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  • Name: Kahan
  • Age: 40 
  • Height: 12'0
  • Weight: 677lbs
  • Build: Muscular
  • Occupation: Pirate
  • Affilation: Gekido
  • Bounty: Classified (The Marines and Government have dubbed him the worlds most dangerous pirate)


(To be added)


Kahan is very similar to Newdeath in the manor of which it is very difficult make out his thoughts and emotions but unlike Newdeath who is hard to read due to his stoic and calm demeanor, Kahan is difficult to read due to his wild and unpredictable nature, which makes it impossible for those around him to know just how he will act. Kahan will act calm most of the time, usually smoking a cigar with a large cheshire cat grin and polishing his blade. Many have said he is like a coiled snake, manipulative and very dangerous if approached in the wrong way. The next Kahan can suddenly turn, slaughtering many people in a split second. 
Kahan is also a heavy believer in fate and destiny. Believing that everything happens for a reason and that if something doesen't go your way you should not cry about it but carry on until fate smiles over you. He does not belive in inherit good or evil or that anyone holds the right to justice and injustice, but believes that those with the most power have the right to decide such things.   
Like any other pirate Kahan is incredibly gluttonous. He drinks, smokes and eats in excess and on a regular basis. He can eat ameal fit normally for 20 people in one sitting.

Powers & Abilities

Blood Manipulation
Kahan has the rather unique an dangerous ability to manipulate blood. His power is far greater when controlling his own blood as it is easier for him to grasp and control. He cannot control the blood straight from peoples bodies, but he can control the blood that they have spilled. Using this power Kahan often shifts the blood into constructs, generally blades or any weapon and shield. The more blood around the more dangerous he is. This poer is much more dangerous when used on a large battlefield due to more blood be spilt.  
Kinetic Manipulation   
Kahan can manipulate kinetic energy, controlling the laws of movement itself. Utilizing this incredible power Kahan can vibrate the molecules in any object at incredible speeds, turning them into expolosive bombs. Kahan can also add speed or decrease speed from any moving object or even person. He can make a statue move by adding kinetic energy to it or make a person a statue by taking away all their kinetic energy. Kahan can release powerful shockwaves of kinetic energy with enough power to level a fleet of ships. 
Kahan can move objects or people ith his mind, manipulating their movement to his will. The ammount he can move relates to his health and strength of willpower. Kahan can lift entire fleets of ships, buildings and even small islands. He can manipulate water but not to the degree his rival can. Through careful practice Kahan has learned to control earth and metal.
Through challenging strong pirates and marines daily as well as fighting over grown animals as a kid. Kahan is blessed with outstanding strength, speed, stamina and durability. Things which have been increased through his control over kinetic energy. He is strong enough to lift a total of 10 marine warships, shatter small mountains in only a fe punches and crush diamon beteen his hands. He can move so fast he appears to teleport. He can absorb blows and fight weeks without rest. 
Highly Intelligent
Despite his personality and ability to do things completely out of nowhere. Kahan is still very intelliigent. He is highly analytical and can deduce his opponents strengths and abilities very quickly and figure out how they work and how to find aay around them. 

Shinku no Tamashi

Shinku no Tamashi is the name of Kahans nodachi, an incredibly large blade. It's guard is a deathly white while the sheath is a deep blood red. The blade itself was forged from a rare metal and seastone by a group of sea witches, but the blade required one more ingredient, Kahan's soul. Because of this the blade is alive and communicates with Kahan. It needs constant care and practice. The more death Shinku brings the stronger it gets.   


  • Kahan has a unique laugh, Jihahahahaha
  • Kahan has a rivalry with fellow pirate Kayak
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Good Bio! now go fight someone so i can see this blood man ip!
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@Pepper:  Thanks :) Ip?
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Ohhhhhhhhhh I thught it meant in play lol
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Nice bio.
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You're off to a pretty good start. 
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@Newdeath: And thus we live the day when you became a factor in characterization. He's the first person to explicitly compare his character to yours, isn't it? No one else ever did it in their bio yet, not even Mokujin.
Good start. I especially liked the trivia part. It makes it look like a bio from One Piece Wiki.:)
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@willyvereb: I never thought the day would come :P 
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Cool BioXD
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Nice Bio, I would like spar with your char....
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This would be a great partner for Kurohige lol.
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Fascinating.... You and Kuro might get along..
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@abysofpride: He hasn't been on in months though lol
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Indeed however his character is playing god.
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@abysofpride: How?
Post by abysofpride (1,275 posts) See mini bio Level 11
I'm just following up with what everyone said about this character, they claim he's goddmodding so I'm just suggesting that he is Godmodding.
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good job ;)
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Nice bio. Can't wait to see him fight.
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