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 Name- Kira Koushi   
age- unknown 
race Immortal human 
Weakness:head chopped of
likes sleeping ,and drinking beer with friends
hates- doing anything that isnot part of his mission
 hair color black spikey 
eye color red.                                                    

Childhood chapter 1

 An average boy lived with his family Rei wanted to travel the world on an adventure discovering new places with his brother Shoikai we both set out on our first adventure.We went across the ocean on a boat leaving behind our family and friends we were both chatting to each other it was quite a happy time but we started to feel homesick we have never been this far away from home before so we started to get worried about our parents and friends.A letter was found in a bottle passing by us I picked it up and read it.We have burned down your village and kidnapped your friend Sakura,if you want to see them again you will give up the scroll of The demon.Shoikai was not to happy with what they did I tried to stop him but he ran in with a wooden sword they smirked at him then killed him it was so fast I couldn't see him die I placed my hands together and closed my eyes read the demonic scroll and a red chakara like flames came out of me,myeyes were still red with dragon  eyes  teath appeared from me, and aura wings the boss of the gang  was wearing a black robe with a samurai hat said. we will take you and train you since its your destiny haha.Kira let out a dragon breath and  burned all  the Fuga 
 gangtillthey were crisped theonlyone who stood before me was their  leaderhe was spinning his sword creating wind hiseyes changed into a more red  with three pupils around it as he  had entered my body the dragon wasnot  caged  though he haddid somehand  signs  really fast and sealed the dragon inside a cage as Asachi  left the body of  Kira,he looked at  meas strange symbols appeared  around  kirait was dragon stigma he took the boy Kira and trained him in the arts of shinobi. 

  Chapter 2  10 years later

Kira was woken up by asachi the leader of Fuga clan we have a mission for you,we need you to scout out a village hidden under leaves see what their plans are"Okay" Said Rei as he put on his black ninja suit and black mouth mask. Their was children walking about people laughting dancing.Rei hided in the mountains scouting out what info he could find out. Another  sharingan user cough onto me his eyes were looking into my eyes It felt like I was being controlled by him,though I ignored those eyes mines was better than the other ninja I put him into my genjutsu as I showed him my village been burned down and me appearing before him trapping him in a wood jutsu and stabbed him with a spear 10 times until he passed out from shock.Kira travelled through the cliffs till he came to the main office where the Hokage was focusing his red chakara into his sword he created red lightning and ran through the low ninja's and sneaked into where the Hokage was it was a girl with pink hair taller than me.Rei was struck by love at first and muttered to himself "no ninja's don't fall for these charms. and punched the girl in the face knocking her out he hides her in a near by locker hopefully she didn't notice him.Rei went through the paperwork looking for plans of attacking it seems this village was ready to attack us tomorrow,though he looked again the name of the hokage was Sakura "but,she died this cant be true" he disappeared into the mountains unnoticed. The guards returned looking for their hokage she was dumped in a locker are you okay Sakura? yeah am fine,wait the masked ninja took the plans.after returning to Fuga clan Rei was angry "you told me Sakura was dead" ohh I lied,you cant go back to her your a villain now. "maybe your right" the end.  


  Saskei- will he come find me for revenge who is this person?


 Chapter 3  Betrayal

 Kira awoke from his bed at midnight as he put on his ninja suit and ninja mask placing his normal Katana in back case.he went into where Asachi was sleeping taken out his blade he cut Asachi in half as a puff of smoke appeared "fake?" Asachi began to move slowly as he cut the arms and legs of  Kira what felt like slow motion was just him moving really fast.Kira had fallen to the ground  as he was losing blood. Asachi spoke how dare you betray me now give me that demon of yours. as his eyes were about to go  sheringan Kira  had stabbed two kunai into his eyes as he began to rip them out,my eyes you stupid brat. kira mearly smirked as he placed them in a jar,"now you cant see me its time to die this is for killing my family!"He slashes the katana into the two arms of Asachi as they both fall to the  ground  blood squirting out. "and this is for your lies about Sakura" slashinghis two legs off blood spalts out ofhimthesword was stained with blood please don't kill me am  sorry "oh your sorry that makes it all right eh? As he charges up blue lightening  and wraps it  around his  hand running  towards him he shouts "Chidori" as  he touches Asachi's head it splatters all over the walls,Kira was covered in blood as he took the  white katana from Asachi and placed it in his case,he  grabbed a kunai and gouched out his own eyes as he placed the eyes Asachi as his.His eyes were red now as the sharingan was their inside him, tough something else happened Mangekyo Sharingan.  Amaterasu  itsafire  that doesnotgo  out until it burns the target and also an unbreakable Genjutsu  called Tsukyomi. guards piled up  as the boy covered in blood smiled"I am your new boss" they looked at Kira strangely and started to kneel down "hahaha" he sat upon the throne.  the end of chapter 3



                                                  Village on fire








 This sword cuts the air into black mist allowing the user to step into anyone thing or objects shadow. 

Dragon sword 

 Powered by the spirits of the Twelve Dragons it was used against the Dark Dragon by the founding members of the Dragon Clan.when sword interacts with dragon chakara it changes to true form.

 Dragon sword  true form 

  dragon  Aura appears around the sword as it begins to glow.





Explosive kunai

  Concealed Mouth Ember 

  stores a small combustible ember in his mouth.The ember must be bitten to be activated. The ninja can then spit the ember at a combustible substance to help ignite it. 

Exploding Note 

 this note can be put on a kunai or tree when it begins to burn it makes a big explosion. 
the exploding pouch is different it blows up in a few seconds.   

Exploding Smoke Grenade

     when it explodes it makes smoke  for the ninja  to carry out his mission stealthy without being noticed.

  HyourouGan (Soldier Provision Pills)

      these pills allow the ninja to fight for days without rest. 


 these are more or less used for escaping  the enemy  they are scattered on the ground  and the metal stabs into the enemy's foot if they step on it.  

Senbon (Needle)

       these needles are  used  for impaling enemy's.  

Windmill Shuriken


Bottle of poison

The  bottle of poison can be dipped on arrows and any weapon.



 Rei in claw form



  •  super speed
  • can use a demon form as a dragon
  • disarm traps open locks
  • master of acrobats 
  • summon up dragons
  • weights from boots/gloves etc are removed strength is increased  and speed.



 all forms of sheringan -almost unbreakable genjutsu and   Amaterasu a jet black flame  that won't go out until it burns the target even when the user dies.this flame is hotter than the sun it came from hell.  it burns everything in its path and lasts for 7 days and 7 nights.   


Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu   a fire ball in the shape of a drgon.   Kage Shuriken no Jutsu a shuriken skill in tricking the enemy into thinking ive thrown the shuriken though its a  clone   
Kamaitachi no Jutsu  creates  a gust of strong  wind.   

 Kagemane no Jutsu 

 allowing me to control any shadow and if it lands in the opponents shadow I can control them.  
Chakara enhanced speed-this gives me super speed 
Healing chakara-can heal wounds/broken bones. 
Dark chidori-focusing my demon chakara into my hands I can create red lightning and also shape it into a sword or anything. 
Lava jutsu this allows me to create a wave of lava. 


Special Forms

 Shadow form   
    his eyes turn yellow  and becomes the shadows. as he becomes one with the shadows able to manipulate and shape the  shadows at his will.
  Fire form  
Kira becomes one with hells fire allowing him to  unleash firestorms and manipulate and shape the hellfire. 
Ice form 
This form allows me to become one with the ice able to unleash ice dragons and ice diamonds.

 coming soon 


working with

currently working for an organisation full of villains called Gekido I hope to stay here longer seeking more power from the help of villains..even if Sonata has tried to kill me a few times hell what nearly kills us makes us stronger,Newdeath even trained me for awhile.


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okay thanks :D
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yet another villian xD
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Hmm for a beginner its not bad but you will need to add more detail and add sections in your bio like your character's personality. The description is passable but you'll need to work harder to give your character a more complicated background. Here's a suggestion: for example when a character in your story is about to speak add these "example" e.g Kira said "I will kill you" to better separate it from the average sentences. Add some capital letter at the beginning of your sentences or after periods, exclamation points and question marks. For a beginner its not bad but as you write you'll have to make your writing better as your character develops and because your character likes to kill try giving reasons as to why he likes to and they have to be good reasons like "He's lost faith in humanity" or "He only knows survival and values only his life". Good job though.  
Now all you have to do is add the powers section later on. 
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cool :)

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ok fixed please comment
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Nice but could use a bit more originality, mainly in the powers.
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@Kurohige: yeah still to think of reasonable jutsu that I will need.also going to change the story its going to be the  scroll put a demon dragon inside me my immortality happened when I took the  eyes of my boss.
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The CPR worked!XD
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@Mesamia: lol not really,had to find the old one from like 8 months ago edit it with my new bio and it worked.
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@kira112:  Ahhh so it needed plastic surgery:)
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@Mesamia: yeah lets go with that lol..
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updated story fixed Jutsu's more to come soon..tired will do more later.damn its roasting today D:
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@kira112:  Using cosplay weapons?
Now thats odd XD
BTW i can control dragons, all of them(they think as if i am their god or something)
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@battleheiz: ignore that I cant find a great looking katana..
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@kira112: Happens
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updated weapons.
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added forms.
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