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 Name: Izeneji Takai                                             

  1.  Age:  21                                                        

  2. Height: 6  feet                        

  3. weight: 120                      

  4. Birth place:  Ikebukuro  Japan                        

  5. Hair color: white                        

  6. Eye color: Yellow                         

  7. Aliases: snake, possesed one

  8. Mottos: I will NEVER forgive you...!



  11. Appearance



  13. Izeneji is a tall and slender man with a unique hairstyle that resembles a helmet of some sort, he wears silver/grey light armor and a short jacket on top, he wears sandles and has a very long sword. His skin is very pale and his eyes are cold and black.



Izeneji was born on roughest part of Ikekuburo japan. His parents abandoned him as a kid (around 10 years of age)  they thought he was a devil because of his ablilty to use the Demons Iaido powers and for his natural hatred towards others. Izeneji now filled with rage fought anyone who even looked at him weirdly the police tryed to apprehend him where all slaughtered with his bare hands. After a month of stealing money from corpses and picking fights with every one he saw he was found by a teacher of the Demons Iaido powers " a child already able to tap into his  powers? This I must take of." as a black hooded man walked towards Izeneji eating stolen food from a couple "go away or do wish for an early grave?"  "poor child you have NO idea what you would do for yourself if you fought me" the black hooded man said with a sickening chuckle. "Oh really!" Izeneji got up and was about to attack untill he saw the hooded mans eyes he froze " what? Is this fear? it can't be! Those eyes those blood red eyes..." Izeneji was frozen in fear and was hopless. "Child I'll give you two chances one you come with me to an island to train and teach you. Two I kill you witch one?" "What kind of choices are those!?" "Your to dangerouse to be left alive". "Then I'll choose to live!" "good choice now say your goodbyes we leave tomorrow." "No lets go now." the hooded man  smiled. "call me sensei" " Whatevever my name is Izeneji." "Right before I forget I'll get you some foster parents." as the two left on a boat.  
Six Years Later
 "Izeneji don't you dare forget to practice!" "Of course dad ." "It's been six years since I've been in japan. and now I'm on Takai Island known for it's treasures and artifacts for some samurai it's known for being the beginning of the Demons Iaido style." Izeneji said while walking to sensei's dojo. "Todays the day when I meet Gurongen the one to see if I'm fit to be a true succesor of the Demons Iaido." "Thanks for the history leason" as sensei appear from nowhere. "You shoud stop doing that it's rather vexing." "well aren't we the same old Izeneji." "Shut up. And I have a question why is your dojo in a cave ontop of a mountain?" "You never get sick of asking do you?" "No I don't." "Oh well I moved there so no one can just come on and say hey I wanna learn or something. In other words to keep it a secret. Look were here." " So were is Gurongen  and who is he?"  "He is the one who gave men the ablility to use Demon Iiado and the one who deems you worthy of becoming a full fledge user." "so he's the only one?" "yes this place is birth of every user of the Demons Iaido style.Oh before I forget  he in the cave also another reason why I made my dojo here. Well are you ready to meet him?" "yes I am and he better give the respect I deserve!"  as the two were about  to enter they heard a cannon go off. "What in gods name I'll go check it out." "No Izeneji you must finish your training! (Please don't let it his crew I'm already sick.)" "Fine I'll go on with out you but you better not die I saw the look on yout face so if you do I'll never forgive you!" "Of course and if don't come back I want you to find somethings in my room  I think  you'll know when go inside." He said and then disappeared. ' I'll pass no doubt" as Izeneji ran inside to meet this Gurongen. Izeneji had to climb up a hill to see the hideous thing he thought to himself if it was a dragon? He decided it  was. 
"You came sooner than expected. But little does that matter I shall see if your ready Izeneji" But how?" "I have to eat you" "What I well not let tou eat me!" "It's always like this with the newcomers. Just do it I'll spit you out I just have see have to tap into your full potential." "Still sounds like a trap but you don't spit me out I'll kill." As Izeneji stept into the mouth of Gurongen he felt as if power was flowing through him. After a minute Izeneji was spit to the floor. "Ouch you little-"  "well it seems you anger isn't the strongest I've BUT my god your power is enough to make me a little scared you're the true master of my power to man." " So thats it?" "NO I shall give you something." Gurongen started to cough something up what was it after a bit coughing a sword came out. " This weapon this katana is made from a part of me touching will unlock new abilities only I know now Go see master one final time."  the dragon threw up a thick fog and disappeared. "Final time nonsense!" Izeneji took hos blade and ran at lightning speeds untill he saw fire at beach.. and his master on the ground " Sensei!" Izeneji randown to his side. "You can't  
die I won't allow it!"  "thats the first time you sad and tears that's something I never imagine seeing on your face. Oh that blade I see well know i can die knowing I accomplished  something." "Stop talking nonsense! You shall not die!" "Well I'm guessing your ignoring the many bullet holes and swords wounds?" Who did this!?" check the flags it was Kurohiges pirates. Oh i guess its fair if I tell you my name before I die it's Iru Tenkai." with those final words Irus body fell limp in Izenejis arms. As tears rolled down Izenejis face "KUROHIGEEEE!!!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!!"

  ( well update more)



 Lucrio- Izeneji met him shortly after arriving on Takai they   hardly spoke but  Lucrio feels like they freinds. and follows Izeneji at time to make sure he doe not do anything he'll regret.  

   Power and abilities  Izeneji relies mainly on speed and instant movement

 With every lightning fast omni-directional slash Izeneji makes four more appear.

Devouring snake
Devouring snake
 He uses pure rage and darkness to summon a demonic snake that gets more powerful with more anger from both Izeneji and his opponent.


 Uses his full power and unleashed a demonic blast the is capable of putting a crater on the moon.


Void slash
Void slash
 Izeneji moves at instantanious speeds and slashes the enemy in a vital spot causing them to spontaniously explode.

Uncontroled rage
Uncontroled rage
 When pushed to his limit Izeneji goes into a frenzy, all of his attriputes are increased ten fold.


Instantanious slash
Instantanious slash
 Izeneji moves at instantanious to any part in the world.

Assault blade
Assault blade

 Izeneji uses his instant speeds and unleashes a dark blast that moves at a light-speed frequency enabling it to cut through anything.

Galeon upper
Galeon upper

Izeneji uses his dark arts causing and uplift in the air currents making it a lightning fast slash of air in a person's body.
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Interesting. Not bad for your first go at a bio.  
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Sorry I'm new to this, so don't worry about the numbers.
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Interesting, Your character is strong.
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Cool, Good Luck with the rest of your bio.
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Nice bio!
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#6 you state that his eyes are yellow 
#13 you say his eyes are black. Am I missing something?
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I think he meant black as in evil or dead, mainly as an example not literal.
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@Izeneji: amazing, i have no clue what any of this stuff is? what do you do with it?
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Thanks for the feedback eveyone and I'll try to fix my mistakes
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nice dud
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Ryu is that you XD
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Are you asking me? If so no i'm not Ryu why do you ask?
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@Izeneji get my pm?
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Nice update.
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