Into Avalon: Trinity Ep. 1 "The World-Killers"

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A huge blaring siren woke the sleeping Emerald from her chamber; jumping up disoriented, she watched as numerous members of her crew ran to man their stations. “What’s going on?” she asked, scratching her right butt cheek whilst wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“Commander! The Nazi’s have launched an attack on Neo Japan; it would seem that they are trying to harvest energy to fire the Life weapon again!” her eye’s bulged open immediately her hands grew sweaty.

“N-not the Life Weapon…” she gasped, trying to breathe. “Ready the Trinity…we’re going into Avalon!” she screamed, running to the main deck she switched on the Astral Projectors which would send them into the beautiful, yet tumultuous world of Avalon.

The moment they crossed over into the dimensional rift, Juni had been returned to a safe place, Bishop, Lynn and Ammy were on call; Emerald’s beautiful green hair turned pink. “We’re flying right above Neo Japan; speed set at 15 knots” her wingman said, giving the report.

From several thousand feet in the air, the ratting booms of the Nazi war mechs as well as the world killer beast. “Do we have a full report from the ground?” She asked, sliding across the desk to manually operate the surveillance protocols.

“The Mech’s are just causing havoc, the beast are draining the life from the people.” Her wingman reported again. “The death toll is near catastrophic” he screamed, prompting emerald to activate her own mech.

“You can’t go down there!” her wingman screamed, a quick flex of her hand saw him smacked half-way across the floor. “DO YOU REMEMBER Neo-AFRICA!?” she screamed, with her face burning red. “We lost a whole race of people because of that fucking weapon, I’m not allowing it to happen again!”

The Nazi’s had used the weapon once before, they attacked Morocco and drained the life from the country, the then used the “life energy” and destroyed the whole continent of Neo-Africa. Emerald was just a Lieutenant then.

“Give the Trinity their Orders, stop the world-killers at all cost!” Emerald ran into the cockpit to the Altaria.

It didn’t take long before the Green and Pink Mammoth mech sped out the back of the Tempest down to the fight.

"Trinity Team, This is Commander Canary broadcasting from, inside of the Altaria, I don't have to much time to speak as I am currently heading into a live battlefield. The Nazi's have picked up the offensive in Neo-Japan, they are using mechs to cause haoc, that's not the problem; I'll take care of them. The problem is the world-Killers; they are supernatural beast used to drain the lives from people! I'm picking up three of them located at the Neo Japanese Airport, at the Park and at the Docks...It's imperative that you take them out."

The video began to get hazy as Emeralds mech could be seen taking damage, "FUCK you bastards!!!" she screamed, pressing down on a button, her famous howling skyrockets destroying the Nazi opposition for the time being. "Watch yourselves, if the world killers drain your energy, they'll have your skills...Canary out!"

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Neo-Japan a once prominent country now overrun by the powerful neo-Nazi regime, It was hell on Earth not only were the Nazi's out-numbering the resistance, they also had supernatural beasts known as World-Killers. Monsters that are capable of sucking the life force from living beings, and converting the power into Continent busting attacks. Saitire Lefleur, a fiery young woman of French and Japanese decent lead a small squadron of mechs and their pilots to Neo-Japan as a last line of defense starting at the park. Some of the resistance have been butchered like cattle by the nazi's, while others have given up hope thinking Emerald would never come back with help. Saitire piloting the jet black and ice blue mech known as Melancholy got on the intercom where the rest of the pilots could hear her. "Were down big, but we just started the 3rd quarter!! We still have time left!! as long as their is breath in your body you can still fight! as long as your soul burns for justice we can be victorious! No Retreat No Surrender!! lets take these sons of b!tches DOWN!!!!" She would always use sports metaphors, much like her father did to boost morale. Saitire rushed head first in the fight like a raging bull. It didn't matter if she was out numbered, it didn't matter if she was out gunned, it didn't matter if Emerald came with help or not. She had a will to win a refuse to lose attitude. That was all she could possibly give her team, her absolute best.

Saitire entered the fray and started fighting like a woman possessed by some unnatural force DAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKA The sounds massive guns of her mech made tearing through the nazi mechs. If they hit her she would hit them back twice as hard. There was another pilot under Saitire's command it was her younger brother Pierre Lefleur the second. Piloting his fathers royal blue and gold Lancer he inherited when his father died in the attack at Neo-Africa. He was trying his best to live up to his name, he was so reserved, but gave it his all in combat just like his sister. "Sis, SIS!! were doing it! Pierre shouted through the intercom. Saitire quickly answered him "Don't settle in yet damn it! keep fighting!!" Moments would pass, and the fighting continued to escalate. Saitire sat in the cockpit of Melancholy battered, blood dripping in her eyes making it hard to see. Her mech was low on power and ammo, the grim reality was finally setting in. The world killer with his incredible strength knocked the melancholy into a building with a vicious smack. Saitire felt like a pinball being smacked around the machine, The emergency lights of her mech started come on, she didn't have time left. The world killer opened it mouth and started to charge an energy ball towards Saitire. She was a sitting duck, she could defend herself anymore. "Emerald...I'm...I'm so sorry....I done everything I could" The world Killer fired the massive ball of white light at Saitire, it looked over for her, but then her little brother Pierre got in its path. "Saitire..sis you have to keep on living...You and Emerald are our best hop-" Pierre's comm quickly went dead as blast made a direct hit on his Lancer. Saitire could only watch helplessly in horror as the Lancer, and her brother were instantly vaporized, "Pierre!...PIERRE!!!...NOOOOOOO!!!" Saitire screamed in anguish slamming her fists down on the cock pit multiple times. "Why?.....Why?.. first dad, now you too. It should have been me." Saitire couldn't hold back her tears, she was the only fighter left in the area. Neo-Japan was going to join Neo-Africa as a crater.

Suddenly the Tempest appeared over the skies of Neo-Japan, Emerald had returned. Saitire could hear her voice over the comm-link. Saitire as distraught as she was still wanted to fight. All she could think about is revenge, but in the condition Melancholy is in it would be impossible. Looking around the area that was when she saw the answer. Pierre's Lance partial damaged, but for the most part looked functional. However Saitire couldn't move she had to have someone get it to her. "Emerald.....someone...anyone..can you hear me?....I need some help"

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Ammy was asleep in her room, hugging a bag of open, half empty cheetos as alarms began blaring through the air. Jumping up from her bed she let out a yelp, falling out of bed and looking around back and forth, were they under attack?! Her feet carried the hero to the war room, as a screen lit up against the wall, showing Emerald Canary who was already heading towards battle and explaining the situation. Nova stood quiet, taking in the information, World Killers didn’t sound like something they should each be taking on alone… Her eyes looked over at her teammates as a picture of the World-Killers were brought up, massive beasts that were ten time the size of her.

She couldn’t help but smile, slipping on a pair of her orange colored shades over her pacific eyes, mostly used to protect her eyes during flight. “Well… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to save the world.” Taking off in a sprint she ran out of room but not before shouting, “I GOT THE PARK!”. Making a sharp turn into the loading docks she watched as there were mechs about to be sent off into the battle, the dock open and clear skies ahead. “EXCUSE ME, PARDON ME, COMING THROUGH!”

“NOVA, COM-LINK!” One of the workers yelled out to her, tossing her a little earpiece as the young goddess caught it, slipping it in place before leaping out of the carrier.

”THANK YOOOOoooouuuuu…” her body began free falling down to the Earth, the wind pushing against her as she saw the chaos she was falling head first into.

Black smoke engulfed the sky, buildings beginning to crumble before her eyes, people scattering as she could hear their cries. “Oh god…” she spoke to herself as she spotted the area she was suppose to protect, the park. She watched the beast slam it’s arm against a black and blue mech, sending it flying into a building as it then sent a blast beam into another. “NO!!” Her body burst into flames, pushing her faster down towards the battle.

"Emerald.....someone...anyone..can you hear me?....I need some help"

“HELP IS ON THE WAY!” Ammy yelled out as she broke the sound bearer, a BOOMING sound echoed through the sky as she collided into the World-Killer like a falling meteor. The beast skid across the ground upon impact, slamming into an already destroyed building, debris falling on top of the massive World-Killer. Aflame and hovering over the ground it once stood her head whipped over to where the black and blue mech that was just attacked was.

Flying over there she put out her flames, landing on the powerful piece of machinery. “Hello, my name is Feral Nova, but you can call me Ammy, and I’ll be your hero this evening!” She slipped her fingers along the ridges of the opening hatchet and took a deep breath, forcefully ripping the hatchet off the mech, allowing the pilot to get out.

A roar was heard from the distance as the young hero turned her head to see the World-Killer up and it’s mouth wide open, ready to unleash another blast. “QUICK, get to somewhere safe or… something! I got this!” Leaping off the mech she planted her feet firmly on the ground, her eyes beginning to glow yellow as she threw both hands forward, a blast of blazing fire pushed forward as the World-Killer let loose another blinding blast. The two attacks colliding with each other as Ammy could feel the power of the World-Killer slowly overwhelming her. ‘crap crap crap crap’ she thought over and over to herself. Letting out a feral roar she pushed more energy to the inferno, the two attacks cancelling each other out, leaving Ammy breathing heavily. “Has anyone ever told you, you are in dire need of a breath mint?” She smirked as the beast roared, as it began rushing towards the small hero.

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The sudden jarring of the Tempest caused Lynn to stir from her sleep, the havoc heightened her cautiousness. “Wh-what’s going on?” she said, slowly walking down the hall to the control deck. The Trinity Staff were monitoring the destruction on Neo-Japan as well as both Nova and Emerald’s assaults. “Xia, they need you at the airport ASAP.”

“I’m on it” Lynn jogged through the Tempest to the back, where she jumped out. “WAIT YOU FORGOT your parachute!” the crew screamed, watching her spiral out of control to down towards the battlefield. “Alright…let’s see if I got this under control”

She said, trying to gain control of her chi. “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU JUMP FROM A PLANE AND NOT KNOW IF YOU CAN SURVIVE IT!” one of the crewmen hissed in her com. “You’d be surprised as to what you can do when your life is on the line” she retorted, pressing her fingers together in a diamond, she activated her chi focus.

“KIKOKEN!!!!” she screamed, a massive wind zephyr picked her body up and sent her spiraling towards the ground. “Done!” she said, speeding towards the ground completely one with the wind. “I feel like a windwaker” she said, smirking.

Upon entry of the airport she could see the massive beast ripping through the planes like Mache. “I’ve never faced anything that huge before…Ammy becareful” she messaged, she didn’t know why she said it, Amy was probably more powerful that anyone on the Tempest.

Landing a few yards away from the mammoth beast, she could see the bodies of hundreds of people completely drained by the power of the World Killer. “This is…awful…” her hands instantly touched her lips in psychological awe. “Nazi…’s” she whispered, balling her fist.

“You’ll PAY!!!!!!!” she screamed, sending a powerful kikoken towards the monstrous beast, the energy based attack split the concrete only to be hit by a powerful invisible wall. “The hell” Lynn screamed, surprised at the startling revelation.

“Lynn those World Killers are protected by lesser conduit spikes, you’ll have to take them out before you can hit the world killer.” One of the crewmen said, providing a way to attack the beast.

“It’s charging!” he screamed, not that Lynn needed him to say it, she could feel the mammoth’s footsteps causing her to pop up with every step.

“YIKES!” she screamed, taking off with her speed chun in the opposite direction. “AMMY, I need that control spike off it’s in the heart of Tokyo….can you take it out?” she screamed, running away. The Beast stopped and fired a powerful wave of holy energy which lit up the skyline surrounding the airport.

“Goddamnit” Lynn grunted, buried beneath aprison of debris. Her body was badly, injured but she’d survive; but she would be completely useless if the spike didn’t come down.

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Waking up Bishop moves out of hislucid dream into a full awareness, grabbing a new suit and throwing it on before heading into te bay, listening to the words of the technician of the Tempest before heading for the target.

"Chute up and aim carefully, you don;t get a lot of options when your close to the drop point" Strapping on his chute Surkit Nods and walks off the plane casually in feet first free fall, balancing out to a stomach down position with squinted eyes. Coming down he can see AMMY's heat trail and Lynn's Chi energy as she flew backwards into a building and the beast trampled through life drained bodies of the alternate Earth. Flag's of the Fourth Reich dotted on the beasts armor like brands.

Flipping forward Bishop unhooks the parachute using the momentum to grab Lynn's hand and pull her forward, rolling on the ground into a stop wildly before catching himself hoping Lynn did the same. "I think we should try the other end. Soft spots are almost always around the stomach or..." Looking up at the beast as it turns it's attention back their way, for a second before running head on at Ammy. "I'll go low and attack it's ankles and stomach, once it's off guard and Nova's taken down the can go for the eyes, when we regroup we can lay it down together." Nodding without waiting for a reply Bishop dashes forward, juking under its massive swinging spiked tail and through the legs, leaving slashes across the back of it's heels. As he finally end up under it's large gut he digs the blade upwards , leaving a large slice in it's abdomen. Lashing out the World Killer tries to stomp on the samurai and beat him with the tree trunk sized tail, The Samurais adrenaline fractioning time as he calculates every next move like a chess game and hops the tail, rolls under the left leg and runs without looking back.

Taking a glare out of his back eye Bishop sees the beast running forward on his heel, "You as dumb as your cousin...?" In mid sprint Bishop jumps with both legs upwards in a reverse swan dive, aiming to land on the World Killers back like he did the Terra Destroyer. The World Killer wasn't the same. As he rotated backwards the bearish creature stands on it's hind legs, staring into his eyes for a long second, paralyzing Bishop as a blue hued white energy reaches into it's mouh, it took him what felt like a long time to notice the energy was his own life force.

Cutting the bond was painful, like he cut off a chunk of his soul. Landing weakly on the ground he runs to a place to regroup behind some downed rubble.

Meanwhile the beast begins to double back, standing upright and gaining not only more muscle and definiton, but the shape of a man, t's legs getting thicker and longer as it shrunk down to the size of an aveage man

Taking a deep breath it examines the field, using Bishop's enhanced senses to pin point the enemies of the Reich
Taking a deep breath it examines the field, using Bishop's enhanced senses to pin point the enemies of the Reich
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The Altaria stormed over the skies of Tokyo aiding the résistance in the stand of Neo-Japan; she couldn’t allow this place to end up like Neo-Africa. “Saitire, it’s Emerald, hang on I’m coming!” she screamed, switching radio frequencies to the Melancholy’s as she sped into the general direction of the World-Killer. Upon her arrival she watched as Pierre and the Lancer were vaporized by a massive amount of energy. “PIERRRE!!!!!” Emerald screamed, flying down to aid Saitire.

Appearing in a blinding flash from her blindside, Feral Nova sped to Saitire’s aid, Emerald couldn’t believe how effective the Nazi blitzkrieg was; they attacked swiftly and effectively each time. Strategically attacking major points of concern, they Nazi’s somehow always managed to spread them thin.

“It’s preparing to fire again!” Emerald screamed, preparing herself to repel the blast. Before she could even switch to an evasive maneuver; Nova matched power with the beast shocking even Emerald.

“Impressive, I’ve never seen anyone stop that attack” she whispered, trying to keep the Altaria stable in the powerful energy winds. The monstrous beast charged Ammy again, this time Emerald hovered right behind her in the Altaria.

“I got your back, Ammy!” pressing the lever for her cannons, the mighty piston cannons of the Altaria revved up to fire. “Saitire, what’s the status of your Melancholy, is it combat repairable?” she asked firing a massive shotgun like energy at the beast trying to take its attention off Feral Nova.

“Commander, I’m sensing a huge power spike at the airport, isn’t that where you sent both Surkit and Xiahua?” Her deck LT asked, concerned at the significance of the energy spike.

“Lynn, Bishop…what’s going on?” Emerald asked, switching channels to check on her teammates. “No answer…damnit!” she screamed, removing her setzer blade.

“Nova…hottail it to the airport find out what’s going on…” he said, slicing at the world-killer with the blade, only to be repelled.

“This is Canary to Tempest, requesting a maintenance team, subject is the Melencholy…move stat!” she screamed, trying to repel the powerful beast.

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Battered inside the cock pit of her Melancholy, Saitire could only listen to the comm-link. She wondered if anyone heard her cry for help. Then seconds later Emerald was able to respond back. “Saitire, it’s Emerald, hang on I’m coming!” Saitire was relieved, and grabbed her mobile Bluetooth comm, and a codex analyzer of her own design. Saitire felt a thud on the roof of her Melancholy’s cock put. Someone was lifting the hud, once it was fully opened Saitire had a surprised look on her face. A young girl stood in front of Saitire, allowing her to evacuate the Melancholy. “Hello, my name is Feral Nova, but you can call me Ammy, and I’ll be your hero this evening!” Saitire though in some pain managed to climb out of her mech. Before hopping to the ground Saitire said sincerely to Ammy “ Ammy, thank you for the assist.”

Ammy told Saitire to hid, but she decline and shook her head no. She had far too much work ahead, and she still was focused on payback for the death of her brother. The World-killer was still on the rampage, and began to charge-up another powerful blast towards her and Ammy. “AWWW SH!T!!!!!” Saitire shouted, and tried to hobble away as fast she could. Looking over her shoulder she watched Ammy jump off her mech trying to take on the War-Killer’s blast. Saitire looked on in disbelief, thinking that Ammy was insane shouted towards her “What are you doing!!!! Run girl!!!! save yourself!!!” Even though her Melancholy would get destroyed in the blast she wouldn’t be able to bare the guilt of someone else dying at her expense.

The War-Killer fired his blast towards her Ammy, but she quickly countered with a blast of her own. Saitire covered her eyes due t the blinding lights and got knocked backwards by the aftershock. Saitire looked on “That was amazing, how she can have that much power inside her small frame, where did Emerald find this girl?” Saitire had so many questions, but they would have to wait, if they could survive of course. Emerald also entered the fray letting loose her cannons. Then Saitire got a message from Emerald. “Saitire, what’s the status of your Melancholy, is it combat repairable?” Satire quickly responded, “The Melancholy is in bad shape but I can fix it with the help of a maintenance crew.” Saitire looked behind her and saw the price twenty yards away, her Brother Pierre’s Javelin weapon. Not wasting anymore time; Saitire hobbled her way across the war torn battlefield feeling the rumble of battle underneath her feet.

Once she arrived at the Javelin, Saitire pulled out her codex analyzer from her pocket. Looking into the Javelin that was planted in the like a memorial marking, she had a quick flashback of what happened to her brother. “If you can hear me somewhere out there Pierre, please lend me your strength.” She began to climb up the grooving patterns of the Javelin like a small mountain. Once she got to the base she opened the cover and started to analyze the power supply, and reconfigure its programing matrix. It still had sufficient power to be of big use. The first step in her plan was working now for the hard part. The Maintenance crew Emerald sent for arrived in a large Humvee. “Ms. Lefleur!! You need a lift?” Saitire smiled “You bet I do” Saitire climbed half way down and jumped off the Javelin and ran into the Humvee. “OK guys did you bring it like I planned in case this happened” Saitire asked One of the crewmen uncovered a tarp in the back of Humvee. “Yes, we did.” Saitire went to inspect it, glowing in a neon purple aura laid Saitire’s latest invention, the fusion drive core.

Based on her father’s early notes, Saitire was able to make her father’s dream a reality. However she needed it to be a secret from everyone, even Emerald. Saitire didn’t want to get their hopes up, because she wasn’t 100% sure it would work. In its current state it’s just a prototype, but this would the best place to test it as any. They all soon arrived at the Melancholy, and quickly got to work. Saitire started to remove the battery hatch of her Melancholy that was placed at its head, while the other crew member’s team lifted the Fusion Drive Core inside. Saitire quickly made the programming modifications and wire work. It only took them a minute and a half to finally be finished. “Great Work Guys, but you better get out of here I’ll handle the rest!” She didn’t have to tell the crew twice as they quickly got back into the Humvee and sped off in a cloud of smoke. Saitire hopped back inside her cockpit, and start to fire the mech up. The lights and video displays were back online, and the Melancholy slowly got up on its feet. “Yes!! Alright!!! Saitire shouted pumping her fist in victory the first phase is done, and as expected only got a small boost. 25% power still not enough to be effective. It’s time for the moment of truth, if this works things may start to turn around for all of us in the future.”

Saitire looked over towards Pierre’s Javelin, and started to scan it. “Activate Fusion Sequence!!” Saitire shouted. The Melancholy raised up its hand, and for several agonizing seconds it didn’t appear to be working. “Please please work!...everyone is depending on us C’mon work damn it!!!” Saitire pleaded. Over in the distance the Javelin started to resonate in a blue aura. Lifting itself from the ground it flew towards the Melancholy hilt first. The mech stylishly caught it in its hand, and began to surge with power. The Javelin itself started to change color matching the Melancholy’s fully merging with its hand. A tattered cape of purple energy formed around it neck, while a shield of purple hard light energy appeared in on the other arm. “Melancholy: Lancer Mode complete power at 85%” “It WORKED!!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!!! Saitire shouted inside her cockpit. Saitire turned her attention to the World-Killer “Alright you bastard, round 2!”

Saitire then contacted Emerald who was now fighting alone against the beast. “Emerald, this Saitire do you copy? I’m going to pin the World Killer down, then you can finish him off lets end this!” Saitire then rush forth toward the Beast, “Lancer Claw!!” The Melancholy’s lance turned into a carnival game style claw and grabbed the world-killer by the throat and viciously slamming him into the ground. Then it fired rapid blasts of energy at point blank range at it face. The Melancholy then flew upwards in the air retracting its claw back as a Javelin Once it got at a good altitude it performed a high speed nose dive leading with the javelin; flames of energy appearing at its tip. “GUNGNIR COMMMMMMET!!!!” Saitire shouted as she successfully pierced right through the armored back of the world-killer pinning him to the ground. “Emerald Now’s your chance!!!” The Melancholy sensors started to detect a world-killer rising in power. The battle was still far from over.

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The massive beast came rushing towards the small framed hero, but all she could do was smirk as her hands balled up into fists. The two collided but Nova noticed something... she didn't collide INTO the beast, she slammed into some sort of forcefild, something she didn't notice before. The hero was thrown back, tumbling until she regained her footing as the World-Killer seemed to laugh at her! "You won't be laughing when I fry you from the inside out!" The mammoth like monster began charging at her again, but before Ammy could push forward, her com-link went off.

“AMMY, I need that control spike off it’s in the heart of Tokyo….can you take it out?”

The red head hero looked around, trying to figure out where exactly she was in the massive city. "Yeah! I can do it, I just need someone to get this Killer off me!"

“I got your back, Ammy!” Emerald came in almost on cue, her powerful cannon's shooting at the powerful beast, catching it's attention.

That was Ammy's sign to get moving! Taking off in a sprint she leaped into the air, her body simultaneously bursting into flames, shooting her into the sky's of Tokyo. Her eyes looked down in horror at the city below her, she couldn't believe what had happened in this world or HOW this happened. How did Nazi's get so much control that they were able to take over an entire planet!? Ammy watched as Nazi mech's stormed the streets, unleashing their chaos, she wanted to go down there, she wanted to go down and turn every single Nazi scum into ash. But she had to take the control spike off first, they couldn't do anything without taking that out first!

Her golden flames left a streak in the sky as she spotted the tower in the middle of the city, the control spike sitting at the top, the tip of the spike giving off a eerie red glow. Speeding up, her fire became more intense, closing in to the control spike. She opened her arms, as her body slammed into the spike, her arms wrapping into the spike. With the speed she was going at with the intense heat of her flame and power of her strength, the spike ripped off like aluminum paper. Pulling upward a bit she slowed herself down, sparks flying from the tower. "Guy's the control spike is out of commission!" She smiled, holding onto the spike with pride.

“Nova…hottail it to the airport find out what’s going on…”

"The airport?" Wasn't that were Bishop and Nana were at?! "I'll be right there!" Like a rocket, she flew forward, her teammates were in trouble! she had to help! Weaving around the buildings she came across and open field the airpot landing dock. "BISHOP! NANA!?" she yelled out as her eyes scanned the area, trying to pinpoint her teammates. Instead she spotted a creature that looked slightly human standing in the area of debris. A short distance from that she spotted Nana, she was wounded! Probably from that monster, but what the hell was that thing!? No time to think, she had to act! Throwing the spike she held in her hand it priced through the air, flying towards the mutated World-Killer. But before it could touch it's flesh the beast stretched out it's hand, it's fingers wrapping around the spike and stopping it before it sliced into it's flesh. It had amazing reflexes! Holy crap! With a venomous grin he tossed the spike to the side as Ammy came rushing downward towards him.

Nova pummeled into him, but not before it wrapped it's arms around her, holding tightly onto her as the force of impact caused the two to fly backwards into a small jet. The two struggled against each other as Ammy's raw strength managed to overpower him, prying his arms off of her as she slammed her searing fist into his face a couple of times. The monster grit its teeth, as if it was annoyed by her, grabbing Nova by the hair. Ammy yelled as she was pulled off of him as he slammed her face into the ground a couple of times before being tossed back into the air towards Nana. Her body slammed into the ground, tumbling back until she was just a few feet from the Cobalt Warrior. "Ugh..." The rose haired hero sat up from the ground, holding her head, her orange lenses now cracked. Spitting blood and dirt out of her mouth she looked up towards Nana. "You ok?" Nova stood up, looking around she noticed something. "Where's Bishop?!"

The beast was seen walking towards the two women, his flesh lightly seared from Ammy's flaming tackle, and his face slightly bruised from her punch, but it almost seemed as if it didn't do a whole lot of damage to the monster. A crimson steam rising from it's body as it gave a smirking grin, as if it figured the two women wouldn't stand a chance against him.

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“B-Bishop…” she whispered, laying back on her side almost petrifd at the sight of the humanoid world-killer.   “Bishop…” she whispered, trying to crawl to her injured friend’s location. The powerful beast stalked the downed Chi Champion, only until Ammy made a last second rescue. Ammy had been the first on the battle; and worked overtime to make sure no one else died. “She’s amazing…” Lynn watched in awe, wincing in pain.   Despite her heart, Ammy was forcefully knocked down next to Lynn. “I’m fine what about you…” Lynn responded, rising to one knee. “Bishop went that way, I think he’s injured…” Lynn said, staring at Ammy.

“hmm.” She turned to meet eyes with the pink beast! How did it manage to sneak up on them without either of them noticing it? The beast let loose a devious smile; one that paralyzed Lynn, there was a slight quiver in her chest, was this…fear?

The beast placed its hand to her chest casually, with a massive eruption it fired a blue beam of energy right into the fear stricken Lynn.   The attack caused all eclipsing light to blind the entire area, Lynn’s body shot out from the light, tumbling and rolling seemingly lifelessly on the ground.

Her body twisted abnormally, most of her body weight rest on her arm that slid beneath her body while she tumbled. Slowly stirring, she could see the effects of the monsters attack; it knocked her halfway across airport.

“The Nazi’s have dispatched foot patrols! Things are looking bad!” Emerald’s right airmen screamed in their comms.

Lynn’s mind shifted out of consciousness, she struggled to rise and aid Ammy but, it was to no avail.

“What is it you fear?” a voice rang out loudly in her head. Looking around, she tried to identify the source of the voice. “Who are you?” Lynn asked, spinning around in search of the unknown.

“I am a denizen of the darkness, now…what do you fear?” the voice said again. “I fear…not being able to take care…of the people I love” she said, falling to her knees.

“Embrace Fear!” the darkness said, turning into a blinding light; Lynn’s body became completely engulfed in it.

Awakening from her slumber, the Chi champion rose to her feet, her eye’s glazed over in a chaos darkness. “I’ve allowed darkness into my soul…to protect my friends…” she whispered, balling a fist. “HERE I Come AMMY and BISHOP!!!!!!!!”

Lynn screamed, reappearing back in the fight to help her friends, her power increased significantly, speed; strength and even endurance; all these upgrades and she hadn’t used an ounce of chi.   “ROUND TWO! She screamed, attacking the beast as it was charging Ammy. Lynn slammed her knees into its face knocking it back; just as forcefully as it did her previously.   Speeding underneath the monster, she telegraphed a backhand swing, but simply moving around the beast.

“I’m…flying…” she said, astounded. The beast flew directly into a tower causing it to explode on impact. “Let’s go!” she screamed, landing on the ground with her hands balled up.

“Huh” Taken off guard! The beast teleported to the right of Lynn and sent a messy barrage of powerful strikes, that were met with a barrage of kicks courtesy of Lynn.   She was so caught up in how powerful she had become, she didn’t see the powerful beam of energy the monster released.  

The blast ripped through Lynn’s clothing sending her spiraling backwards, “ugh…” she moaned, feeling the beast getting even stronger. Pushing her feet down into the earth, she stopped her freefall. “DAMN IT” she screamed, wiping the blood from her lips as what left of her clothing wavered in the unruly wind.

“GAHRKU!” the beast grunted jumping into Lynn’s vision. “SEKU ZOEDIA!!!!” Lynn screamed, sending a powerful flame version of her Kikoken at the beast. The blast ripped the beast in two, whilst lighting the beast on fire.

“Heh…” she said, proudly watching as it’s remains burned on the runway.   “NO WAY!” her eyes bulged open as the beast, slowly began to put itself back together. “You liked that heh? Well did you forget about my friends?” she reminded him, whilst balling her fist.

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“What the!” Emerald screamed, looking out of her auxiliary camera’s at Saitre’s fused Melancholy Lancer. “Let’s finish this damn thing!” she screamed, watching as the Melancholy slammed pinned the war killer on its back and readied it for Emerald.   “I swear…you never cease to amaze me boo” she said, with a smirk on her face.

Flipping the rocket engage switch the Altaria went airborne; the roaring engines clouding everything around them with smog. “Oh yeah, I need to fix that exhaust…” she grinned, flying high over the skies of Tokyo.

Even in its leveled state; the city was still beautiful; a small tear overcame Emerald’s eye she couldn’t believe how many people had died in the Nazi’s conquest of Earth. “Emerald! Emerald, you’re going to HIGH you’re going to freeze the ALTARIA!” Her airmen screamed, on her com; he had been watching the battle from the Tempest.

Emerald couldn’t hear him though, her mind had warped back to Africa, the battle that changed everything.   Though it was the first battle of the war, it was the last battle where she was herself; her husband, and children all perished that day.

“Sataoshi…Yun...Yuko…this is for you!” she screamed, snapping out of her vivid day dream, the altaria had frozen over, and was slowly starting to free fall back to Tokyo. “ENGAGE Ultima Weapon…passcode. GREEN APPLE PLUNGE!” Emerald screamed; again soon the Altaria erupted in a magnificent Emerald light that lit up the entire sky.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!” Emerald’s voice bommed over everyone intercoms and even painted the skies of Tokyo green. Those in the tempest were awe at the sight of their commander’s power.

The fist of the Altaria, transformed into a massive fist before plowing deep into the abdomen of the World-Killer; everyone in the vicinity even the World Killer could see nothing, everything was green.

Flying upwards, she watched as the small divot she made in the stomach slowly began to eat the World Killer’s stomach.  Breathing heavily, the mammoth beast charged her again. “ENGAGE!” she screamed, a bright light shined from the whole, finally the   World Killer burst into pieces, before being vaporized by the sheer power of the GAP.

“Emerald, the Altaria’s power core is at .5%...shut it down” her airmen instructed. The massive mech fell on a nearby building with no life left to power it.

“The Nazi’s have dispatched foot soldiers…” The airmen said, again warning of the civilians potential dangers. “You’d have to be crazy to stay in this place…fine”

Opening the hatch of the Altaria, she issued a telepathic command, “Ground Mode” the massive machine shrunk down to Emerald’s height. “Activate back-up energy supply” The Altaria switched to residual power, allowing her to pilot a smaller version of her vessel. “Let’s push these fuckers back” there was a confident

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Blood pumps through his viens instinctively as his heart can feel the drain of life and attempts to counter it. Behind the rubble he was steadily returning to full strength, but the back lash of the attack left him feeling drained down to the core of his soul, that would take a long time to heal.

Finally stepping up and taking his blade in hand Bishop looks to the crack of thunder as Lynn rips into the World Killer like he ripped through her clothes, just as easily turning him into pieces. Running over Surkit eyes her up and down beside Ammy, they moved like they was fine but looked tenderized, “ was still paralyzed for a while but I’m, alright...What about you guys?” he asked, as Lynn turns and gives a cocky smile with a thumbs up, Nova throwing up a peace sign with an innocent smirk. It was insane the power Lynn especially was radiating, Nova’s he knew about but this...

Where did Nana get that power? Was she holding back when she faught me and Ammy..?

Smirking back Bishop just nods, “. Let’s go then. Trinity style ”

The World Killer, rolls it’s shoulder with the same sadistic smirk as the last of it’s body clmbs to the surface.

Standing a few steps ahead of Lynn Bishop sheaths his blade, not breaking eye contact with the masochistic monster as he speaks to her, “Since our fight...I’ve been trying to understand what I did that night...I practiced controlling it. it wasn’t your chi I absorbed...“It was the power of the attacks themselves.””

Gritting his teeth the Samurai looks like a fool for a moment as his body shakes in what looks like anger until the rocks beside his feet begin to shake and lift.

“衝撃波攻撃! (Shockwave Attack!)” Bolting forward light living lightning the reformed fugitive slices at the neck of the world killer as it;s smile finally fades, head sliding off of the body as Surkit waits to hear the thud. Nothing. Turning to look back he sees the world killer smiling while it’s head bounces on a thin tether. “...Hn!” Flinging his Blade back again he cuts the tether and grabs the head by it’;s tendril, running towards Lynn and throwing it in the air, her reaction impressively accurate and understanding, the two were easily fitting together as a team in the field “KIKOKEN!” She cries as a blast beams dead on into the mouth of the monster. The body just grows another, but now something’s different, it’s a little bit shorter.

“Heh” He snickers with a confidence as Lynn and Ammy shares the same sure expression.

they finally had a strategy.

Waves of red emanate from Bishop and neon blue from Lynn, vivid ornge and red from the rightly named Feral Nova. The three stood like beacons of power in an intimidating united line Bishop swings his blade and presses in the hilt, the blade shortening and slide out the bottom of the handle which he pulls forward stretch into a two handed grip, the sword now a dual ended Katana “You two ladies ever made starfish Sushi...” Jumping into the air he helicopters the rod like blade, falling with it down on the regrown head of the World Killer.

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Holding the World-Killer in place with her Melancholy lance, while Saitire keeping a tight grip on the controls. The beast was trying to resist, and kept struggling to escape. “How does it feel now you bastard? To be the hunted instead of the hunter does it HURT!! Saitire watched as Emerald prepared an attack of her own with the mech the Altaria a powerful machine in its own right. Then Emerald launched herself high above the skies of Tokyo leaving a smog trail from her exhaust behind her. Saitire had a look of concern on her face “Emerald, she is going to high she will ice up at that altitude” Saitire tried contacting her with the comm-link but it was too late. The signal all but faded due to the icing.

“I hope you know what you’re doing Emerald” Saitire thought as she kicked the World-Killer still trying to struggle. The Altaria began its decent appearing to not having any control. Then bursting a bright green light over the entire city of Tokyo; Saitire squinted her eyes from the bright light and hearing Emerald’s roar. She couldn’t see anything physically so she had to use her Melancholy’s sensors to time her escape. Saitire retracted her Lance from the back of the world Killer and flew backwards out of the way. It appeared she escaped right on time as the World-Killer received a devastating punch to the abdominal region. It didn’t take as the World-Killer tried one final desperate attempt to attack, but it was all for naught as it exploded from the inside out in a bright green energy. Saitire was impressed at her commander’s display of power, but she could also see that the Altaria was no longer able for combat, truly a double edged sword.

Saitire could hear one of the Trinity airmen through the comms-link that Nazi foot soldiers were on the move towards their location. After the world-killer finally being defeated the rest were the small fish now, easy pickings for herself and Emerald. But she could still detect powerful forces out there, and it wasn't just the World-Killers. Once the Nazi’s arrived they tried to shoot at Saitire, but she quickly used her hard light shield to defect the gunfire; “Oh… guys want some of this well come and get it!!!” The melancholy started it’s attack “LANCER CLAW!!” The Melancholy was able to grab and lift several of the Nazi foot soldiers high into the air to send then crashing right back down into the ground. “Emerald, who are those people you brought with you? Their powers are rising at an alarming rate.” Saitire asked her commander through the comm-link.

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“We’re moving to cover and control Cocoa Lagoon! Cover me!” Emerald screamed, side sweeping through the Japanese streets returning fire on the Nazi’s offensive. “Well…they are from Earth…” Emerald said, raising an awkward eyebrow. She felt weird saying it because, in all honest Avalon was also Earth; once the Nazi’s took over they renamed it Avalon.

“I went against your father’s wishes and put a HC3 (Hyper Core Three) in the Tempest; we moved so fast we actually managed to jump universes” Emerald explained, getting knocked off her feet by an rpg. She was sent flying into a nearby bank.

“Damn…my Zero Suit is done” the blinking lights on the Altaria signified its depletion of power. “That is weird…” she said, going over the numbers of energy in the area. “It seems Lynn, Nova, and Bishop’s energy output is double that of the average World-Killer”. Emerald’s huge eye’s glistened as she saw the faces of her knew friends. “Lynn…Nova…Bishop…Juni…what are you guys?” she thought with a curious gaze.

“CRAP!” She said, snapping out of her gaze, the Nazi’s had stormed the bank viciously, bullets pelleted off the Altaria’s armor protecting Emerald for the time being. “Saitre, can I hitch a ride? Meet me on the roof!”  Emerald screamed, readying two desert eagles for ejection. “I haven’t did this since Comschool” she said, with a pulling twist she popped the seal on her eject button.

Her body was jettisoned out with a loud hissing sound, the force pushed her to the back of the wall, and this allowed her to see just how many of the Nazi’s had entered the building. Falling back with finesse and near perfect aim, Emerald squeezed the trigger killing three of the Nazi’s before landing on her ass and rolling into a crouched position.

“There she is there!” they screamed, firing they’re automatic weapons, Emerald rest safety behind a huge chuck of debris. “Moving towards the stairs now…” Emerald said, popping off a few shots to cause the Nazi’s to take cover.

“shitshitshitshit!” she screamed as she made a mad dash towards the stairway; rounds ripped through the walls hitting her along her side. “FUCK!” she screamed, slumped on the stairway loosing blood.

“fu…ck” she could hear the perfectly unity in the steps of the nazi’s rushing the stairway. Opening the pocket on her jacket she snatched a smoke bomb.   She watched as it popped down the steps just as they rounded the corner.

“GAH!” she grunted forcing herself up the stairs like a wounded gazelle escaping the jaws of the gator, Nazi gun fire pelleted the underneath of her feet but for right now she was safe. “Saitre, I’m coming in hot!” she screamed, seeking cover behind a desktop.

“If we capture, Cocoa Lagoon, we can set up a defensive outpost…the first the rebels have ever managed to achieve”   she thought to herself, usually they spent most of their time trying to fight the world killers, but that wasn’t the case anymore.

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The blasts from all three caused the monster to roar in pain, shriveling form the raw power of all three warriors. The area was engulfed by the intense light radiating from the battle field, but if you could stand the intensity, you could see the monster being torn away, or even... evaporating from the attack. It was almost down to nothing as Bishop went in for the final attack, his blade slicing into what was left of the monster, splitting it in two. Nana and Ammy both glanced at each other, nodding their head as if they could read each others mind on what to do next.

"KIKOSHO!" Nana's hands let loose a devastating attack towards the left side of the body while Ammy pushed out another flaming blitz at the right side of the body. Their attacks slamming into what was left of the monster and quickly evaporating it into nothing. When it was all done the three let out a heavy sigh as Ammy fell on her butt to the ground, she felt exhausted.

The trio glanced at each other with smug looks on their faces, they realized individually they were powerful, but together, they were a deadly force.

But Ammy looked over at Cobalt Warrior with worry in her eyes. She could... 'feel' something about that last attack her friend let lose, it was... different, and not a good different. "Nana..." Ammy began, still a little out of breath as she forced herself to stand back up. "What happened back th-"

Before she could finished a blast slammed into the young fire goddess' back, sending her flying into a luggage carrier Standing on top of a commercial plane was another World-Killer.

"Ammy!" Bishop and Lynn yelled out as the World-Killer from the Docks let out a heavy roar. It was aware that they had killed it's brother, and it was thirsty for blood.

Making a heavy leap off the plane the beast landed forcefully on the ground, the earth trembling below it. The two didn't hesitate to attack, Bishop wielding his faithful blade and Lynn charging up her Chi. "KIKOKEN!" the sapphire blast pushed towards the mammoth beast as Bishop leaped into the air, his blade held above his head as he came downward towards the beast, bringing his deadly weapon down forcefully to attack the monster as well. The Chi attack hit the beast in the chest, struggling to avoid the next attack, the blade pierced into it's shoulder. World-Killer roared out in pain, it's eyes burning with the desire to absorb the power of one of the two. It's crimson fluid drizzled onto the ground as it stumbled away for a bit, but not before a BOOMING sound was heard from the distance.

Aflame and frustrated the fire goddess flew fiercely at ground level towards the beast, her speed picking up wind behind her as she flew past between Bishop and Nana and right into the World Killer. The two went flying into the airport with a massive explosion upon impact. The Young Goddess was unleashing all her power into taking down this World-Killer as the sound of her teammates voices were in the background, she couldn't understand what they were saying, she was just so focused into taking down this final World-Killer. The now crippled beast laid on it's side as Ammy constructed a flaming blade into her hand, ready to slice it into the beasts head her body suddenly froze the eyes of the World-Killer locked into her own. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't move, what was going on!? An orange glow that wasn't from her fire began escaping from in between her lips and into the mouth of the World-Killer. A wave of fatigue came on suddenly as Ammy dropped to her knees, her flame going out as her hair turned from it's feral red, into it's soft rose. She could feel her heart slowing and her breathing going shallow as Lynn was the first to reach her.

"Seku Zoedeia!" The World-killer was sent flying back from the attack as Ammy's body fell forward, being caught by Bishop before hitting the ground.

"Ammy, you ok?" Bishop knew what happened, the same thing that happened to him just moments ago. If the previous monster was became that strong from absorbing his skill... then what would the beast have become if it absorbed Ammy's power?

"Bishop!" Nana's voice called out as her eyes caught a glimpse at the beast spontaneously combustion.

The World-Killer let out a feral roar as the flames intensified the walls and ceiling around them crumbling, forcing the trio out of the airport with Bishop holding into Ammy. As the building collapsed the monster could be seen walking away from the rubble, taking on a new form with new powers. Surrounded in a blazing inferno the monster let out a heavy chuckle as it stood tall in it's new form, the raw power of the young girl was shown in true form through the World-Killer as it prepared for an attack.

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Lynn’s eyes befell the monstrous burning World-Killer, “I need more…” she said, allowing the darkness to willingly flow through her veins. The power of darkness easily transformed Lynn into the powerful Chaos Lynn. The raven haired beauty balled her fist by her sides, letting loose a burning dark aura. “You dare touch my AMMY!”

Speeding off in the direction of the WK, Lynn kick jumped off the side of an airplane with her fist balled, ready to strike.   The burning WK unleashed a volley of fireballs to meet Lynn’s offensive maneuvering. “Whoa!” She said, torqueing her massive thighs to master a perfect aerial recovery.   As she fell back towards the ground, she was able to extend her hands forward to cast a “chi-shield” over herself.   “Surkit, move!” she screamed, running to evade the falling fireballs.

“What is this…” she said, noticing that other than her Chi shield, she was barley using any at all.  The WK had launched an attack in the time it took her to recover. The earth opened and smaller flame versions of it began to pop out.

“I really wish Juni was here” Lynn said, taking Ammy from Bishop so he could go to work. “Keep Ammy Safe!” he screamed, Lynn confirmed to him with slight head nod.   She watched as Bishop valiantly went on the offensive against the smaller flame henchmen of the WK.

Dashing behind a gate Lynn laid, Ammy down and slowly caressed the side of her face. She knew Ammy was a teenager, but that still made her younger; Lynn couldn’t help but feel, as if someone had injured her sister. “Here, this will take away your pain” Lynn said, pressing her hand on Ammy’s stomach and pumping her body full of healing chi.

“That’ll give you the strength and energy to stand on your own, but stay hidden until your power returns…” she said, smiling in Ammy’s face. Lynn couldn’t see that she had changed, even looking into Ammy’s eyes she saw herself normally, when it clearly wasn’t the case.

Lynn turned around in the direction of the mammoth fire monster, it was burning through every part of the airport looking to destroy Bishop. “I’m coming Bishop!” she screamed, darting out from behind the gate; pushing her wind Chi forward she knocked a burning flame down, that was about to attack Surkit from behind.

“Oh my god…I know!” she screamed, pushing her hands up in the air. “Cover ME!” she yelled, churning her hands in a motion. Right above the WK; a massive typhoon of wind was starting to form, Lynn’s plan was to take away the fire option from the monster by taking the oxygen to fuel it’s flames.

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Breaking left Bishop watches Lynn create the power vaccum above the WK, the picture of it was surreal, a mobile inferno being taken down by a small wide thighed woman in black, and it was working. The flames begin to spit upward into the wind tunnel smf twist into nothing at the nexus. Running circles around the less intelligent WK it tries to grab at him with massive pointed hands while it's essence is drained by Lynn. "Incoming!"

Doing one last loop, the samurai jukes and doubles back running between the monsters legs and digging the blade into it's calf. His body was feet first as the wind tunnel is only stopped from inhaling him by the buried blade. Pulling himself down into a sideways crouched position, Bishop pulls the blade out and kicks off. Riding up past it's naval area he extends the blade and lets the pressured momentum of the tunnel propel the blade through it's body leaving a gaping hole where the blade had been, a glow irradiating from it's chest, only noticed for a second as Bishop finally slices through half of it's throat and ejects into the air past Lynn.

"Lynn!" His body begins to ripple as his right arms sleeve disintegrates with the blade over head now glowing smokey black and blue, "Attack together before it can regroup...!" Diving downward he spins back into the vortex, cork screwing into it's headand being stopped by an energy, some kind of biological reactor buried and integrated into his brain. Was this what absorbed their abilities? Without care he slices into the sack of energy, all he can see is white light leaking and growing brighter as it melts it's skull floor


The beast's body repairs itself below, while both large arms grab the sides of it's head, a scream growing from it's mouthless head as light leaves it's eyes and ears, the air shakes.

The face of the World Killer shows a small sign of fear, before that face explodes, eyes blowing into fragments on the ground. Lynn floats down and drops down to her knees, "Bishop..." tears begin to roll down her chaos transformed cheeks

Meanwhile in the distance, Bishop pops the pupil out of the beasts eye. He'd cunningly used it like an escape pod, veins holding him down to the inside are cut off as he stands behind Lynn, "Why are you crying? I thought we won"

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In the mountains just outside the city of Tokyo, the once legendary ninja NeVann the once believed last of the Uchiha clan lived in solitude. Though at one point he was said to be on the fast to become a Kage, he was now classified as a rogue-nin. There were numerous rumors as to why this title was placed upon him, but the one he seems to let everyone believe he led the coup and dealt the final blow that ended the last Mizukage’s reign. Sick of being hunted the branded shinobi knew there was only one to free him from being hunted for the rest of his life. He had heard of another world called Avalon that was located in another dimension. Though leaving to that world was not an easy task, but no one in the ninja world would dare follow if he left to it.

The day started like any other the shinobi, as he began his chakra molding meditation. Standing on a rock that was barely wide enough for his feet even though they were close together his arms folded and his eyes closes in the middle of a fast paced stream, NeVann internalized on the 64 chakra point within his body. The sounds nature had become muted. Where there would normally be the sounds of fish splashing in the stream, birds singing and so forth, all that the ninja heard was the calming sounds of his own chakra. Random gusts of winds caused his hair and clothes to sway like the branches and leaves on the trees around him.

Yet as the day moved on something changed in the air, the aura of death mixed with pain and suffering began to cloud Vann’s chakra. There was a great evil moving through the city of neo-Tokyo. Throughout the time he had been on this world since sneaking aboard and stowing away on a military ship that was importing and exporting supplies between the two worlds. He had grown to ignore the conflicts and politics, but he had never sensed this type of evil power before. With his concentration broken the Shraingan Successor’s eyes opened and he began to a series of hand seals before becoming engulf by a cyclone of leafs and water before vanishing from the rock.

The winds seemed to carry him to the city in a blink of an eye. And for the first time in his the life the young ninja found his self frozen in place full of disbelief. Even the ninja world where there is constant battles that never had he ever seen this level of destruction. The sky was blacked out by ash clouds do to all the fires, from destroyed building. Just by the looks of the small area he was in one could tell this was a war tore damage this was a one sided massacre. This was not something NeVann could ignore balanced had to be restored and the ones responsible for this had to pay. Channeling his chakra to his feet the Legendary Shinobi seemed to vanish only reappearing for factions of a second in different places far from the last as he moved through what little was left of the buildings in the city.

Nothing but slain bodies, debris and rubble for as far as the eyes could see. Just when he had started to give up hope on ever finding any survivors he heard the screams of a woman and a small child. As he headed to the sound of the voices he was stopped in his tracks, dust and ash that was under feet arisen in the form of clouds as he saw the large Mech bearing the symbol of a swastika with an eagle over it. He couldn’t help but blurt out “Nazi’s???” He had no idea they still existed in this world. There was no time to wonder how or why and the Mech’s gun was aimed to the woman and her child as she tried to pled for her life. “Water style: Encampments wall no jutsu!” A cylinder of water shot up from the ground like a geyser around the two just as the Mech opened fire. The wall of water seemed to be as strong as titanium and the large caliber rounds bounced off it.

Before the pilot could realize what had happened the ninja had already unsheathed his sword and began to make his way to disable the Mech. Dashing forward and lunging NeVann span like a corkscrew as the pilot finally realized what had happened and began to fire blindly. Bullets whizzed passed the shinobi’s face some catching his clothes leaving holes where they went straight threw as he soared through the sky like a dancing leaf caught in the wind. Touching the ground he went vertical slicing through the Mech’s arm as if it was butter. As the arm hit the ground, NeVann took his sword in one hand and began to mold chakra in the other. Soon it became a bright blue orb and as gravity pulled him back to the ground he led with the orb aiming for the center of the Mech. “Rasengan!” he yelled out as his attack seemed to completely deconstruct the fighting armor leaving nothing but metal shards laying in the streets.

“Thank you, thank you kind sir for saving us.” The woman said as the wall of water fell freeing them of its protection. Before he could reply the Uchiha felt something of immense power off in the distance that’s cause him to activate his sharingan changing his eyes from a dark rich brown to a crimson red. “What’s in that direction?” he said brashly. “Um… I think the airport…” she replied. “You’re welcome, now you get yourself to safety.” Before vanishing as he headed to the airport. Finally arriving NeVann had to shield his eyes due to a bright shinning light, caused by the sword of one of the three fighters taking on the once flaming beast. Hesitating for a second unsure if he should go introduce himself, NeVann leaped and then landed on the tail of what remained of a 747 looking down at the victorious warriors though the woman in black appeared to have started crying for some reason.

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Saitire was glad to fight alongside her commander Emerald Canary again. With the world killer defeated, and the Melancholy at a new level of power, the nazi foot soldiers seemed to be like cockroaches to Saitire. “So..those people you found are from Earth” she asked her commander in reference to an earlier question. The answer she got was still so vague, “They are from Earth!?..i-impossible their powers aren’t like anything I’ve seen before” Saitire thought to herself some things weren’t adding up in her mind. The Nazi foot soldiers were still coming at Saitire and Emerald as hard as they could. Retracting her lancer, and equipping her laser cannons to keep the power output of the Melancholy at a high level she continued her onslaught against the Nazi. Blasting away at the Nazis with deadeye precision each direct hit causing the victim to explode in a purple ash.

Then Emerald finally revealed the truth to Saitire. She had placed Saitire’s father’s experimental Hyper Core 3 into the drive system of the Tempest. “You did what!?!?” Saitire said in shock as Emerald was nailed by an incoming RPG from the Nazi’s “EMERALD!!” Saitire shouted. Saitire gritted her teeth and once again turned her attention to the Nazis, “You…..BASTARDSS!!!” Saitire charged towards the Nazi group as they fired everything in their arsenal at her. With her Melancholy’s light shield up she was bombarded with RPG’s and laser cannons tanks. A large cloud dust covered the Melancholy, but Saitire let out a warrior roar and stormed through the smoke. Jumping on top of the tank she sliced the nozzle of the tank with the side of her light shield. Then she ripped opened the top hatch with the savage strength of the Melancholy, firing her laser cannon at the Nazis trapped inside. Saitire flipped off the Tank landing on one knee. She looked up and watched the explosion of the tank in a blaze of purple pyro.

Saitire did all this so her commander Emerald could safely landed back on the ground, to run for cover. She received a message from Emerald, asking for a ride on the roof. “I’ll….be right there” Saitire replied softly back to her. Saitire has been taking a pounding all day, and the effects were slowly starting to hit her. After having a slight concussion Saitire’s vision was a bit blurry, however she could see the Melancholy was picking up a powerful energy signature from a World-killer. Things looked hopeless; the Nazis seemed to be increasing in strength while Saitire’s kept fading. Once again she found herself surrounded by the enemy, looking at her surrounding she felt so many emotions rush through her. Pain Anger, frustration and Sadness, were the most vivid in her heart. She wondered if she could reach deep down again would the fear of not finding anything cause her to fail and not avenge Pierre. Saitire slowly rose up to her feet the taste of her own blood in her mouth. ”These emotions I feel..are causing me so much doubt. In order for us to win I have to put them aside. But then all there would be left of me…is a monster” Saitire thought inside the cockpit.

She brought back out her Lance, and attacked the Nazi once more. This time Saitire was attacking far more violently than usual tearing the Nazis unmercifully limb from limb. Not care much for the human lives that were in danger to each confrontation she made with the enemy. She was fighting like a wild animal like her consciousness is in another place, becoming numb to nearly everything else. Saitire started not to care about anything else except for revenge. Saitire could hear Emerald’s message that she was on the roof under fire. Saitire leap through the air at Emerald’s location and tackled the foot soldiers. Saitire started to pond into them without mercy shattering their skulls, splatter blood all over the Melancholy. Saitire’s mech was now at 50% and showing signs of heavy damage as sparks of electricity appeared from its joints. Saitire opened the cockpit of her mech and turned to her commander. Looking at Emerald with cold empty eyes and blood over face like war paint she said to her commander in a cold manner “Get In.” They say war can change a person, and for Saitire this day it has. Pierre’s death has put a painful void in her heart. No matter how many of the Nazis she defeats that hole is still there. Feeling that there is nothing left for her except revenge and the mission is walking a dangerous path. A path that can only lead to more tears and self-destruction.

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Emerald’s eye’s glistened as she sat in the cockpit trying to figure out what was wrong with Saitre; though if she though really hard about it, she already knew. Both of them had lost so much in the Nazi takeover, she was probably the only one alive who knew what type of stress Saitre was dealing with. With the Trinity dealing with the World-Killers she knew it was imperative that they pushed the Nazi offensive back.

She sat in silence trying to come up with the appropriate words to say to dear Saitire, but there was nothing that could be said at this moment. Through her comlink she could hear, Nova, Lynn and Bishop’s arduous battle with the world killer slowly coming to an end, as well as the arrival of another powerful being.

“Saitre…listen to me, I know how you feel; that’s why when we get out of this, you are to go on leave for two months; it’s an order.” Emerald rarely through her rank around, which she hoped her blood lusted friend would see and snap out of her phase.

“You’re my rock, literally the only thing I have left…and if I lost you…fighting would be pointless.” Emerald admitted, feeling the depression of her friend weighing on her aswell.

“Commander, we’re seeing a rise in energy coming from underground; this isn’t any type of world killer energy, it’s much more massive” The airmen chimed in snapping Emerald from her feelings.

“It’s the life weapon, they are preparing to fire it half ready, my god…they’re desperate” she said, turning in Saitre’s direction.

“Direct the Trinity to the Sewer, we’ll pull back up” Emerald responded back. “Saitre…are you up for this?”

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Saitire never glance in the direction of her commander as she made her way inside the melancholy. Saitire pressed the button on the latch controls and closed the battered cockpit hull sealing them inside.  There was a brief moment of eerie silence, with the only noise being the techno-phonic blips of the melancholy’s systems. Emerald then spoke to her saying Saitire…listen to me, I know how you feel; that’s why when we get out of this, you are to go on leave for two months; it’s an order.”  Saitire clutched the controls of her melancholy tightly, her red hair speckled with her own blood covering her eyes. “Commander…it’s..It’s not that simple. Look around you, Tokyo is a wasteland now it’s a living hell on this Earth. There is nowhere you can find peace if you have to constantly look over your shoulder.” Saitire then turned around to Emerald with tears filling her eyes, “All I have now is the battlefield”

You’re my rock, literally the only thing I have left…and if I lost you…fighting would be pointless.” Emerald then told Saitire. Saitire had a look of surprise on her face, her heart was touched by Emeralds words. Saitire had tried to put all her feelings away, because they were weighing on her so much. She had forgotten that Emerald was not just her commander, but her friend as well. Saitire struggled to put what she wanted to say in words, but she tried nonetheless. “Commander….Emerald I had no idea….you felt that way about me.  I feel the same for you, Emerald. You are the only family I have left in this world.” Saitire sat back around at the controls of the Melancholy, wiping the tears from her eyes and taking a deep breath and exhaling. The news spread throughout the Melancholy that there was a massive surge of energy underground. “Yeah, I’m up for this Commander, I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier.”

Saitire fired the thrusters of her battered Melancholy as it took off from the top of the building. As the main Trinity forces took the main entry way to the lair of the life weapon, Saitire took an alternate through the back drainage system. The scanners of the melancholy started to climb meaning they were getting closer to their target. “Emerald these power readings are getting stronger and stronger. The life weapon will be heavily guarded” Saitire told Emerald. They were the first to arrive in the central chamber of the Life Weapon, it’s size was a site to behold the melancholy looking infantile compared to it. Pulsing like a heart gathering energy from where ever it could find it, the life weapon appeared to have a powerful barrier surrounding it. Saitire scanned around to get more information, and then reported what she found out to Emerald. “Commander the barrier is unbreakable by physical means, however I found the source four generators at the top level of the chamber. They have to be taken out at the same time.”

Saitire started to detect multiple enemies approaching the area; three enemy mechs and several foot soldiers. However these mech enemy were very different that the ones before. Saitire looked at their designs closely; they were very familiar to her, “What….the hell!? father’s old lancers?” Saitire started to fly upward toward one of the generators. She started to receive heavy fire while the three mock lancers followed in pursuit. More Nazi foot soldiers were at the top and began to fire on the melancholy Satire quickly used her light shield and returned fire with her laser cannon. After clearing the path temporarily for the first generator, Saitire opened the cockpit for Emerald to go after the first generator.  “Commander you have to go after the generator I’ll try to hold these guys off!” Emerald probably seen that the Melancholy’s powers reserves are reaching dangerously low levels, but with the fate of Japan hanging in the balance it is now all or nothing.

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