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 Kaname "Mugen" Toshion
 Kaname "Mugen" Toshion
Kaname Toshion
Aliases: Mugen, The Infinite Warrior, Mr. T, Kana-san, Knight of Kuran.
Sex: M   
Age: 20
Martial Status: Single    
Race: Human  
Height: 6' 2" 
Weight: 196 lbs. (Athletic Build)
Tier level: Tier 3
Alignment: Good   
Place of Birth: The Capital
Home World: Kuran
Group Affiliation: Ebisu  
Occupation: Hero, Swordsmen, Blacksmith.


 Never give up!
 Never give up!
Being alone practically his entire life, Kaname's mother died while in labor, and his father died in battle before he was born. Kaname now lives with his Aunt and Uncle in the Capital. Mugen that's what his friends called him, since it meant "Infinite", meaning whenever Kaname was knocked down, he always got back up to defend his friends and loved ones. Kaname always looked up to his Uncle. Kaname was learning how to become a blacksmith and his uncle was teaching him everything he knew, everything about making weapons and gardening tools. Mugen is calm, optimistic, cheerful, and most of the time he gets hotheaded. Mugen is even one of the biggest perverts and loudest loud mouth anyone could ever meet. If ever confronted by Mugen, anyone would see that he is ignorant and would never know when to give up. Mugen is also quite kind and laid back, he would mostly save someone in need in a heart beat, rather then running from a fight even if the opponent is alot stronger then him. He is Loyal to his friends and loved ones.


 Blast through the Heavens!    
Blast through the Heavens!    
Mugen is quite a tall individual with an athletic physique. Mugen stands at a staggering six feet and two inchs in height, allowing him to easily tower over most people, and still move quickly. Mugen usually has a laid back facial expression on display, although he is actually a very kind and generous person to be around. He has short blue spiky hair. His athletic build is natural although he has grown twice the muscle through training, he's even got large blue inked tribal-like tattoos all over his body. Mugen inherited his mothers eye, which were a gorgeous ruby red. Though Mugen isn't skilled of any type of hand to hand combat, he still would never give up when is friends lives are at stake. Mugen's clothing vary from time to time, he has no fixed attire. Mugen is considered relatively handsome and gorgeous by most women. An interesting note is that Mugen radiates an unusual spirit, which he calls the "fighting spirit", It is an invisible aura, that cannot be seen, but however it could be sensed by just about anyone. He is also noted to having magnificently beautiful spiky blue hair. Even though Mugen has no fixed attire, he still considers wearing the following, the lower half of his body is wrapped in bandages, and worn over top are a pair of black baggy ankle high ripped pants tied off with a white sash with black spots, his torso is visible along with his tribal like tattoos, but he wears a large red cape that drags on the ground behind him as he walks, he's also got a pair of orange tinted pointed sunglasses that he wears mostly in the day time.

Skills & Traits

Longevity: In the Capital where Kaname grew up, the people were born with with longevity, meaning that they live longer then any normal person, the oldest person that ever lived on Kuran, died at the age of two-hundred. He also died from an illness that is currently unknown the the citizens of the Capital. So who knows how old the man would have really died, if he was healthy with no strange illness. 
Mugen was born with the ability to manipulate electrical energies with uncanny mastery and control. This deadly power enables him to sense sources of electrical energy for him to absorb and fry his enemies. Mugen can use the electricity for countless different purposes, but the most common purpose is fusing the electrical current with different type of weapons. He can even shoot lightning bolts from virtually any part of his body, he can charge devices if he pleases, absorb electricity from any electrical energy source and much more. 

Cyrokinesis: Cryokinesis is the ability to control the element of Ice. Mugen has impressive control over the element of ice and create ice from the water molecules from the air itself, creating ices shards to freezing entire cities within only a matter of hours. Mugen could even use the water stored in his own body to create any type of weapons, such as Swords, Spears, Arrows, and even guns all made from ice, he could even use the water in other creatures bodies to freeze them practically instantaneous. 

Hand to Hand Combat:  Combined with the electrical energy, Mugen's fists pack a devastating punch. Even with little to know knowledge of Martial Arts, Mugen's skills are based upon his fighting spirit, the very spirit that keeps him from giving up, even if it means fighting someone that is twice as strong as he is. 
More To Be Announced...

Weapons, Gadgets, Vehicles

Masamune: The Masamune is a mighty sword, made by Kaname's uncle and given to Kaname as a gift. The blade itself is about as long as a single Naginata, hilt and all. Originally the blade wasn't meant to fight against other swordsmen, and was just a decoration for Kaname's room. But, everything changed when Kaname's home world was destroyed. Combining either his electrical powers with the blade, Kaname was known as a fierce warrior. 
 Senbon are metal needles, pointed at both ends. They are often used, by merging electrical current into the metal, and thrown at his enemies, to mostly cause them to lose balance, so they serve more then a distraction tool, other than a tool for killing. Mugen often coats these senbon with a layer of poison, which could either paralyze or kill an opponent.  
More To Be Announced...

Kuran; Kaname's home world.

 My friends mean everything to me.
 My friends mean everything to me.
Kuran is a planet much like earth, except that the planet is covered with rock and sand. There are six cities in total that are inhabited by humans, each city has there own military, and the city with the highest population and strongest military was "The Capital", which was also called "The Town of Hope". It was a fairly large city, which was populated with over a million people and only three quarters of those people were born with special "gifts", but however, every citizen of the Capital had the ability of longevity, meaning they would live longer then others. The City was built in a circular pattern, with the Emperor's place in the dead center, military outposts on the outside with a large clay wall keeping the city safe from outsiders. There was only one forest and ocean which were both about three days walking distance from each other, The forest was called "The Forest of the Ookami", it was inhabited completely by most "The Wolves" and "Panthers", The Wolves and Panthers are beasts that are able to walk on the hind legs, much like a Werewolf. The wolves and panthers absolutely hate the humans for practically driving them to extinction. The ocean is inhabited by fish and other small sea critters, but, It is mostly inhabited by "Mermaids" and "Sharks", Sharks are beings that have the appearance of a shark, except for the arms and legs that they use to climb out of the sea, and walk around. Sharks can't stand staying out of the water for to long, therefore they must return to the ocean where they will be a better use to there ocean king.

It was a beautiful summer morning, and just like every other day Kaname was still in bed sleeping. Every time his alarm clock went off he lazily pressed the snooze button, which he did for every five minutes. Kaname was a typical young man that was born with two very special gifts, the ability to control Electricty and manipulate the water vapor in the air to make ice. Kaname lived with his Aunt & Uncle, since his mother died while giving birth to him and his father died while protecting the Capital from the Wolf invasion, that happened years before Kaname was even born. But, Kaname loved his Aunt and Uncle for they let him sleep in for as long as he liked, as long as all of his work was finished. Kaname worked as a blacksmith, who made and repaired the military's weapons. He wasn't the best, but, he was still in training. His Uncle was in fact one of the greatest blacksmiths in all of Kuran and was teaching Kaname the blacksmith way. 

It was now in the middle of the afternoon and Kaname was just beginning to wake up. Lazily he rolled over onto his back and sat up quickly, rubbing his ruby eyes. Kaname yawned and got out of bed heading over to his bathroom to teach a long hot shower. After his shower, Kaname got dressed in his usual attire, minus the red cape and orange tinted shades. The laid back young adult had begun to walk down the stairs seeing his Aunt making tuna sandwiches, and his Uncle sitting at the kitchen table reading the daily newspaper. Kaname yawned once more while he headed into the kitchen waving at his dear uncle and aunt. "Morning Aunty, Morni.." "Morning? Don't you mean, Good Afternoon?" His Aunt interrupted, and Kaname just sat down across from his uncle and nodded. "Ya, sorry. I just keep getting these strange dreams lately." He said while he let out another yawn. His uncle rolled over a corner of the newspaper that he was reading with his index and thumb staring at his nephew. "It's your day to work at the shop, Kaname. And if you hurry, your gift would still be there waiting for you." His uncle spoke in a calm tone rolling the corner back up hiding his face. 

Kaname smiled, taking his lunch box from inside the refrigerator and ran out the front door. He was in a hurry to get to work, excited that his father might have made him a new sword for his collection. "One of these days, I'm going to get out of this place and travel the world." He stopped and thought to himself, while he looked up to the orange colored sun. Kaname raised his right arm in the air, his fingers extended giving it the impression that he held the very sun in his hand, quickly Kaname closed his hand into a tight fist and looked away, dropping his arm to his side while he walked into the blacksmith shop. A brand new sword forged by his uncle, it even had a sheath with a red sash tied to it. The sword was laying on Kaname's desk. Kaname smiled picking up the blade, it was light and easily move able. Kaname set the blade down, leaning it against his chair and made his way to the kiln, where he had to start on a customer's hammer. 

After a few hours of working on a large battle hammer for one of his uncles oldest friends, it was finally finished. So on the way home, after locking up the shop. Kaname had both the sword his uncle made for him and the hammer he had finished for his uncles friends. Upon walking home he noticed a group of people all huddled closer together chanting loudly. It was a fight. Kaname rushed over pushing himself to the front of the crowd using the hammer to try and scare away some people. Now as he was in the front, Kaname noticed that one of the men fighting was his long time friend, Colt. and he looked pretty badly beat up too. Kaname rushed in waving the hammer at the other guy who was known as the district bully of Kaname and Colt's neighborhood. "Get the hell out of here, Gord. Or I'll smash this hammer across your fat head!" Kaname shouted, gripping the handle of the battle hammer tightly, practically using all of his strength just to keep it up in front of his face. "You think you scare me, Kaname? Well think again you little punk!" Gord replied running up quickly, it was like a speeding blur that no one has ever seen before, Gords "gift" was the gift of speed. Quickly, Gords knee came up and hit Kaname in the stomach. Kaname fell to the good dropping all of his things while he held onto his gut. "Stay down, Kaname. This isn't your fight." Gord warned him, but, Kaname ignored the warning and stood back up to his feet, his left arm wrapped around his stomach, he was still in a lot of pain. "No! As long as I live, I shall never give up to the likes for you. You pathetic bag of shit!" Kaname stated, standing in front of Colt, his uncles sword that was forged for him tightly gripped in his right hand, the blade was still sheathed. "What did you say to me? A pathetic bag of crap? Look whos talking, Kaname." Gord laughed at Kaname's insult. "Look at myself, you say? I'm not the one beating up on some weaker then I am. So don't give me that "I am innocent" bullshit." Kaname stated with a calm grin on his facial expression. "Oh that's fucking it, Kaname! Your dead!" Gord shoutedyet again, running in with a leg sweep to trip Kaname, but instead, with the sheathed blade, Kaname would quickly swing it down on top of the bullies head, with all of the strength he had left. Knocking Gord unconscious. Kaname grinned and took a heroic pose, resting the sheathed blade over his right shoulder, with his left hand extended outward to help his dear old friend to his feet. "That was amazing, Kaname." Colt cheered, pulling himself to his feet with Kaname's help. "Thank you." Colt said thankful to having such a good friend like Kaname by his side. "It's no problem Colt, I merely saw my friend in trouble and wanted to help him out." Kaname laughed glad to see that Colt was alright. "We're like brother's, aren't we, Colt?" Kaname asked, looking up to the setting sun, which was a much darker orange then before. "Yea, we are." Colt answered, waving to his bro, running home before it got dark. Picking up the things that he dropped, he'd toss the shoulder strap for his bag of his shoulder while he carried the blade and hammer in each hand as he made his way home. "Yea, We're the greatest of friends, and the best of brothers." He thought to himself, making his way down the street. 

Once Kaname made it back home, he saw one of his uncles friends sitting on the front step. It was clear that his uncle and aunt weren't home, since the lights were out. "Oh, Hey there, Jordan. were you waiting for me?" Kaname asked handling him the hammer. "It's not as good as uncles work, but, I'm learning." Kaname laughed, breaking the tension. "It's actually pretty good, it feels lighter and it is as strong as ever." Jordan smiled patting Kaname on the back. "Good job." Jordan thanked him, and made his way back to the military outpost. "Your welcome.!" Kaname shouted, walking up the steps with his keys in his hands to unlock the door, but, before Kaname walked in, he looked up at the moon and pointed to it. "One day, I want to be the first to travel to the moon." He smiled dropping his arm to his side and walking into the house closing and locking the door behind him. Instead of going to the kitchen to find something to eat, Kaname had headed up stairs with all of his stuff, and walked into his bedroom dropping his work bag on the floor and setting the sword on his desk. He would then crash into his soft bed, falling asleep. mumbling to himself.

The Wolves Invasion. [Part One]

  Let's go!    
 Let's go!    
It was the next morning and instead of sleeping, Kaname laying in his bed staring up at his ceiling, thinking to himself. When his Aunt had shouted for him from the bottom of the stairs. Kaname sighed, sitting up from his bed staring down at his bandaged hands. "What am I going to do today?" He asked himself in a low tone, then quickly shouted back, his door was wide open as usual. "Ya, I'll be right down!" Mugen had got up and gotten dressed, it was his day off today, so he didn't have to work, it was his Uncles day. Which gave Kaname the whole day to fool around or whatever. Kaname quickly had a nice hot shower, then afterwards had gotten dressed. Making his way down the stairs and into the kitchen wear his Aunt was preparing tonight's dinner. "Morning Aunty, I'll get something to eat while I go hang out with my friends." Kaname stated, as he ran out the door slamming it shut behind him. 
Kaname ran down the street, he saw his buddy Colt and Rufus, both were sitting next to each other on the edge of the water fountain. Kaname slowed his pace and began to walk towards them with a grin plastered to his face. "Hey guys.." "Hey Mugen, How was work last night?" Kaname was interrupted, The spiky blue-haired twenty year old turned around, Colt and Rufus staring at Kaname hearing the voice of Kaname's "Secret Crush", greeting him joyfully.  "Oh, Hey Ruby. It was fine, A little boring, but, loved saving Colt's @ss from Gord." He laughed, turning his attention to Colt who sat next to Rufus on the water fountain. "Sounds like fun."  Ruby giggled, while she wrapped his arms around Kaname's neck hugging him tightly. Mugen wrapped his arms around her waist loosely, hugging her back. "So, Whats the plan for to..." A loud explosion was heard to the west of them, Kaname, Ruby, Colt, and Rufus all stopping what they would doing all at the same time, and looked off in the direction of the explosion.  
In the distance, several creatures which looked to be wolves running towards the people around the fountain. Kaname had quickly let go of Ruby, while she did the same but grabbed Kanames right hand, holding onto it tightly. Colt and Rufus standing to there feet, with the same shocked expression written on there faces as everyone else. Calmly and coolly, Kaname gripped Ruby's hand tigfhtly and ran back to his house, pulling Ruby behind him. "We should start running now!" Kaname warned, Ruby followed Kaname closely since she was holding his hand, Colt and Rufus following behind them closely.   
After an hour of running, Kaname, Ruby, Colt, and Rufus, found themselves outside of Kaname's house. The three of them made there way into the home, locking the door behind them. Kaname guided everyone to the kitchen where his Aunt was still preparing dinner, with no idea what was happening. Kaname left his friends in the kitchen while he ran up the stairs to his bedroom, where he grabbed his masamune, that his uncle had made for him the other day. Kaname then quickly ran back down stairs to the kitchen, the blade slung behind his right shoulder. "Mugen, What do you think your doing?" Ruby wondered, seeing the blade slung over Kaname's shoulders. "What's going on?" Kaname's Aunt asked with curiousity. "Aunty, The Wolves are here, and I'm going to go find Uncle and warn him." Kaname stated, as he ran towards the back door Ruby, Colt, and Rufus following him. "Mugen bro, You can't go out there, let the mercenaries handle this." Rufus replied in a worried tone, while he grabbed a hold of Kaname's left shoulder and pulling him back. "I can't, I have to warn Uncle." He said shrugging Rufus' hand from his shoulder, while he ran out the back door closing it behind him.  
Running away from all of the action, Kaname had found his dear old Uncle laying on the street, his guts laying all over the place, it seemed that his Uncle had seen the explosion and headed back home when he was ambushed by several wolves, tearing his guts from his chest. Kaname crouched down, sliding his right arm under his uncles neck lifting him up into his lap. Tears streaming from Kaname's face, and Ruby who had ran out after Kaname, started to tear up seeing Kaname's uncle dead. "Mugen, I'm so sorry, that this has happened." She apologized, crouching down next to him wrapping her arms around the young blacksmiths neck. Quicky, making to there feet, a group of mercenaries were signaling the two of them to come to there location which wasn't very far. Kaname took Ruby's hand tightly as he ran to the mercenary group hideout, pulling the young girl behind him. "Kaname, I'm sorry for what happened to your uncle, but, we need to save a\s much people as we can." Jordan apologized, since Kaname's uncle was one of Jordan's best friends. Kaname nodded slowly still a little trumatized seeing his uncle dead. 

The Wolves Invasion. [Part Two]

 This is fair well, for now.     
This is fair well, for now.     
It's been three days since the Wolves invaded the Capital, Wolves had flooded the streets, searching for any survivors and killing them. Kaname, Ruby, and Jordan, even several other people that were with them were in hiding, Even though Kaname wanted to save the rest of his friends and Aunt, he couldn't, he knew if he tried the wolves would only follow him and then slaughter him and even one else. The Wolves had an army greater then the Capitals, that were assigned to protect the city. Ruby was in the corner crying to herself, while Kaname and the others were together trying to think up a plan to find other surviving groups. Kaname had an idea to use the underground assembly halls, which were built as a safe haven for the people, if anything like this were to help. Jordan liked the plan, but however. Where they were right now were nowhere near an entrance into the assembly halls. But, Kaname knew of a secret entrance that him and his friends always used to get in and out. Ruby looked up at Kaname and smiled, her eyes still filled with tears. "Mugen, the secret entrance is to far away. There is no way all of us could make it." Ruby stated, as she tried to wipe her away her tears. "I know, that's why it would be dangerous." Kaname replied with a low sigh. "Kaname, Your idea is actually a great one, if even just the three of use go to find the secret passage, we could use that machine to teleport one of us to another world, to get help." Jordan announced, throwing his battle hammer over his shoulder where it rested. "Wait, you mean that machine? But, I heard that it takes two people to turn on." Kaname asked, curiously. "That's why, Me and Ruby are going with you, while the others stay here and be our backup." Jordan replied to Kaname's questions with calmness. "B-but, Who is going to go through the dimensional portal and get help?" Ruby asked, as a single tear was flowed down his cheek gently. "Well, it can't be me, I must stay here to hold down the fort here." Jordan stated that he was meant to stay behind. "I'll go." Kaname blurted out.  "I'll go through the dimensional portal and find help." He continued, wrapping his right arm around Ruby's neck letting his forearm dangle over his right shoulder and with his left hand he wiped away the last tear and smiled to her. "B-but Mugen-sama, you can't go. You must stay here.. With me." She began to cry hearing Kaname's words. "Kaname can do it, he's the only one that can." Jordan said believing in the young blacksmith. "Then It's settled, I'm going through the dimensional portal into another dimension." Kaname said in an eager tone, while he pointed to the stars of the night sky. "And when I come back my friends, with new and powerful allies, and we will break through the enemies assault to the heavens of freedom!" Kaname would quickly form a tight fist, after he finished speaking. He then looked towards both Ruby and Jordan with a calm grin plastered to his face.  
It has only been a few hours since Kaname and his friends had thought up a plan, Kaname, Jordan, and Ruby, The three of them made there way with Kaname leading the way to the secret entrance which would lead to the underground assembly halls. Everytime the group of three found a wolf walking around, they would stop and wait for the wolf to turn his back to them or leave. Soon enough the three of them had made it to the entrance, which was behind a bookcase hidden inside the library. "The entrance is hidden in that library, but, the library is surrounded by. So whats the plan to getting inside?" Kaname asked, while he also thought up a quick plan of action. "I got one, why don't we just set up camp here, in this building and wait til morning? Since the wolves mostly sleep during the day, it will be easy for us to sneak into the library." Ruby whispered, but it was loud enough where both Kaname and Jordan could hear her. Jordan nodded, thinking that would be one of the better ideas the three of them would come up with. Kaname nodded as well while at the same time as he kept a look out for all wolves that were outside the library doors.  
Now with Kaname, Ruby, and Jordan, setting up camp in the building across from the library. Kaname decided that he was going to be the look out first, seeing as both Ruby and Jordan both seemed to be more tired then the young blacksmith was. So Kaname sat underneath the window which had the best view of the entire library and how many wolves were roaming the streets between the two buildings. Kaname noticed that a few of the wolves had begun to leave there posts, so Kaname finding an opportunity to getting themselves into the library and the assembly halls. Kaname quickly woke the two up, whispering in each of there ears telling them that there was an opening for them to sneak in. After waiting for awhile til all of the wolves had left the three of them would quickly run for the library door, the doors were locked, but however it seemed that somebody had already tried to break in, but they failed to since there was a bloody mess all over the entrance of the library.  
Quickly the three of them broke into the library, without any hassles, while both Kaname and Jordan followed Ruby to the bookshelf, which was really a secret passageway into the assembly halls. Ruby reached his left hand, over a green book, and with his fingers she tilted that very same book slightly, which made the entire bookshelf slide over the floor revealing a hidden staircase which led to the underground assembly halls. Kaname, patting Ruby on the shoulder, while giving her a thumbs up with his other hand. "Good job, Ruby." Kaname said coolly, while Jordan took the lead, leading them to the Machine that would send Kaname to a different dimension, his mission was to find help to fight the wolves.  
Several minutes went by the the three of them had finally made it to the room which kept the machine in, but what they didn't know it that it was a trap. There stood at the control box was a man, or so they thought, he was dressed in a black robe, the shadow of the hood concealing his face, and in a raspy voice he greeted Kaname and his friends. "Welcome, I know you would come down here." The stranger stated while he pushed buttons and pulled on levers, turning on the machine. "..." Jordan was speechless, only a member of the capital knew of the machine, and it's whereabouts. So it means that a citizen of the capital betrayed them and joined forces with the wolves. "Jordan, is it? Were you planning to send this boy into the portal to find help?" He asked, but, the stranger knew everything. Then almost in an instant, Kaname quickly ran down the hall and electrical current flowing through his right arm, he swung an electrical charged punch for the cloaked strangers face, but, the man swayed his head, and Kaname fell into the portal. "Your so naive, kid. Trying to be hero, when your not." The man said in a calm tone as he quickly made his way past Jordan and Ruby, drawing a small dagger from inside his robe, the man would lunge the dagger through Ruby's chest, while with his other hand he gripped Jordan's throat and snapped his neck with his thumb, all this happened within a few seconds, the strangers speed was unparalleled. Meanwhile, Kaname had grabbed a hold of a metal bar that had been sticking out, the portal trying to pull him in. The strange robed man, made his way to the machines main computer and with a quick palm thrust, he lunged his hand palm through the computer screen, pulling out several important wires and parts. With the Dimensional Portal about to close, Kaname made the decision to let go of the metal bar, and into the swirling blue portal, which he had no idea where it lead too.

Kaname; In a strange new world.

To Be Announced...

Kaname's Fighting Spirit!

To Be Announced... 


When it comes to Kaname, Kaname has several weaknesses, but however. He is arrogant, his arrogance is what keeps him from giving up, so whether he has any weaknesses or not, he will try to get back up to his feet each and every time, even if he was on the verge of death. However, for such a manly hero such as Kaname, one of his worst fears/weaknesses are that he hates snakes and spiders. Seeing a snake or spider on the ground or on the ceiling, will cause Kaname to jump up and squeal, he's had bad experiences with both snakes and spiders. 
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So, here's Mugen reborn.
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Nice! Although I feel like you got the magnificently beautiful hair thing from Raseri, jks XD
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@xXMugenXx: Very nice, sorry to here about your last bio, but you recovered with a vengeance:)
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@Emerald_Flame_Fate: I don't know, I guess, whatever roleplay that the old mugen is in, which is only one, I guess I'll kill him off in that one. O3O
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Also your fake French accent made it even less apparent.
Good job. Also it's a bit late but I say:
Welcome back!
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Now, back to my former self, Monsieur.
: Ah, the times I laugh palying with that character... they were good times... 
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