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Lan Fan and Sarah walked into the bar, Sarah took off the rather large straw hat and sunglasses she was using to protect her face. "So he won't give you an older id?"

"No, all my squishy bits are more than twenty but I'm still stuck being 17 all the time." Lan Fan replied. She ordered lemonade and a grilled cheese sandwich. "Its like he doesn't trust me."

"He relies on you to be his tech support, of course he trusts you," Sarah said. "Besides your not missing much." She ordered a rare steak and tomato juice.

"Says the girl who gets drunk from the smell." They both laughed and tore into their respective meals.

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Friday - Akio’s favourite day of the week, which he usually spends roaming the streets aimlessly trying to find something interesting to do. Unfortunately, this Friday was looking like a very boring one, and there was nothing exciting going on in town; this may partly be due to the looming storm clouds overhead.

“I should start headin’ home…I’d hate it if it started pouring right about now.” Just as Akio finished voicing his thoughts, the rain started to fall, almost on cue. “Gah, dammit! I hate the rain! It don’ go well with my fire pizazz. ” The spikey-haired young man dashed down the street, and walked into the nearest open building which happened to be Jewel’s Sake Bar and Grill. Akio began to wipe down the water drops that speckled his long cloak, and gently patted his spiked hair to make sure all the spikes were intact – it’d taken him two hours to style after all. Although some became lopsided, most of the redhead’s spikes remained unaffected. Hairspray works wonders I tell ya!

Suddenly Akio felt a vibration from his pocket, reminding him that he hadn’t called his little brother all day. Sean Kingston’s voice echoed throughout the bar as Akio fished to answer his ringing cell phone.

♪♪♪ Somebody call 911… [pause] Iggy [pause] …fire burnin’ on the dance floor; ooowoaaah ♪♪♪

“Yo little bro!” exclaimed the hyperactive redhead, answering the phone before the ringtone finished ringing. He took a seat on one of the counter’s stools and listened to his brother’s response.

Where are you Akio? You’ve been gone all day.” asked his little brother on the other side of the line.

“For the billionth time Hikaru, its ‘Iggy’ not ‘Akio’.” sighed Akio who likes being called by his alias. “And yea, I got caught in the rain so I’m waitin’ it out. Need anythin’?”

“Nah, just checking up on you Ak- I mean Iggy.” replied Hikaru. A smirk danced its way on Akio’s face after his little brother called him by his preferred name.

“I’ll catch you later bro!” and without waiting for a response, he hung up. Akio began to tap his fingers on the counter, trying to kill time until the rain stops. His eyes looked around the bar for any familiar faces, but nobody sparked his memory.

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SamJaz walked into the room. It was quieter than usual.

He sat down at a table, looking around for someone he could recognise. Hopefully something would come from this.

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Crown enters the building. He's dressed in a trench coat and a brown fedora hat. It might not look like a place he'd visit, but the truth was he came there regularly. He liked the atmosphere there, it made him feel like an everyday man and he could relax far away from the spotlights that were aimed at either the actor or the master thief in him. And it was unlikely that anyone who could be a fan of his visited the bar, as most of them were too old for it or teeny girls so he was at peace there and didn't have to lock himself up in his mansion.

He sat down on his usual place at the bar and ordered a drink and started looking around, hoping he might see someone or something interesting.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz grinned as he stood to his feet and began walking.

Oh, this was fun.

This was going to be a really, really good evening.

While one could describe his current grin as one that he'd be eating faeces with, the fact remained that this grin was meant that someone was going to have a less enjoyable time than the person who just perched onto the bar.

He clapped a hand onto the back of the young man in the trenchcoat. "Someone owes me a drink." He said, sliding onto a stool next to one of the few people he enjoyed blackmailing.

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@SamJaz: A light tap was what Crown felt on his back. The same instant he created a razor sharp card under his coat, hidden from the sight of the people in the bar. He completely ignores the comment made. It was his natural instinct, he could never be sure that he wasn't exposed and that he's about to be taken in. He turns to the side with lightning speed preparing to slice any opposition in half. A sigh escapes his mouth as the card disappears in a red flash, in the same manner it appeared. The reason for the change of his tense stance was him seeing who the cause of the stance was in the first place.

"Didn't i tell you i don't like annoying beggars? But i guess i really owe you one." he says as he leans back, his coat now just resting on his shoulders. "A drink for the young man here." he orders the bartender. "Now, who would have though i'd find this particular rat in this rat hole?" he completely turns to Sam as he speaks, extending his hand to him and putting a smile on to cover up the previous insult.

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@ReliusClover: "Got bored." SamJaz smiled, before turning to the barman. "Lilt please, driving." He said, redirecting the barman's efforts to quench his thirst's at Crown's request. "But, if this is a hole for rats, then what's a rodent like yourself doing here instead of a shinier place?"

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@SamJaz: "Oh, what's the point of going to a bar if you won't drink? I guess you just don't have the same privileges i have." Crown says with a smug smile on his face, referring to his ability to teleport from place to place. "You know, was just passing by and wanted to see how the common folk spend their days." a continued reply to Sam's sarcastic question and an obvious lie at the same time.

He takes a drink and speaks:

"Just so you know, your slacking off, hero of justice." another grin on his face as he slides that day's newspaper to his friend. On the title page it says "Rare yellow diamond stolen in Germany."

"I'll give you three tries to guess who it was." Crown says in a mocking and sarcastic tone and then takes another sip from his glass, a proud shine in his eyes.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz grinned as his drink was provided. "I remember you telling me that diamonds were as worthless as rocks." He replied, reaching into his pocket. "I would like to present a more shocking revelation. There are things more potent in every bar than any drink."

He dangled the keychain from his pocket in front of the master thief. There was no key, only a small clip where it could be attached to a keyring with a flick of the thumb. The links in the chain were very rectangular, decorated to look like playing cards despite being slightly smaller than the head of a drawing pin. At the end of the chain was a small charm, a small metallic looking card. On one side was an elegant, red pattern, one that almost bore resemblance to alchemic patterns woven over each other.

On the other side was a Jack card, but the Jack was clearly a masked man holding a diamond above his head.

"The Keyblade is a weapon that draws strength from the bonds it's user makes those he can call allies." SamJaz explained, not even glancing at the newspaper. "It likes to compartmentalise these bonds into a physical form that is easily accessible for the user, changing the weapon's appearance and strength upon activation, as a reminder of the bond as well as a strengthened weapon." He tucked the charm back into his pocket. "I can't say I left that museum with empty pockets either, thief. I call it Shufflecast."

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@SamJaz: "I thought you'd hunt me down even if it was just a child's candy or something like that." a giggle escapes Crown's mouth as he says so. "But you know i lied anyway, just wanted to see how you'll react. I got some many of those things i lost count, it wouldn't be even worth for me to teleport to Germany to get it. Even if i'm a master thief who'll steal anything out of an impulse alone despite it being worthless, i don't put too much effort into stuff i don't desire so i would never go to the lengths of teleporting for a stupid piss yellow rock." by the time he finished so was his drink. "Another one please." he says and then continues paying attention to the shiny little charm that Same just presented to him.

"That's a nice skill you got there. Wish i could do something like that. Well, theses gloves of mine are supposed to do much more than what you saw that night, but i just can't work it around." he makes one of his white gloves visible for a moment before making it become one with his skin again, both in color and texture.

"Now for a much more important matter, do you have a girlfriend Sammy-boy?" he gets a bit closer while saying the nickname he just came up with for his friend, his eyebrows raised and a suggestive smile on his face.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz laughed. "Why'd you think I asked you to hook me up?" He grinned. "Had kinda had nothing going for a while. Besides." He shrugged. "It's not like unlocking a girl's heart would be any easier than unlocking your glove's secrets. Granted, I could do both by the end of the night, I just know how pointless that challenge is." He grinned slyly. "Like buying a museum instead of sneaking through the window."

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@SamJaz: "Oh really? Looks like the only way for someone as shabby as you to get a girl is through magic anyway." a reply to Sam's play with words. "But i would be a horrible wingman anyway, there isn't a girl in a 100 mile radius that would even look at you after she sees me." another smartass remark of Crown.

"I'd turn any girl down anyway though, cause i already got one, and i won't be leaving her anytime soon, she's nothing less than a perfect match for me." a dreamy look appears on Crown's face as he speaks, quiet different from his usual expressions and probably the first time someone other than her, his butler or the maids seeing it.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz laughed. "Ah, young love." He said with a smile, before picking up and downing his pineapple and grapefruit beverage to hide his momentary lapse of smiles. He needed to get the magician talking or this night would turn sour and he really, really did not want to start drinking "Do tell the story." He said with a slightly letcherous grin. "She's either that lovely young lady from English class or someone the fangirl's don't quite know about yet."

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@SamJaz: "Her name's Clare and she's an actress, that's how we actually met." he tells Same about his love with them same dreamy look on his face, he didn't even register what Same said previously, he was going to tell him regardless of what Sam said. "She's older than me, but i don't really mind and besides she has the soul, heart and mind of a child." he starts with his new drink and then continues. "She's just lovely, just being around her makes me stealing urge to go down. And you know, she actually knows who i am, yet she doesn't mind at all, i even showed her all of my treasures all around the world." a small pause for a drink in what looks like an endless rant.

"But not only that, she's quiet the looker too. A little bit unusual, white hair and red eyes, but i just love every bit about her. You must meet her."

He finally comes to an end and so does his acting like a teenager who's in love for the first time.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz opened a can, the barman clearly reacting in shock to the sudden appearance of the drink but deciding not to react further. "Sounds like I should." SamJaz agreed. "I'm just trying to remember which movie she was in I saw a while ago... the one with that music guy who turned out was the killer's brother or something..." He took a swig of the drink, knowing the less-than-helpful description wasn't actually going to help identify the movie in question, unless his drinking partner was just a fan of Clare as half the city's schoolgirls were as obsessed about him. "So, here's a question. You say that being with her makes you want to steal stuff less. Yet she doesn't mind the fact that you do. Do you think she'd prefer it if you didn't?"

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@SamJaz: "Way off there my friend. You think we'd stoop to low to do movies? Clare and me are theater-only actors and nothing more." takes a pose which looks like he's insulted by the remark while he replies. "You got it wrong again, it's not that i don't want to steal, it's just that impulse goes down. It happened a few times by now that i disappeared during a rehearsal simply because i felt like it was time for me to appear as Phantom again, but with Clare i don't think about stuff like that, actually i don't think about anything. So you see i don't have the desire to quit my hobby, she's just acts as my... medicine from time to time." when he finishes he notices that his drink's done again. "One more." adressing the barman. "And Clare isn't like that either, she loves me for my personality and for who i am, i even asked her the same question once or twice and she said it doesn't matter what i do. See true love, right there."

He moves his hat a little bit to the side as if he wants to look cool or something.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz smirked. "You actually believe that?" he asked with a small laugh. "Gimme an hour alone with her and she wouldn't even care about you off-stage."

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@SamJaz: "Hah, you can go on and try you fool. But i warn you, if you try to taint her with some of your cheap magic i'm gonna cut you in half in the very same moment." he finishes off with a scary look on his face and a rather serious tone to the last part of the sentence.

Crown makes quick work of his last drink and then stands up. "Well then, i'll be on my way, got some work early in the theater and don't wanna be late. Feel free to come with me to the backdoor, from where i'll make a swift return home."

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@ReliusClover: "Sorry if I offended you mate. Just telling you how easily hearts change." SamJaz told him as he stood to his feet, this time without a smile on his face.

He had been right. Tonight hadn't been fun at all.

"You know, sometimes life was a lot easier when it was just a bunch of school kids against the world." he told the thief, before busting out laughing. "I just realised that I could totally lock you in this place, burn it down, and there would be nothing you could do about it. What kind of messed up sicko thinks like that?" He asked, clearly beginning to doubt his own hold of himself.

He had clearly come too close to letting those voices in his head make sense if he actually just said that out loud.

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@SamJaz: "Guess it was too harsh on my part as well, after all were just had a friendly chat and it was a joke, i overreacted a bit." He puts on his coat and put his hat on as it should be, a small smile across his face as he does so. Despite the laughter Same was giving from him, the comment he made after that made Crown think a bit. His face shows a few signs of worry but he didn't really want to say anything so he just made his way to the door. The door swings open and Crown steps outside, the cold evening air surprising him.

"Well, thanks for the talk, feel free to visit me whenever you feel like it." the door still swings back and forth as he says so, one second hiding Crown and exposing him the other. The first swing and his body is already nothing but cards, the second one and they are all in a red glow as if burning. The third and last swing of the door, reveals nothing, just an empty backyard with no one there.

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