Into Avalon: Trinity Ep. 1 "The World-Killers"

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A moan of pain escaped from the young girls mouth as her eyes slowly opened, she could see her two teammates fighting off the horrible flaming monster that was created from her, but she was too weak to even move. Balling her hands in a fist she watched as a figure blurred across the battlefield and attack the blazed World-Killer without a second thought, showing it no mercy as he helped deliver the final blow. He didn't seem familiar, but if he was willing to kill off World-Killers, then he was an automatic ally in the young heroes mind.

Gritting her teeth she gathered up the small amount of strength she had and sat up, only to be taken off guard by the dizziness that quickly followed. Shaking her head to try and shake it off she took in a sharp breath, pushing herself up from the ground she stumbled a bit with her stance before steadying herself. Taking in a shaky breath she looked over to the mighty shinobi. “Thanks for the help.” Her voice was still a little weak from the attack, but she gave a friendly smile. “I’m Ammy, this is Bishop and Nana.” But before she could continue, their communicators went off. “Trinity, you need to get to the sewers and head for the center of the city, the Life Weapon is being powered up!”

With a questionable look in her eyes she glanced over at her teammates. “Um… either of you know what the heck what the life weapon is?”

Bishop shrugged his shoulders as Nana took a few steps forward. “I’m assuming it’s something we’re going to have to destroy.” Her eyes were already scanning at the ground for a sewer opening. “There.” She pointed at the ground a few feet from them, Bishop walking ahead and lifting it open.

The heavy stench of rotting sewage almost spewed through the air as Ammy let out a gagging cough, quickly covering her hands over her nose and mouth. “Do we HAVE to go in there?” her voice muffled as she looked up at Nana and Bishop, both of them having a more subtle look of disgust on their face.

“Ladies first.” Bishop smiled as he slid back from the sewer hole, Nana giving him a glare before walking to the edge of the opening.

With a scoff and a shake of her head she leaped down into the sewer, a 'splash' followed by a 'ewwwwwwwwwww' was heard as the samurai looked over at the young fire goddess. "You up for this little miss?" Referring to her just having the life force sucked out of her. He knew the pain and weakness she was experiencing right now.

Slowly walking to the edge she peeked over, looking down. "Hurry up guys!" Nana's voice echoed up.

Nodding she then lowered her hands from her face. Getting ready to jump down, she looked back at the Ninjan man that had just helped them. "You coming ninja man?" She smiled before taking a step down and falling into the knee deep, raw sewage. "Ohmygoshthissmellsreallybad" she spoke in one breath as she covered her nose and mouth with her hands again, looking ahead to see Nana already moving forward. "WAIT UP!" she yelled out as she heard splashing sound behind them, assuming it was Bishop and maybe the mysterious ninja man that helped them.

"Do we even know WHERE we're going?" Ammy finally asked, struggling a bit to keep up with everyone.

"You mean you don't feel it?" Nana began, still pressing forward.

"Feel what?"

"The power that Life Weapon is giving off, it's... overwhelming. But you answer your question, I know exactly where we're going." Nana spoke, giving a small grin towards Ammy as the group shuffled their way through the horrid sewers.

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Things were getting rough all over, but with the World Killers out of the way, the final piece of Nazi defeat was upon them. Emerald landed safely on the path for the first generator. “Be careful Saitire, the Melancholy is getting low on energy. The power in the Altaria was down, the rest of this mission meant Emerald was going to have to do so, in her pilot uniform.

“Guys I need you guys to hurry up and get to the generator rooms, the life weapon is preparing to fire!” Running across the path way, Emerald fired with deadly accuracy hitting Nazi’s left and right. She could hear them organizing battle strategies to protect the generator. “Saitre, I’m in point, they’re firing heavy, but I can take it out from this distance with my plasma gun…what’s the status on the Trinity?”

Lynn’s chi guided her through the tunnels towards the Life Weapon; it’s powerful aura starting to cause a quake inside the sewer, causing the nasty sewage to slosh around the container. “Omg I think I’m going to throw up” Lynn said, holding her hand against the wall. As her stomach continued to rumble, the sound of Nazi gun fire jarred her from her current state.

“That sounds as if it’s right above us…” Lynn said, charging a massive amount of chi in her hands. “Alright everyone…things are going to get …tough” she said, pushing her hand upward causing a massive quiver in the ceiling.

This directly impacted the floor Emerald was on causing the Nazi, attack elements to falter before the power of the dark Chun. The powerful change in power did nothing to alert Lynn to any oddities.

“Going UP!” she screamed, jumping through the hole motioning for her cohorts to follow suit. The Naxzi’s were littered across the corridor, firing at Emerald because of the imminent threat she caused them.

“You guys get to the other three, generators” she said, pointing to the points further beyond Emerald. “SAITRE COVER THE TRINITY!” Emerald screamed, keeping a low Siholuette as the barrage of Nazi fire kept them hidden.

“On my mark guys go. WINDDDDD CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, pushing a massive gale-force wind over the corridor to temporarly immobilize the Nazi offensive so Saitre could cover them with suppressive fire.

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