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Jack Noble is a seventeen year old boy with dark hair and green eyes. Though he appears scrawny and weak, a closer examination shows he is a toned athelete and practiced traceur, with surprising physical and mental strength. Jack is a pleasant person to people he knows and when he has a positive opinion on another this is hard to shake off and he will keep a firm respect for them and protect who and what he believes is right and good. A reason his judgements are hard to deter could be the time it takes him to build them up. Jacks thought processes are extremely scientific in their breakdown and fuelled by logic. This trait actually gives him an extreme weakness to mind-readers and similar attacks, although once inside his head they will be useless, as they won't be able to actually affect him as such because of his high mental strength mindset.

Not much is known about Jack's past because he says, "I need to wait for it to catch up with me before anyone else knows it...".

When it comes down to a battle Jack initially holds his ground and he is not easily provoked, although when he is Jack quickly becomes scarily aggressive and violent when pushed. This sudden change is deliberate and controlled, but to the untrained eye he comes across as a berserk warrior even though his actions are fluid and perfectly coordinated. In truth Jack rarely gets angry and his fury in battle is a facade to intimidate his oppenents even if all it creates is a split second opening where he can strike and crush his attacker.

Abilities and Skills

One of Jack's Shields Shattering when Attacked
One of Jack's Shields Shattering when Attacked

Jack Noble has the rare ability to create special barriers, or Shields of any size or shape, although the bigger they are or the more detailed they are the more effort required to form them. This force is pure energy that interacts with matter under the laws that energy and mass are inter-changable as postulated by Einstein. These barriers can negate an infinite amount of power and momentum, but will break if attacked unexpectedly.

For example: One could unleash a planet-destroying blast of energy and the shield would hold. This blast could then be increased to a force capable of obliterating a galaxy and the shield would hold with Jack exerting no less pressure than the initial shield. However were the shield then be attacked additionally by a seperate attack from another place then the Shield would shatter. He can actually create multi layered barriers to prevent this, but this can cause concentration problems for him and be mentally exhausting. There is no limit to the amount of shields Jack Noble can create other than the limit of Shields he is aware of.

These force fields can be forced in any direction with an internal propulsion and can reach extremely high velocities, and Jack has the power to propell them vibrating violently. When these vibrating Shields touch an oppenent, because of the rapidness of their movement they have a kind of 'chainsaw' effect on the enemy, rubbing them raw. Jack's Shields cannot be dispelled through any means other than shattering, and the shards will fade in a matter of seconds once broken. When idle or attacked unexpectedly his Shields have the strength and physical consistency of glass, so although very easy to destroy when unexpected, thicker Shields are proportionally more difficult to break.

As these Shields can be made with any shaping to them, Jack has a preference to using these as weapons rather than other options made in a forge. These are extremely difficult to shatter as he has direct contact with them and can recreate them instantly, and knows when they will take damage. He can even change their shape at any time at all while using the weapon with additional effort. These weapons are also absolutely sharper than metal versions, as these can be literally the sharpest possibly imaginable. Jack is able to give these weapons to others but he must remain mindful of their movements as well as his own in order to retain their shape and dexterity, and this can of course limit his prowess in battle.

He draws this energy out of the universe around him using a small spark of magic chi.

Fighting Style

His weapon of choice is a Shield formed into a Glaive or Naginata despite its stigma as a "ladies weapon", but he shows prowess with most bladed and blunt instruments, especially pole-arm Weaponary. Jack has a very adaptable and unique battle style based on mixing the classic Naginata usage (see picture) with how one would battle with a sword. He is also an adept mixed martial artist and remarkable dog fighter getting up close and using grapling, striking and hold techniques.

Jacks Shields form an integral part of his unique fighting style that cannot be replicated by any other. He uses them not only for defense against oncoming attacks from the front and all sides but also uses them to fluidate his attacks and even push his opponents to unnerve them and make them an easier target. His Shields can be used:

  • As a means of defending against physical attacks that Jack is aware of.
  • As a means of defending against energy attacks of any variety so long as Jack is aware of them.
  • As a weapon in his hands usually in the form of pole-arm weaponry.
  • As a projectile weapon to either hit an opponent bluntly or have an extremely corrosive effect "Rubbing them raw" so to speak.
  • To limit his opponents movements by blocking them in on all sides by walls of Shield.
  • To aid to his own movements as paths through the air, floating and moving platforms, ect.
  • In a multitude of other ways to assist him in nearly any way.

Personal Story (This will be updated progressively as time goes on)

Jack currently has not made any appearences in any stories.

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Cool bio, liked the Simon pic

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Sweet bio!! :D

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cool but you need to go into more depth about his powers.

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@Shadowchaos: Sorry about that, ask any questions and I'll edit the bio to include the answers :)

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@NobleJack: i like the character he has a pretty simple power but has very impressive skills using it

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Can he capture his opponents in the shield or is it only around him?

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@Shadowchaos: "To limit his opponents movements by blocking them in on all sides by walls of Shield". I did already say in the bio but just to clarify the Shields do not have to just be around him, he can project them anywhere he is completely aware of so yes he could trap his opponent in them, although they should be able to escape quite easily unless he takes the effort to fully concentrate on them entirely and reinforce the Shields and regenerate them constantly.

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@NobleJack: woops must have missed that

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It's all good, any other questions?

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no I understand but I would like to see how your dude fights

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Loving the powerset. Cool bio
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@Acer.: Thanks for the compliments :)

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