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Name: Kaine (verification pending)
Known Aliases: John Smith, Kaine Wesley, Kain Schwartz, Kane Melkovitsch Cain Connors, Cain Leroy, Orihara Kakaine
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Nationality: None
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Classification: Demon (supposedly)
Base of Operations: Undisclosed

Kaine is a lesser demon just recently arrived to the Vice verse. He found Humanity amusing and the land interesting thus decided to stay here for his own amusement. He opened up an agency for "solving problems". If you make contract with Kaine he does any kind of odd jobs, perhaps for a compensation of "equal value". He's cunning, devious and alarmingly sharp. He claims to "love" the entire human race but his actions are kind of suspicious. Approach him on your own risk!


Kaine is a rather suspicious person. He seems to be very cocky with face always twisted in a smirk. On the first glance he appears as an arrogant hoodlum and he does have many streaks of childishness. Yet his eyes hide surprising intellect and a devious mind. Kaine knows much more than he reveals and pretty quick to pick on things. He also appears to be very random and often does the least expected thing possible. He respects no order and does whatever the hell he wants. By his admission Kaine "loves" Humanity which he expresses by putting people into various uncomfortable situations. He enjoys playing with people's heads or just plain annoy them all the time.


Agility: Kaine has insane reflexes and extremely nimble movements. If he wants to Kaine can even avoid a point-blank gunshot with ridiculous ease or move so fast he disappears from view. He's also skilled at the use of switchblades and able to leave several scars on someone in a flash. Plus Kaine can walk on any kind of surface be it walls, water or even ceilings. In a sense gravity has no effect on him.

Omnilingual: Kaine can understand and speak on any and all known languages, including both humans and animals. He can talk with who or whichever he wants to

Shapeshifting: Kaine can assume any kind of shape and even guise himself as someone else. The transformation is strictly physical though and cannot replicate special powers. Overusing his shapeshifting ability may also backfire on him with hilarious effects.

Regeneration: Kaine can slowly repair any physical damage done to him. Normal wounds can heal in days or hours but those of magical sources can take much longer. Even if he were to be completely vaporized, Kaine can eventually return. Exorcism and holy weapons are by far the most dangerous to him and has a chance to kill him for good.

Intelligence: Kaine is deceivingly smart. It doesn't look like at first but his smug smile hides many secrets. Somehow Kaine always knows more than he supposed to and he abuses it to his advantage.

Supernatural senses: Kaine has fine instincts and views the world differently than normal. He can spot unnatural powers and sense the presence of other demons. Furthermore he can feel hostile intents and seemingly avoid attacks without even looking at it.

Dreamweaver: Kaine can project himself in people's dreams to talk to them. It's usually just a short message and normally Kaine has no real control over the world of dreams.

Devil's Associates Agency

Kaine's mysterious office which is technically "nowhere yet everywhere and appears for anyone with a request in need". The building constantly appears on different places all over the world. One day it can be in San Francisco while on another it's located in Rome. His office is usually unseen though and dislocated from both time and space. To spot the Devil's Associates Agency, one must specifically have a job for Kaine to do. At his office the future client meets Kaine in person. They make a contract which ensures Kaine will fulfill the request. As compensation Kaine rarely accepts money. Instead he asks for "something of equal value" which he refuses to tell until the end of the job.

Being in contract unlocks Kaine's repressed powers and he even gains new abilities to complete the request. He cannot use these outside the permitted intents of the contract but Kaine almost always find a good loophole. He can accept more than one contracts but also refuse them if they're outside the scope of his abilities. Once the contract is established it cannot be undone. If either parties goes against the contract, it usually results in death. After accepting a request Kaine must deal with it, one way or another.
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@Kaine: Nice, bio, Can't wait til It's finished. I think Dante, and Kaine are going to be great enemi.......es, I mean rivals. :x XDDDD
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Lot of supernaturals appearing now. Good start.

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@Kaine: :)

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@LilRoX: Sure. I'll do my best to survive our encounters.:p
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Interesting so many poeple are in the mercenary business nowadays no wonder business is slow for Crow. Can't wait to see the rest of your bio
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Cool, good luck with the rest of your bio
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@Kaine: Hahaha, you better. :P
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Very nice I like this character more and more
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