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Name: Mikado Shikami
A.K.A: Kagemen, the Masked Demon, Demon Shadow, Masked Shinigami.
Age: 511 years
Height: 1.75 mts
Weight: 50 kgs.
Faction: Villain
Place of Operations: Makai Kamen no Mori,  Japan.


Once a powerful Shinobi, Mikado was born in a village in Japan, living as a pickpocket, but as he tried to steal from a shinobi, he got caught, and instead of being killed he was offered the chance of working for them, as they appreciated his skills, and saw him like a unpolished diamond. Mikado was taken to their secret village and trained to served the feudal lord. He was good at his job, but despised the feudal lord he served, a petty man that only wanted to use the land that he inherited from his father, a great warlord, for his own egoistical feasts, rising the taxes and living in luxury, as the villagers died of hunger and were plagued by diseases.

Mikado couldnt stand it, but he knew that he would never be able to stand a chance against all his comrades, and he knew that he would only be able to win if he had an advantage over them. For this reason he sneaked into the sanctuary of the clan, hoping to find a weapon to help him, he started searching in the crypt. As he pushed throught the traps and alarms without activating them a whisper in the darkness was calling him. He followed the voice into a secluded room deep inside the roots of the mountain where the sanctuary was build in. In the room a pedestal with a mask was the only thing that could be seen.

The whisper came from the mask, a voice calling his name. Mikado was intrigued and grabbed the mask, in an instant the relic changed shape and took life of it's own, as it creeped towards the rogue shinobi face. The voice now was in his head, and after being clamed by it, he was told that his plea was answered and that now with the power of the Kagemen he would have the skills and abilities of a thousand Shinobi. Mikado was delighted, and decided to test his newfound power to stop a crooked tax man. The mask also proposed to change his nin-gi to red, so he would be confused with a member of another clan.

From that night on, Mikado became a folk hero, fighting against the lord and his guards, and even joining a small group of rebels, while working as a Shinobi as well. Each time he used the Mask of Shadows he started gaining more power, but slowly and unoticiable to him, each time he put it one he became slowly more violent, and instead of putting the Lord guards in ridicule he started to put them in hospital beds. Each time his crimes grew in violence, the Lord's grew and grew, until he ordered the shinobi of Mikado clan to intercede, after Mikado started sending guards to an early tomb, rather than letting them live.

The Ryuugamine clan started hunting, and slowly Mikado was getting more and more out of control, his behaviour was erratic when he didnt wore the mask, and even if he tried to control it, the mask was slowly overtaking his mind, and even making him fight and wound his clansmen. Finally he was discovered, but the didnt caught him in the act, gaving Mikado more than enough time to put on the mask, but this time would be the last time. As his world crumbled around him, whatever was left of his mental strenght shattered as well. The mask overtook him completly and his slaughtered his clansmen.

After several bloody struggles what was left of his clan managed to lure him into a cave, and as they sacrificed lot of good men, they managed to lock him up in the cave and seal it, so he wouldnt escape for a thousand years. Inside the cave, Mikado shattered pysche twisted the events, as the Kagemen waited with patience for the seal to be eroded with time. The trapped mosnter grew acustomed to the darkness, almost becoming part of it and constantly enhancing his mystical powers, waiting for the time of his freedom, to roam one more throught the alnd of the living, but this time he would take his revenge.

But with time, the ideas of revenge vanished, only to be replaced with boredom. The first hundred years were spent in training, but afterwards each year he forgot more about what happened before, and the situation slowly made him hiberante. After 5 hundred years he was still sleeping, while his dark Ki increased only by being merged with the shadows. But the clansmen that sealed him forgot the legend and disbanded, leaving the seal unattended, and with time it was destroyed, freeing Mikado and Kagemen into the modern world, only remembering their joy when killing.

Now they are exploring the world having the fun throught the only means they remember, throught chaos and mayhem, dead and massacre, by drinking the blood of their preys in the dark nights, were the only light is the moon that makes the blood shine like black jewelery. They are free, but still caged, as their time in the cave fused them forever to the night, as they now are unable to walk the land of the living when the sun comes up. They will hide under the ground or anywhere that is cloaked in shadows and darkness until the sun fades in the horizon and the moon shines again.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Physiology:

The Kagemen grants Mikado the strenght, speed and endurance of a hundred ninjas, making him able to lift 10 tons, move faster than sound with ease and resist impacts of heavy artillery as if they were rain. He is unable to tire out during night. Mikado survive without food, water or air, and is able to regenerate from most of the wounds excepts the wounds made by weapons soaked on blessed funeral sake, that for some reason the mask avoids to touch. The Kagemen is fused to his face, and it haves roots all over his body. Is near impossible removing it, and in that case Mikado would turn into dust, as the mask is the only thing that keeps him going.


Mikado skills were great to begin with, but the mask grants him much more than strenght or speed, giving him years and years of experience and knowledge of the previous users.

Gosei no Ken

A powerful elementalist technique, brought by a chinese assasian that wore the mask almost 400 hundred years before Mikado. This ability allows the user to control the five chinese elements throught a series of martial arts movements, the Xingyiquan. Each style is completly different from each other, and can control different elements throught intense concentration and focus.

  • The Earth Style is defensive, with plenty stances and grapples but can also unleash a crushing power within each fist
  • The Metal Style is a mix between defensive and offensive, with great defensive techniques and a razor sharp splitting fist
  • The Water Style is highly defensive, focusing in counter attacking instead of attacking, it's spinning movements are incredible.
  • The Wood Style is a mixed style, with a good offense and a goode defense, but is unmatched in speed or agility.
  • The Fire Style is highly offensive, with kicks and punches that would easily shatter mountains into rubble.

Shin Kage no Kokoro (True Heart of the Shadows)
A stealth technique developed by the first shinobi that wore the mask, allows the user to fuse with the shadows and vanish without warning, this ab ility grants short range teleportation between shadows, intangibilty when in contact with shadows and the ability to control the shadows and give them weight and sharpness.

Gurengan (Crimson eyes)
The ability to instill fear throught eye contact, a powerful ability that feeds on the user killing intent, and as Mikado is only moving because of that, he is able to instill fear to almost anyone alive, his eyes bring out the primal terror to the supernatural any human haves deep inside them, twisting it to increase it. anybody that is exposed to this technique for too much time will start to become paranoid and fearful of anything.

Other Skills
Mikado is a master swordsman and thief. He can easily sneak throught a highly guarded goverment facility without even leaving a trail and is a incredible skillfull and creative assasain, being able to use poison or the enviroment with ease to fullfil and objective.

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Pretty cool bio. 

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@Kagemen: Good start.
Judging by the style you're Kuma, right?
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@willyvereb:  Is so obvious?
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Well, take it as you have a distinct style. That's a good thing.:p
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@willyvereb: Ok

Updated and mostly finished, I will show his particular personality on RP
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Really nice nothing saids badass like a ninja assassin wearing a demon mask that grants him magical powers
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@Kagemen: YAY!! great bioXD
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I want to do a story rp with this character with one of my alts
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@Ashuron:  OK
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Kagemen would easily be a fitting rival for my ALT account :p 
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