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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Z pushed from the table a bit, her high cheeks instantly began to burn with a crimson badge of embarrassment. “No, uh forgive me; you are a really funny and…” she looked at his cowboy attire and stifled a bit of laughter. “Eccentric” she said, finishing her sentence, “but truthfully… I need help and I don’t know anyone else but you Crow” she said, looking down at her nails.

“As of now you are the only person I have” her emotions amplified her Spanish accent, rubbing a piece of hair from her face, she once again placed eyes on him.

“Truth is…I’m an alien from another universe entirely; I was sent here to track down a…” she thought about the best way to describe Y-intercept but she didn’t want to complicate things. “I’m in pursuit of a spirit… destructive one; but I don’t have any of my powers, nor do I know where the hell I am…” she said relaxing a bit.

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Z's words hit Crow like a ton of brick, while they may have been an Inner World that referred to anyone or thing supernatural, meta, alien, etc. but what the mysterious girl just admitted was shocking an alien..from another universe tracking down a destructive spirit. Either this girl is out of her tree or she is dead serious and she is lost and in a dangerous place for looking dangerous things. I need to decide which one it is right now. It was that instinct, that gut reaction to something he experience it before and it got him out of some tricky situation before and his gunslinger's instinct was telling him...

"Okay Ziccara sounds like you need help and I swear on my word as a Gunslinger I will help you. I don't know where to begin but I guess a little explanation will help? Right now you are on earth, while I'm not sure what this alternate universe is like I assume that you have an earth. We are in the current year 2013. In this universe we have people with powers of all kinds I am one of them." It was at this point that Crow made some electrical energy arc from his fingers as a quick demo. "Everything of that nature is refer to as the Inner World. Many don't believe in the Inner World or they are ignorant to the truth and the Inner World. We can get to that later you said you powers aren't working maybe whatever powers doesn't exist here. Like you are trying to draw from a cookie jar that not even there. Therefore you need to find a new source or way to accessed your powers."

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: (Not gonna switch)

“Good…” she whispered, at least she was on Earth; she relaxed a bit knowing that for now, he didn’t think she was crazy. “A long time ago, my spirit was here; it once lived as a fully functional person inside this inner world; if I can find the personal effects of that person, I can maybe get my powers back” she said, placing a piece of her goldenrod hair beyond her hair.

“You see the thing is…I have nothing, no money, no car or even a place to call a base of operations; I couldn’t begin to look without those things” she admitted, glancing at her Echosphere.

“I guess I can pawn this thing…it’s completely useless in this universe anyway…” she said, glancing back up at him. “Can you take me to the pawn shop? You guys have those right?” she said, looking left and right.

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Crow laughed at Z comment about whether or not this world have pawn shops, "Si senorita we have pawn shops but I won't take you to one, I swore on my word as a Gunslinger and therefore I can't go back on it. Instead how about I take you to some shops around here so you can buy some things I'll pay for you for now. As for a base of operations you can stay with me and my girlfriend until you get on your feet." Crow smiled at the hero from another place, time, and universe and motion the waitress over to pay for meal, he handed the waitress his BH license, which acted as a credit card allowing him to pay for their sweet treats.

(This gave me a good idea for a RP between Sha and Crow)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: “Crow, senor; that is admirable really it tis, but I cannot intrude on your life any more than I already have” She said, sliding her legs out from under the table. “Your girlfriend does not need me complicating things inside her home” she continued, only to be halted by a wedding ring on her own finger. The memories of her Earthly husband, were scrambled she couldn’t even make out what his face looked like. Given the strain she faced prior to leaving that universe, she knew it had to be done. “Please…I would like to go to the pawn shop”

“There are some memories, I do not wish to keep with me”

Hit my ibox.

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The Last Gunslinger notice the hero's humble reaction and how she looked at the wedding ring on her finger, "I understand senorita I'll take you to the pawn shop but I insist you let me buy you some clothes and at least stay with me in Death Vegas for some time. Before you move on to whatever you may have to do. Toni may be a bit jealous but she will get over it besides we got plenty of room you will not be intruding." Crow smiled trying to reassure the new comer this world.

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She let loose a small smile before folding her hands across her chest. “I have a feeling you are not going to allow me to say no” she said, crossing her legs. “So this bounty hunter thing you do…” she inquired a bit skeptical; back where she was from the organized bounty hunters were often hired assassins with little to no moral compass.

“I should already know the answer to this but…you are the good guys right?”

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Crow smiled and laughed a little as he the waitress return with his official BH license and got up to titling his cowboy hat over his cobalt blue eyes, "Si senorita in this universe the bounty hunters are the good guys. We have to be licensed and we follow rules of our own to prevent unwanted casualties. Now let's first go the pawn shop then we can get you some new clothes then we discuss whatever else you need to get." With that the Last Gunslinger headed out of the famous Jewel's a smile on his face and a new ally in toll, and while his Gunslinger instinct was telling him that Z was the key certain events as he remembered what the Native American Shaman Black Sickle Bull said regarding meeting a strange woman.

(Coming Soon the Sha x Crow)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Sooo did you want me to wait for that.

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(sorry had to get off the comp) You don't have to wait

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The bar was alive and filled with patrons having a good time, then she entered the bar. A woman with blood-red hair wearing a red mini-dress, It felt like time stood still for a moment as everyone in the room looked at her. She flipped her hair as the door closed behind her. She headed towards the bar, her opened toe high heels tapping against the floor. Walking with a seductive cat walk strut with step, every male in the room started to breathe heavily, and all the woman became green with envy. Once she got to the bar she sat down crossing her perfectly long legs. The bartender held a champagne bottle in his hands, and was mesmerized by her. Quivering from head to toe, he just had to ask the question everyone else was thinking. "Ummm....m.miss..I just ...have to..umm..ask. W-what is your...n-name?" She had a seductive smile on her face as she looked into his eyes. "Well...if you really want to name She said to him intentionally pausing to up the suspense. is...Nirvana...Zaharah." The champagne bottle in the bartenders hands popped open, sending he cork right into the eye of a female patron. The foaming liquid pouring out of the bottle in the bartenders hand, looked like a well played sexual innuendo. Multiple guys rushed towards Nirvana, and sat next to her wanting to learn more about the crimson beauty.

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Stasis walked into the into the infamous Jewel's with a huge grin on his face. He was hungry and he was going to get some food one way or the other. He was making his way to the bar when he saw a cork fly past his head and hit the eye of a girl. He immediately turned around and walked to the girl. He bent down by her and and rub his index finger on her eye sending small amounts of energy into the wound causing the wound to heal at a accelerated pace. He stood up and then walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of water and began to drink ignoring all the noise around him.

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" !" Stephanie burst into the Bar, yelling out at the top of her lungs. The people sitting at the bar and in the tables in the area turned to look at the woman in the strange outfit. Their brows arched as Steph let out a nervous chuckle. "Oops?" She rubbed the back of her head before slipping into the building, her emerald eyes gazing around the area, she could 'feel' that Sha was here at one point... but it was so faint... she had to have been long gone by now so the information that gave her was good, just... a little off.

"Can I help you..?" The older bartender asked, standing behind his counter.

With a small grin she walked up to him, sitting on the stool. "Actually yeah, I think you can. Have you seen a blond haired blue eyed girl come in here a few days ago? She would have been wearing a blue and red outfit?"

The bartender stood there, as if he was trying to jog is memory. "Blond girl you say? We get a lot of those here." he smirked.

"What about a blond girl wearing a red cape?"

The man paused for a moment as he looked up at Stephanie, nodding his head. "Yeah, there was a girl a while back with a strange outfit, she was talking to one of our local bounty hunters, said something about being a 'super-hero'." he chuckled a bit as Stephanie's eyes lit up with hope.

"So she WAS here? Any idea where they left to?"

The bartender rubbed his chin for a moment. "You know... I really don't know... something about... shopping I think."

"Shopping?" She was caught off guard by the man's answer, but before she could ask another question, a sharp pain priced through her mind. Grasping her head she let out a heavy sigh. "D-do you have a restroom?"

The man gave her a bewildered look as he pointed to the right side of the bar. "If you need ta puke make sure you get in INSIDE the toilet."

With a small smile and a nod she walked over to the restroom, it was cramped, and smelled funny... and... wasn't very clean. She walked over to the sink, turning on the water and dousing her face with it's coolness. Letting out a light sigh she looked into the mirror, her eyes were no longer their emerald green... but black. "Chaos..." she whispered, to herself, grasping along the edges of the sink. The pain in her head intensifying as she groaned in pain before putting her weight on the sink, trying to keep herself from falling to her knees. "Grah, Chaos is here in this universe." she mumbled to herself as her eyes widen. "That means..." She pushed herself away from the sink and rushed out of the restroom and out the bar.

"Hey, you alright?" The bartender yelled out.

"Peachy, thanks for your help!" She walked out of the doors and into the bare streets. If Chaos was in this universe, then it meant that her Sha knew it too, and she would be looking for it. She needed to get to where this universe version of the dark entity was at, maybe then, she could finally meet up with her friend.

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@Stephanie Ardor: You can jump in the TA thread with Lynn and Kita
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@Jlynnana said:

@Stephanie Ardor: You can jump in the TA thread with Lynn and Kita

O___o KITA?!

I'll stay at the bar where it's safe... jk lol

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@Officer Sarah Castillo: Scarred Cat
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I love that every site I go on, there is at least ONE of my threads still hovering near the top ;)

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@Jewel: I love that every site I go on, I miss you lol
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@Jlynnana: Awww, we always find each other again ;)

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@Jewel: =]
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