshi Art Gallery, Owner of the Garyuu Overseas Trading Company. CEO of Garyuu Zaibatsu

Suspected Previous Affilitations: Ryuugamine Yakuza Clan, Anaheim Motors, Shiraboshi Business group, Kuro-san.

Current Affiliations: Anaheim Motors, Shiraboshi Business group, Yamashita Solutions.

Criminal Record: Two parking tickets.

Studies: Several University level degree (Unconfirmed)

Suspected off:

156 charges of Larceny

210 charges of Felony

1354 charges of Intellectual Crimes

35056 charges of Violent Crimes

9456 charges of weapon trading

12332 charges of drug trading

Extracts from the Investigation files

"The PSIA doesnt have any records about Usso Namae youth, we can only speculate about them possibilities with our current information, being the most possible speculation a delinquent youth. Some of our investigators theorized he entered Kuro-san organization from his early years, but such theories are dismissed as there arent any proof of them"

" PSIA agent of the Kobe office, Ryusuke Miike, reported several sightings of Usso Namae, talking in cafes with Kenichi Shinoda, the head of the Yamaguchi-gumi, with the familiarity of an old friend. Using the equipment of the office he managed to caught several parts of the conversation, all refering to the antiques market situation, and the possiblity of trading art pieces"

" After several suspictions of multiple agents, that expressed their concern about Usso Namae having some kind of supernatural skill, we asked the colaboration of the JDPA (Japanese Direction of Paranormal Activities) to do a full check on Namae-dono body, disguised as a medical check, and they only found that he was in good shape for being 55 years old and found traces of bullet wounds and scars, that he attributed to practicing Kenjutsu for the scars and cuts and a hunting incident 15 years ago for the bullets"

" 95% of the agents sent to get information about Usso Namae or getting proof of his suspected criminal activities decide to take an early retirment or dissapear for years only to be found years later in Tokyo Bay and with links to several organized crime groups or previous crimes, so the other 5% is mostly found insane after weeks of surveillance and are placed on mental institutions"

" We have sightings of Usso Namae in almost any part of the world, and where he goes crimes follows him, all the international agencies are seemingly oblivious to his activities, as he is never put under surveilance when he leaves the country, and as we lack of any solid proof of him being guilty of any of his crimes, we cannot ask them to place an agent to follow him"

Extracts of the JDPA medical examination

" The subject is in great physical condition for his age, seemingly he engages regular exercise and participates in sports such as Kendo and Marathons, his eyesight is perfect in his right eye, but is flawed in his left eye. He haves several scars, that are thermosensitive, meaning that they are only visible when his skin is colder than the normal human temperature, is a strange case but it haves precedents"

" Pyschologically speaking, the subject is a sane and logical personal, he is outgoing and can easily commnicate with people and haves a remarkable intellect, as he was able to outwit the doctor that treated him on several parts of the tests, showing a uncanny medical and pyschological knowledge"

" The only health issue we could find is his chain smoking habit, but the damage is minimum compared to other smokers, and accodring to the subject he is trying to quit it"

Tokyo: Late Night, secluded office in Hinode Pier

The sound of the pages being passed, the noisy fan on the ceiling, the whimpering sounds of a man being held by two thugs, the wind flowing throught the curtain, a lonely cicada in a nearby tree. The office was full of sounds, that had a strange rhytymic beat. The man sitting on the chair and reading had cold eyes, something that scared the whimpering man more than anything. The cold eyes lighten up for a second, as the boss of the thugs read something funny, at least for him, and let out a chuckle. Even if that was something usually positive, in this case it wasnt and the beated down man kneeled in the floor knew it, and he tried to escape, only to be held tighter by the giant thugs and to hear the boss voice, Too much noise, could you please stop it, i'm trying to read classified documents here, One of the henchmen hitted the terrified PSIA agent in the stomach, and the other punched him in the face. The dark haired boss chuckled again as he saw agent Miike fall down into the floor, but his expression change once the blood of the man nose tainted th expensive carpet. He gave a sinister glare to the hechmen, that understood the danger and dragged the body out, To the Tokyo Bay right aniki? The taller henchmen ask, only to be repplied with a silent nod.

As the thugs left another man entered into the office. Usso gave him the papers and spoke coldly. Burn this, it was funny but I dont want to be linked to Kuro-san, even in theory, for all purpose he doesnt exists, at least for the law. As the man was leaving the room the crime lord stopped him and said, and also send a bouquet of tulips to Miike-san widow and some toys for the kids, also the normal secret gift to her bank account, we can be criminals but we are humans first. The employee bowed and left the room. Usso sat down and lighted a smoke, it was a good day for being him, with this he set fire on his criminal profile, and in matter of minutes thanks to a skillfull Hacker, all the digital records of the PSIA would be deleted. His legal business was only growing, and his illegal empire was stronger than ever, it took time and dedication, but know Japan was owned by Kuro-san, another of the hundred fake names Usso, another fake name, used to work without being bothered

Mangetsu and Known Associates

Mangetsu is more a myth than a reality, a shadowy organization that according to rumors rules the Japanese and even the Asian criminal underworld with an iron fist. The group spans through different organization and according once again to the rumors the bureau managed to obtain several governments are under the enigmatic group thumb. Leading them is Kuro-san, a figure as mysterious as the organization itself or maybe even more than it. There are several individuals connected to Mangetsu by the words in the street.

Aoki Minato (A.K.A. Osaka’s Golden God of Gambling)

A supposed Mangetsu operative handling the Osaka operations, a former delinquent, Aoki Minato haves what could be called incredible luck, he climbed the stairs of the criminal circles by bets and debt managing. He reached the top only to be send pummeling down by Kuro-san, which supposedly trapped him on a bet he couldn’t win. From that point on he manages the Osaka branch of Mangetsu if you can trust the rumors. He is smart and cunning, not to mention as slippery as a snake, since seemingly his uncanny luck follows him even out of the Gambling Dens, policemen reported that during his earlier years, when he was in the law reach he had miraculous escapes as everything seemed to go his way.

Toshiro Tsukimori (A.K.A. The Kanto Spy)

A former and disgraced actor that ended up using his flair for dramatics and his uncanny skills to infiltrate corporations and organization to spy and saboteur by contract, he was incredibly successful until he met his match when he hired by the government to find about Mangetsu. He vanished for 4 months and reappeared working in Garyuu Zaibatsu. He is a movie enthusiast and seemingly he still is in the business but now producing thanks to his newfound fortune as security chief of Garyuu. He is charming and social, knowing how to behave in any given situation, showing creativity and adaptability, yet he haves violent outburst upon certain stimuli.

Doctor Shishido (A.K.A. World’s True Crazy Scientist)

A former Tokyo U research scientist, lead in robotics and physics, Doctor Shishido official job was to build robotic arms and other marvels of technologies, he was discovered using the funds to constructs the deadliest weapons this world has ever seen. The university tried to kick him out, yet he used his weapons to escape from the police when they called them to kick him out from the lab as he didn’t want to leave in good terms. He was hired by Garyuu and vanished into a research site in Antartica. Shishido is crazy; no other word could describe him better. He treats his creations as if they were his children.

Catherine Saint Croix (A.K.A. Northern Wasp)

Former member of the Numbers that bailed after the disaster in Shinjuku, hired by Kuro-san to serve as a spy and assassin, she is as deadly as she is beautiful, a bad combination, using her special weapons and ammunitions she serves and an invaluable asset to Kuro-san’s organization.

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