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"And now I am ready. Ready to kill. Ready to kill you all. I have become the mother of death. She trots at my heels, hanging onto my waist, giggling with glee, leaving wet footprints of blood on the white snow. Can you hear her laughter? Listen for it in the cries of the carrion crows who will feast on the flesh of my victims. I am Kelly Malkin. Come, and I shall embrace you with the night mother's cold, loving kiss."


Name: Kelly Creed

Age: 19

Faction: Neutral

Group Affiliation: Sketchinoda, FCL

Avatar Appearance: Lucy, Moka.

Origin of Power: Witchcraft training, Shinodaborn.

Emblem: Scapegoat and Nemesis

Sketch: Vectors.

Born- 1994

Kelly is surrounded by hatred, very little of it hers. Ever since she was a child, she has had the ability to sense the hate of other people, and she has the skills, abilities, even accessing the memories of those who hate the people around her, and the people hated by those around her.

She was raised with her brother, Samson, in the Creed family, with her mother Sarah, formerly named Malkin, and her father, Jared Creed. She was attached to another boy her age, Andy, who played with her often.

One day, when she was six years old, she encountered a thirteen year old girl who was being followed by an older man. Accessing their memories, she was disgusted. The girl was being forced to work in the sex trade and the man, her uncle, had followed her back from the police station. The girl had been to the hospital to get her jaw looked at, which she'd injured at work the night before. A nurse called the police in, and they wanted to help, but she was tops cared of what her uncle would do to her if she told them that he was selling her nightly.

Kelly did the sensible thing, and removed the uncle's head in the middle of the street. Her father, who was with her at the time, unleashed an explosion, killing dozens of people as the two of them fled into his office. Kelly's father was a cosmic entity named Jardsam, and he took her to his Hellscraper to grow up and hone her ability.

She never saw her brother again until she was nearly an adult. Now named SamJaz, he and some newfound allies were storming the Cower and encountered her. To pacify her murderous rage, SamJaz altered her memories, tying her feelings for the young Andy towards Matthew Anderson. She fell completely in love with Matt at this time, but soon the spell was broken and she realised that she had been manipulated.

When she went to confront SamJaz, however, he had broken down in tears, completely emotionally destroyed by Taylor, and she couldn't bring herself to take her revenge. Instead, she comforted her brother and continued to fight alongside him. She still has memories of having feelings for Matt, and it would be untrue to say that she didn't still feel some affection for him, and she would quickly admit that the time when she was in love with the digital shapeshifter was the happiest time of her life.

For a time, she lived with Hitomi Nakamura and Paige Turner in Neo Telos City. After the destruction, however, she and Hitomi moved to London, and stayed with the Crown family for a while, before getting their own place in Wembley, across the street from her brother's apartment. She currently works for Mi13.

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