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Topic started by Guyver on March 17, 2013. Last post by Sonata 1 year, 6 months ago.
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Well, it's been a fun ride, guys :) Unfortunately, the ride is over for me. And the thing is, I've had a difficult time convincing myself this. You see, when you care about something so much, you find it difficult to let go-- to say goodbye. Like Comic Vine, this place has served its purpose. I must now continue my journey. To those I knew in the Rping community(while some have left, but will never be forgotten), I had pleasure rping with you and getting to know you guys as my friends. You've helped me become more confident in my writing. But most importantly, you've helped me become more confident in myself, during a troubling time for me. Whether you believe it, or not. As I vented my emotions through words, you guys helped me turn them into wondrous and beautiful stories. So, really, I turned to people like me. People who enjoy doing the things I like to do, which is what I really love this place. You guys made me feel special, seriously.

As corny as this sounds lol....talking to you guys-- despite being miles apart from one another-- never felt like I was too far away. It was as if you guys were right in front of me xD So, to all of my friends: Thank you for being a part of this experience.

I especially want to thank UsachanMaN, for all your help and all those time we spent time babbling every night xD But it wasn't just all nonsense. The conversations I will remember the most, will be the ones where you inspired me. Your jolly, funny, and optimistic outlook on life was medicine to my somewhat cynical heart, that opened up the inner kid inside me that I had forgotten still existed. For that, I'm grateful :)

Again, thanks you guys and goodbye. You all have a special part in my memories. Who knows, maybe it's not goodbye. Maybe I'll be back, someday :p But until then, keep chucking at life. Because behind every Vicer, there's a story-- and behind that, there's a person. If you're going through hard times, turn to each other to lend a voice and an ear.

Peace out, Anime Vice! :D

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Bye man. It's been great. Miss ya bruv.

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@Guyver: Good luck in your future endeavors!

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@Guyver: I am no RPer, though that may change before too long, but you seem like an interesting guy. Farewell and godspeed.

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@Guyver: I'm going to miss you around here you take care of yourself and good luck.:)
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@Guyver: I'll pour a forty on the curb for you :) I'm really bummed similar to OmegaMekik you were one of the first true heroes of the Vice and I would have loved to RP and fight you at least once.

To the Fallen

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Know that feeling. Take care man. Hope everything goes well :)

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Mods, lock this thread, please. I'm back :)
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@Guyver: LOL I had a feeling you would be back:)

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