Jack N. Chaos [Character Bio]

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Name: Jack N. Chaos

Alias: The hidden ripper, subject 619

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Race: Human

Origin of power: Science experiments

Alignament: Chaotic Evil


Jack is crazy. He always was crazy, but after being experimented on he became crazier. Even though he is insane he is still cappable of rational thought, which he uses in insane ways. He can plan ways to get his vicimes, how to sneak up on them, how to kill them and how to separate them from the group. If not planing to kill you, and sometimes even if he is, he's a rather charming man. If you were told about his "achievements" you probably wouldn't believe it. He is an artistic soul and likes to paint. He is a great artist to which the street washers can testify to, since they had to clean his blood paintings off of walls in dark alleyways.

When he chooses his victim he starts toying with them, playing a game of cat and mouse. He approches his victim and charmes them. He procedes to meet with them and even makes paintings for them. The last painting he makes is always of the victim lying in a pool of blood and it hints to the way the person will be killed.

Sometimes he will skip the whole game and just kill the victim at the first chance he gets. He isn't crazy for no reason. Depending on the time he think he has he will either make a painting of your death on the nearest wall using your blood (and his own if yours isn't enough) or make a smaller version on your chest.

When alone, he usualy talks to a misterious voice located inside his head. The voice is the aliens pesonality, it states it's name is Zerasar, and it is constantly trying to convice Jack to grant him a semblance of controle which Jack constantly refuses. The alien could either be trying to get control so it could stop Jack or so it would improve on Jacks "creation" and Jack doesn't want either one to happen.

Jack doesn't care about stuff happening in the world around him. He doesn't care if you're being chased by a maniac with a knife, or if you are the maniac. He ignores everything that doesn't involve his own safety or his next target. If you're saved by him, it's only so he could kill you himself.


Jack has collar-length brown hair and brown eyes. He likes to wear formal outfits and his favorite is a white button-up shirt with a red tie. He could be described as handsome. Underneth is clothes there are many scars, results of experimentation and selfmutalation. On his left arm is a bracelet placed there by the scientists to nuliffy his clocking.

Powers and Abilities:

Government scientists experimented on Jack since he was young. They gave him all kinds of inhancment drugs, that improved Jack but also chipped away at his, already low, sanity. Then one day, they found a dying alien and decided that it had to be experimented on and questioned to find out about it's origin. And since it was dying the only way to do that was to keep it alive through fusing it with someone. They chose Jack. This has given Jack improved abilities, such as improved strength and speed. It has also given him an invisibility cloak of some kind. The scientists beleaved that it was made by the alien as a means of protecting itself and now it's host, as well.

Jack is rather skilled with knives. He can throw them, cut with them, stab with them, parry with them, and all the other good stuff. That and his nigh-invisibility have earned him the nickname of Hidden Ripper.

Cloak - Jack is rendered nigh-invisible by a cloak generated by the alien. He can barely be seen and the only way to know he is nearby is to watch for distortions in the air. This is blocked by a small bracelet from the scientists. They couldn't experiment on him if they couldn't see him, after all. The bracelet can't be removed but jack can turn it off for an hour at most before it turns on of it's own accord. Jack is looking for ways to remove it completely.

Psionic potental (locked) - The alien Jack was fused with has strong psionic affinity and it is believed that Jack has the potental of using it. However, that would require Jack allowing the alien limited control over his body, which he isn't very inclined to do.

Improved abilities - Jack fusion and the experimental drugs used on him have given him increased speed, strength, agility and stamina. They aren't on the level of the alien itself, but the more control he gives to the alien, the stronger he gets.

Grid Stats:

Ag: 6

Du: 2

EP: 1

FS: 3

In: 2

MS: 5

Sp: 3

St: 3

Sr: 3


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My third character. Gona improve him later today or maybe tomorrow and I have to make an account for him, but until then, what do you think.

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Pretty good if you ask me.

Expanding it is a must, but a great base idea.

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Nice start to the character here. I'm a fan of psychotic characters:)
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