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Gerad is a tireless being, however he sometimes need to relax. This time he decided to rest in a bar, still, he was created in a way that he dislikes alcoholical drinks. When he asked for a cup of coffee the barmen esbozed an smile, like if he were about to laugh, still, his cup of coffee arrived, and it wasn't bad, it seems that the chefs here knows how to do a good coffee; that's good.

Gerad could felt all the fictional presence surrounding him. Normally he would start to hunt all of them, still, he just wanted to relax, so he sat and silently drank his cup of coffee while reading a book. No matter how many fictional beings were here, he is just a non dangerous person today. However he didn't talk to anyone, he don't care to know about others or not; he'll talk with anybody, but he won't be the one starting the conversation.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Mesa chuckled "My announcement was that I will be shooing the first ever Rollie Pollie Man movie. A very popular comic franchise, I admit I have been a fan myself, and usually talk on message boards with other fans. I am excited and honored to be doing this, soon I will hold tryouts for the lead role at my Smokin' Lamp Studios. It should be alot of fun for everyone, I'm already getting ton of questions and suggestions on who the villain should be."

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@Mesamia: The waitress came back quickly with Crow's milk and he began drinking it until Mesa revealed she was going to direct the first ever Rollie Pollie Man movie. The Last Gunslinger nearly choked on his milk and spat it all over Raseri but instead he hid this with a little cough and kept drinking trying to keep his cool composure. Truth be told Crow was a fan of Rollie Pollie man or pretty much any comic book but he was not going to reveal that here and now it seemed so childish for some like him granted this was from someone who was drinking a glass of milk. He put the glass down and kept a cool expression on his face showing little emotion especially the excited building in him, "Rollie Pollie Man not that dorky insect hero that all those little kids read. He not a hero, Raseri here is a hero. Heck I am more of a hero than him and I just told Raseri I'm not a hero. I am just a Gunslinger doing his job if I help someone then kudos if not then sorry about your damn luck." Crow remained calm and emotionless even though he wanted to bombard the movie star with question about the movie meanwhile he casually leaned back in his chair hiding the Rollie Pollie Man comic book he was reading before Raseri joined him. The waitress came back with his order of fried food goodness.

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@Mesamia: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: "So you have a lot of things to do now. I'd never give up fighting for any of those things except for writing", Raseri joked. "And do you enjoy it? You must barely have any time for yourself with all of that on your plate", he said. Turning to Crow, Raseri answered his questions regarding Ebisu, "Ebisu is a team of heroes that do good around the world, but more quietly than other teams usually do".

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo:@Raseri: Mesa giggled "True you and Raseri are some real heroes, but you two dont seem the type that would make a movie about your lives. Most children and young adults can relate some what to RPM, that why he is an icon now". Mesa looked back towards Raseri, "Interesting I think you would be an excellent writing, you seem to to have a vivid imagination. I can tell by your fighting. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't enjoy, and the people I try to entertain didn't like me. It is time consuming, but I feel closer to humanity and understand them better."

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@Raseri: @Mesamia: The gunslinger liked Raseri he really didn't and he viewed his as a friend but when Raseri revealed that Ebisu was just a group of heroes that do good and helps others Crow couldn't help but laugh at him. "Hahahaha! Really?! Hahahaha! Lo siento Raseri but that is to funny let me guess you all live in a space station above the atmosphere Hahahahaha! Better yet you all have secret decoder rings and giant robots that form together into one giant robot. Hahahahahahahaha!" Crow tried to regain his composure snickering a little about the cliche idea of a group of heroes fighting to save the world but as funny as it was the gunslinger was rolling it over in his head, it may be cliche but it may be what I need. I knew better than to try and take on Newdeath and Zella by myself. I need help, help from people I can count on, help from my friends. Crow finally stop giggling and turned to Mesa jokingly, "I don't know but I bet people would love to see a movie about Raseri Super team you could call it Raseri and the super friends." Crow laughed a little and smiled at Raseri, "Lo siento amigo I knew you will get me back for that one. I got to admit a team sounds good right now. I am sure you sensed that evil is getting stronger and more deadly everyday the only way we can hope to win cliche as it up and stand united. But I don't know a team really isn't my team really isn't my thing like I said I am no hero."

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Mesamia: "Thanks but I don't think I'll stop fighting to start writing any time soon. Ever thought of starting an MMA career?", Raseri asked, curiously. Soon he turned to Crow in order to reply to the gunslinger's words. Chuckling with some amusement, Raseri said, "Funny huh? Coming from a guy who dresses like John Marston huh?", Raseri joked, "Anyway, no it's not in some space station. This isn't Marvel you know", he smirked. "Anyway, it's not so funny when you realize that nobody can take care of all of this alone. Hell not even I can. If I can't stop all this madness, what choice do the rest of the heroes have?", Raseri pointed out, showing his realism. "It's not a bad idea at all. I recommend that you check Ebisu out. This madness has to stop... besides, I heard that last time you saw Newdeath, you wet yourself. You're gonna need some teammates to have your back", the Nordic Tiger joked with some laughter. "Here's the address to Ebisu. Now there's no guarantee that you'll be accepted. You still need to impress the team's bosses", Raseri said, passing a small white card over to Crow.

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@Mesamia: @Raseri: Crow listen to Raseri and on the inside he agreed with every part of what the Greatest said expect the part about him wetting himself the last time he saw Newdeath. The Last Gunslinger took the card and tuck it in his pocket laughing a little about what the Nordic Tiger said about impressing the bosses. "Me...Impress somebody...Raseri I make my living on impressing people." The gunslinger joked a little with his friend, "For the record I didn't wet myself when I saw Newdeath I passed out and that was the disturbing thing. It was when I woke up and got an eye full of up Zella's skirt that gives me nightmares." The Lightning Shooter shivered remembering every terrifying detail; regain his composure Crow turned to Mesa smiling. "What about you Mesa? You heard what Raseri said about joining a team do you have any plans of becoming a hero and saving the day? I am sure that Raseri group has a Megazoid that you can use."

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John entered the bar, listened, and sniffed around, before taking a seat near the wall, and ordering "the strongest drink you got."

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: "Well.. he still knocked you the f*ck out just by looking at ya", Raseri joked with a chuckle. Then soon went on to add, "Megazoid? Teams don't need that when Raseri is a team member", he smirked.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Raseri: "What!? an Ebisu movie!?...hmmm I may consider it that would be tons of fun to do. Mesa would have to do some more research on the Ebisu team since she has only met Raseri.Turning to Raseri she answered his question. "Actually I have thought about doing some MMA before, but I am too busy with outher things now that I may not get a chance too." Mesa's cell phone starting ringing again she was receiving more new messages, and it was time for her modeling shoot. Looking towards Crows and Raseri she told them "I have to be going now I got a modeling shoot to do then a press conference at my movie studio. I guess after that I may drop by Ebisu. It has been fun I'll see you two later. Mesa then vanished in a puff of purple smoke.

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@Mesamia: "An Ebisu movie would be pretty funny", Raseri joked. "Well I'm sure you'd make a good MMA fighter", he chuckled. "See ya around Mesa", Raseri smiled.

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@Raseri: @Mesamia: Crow laughed a little at the Fighting God's comments only to hide his embarrassment about being KO by the Nefarious Newdeath with just a stare. When Mesa announce she was leaving the gunslinger smiled and waved good bye saying, "Adios Mesa hopefully we will meet again. Good luck on your RPM movie." Once the Last Gunslinger was sure that Mesa was gone and out of ear shot he turned to Raseri his smile slightly fading, "So now that the senorita is gone I wanted to speak to you about something that might upset her. Speaking of that SOB Newdeath I feel like something big is coming I don't know what but you can feel it in the air and the criminals in the underworld are getting scared. Its funny if you think about it the criminals are like rats in a big city that flee when they know a disaster is coming. I wanted to tell my feelings about this so you can your friends at Ebisu if they haven't been picking up on it, I been training like crazy trying to get strong enough. I hope you guys are doing the same. I may not be the one to join a team but I am not dumb enough not to realize when I need a friend or friends help and it something does hit the fan I think us heroes need to be on the same page." With that Crow stood up and put his money on the table his smile returning he patted his friend on the shoulder. "Lo siento Raseri but I should get back Toni is probably dying without me and I got things I need to finish building. I will think about your Ebisu offer and my door is always open to you guys as long as the price is good." Crow laughed a little as he walked out waving good bye to the Nordic Tiger leaving the Bar and Grill he hopped on Quicksilver and rode off.

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Blindside phased up through the floor, and ordered a drink.

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Roxanne slipped into the bar and placed her massive riffle against the counter and hopped onto a bar stool. "Just a coke please!" She said happily and waited patiently for her drink with a massive smile on her face.
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: "You're not crazy. Newdeath is planning something big. I've been told that he's gonna be starting some war. Naturally I've been preparing.. a lot for this. I recommend you get some more training and join up with Ebisu when we get in on this", Raseri replied, calmly. "Anyway, see ya around partner", the Nordic Tiger joked before getting off the table and paying for everything.

@xDouble_Tapx: "Yo Roxy, if only you were here minutes earlier", Raseri chuckled as he briefly placed his hand on Roxanne's shoulder before leaving the bar, no doubt to prepare even further for the upcoming war.

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Lillia entered the bar silently, sitting in the empty seats, far away from any form of contact. She usually hated coming to places like this but she had to get out, where they would least expect her to be. That way no one would be able to find her. "Hey.. Can I get a drink please?" She asked politely. "Anything with alcohol." She relaxed a bit as she waited for her drink and stared out into space, ignoring the drunk people stumbling by. She looked thankful when the drink arrived at her table. She sighed as she took a sip and placed it down. It was then she noticed the almost dissolved tablet at the bottom of her drink. "SH!T!!" She said as she got up and looked around for anyone she knew. At the bar she noticed a man in a suit, to uptight for a place like this. She jumped out of her seat and tried running but the pill was starting to take effect and made her sluggish, but she still ran faster then any human. Her vision started getting blurry when she reached the alley, and her thoughts werent making any sense. 'Gotta... Out... Here..' She hid behind a dumpster waiting for her pursuer to come out. "COME ON LILLIA! WE KNOW YOUR OUT HERE! NO MORE RUNNING OR I WILL SHOOT!" He yelled at me. The last thing I did before I fell unconcious was punch him in the face when he finally got close enough. Dammit josheph.

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Emerald entered right after a pink haired girl runned out of the bar. "Wow" she stared at the girl as she turned around a corner into an alley. "Should I help her?" Emerald though, puzzled, but then shrugged and walked into the bar. The place was fill with the usual people. "It's been a while" she said happily, as she walked towards a table. "Good day, everbody!

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L walked into the steak bar his hands in his pockets his posture slouched & slid into a sit placing his feet on the rim of the stool his knees up to his chin on either side like a simian. he sat there Thinking to himself just how many other L type characters had been in here before him ? (probably allot)

then he looked at the menu by whipping his arm to catch the laminated paper dynamically. Then held the offending object upside down for his perusal








So L turned around to the man at the counter clicking his fingers rudely without taking his eyes away from the menu his head was stuck in & said

"I'll have the sugar bowl"

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Lillia sat down at the bar, aware she was safe. "Strawberry Margarita please.." She whispered to the bartender. Sitting alone, she scanned around the room.

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