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Name: Jason Kyle O'Rourke

Age: (Physical) 23, (Actual) 171 [as of 2011 A.D.]

Height/Weight: 5'10", 168 Lbs

Build: Above average... as per human standards

General equipment: Hand-made shiv taken from a downed foe in the Corners, blue jeans, white t-shirt, black combat-style boots, and WWII-era Marine Corps HBT Blouse

Strengths: Sub-superhuman strength/speed/agility, enhanced sight/listening, fluent in all firearms of Terra and quite a plethora of plasma-based weaponry of the known galaxy

Weaknesses: Smoking and Drinking (in Jason's case, heavily, since they inhibit his nanite replicator... which helps him heal, move fast, etc)

History: Born in a hospital outside of New York City in the cold of January, young Jason was one of those kids who got himself caught up in the middle of the ever-prevalent gang problem in the city of the day. Being of an Irish decent didn't make life any easier for him growing up, as the stigma against him was that must greater. 1861, however, proved to be a point where he could have his life changed when the Civil War broke out in April of that year. He almost immediately signed up to fight with the Union Army and headed southward on orders to the first battle of Bull Run. After fighting many a battle and surviving to be promoted to First Sergeant, he then went on to the battle that would almost cost him his very life- Gettysburg. With the fighting starting and getting fierce, he had personally fallen 23 men... all of them with his Sharps carbine. Unfortunately for him, he was felled by a downed Confederate Corporal wielding a LeMat revolver. Thinking he could get to a corpsman and quickly, he ran as his bleeding left leg could take him... before a loud whine came down from a cannon shot, which was the last anyone on either side of that battle would see him again.

Meanwhile, several dozen miles above the earth's surface, a reconnaissance craft from the Galaxy Police force picked up a body for a potential candidate for their fledgling Terran Force Protection program. They just needed to get the poor boy fixed up a little bit with some nanotech that was as-of-yet untested on humans from this primitive third rock from the sun. Going into warp drive (about halfway past Saturn at this point), the young Union soldier began to wake up. Not surprisingly, he was scared witless, pulled out his personal Lefaucheux M1858 and began searching for some answers. Making his way to the forward part of the spaceship, he began to see what even Jules Verne (who was but a fledgling science fiction author at the time of these events) could not even BEGIN to imagine! As he stared out into the vastness of space and beheld what was before his unbelieving eyes, the two crewman manning the ship approached him with the offer for a renewed life of service in an inter-galactic paramilitary police force dedicated to protection of the meek, upholding of the law, and the steadfastness to do the right thing in every aspect of life... as the first candidate of the Earth-based branch, of course. The training would be nothing like he'd ever gone through before, and the oppression would be astronomical, being the first person of his kind to even consider the chance presented before him. But, after thinking about it for a few moments, he said this, "Apparently you guys have never been to the Five Corners." He accepted that very moment.

After about three months of medical procedures (during which he received the nanite replicator and fledgling superhuman abilities) and more than a decade's of physical and instructor-based class training at the GXP's academy, he was put back on earth for his first assignment in the late 1870's in Japan, where he was tasked with stopping a drug shipment from a known cartel operating within the Solar System's asteroid belt (which dealt in an opiate-style substance). Although he damaged a US Naval vessel in the process, he succeeded in taking the smugglers down with minimal casualties. As time progressed and the world became more turbulent, so did intergalactic crime planet-side, and the GXP called upon him and his close-knit team of highly-trained Terrans to take them to justice... that was, until April 26th of 1986. His team had infiltrated the nuclear facility months back as nuclear engineers that had defected from the United States and had a working knowledge of reactors like the ones there at the plant. In reality, they were hoping to uncover a plot which would undermine galactic politics within the Solar System- WPD's (similar to the WMD's of Iraq, only ten thousand-fold more dangerous). They found them alright, and almost had them broken down... until someone outside of the group found out and set off a last resort EMP which was leaked to Terran media as a sudden power surge due to normal testing. The EMP did more than fluctuate power- it brought heavy fallout that's felt even today. Searching now for more than 25 years, Jason has never given up on the hunt for the individual- or group- responsible for the team he had himself brought up and into a new light in this galaxy alone. 25 years of searching... and still not any closer to finding out the truth.

(One of his sighting recently in Boston, circa 1990's)

A reboot? Naw... the other thread vanished on me. Plus, I can get this bio to be shorter, but more structured in detail.

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