"Justice is Absolute": Miguel Ortega The Volcanic Herald

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Name: Miguel Della Ortega

The Volcanic Herald
The Volcanic Herald

Aliases: the Volcanic Herald, the Embodiment of Pele/Destruction, Absolute Justice, the 7’s Iron Fist

Status: Registered

Registration Level: 3

Race: Hawaiian/ Samoan (Human)

Place of Birth:

Occupation: Registerd Hero in the of 7 (Tracks down Unregistered super humans.)

Group Affiliation: Union of 7, Gungnir

Age: 47



Miguel's opposing form
Miguel's opposing form

The Volcanic Herald is a beast of a man, which is not a result of super-human genetics; blessed with the best genes from his Samoan and Hawaiian parents his form is one that displays his power, strength, and heritage proudly. Having dark tanned skinned from living out in the sun on his home island and from his Samoan heritage; this result in his skin tone being a rich caramel color that some woman may find attractive. The rich color contrast nicely with his blond hair that is starting to gray with his age; his hair is combed and slicked back coming into a curve spike in the back, similar looking to dreadlocks expect thicker and pointier. The Iron Fist of the Seven has a distinguish face that tells his story to the world, a combination of genes, wisdom born from age, pain born from tragedy, and a strenuous carved from stone. He has a somewhat square face with pronounced cheeks bones, tear troughs that are sunk in under his eyes and a crease or two in his forehead. His face is topped up with a small blond-grayish mustache and beard. The Absolute of Justice is a hulking of a man standing at 6’3’’ he towers over most men and weighing nearly 300 pounds of pure muscle he has an extremely muscular build. His impressive build is seems to be unhindered by the gravity of age thanks to near endless training both in his youth and his present day; his build is also helped thanks to his Samoan heritage. The muscled built body of the Embodiment of Pele Is riddled with scars and wounds from his previous battles throughout his life; the most prominent one starts just above his heart and leads up into hi s right shoulder and bicep, the upper parts are covered by his tattoo, this scar came from the Kisekian War when his island and tribe were attacked. Despite being in the Union of 7 he does have the option to go to a skilled medic who could heal the scars leaving his skin unmarked he choices to leave them especially the scar above his heart saying there a sacrifice that was made so that evil could not prevail and he will not erase them because doing so would allow evil the victory. The Volcanic Herald wears a large white coat without a shirt underneath to reveal his physically dominant body, a will to impose his will and intimidate his opponents, a pink hibiscus is pinned to the coat right above his heart towards the shoulder on the coat. Miguel’s coat also has the symbol of the of 7 sewn in gold on the left shoulder showing his dedication to their beliefs and the kanji for justice on his back showing the driving movitation to his life .He also wears black tactical cargo pants and combat boots. The Absolute Justice wears a large gold belt around his waist with what appears to be a demonic boar’s face engraved into the center; along with two large, thick gold bracelets on his forearms and black gloves on his hands. The bracelets are not just an intimidating asscories a strong defensive guard, and powerful offensive weapon they also have a secret function that plays into his abilities. The Iron Fist of Justice’s attire gives him the appearance of a professional wrestler and given his style of fighting he may very well be one. The island warrior has two tattoos one of them is on his right arm and goes from just under his elbow all the way up to his shoulder. The design of the tattoo is a Hawaiian tribal tattoo that most young men get once they come of age; its design depends on the young man’s wishes, life, and the tattoo artist desire and it grows as the man ages, his tattoo is black and has thick rigid lines expect for several hibiscuses they seem woven into its design the flowers are of varying colors and have soft flowing lines. The other tattoo rest on his left shoulder and black angry looking Tiki god but this tattoo seems incomplete and many speculate that it is the beginning of a new tribal tattoo. Miguel occasionally wears a red floral Hawaiian shit under his coat when trying to appear more casual but this is an extreme rarity and when trying to appear more formal he wears a bright maroon colors suit with black dress shoes and his coat hung over his broad shoulders and a the red Hawaiian shirt underneath.


Miguel is a firm believer in justice but not just justice he believes in the unmoving, brutal, and iron fisted Absolute Justice; his motto is even “Justice is Absolute”, while many people in the Union of 7 or who are for the Registry agree with this those don’t necessary agree with how far he takes it. The Volcanic Herald understands and has experience what horrors rampant evil can unleash on the world therefore he willing to stop this at all costs. The Vulcan Behemoth belief that evil must be burned away from the world has allowed him to go all out when fighting unleashing the majority of his brutal powers on his victims, the environment, and any one around him not strong enough to protect them selves. Miguel is capable of fighting without restraint, without mercy, and with a brutal ruthless that makes a monster in the stories of rumors and hear say shaping the vary land itself therefore he is somewhat restricted by the to prevent unnecessary collateral damage. Despite his ruthless aggression and dedication to justice he has shown that he can restrain himself or even show acts of mercy, what exactly brings about these moments of kindness is unclear and he rarely mentions them afterwards but it is known it is either a act of extreme honor or extreme pity. While Miguel may be one to show kindness he is not forgiving to others who do the same especially if doing so would put the Union or justice at risk this brings out a anger and fury in the Vulcan Behemoth that would not hesitate to strike down those who perform these acts. It is also this protection of the Union and justice that allows the Volcanic Herald to go to any extreme just to stop someone or something that would pose a risk to the even if it means the costs of innocent lives or lying and manipulating others. Miguel is shown to have a somewhat short temper and impatience streak often smashing desks, walls, windows, chairs, etc. when he is force to wait to long for someone or when he gets into an agitated mode. To earn the respect of the Embodiment of Pele is as rare as the few acts of kindness his shows he often doesn’t show respect to his opponents because most of the time they are enemies of the Union and therefore in his mind that don’t deserve it; he will often taunt and mock them as he pummels them into the earth. The few individuals that have earn the island warrior respect are on the side of the Union and are either of a higher rank than him or share a similar view point, an example being Manami Saito, respect and strength mean almost as much as justice this is something that comes from his proud warrior heritage. The Iron Fist is extremely headstrong, stern, and decisive; he is a man that believes the weak will be burned out and destroyed this plays into his belief that any hero, especially they under the of 7, should never compromise for evil. Despite him and his fellow members of Gungnir being on the side of the 7 and the Union he is suspicious of each of them; this suspicion varies depending on their actions but he is constantly question their motives especially when something goes wrong though he will never address these concerns out loud unless an issues comes up because doing so would causes a conflict in the Union and upset cause of justice. Even though Miguel life has been redefined to follow his belief in Absolute Justice he still remembers the values he learned from his island heritage including love of family, pride in one’s heritage, and pride in one’s self it is because of this he still lives on his home island despite being able to live on the SkyRaven as a member of Gungnir. Miguel also has a secret love of pineapples thanks to living on the also known as the pineapple island.

More to come soon this is just a start :)

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@Absolute_Justice: Very nice start to this. When I get some time today I'll make the team threadXD
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Great start man! Can`t wait for the rest to be posted! XD

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Cool stuff! Keep it up!

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Lookin' good, bro!

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Is cool, but I'm confused about the Spanish name

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@Manami: Thank You. :) Awesome I can't wait to see what this team but aren't we still missing a member?

@Kurohige: @UsachanMaN: @Guyver: Thanks Guys :) I feel like I'm really getting into a grove.

@Sir_Rigel: Thanks I know what you mean though. I wanted something Hawaiian sounding but Sonata came up with Miguel Ortega and I love how it sounded so I wanted to use it. :P His abilities will be Hawaiian though once I found a good translator.

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@Absolute_Justice: So far there is Sonatomi, Alice, and Miguel. Thats enough to start the sub group team.
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@Manami: You fall into the Power Trio Trope

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Looks interesting, well i guess i'll meet you in the sub-group.

Looking forward to more details... because i don't make out much of the appearance.

@Kuro_San: Hehe, which one tho? I'm thinking of Two Girls and a Guy Sona being the Blue Oni, Alice being her Red Oni and Miguel being... well a guy. xD

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@Absolute_Justice: You're very welcome! :D

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Update his Personality is in take a look and tell me what you think :)

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@Absolute_Justice: Nice update!! :D Miguel and Iggy somewhat have the same basic beliefs (when it comes to registering superhumans and such), but Miguel is much more extreme O.O Cant wait for the rest!

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@Absolute_Justice: LOL he loves Pineapples great stuff for the personality section:)
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@UsachanMaN: Lol nice that is works perfectly after all Miguel's powers and Iggy's powers are in a relationship of superiority so his beliefs would be the extreme of Iggy's

@Sonata: Lol I thought that was a nice way to end the personality section with his secret obsession for pineapples XD

The next section will be his ability (strength, speed, durability, etc.) so that will take longer to get all done when I work on his bio again

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@Absolute_Justice: Yup! that's true! :D Iggy would probably see Miguel as a role model..... to some extent lol. it'll be cool to see how they'd interact in the future.

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