Invasion (CVNU VS AV) Testing The Waters

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“This looks like a dead end too” her trail on the missing scouts lead her to nowhere, frustration continued to build on the Azure Champion. Ever since the numinous vortex appeared over the polar icecaps, the anomaly readings were off the chart. The Azure Champion stood facing in a spacious meadow; savoring in what appeared to be another failure on the end of the Trinity Avalon.

“This was a lot easier with Surkit and Juni around to help me” Her goldenrod eyes cut to a phantasm manifesting on the eastern shore. The strenuous travel proved to be more taxing; then she originally thought.

“Hmm.” She thought fixing her eyes back on the phantom abode. Pressing both index fingers together in astute focus; the Enigmatic Snake Crane Sigma enriched her speed with her Speed chun mastery. The vegetation quickly regress; as she sped by.

The ambiguous abode phased in and out of reality, its existence remained unknown, but upon halting in front of the structure; she was able to make out the unfamiliar name. “Animus…?” She read, completely confused.

“Xia…the portal…our worlds are being connected” Emerald informed her over the intercom. The portal was similar the same energy at the juncture; to the connection of Avalon. This was somehow different; visions, structures and even people were starting to appear across the globe.

“How will this effect Avalon?” Xia asked, almost immediately thinking about Satire and Surkit, what they did to help liberate Neo-France from Nazi forces; couldn’t be tarnished by a new threat on the galaxy.

“I don’t know, the unceremonious push from this world; hasn’t shown any major signs of celestial intrusion” Good news, finally; but this feeling of release ended with the presence of another. The Aura that the unknown body exert; allowed Lynn to gauge its power without actually seeing it.

“I’m not alone, I think whatever projected this fabricated structure; brought over an actual person” She said, slowly scanning from left to right in search of the source. “I might have to jump through this portal…”

“Be careful Xia; I don’t think the force your feeling is a benevolent one. It may have crossed over from the other side” the commander warned. It was clear to Xia that this anomaly was very much real; once again pressing her hands together, azure energy swirled around her body ; this chi focus; pin-pointed the source of the malevolent force.

The shroud of mystery subsided upon laying eyes on the cloaked figure, he stood like a patient like an admiral; his eyes never left the receding shore. His presence was unforeseen, but his power was a sure thing.

“Who are you?” Xia commanded, keeping her distance and defensive posture. She wasn’t sure if he had anything to do with the disappearance of the scout squadron, but because he didn’t belong here; she had to “fix it”.

“I don’t know how you got here…but it’s time for you to return” she said, allowing her energy to swirl through her body.

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His expressionless mask peered back over his shoulder upon hearing a stern, yet deceptively harmonic voice. Motivating a postural shift allowing for a proper greeting. "My name is Xavier Prime." he lied. Disarmingly keeping the aristocratic pose of crossed arms behind the back, exhibiting no signs of hostility or emotional disturbance of any kind. Silently admiring the visual appeal of not only the woman's natural beauty, but the undeniable aura of rarefied energy escalating off her body.

"This is a strange place. So much like home yet drastically different. Quite impressive really." theatrical tilting to the side as if sizing up an opponent. "Return? My dear girl....I'm not going anywhere." he boasted.

Launching forward with a jumping skip, to low high kick, still refusing to uncoil his arms, Xavier initiated the first engagement of physical investigation. Employing basic maneuvers while searching out the true capabilities of his would be adversary. Attempting to explore the female's genetic heritage through his superior vision, obsessively searching for an X-Gene. Curious in fact if her World even harbored the evolutionary missteps known as the Children of the Atom.

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The Ambiguous Aristocrat turned lethargically to greet her; he never assumed a hostile posture. Forgoing all her training, Xia dropped her guard; having been completely persuaded that this man posed no problem, despite his aura. She shifted her foot just slightly; in an effort to relax her body, the moment she did so; his foot connect with the back of her thigh. As she buckled forward; his second kick hit her just behind her shoulder blade; propelling the Azure Champion unceremoniously to the ground.

Xia hit the ground hard, but more so confused at his anticipatory strike. She wasn’t hurt too bad physically; which meant he purposely pulled his first strike to gauge her strength. Pushing off the ground, her eyebrows knit together in anger; fixing her goldenrod eyes on her foe, she quickly took a fighting stance.

Pressing both index fingers together; the ambient wind danced around her; encasing her body in a protective wind veil that served to aid in her aerial based attacks. His basic strike proved to be anything, but superficial; feeling her back already starting to get tender, she needed to be more aggressive.

They both battled on an even front; but his first attack allowed her to gauge his speed at close proximity. “SEKU” She screamed, lunging forward she shifted to the balls of her feet; and launched herself into the air. Blue electricity began to surge from her body as she ascended.

Her jump became more of a quick glide; which allowed her to bring her right leg towards her chest, and send it crashing down powered by her proto-chun. “ZODIA!” She screamed, sending a powerful snapping kick back towards Xavier’s head.

The landing was harsh, the tenderness of her leg after his attack; continue to ail her; unless he focus in on it; the pain would eventually subside.

“Hyakuretsukyaku” she yelled, shifting back on her good leg, she quickly shot off a succession of powerful kicks. Her kicks were so fast, that to the normal human eye, they’d be damn near invisible. The purpose however was not to inflict damage with her kicks; rather the wind gust that would proliferate from them.

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Staggered by the success of the gymnastic beauty's initial airborne strike, Charlemagne's focus instantly diverted towards recovery of lost balance. However in doing so he had opened himself up for her secondary assault predicated upon esoterically funneled winds through breathtakingly powerful kicks. Blasting the Superior Sapien right off his feet and backwards. Forced into displaying his own measure of memorizing abilities, contorting his body in mod-air. Planting a solitary hand along the ground as he now spun with trained momentum on his side, delicately corralling acrobatic control where there had appeared to be none and landing on his feet.

"What are you?" he inquired with genuine intrigue. "You are not mutant, but yet....far from human." her abilities captivating his full interest. "Let us see, shall we?" grinning beneath his expressionless mask.

Again the LeBeau Legacy looked to cover the open distance between them with pure speed and reflex propulsion. Performing a methodical employment of extended knuckle strikes targeting some of the more rudimentary hot spots for regulating the body's natural Chi flow. Seeking to temporarily rob his impressive opponent of her arm's mobility if possible.

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She stood abrasively, yet still in awe at his aerial “pageant” She could tell from the implementation of his techniques and movements, she had somehow stumbled upon some sort of grand master. His cryptic inquiry left her confounded; she was human; as far as she knew. The perplexing question left a lot of her own questions unanswered. As much as she wanted to ask; the battle took priority, from the moment of engagement she could feel him; dissecting her movements; power and endurance.

His fingers hit her body; jarring her chest cavity, in a alternating rhythmic pattern.

His strikes were hummingbird fast, aside from a few superficial aches; she stood ready to retort. Bring her arms up to strike; she could feel them immediately go numb, as if she had been injected with an anesthetic.

“That was…smart…” she whispered; now feeling the inflammation of his strikes on her arm. Judging just how much power this man had was difficult. He moved light on his feet; struck fast, and had a considerable amount of evasiveness; all traits of a lightweight. His deceptive style; called for an attack paradigm shift.

With her arms currently, out of commission; she had to move faster, and attack cautiously; but effectively. “SpeeChun!” the energy surge through her voluptuous figure; empowering her legs. She cleared the distance between them with one step.

Leaping from her good leg; she sent a series of high frequency knee strikes toward his sternum, the attack was propagated by the previous use of her “wind-veil” blowing on the bottom of her body sustaining her “levitation”.

Contorting her body for a finish, she twisted bringing her good leg down again, for another power based strike; this one focused solely on his left rotator cuff.

This only she's airborne

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