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As part of a special exchange program, five Astartes scouts from the training island of Dai were sent to study in the Inazuma Gakuen school of warriors, as well to teach the basics of Imperial Fighting Techniques and Tactics. From left to right they are Andrew Shade, Selena Rogan, Athena Argent, Reave Behemoth and Slim Crownslide, all of them highly trained and skilled warriors on their own, but forming an even stronger unit. The whole group is watched over and guided by Sgt. Ezio Eaglestrider.

The six of them live in a dormitory outside campus. This dormitory has the legal status of an Embassy, the ground leased to the Empire for a period of five years, renewable at a fixed rate for the next hundred. This deal was made at the pressure of the Inazuma Gakuen, a force the Japanese government does not wish to cause grievances with, and nor with the Imperial training island of Dai, located in the waters between Japan and China. It is from there that these five scouts and their trainer were transferred from, though each came from various planets throughout the Imperium.

Sergeant Ezio Eaglestrider

Sgt. Ezio Eaglestrider is an accomplished war veteran of the Bravering house with thousands of years of military service under his belt. He has a strong hunter mindset, with a philosophy of the strong surviving and the weak existing only to be eaten or to be nurtured. This mindset is what caused him to be transferred to the training corps, one of the highest honours the Empire can bestow upon their marines.

He is often seen in his iconic grey-gold armour with his eagle face mask. None of the Scouts under his care have ever seen his face, but know that his speed and stealth in battle are beyond legendary, and in fact, are almost memetic amongst the Empire. He is an animal lover, and can speak with them, and cannot forgive animal abuse.

Unless the animal was a douche. Then they deserve it.



Andrew Shade is the squad leader of the five scouts, and with good reason. A perfect all-rounder, Andrew isn't as exact as Selena, merciless as Athena, skilled as Reave or as brutal as Slim. However, he epitomises the most basic requirement of the Astartes: And The Shall Know Not Fear. While only a madman can be truly considered without fear, Andrew has never hesitated to carry out an order once in his life, is obedient but inventive, establishing the goals his superiors want achieved and thinking up the most effective way to achieve those objectives. Andrew is humble but aware of his own strengths, as well as the strengths of those around him, and quickly delegates tasks assigned to him that could either be achieved better by the hand of another, or provide another vital learning experience. His one weakness, however, is toast, and is addicted to the smell of fresh bread. He is the least likely of the five to fail an objective, and also the most frequent baker.


Selena Rogan is one of the first 100 female Astartes, part of an experiment of 100 female volunteers training in the Scout core. As the Marine Augmentation is very demanding on the body and mutates the body on a genetic level, females have been barred from this procedure due to the potential hazards it could cause during pregnancy. However, the Emperor has deemed it an appropriate time to test these fears, and asked for one hundred female volunteers. Selena Rogan was the first. Selena is a very literal thinker, and struggles to recognise sarcasm or the importance of other people's emotions. She is, however, a quick learner and is thorough is carrying out orders. She often comes across as cold and uninterested, but if she finds and recognises as opportunity to help out then she is usually the first to lend a hand. Of the five Scouts, she is the least likely to lose track of time, but also the most likely to get caught up in smaller details.


Like Selena, Athena Argent is one of the first female Astartes, and is part of a core of 100 experimental female Scouts. She's quite feminine in her approach, but merciless in her duties as a Scout. A natural born competitor, Athena lives for the feeling of standing over a defeated enemy, but she's also very interested in Earth's activities and customs. In the interest of building ties, she mostly socialises outside of her group of Scouts in order to learn more. Outside of the armour, she would pass for almost any other teenage girl with shocking pink hair, but she was also the first of the five to develop a full Black Carapace during training needed to wear a mature Astartes armour. However, her current stature of five feet eleven prevents her from doing so, but that stature will come as she advances through the Augmentation process. Of the five, she's the most likely to brag about her hover boarding skills, but the least likely to accept an honourable defeat.


Reave Behemoth is a member of the Shadowlance clan and as such has many of the skills surrounding that clan. He is capable of deconstructing and reconstructing matter at a touch, and also has some limited teleportation and darkness manipulation abilities. Somewhat of an introvert, Reave is quiet but willing to talk to others. A natural Marine, Reave has carried the Gene Seed of his family chapter since birth, and is a prodigy at warfare. However, his quiet nature often leads others to confuse his meekness with weakness, and is a frequent target of bullies. He endures it, however, as he knows that silencing them with his power is too close to abusing authority, a heresy he despises and will never fall to. He is the earliest riser of the five Scouts, but also takes longest in the shower.


A Scout whose beastblood runs thicker than most, Slim Crownslide is easily excitable and brutal in his methods. His handwriting is thick and heavy, he orders his steak extra rare and his kind heart leads him to make friends easily. He started shaving when he was thirteen, but quit when he was fifteen because it was just easier to grow it out. He has incredible senses of smell and hearing, even when compared to a mature Astartes, but he is often held back by colour blindness. He can transform into a furred monster at will, and can extend claws from his knuckles. He is the quickest of the five to lose his temper, but also the quickest to forgive a grudge.

(More information to come as Inazuma develops and RP's occur)

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