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Ignition to the Open Road                                                                               

Months Earlier

 Kimiko Cronos had been keeping a close eye on a group of people, both young and old. They weren't normal like other people, they had powers. Her "Boss" assigned her to study certain people, to see if they were worthy for a new team he was making. He told her to keep what they were doing secret, not even telling the agents they sent out to watch the people's every move. She followed every order given by him to a "T", wondering what his new team was going to be about. She studied all her targets, going days without sleep. She found it odd that one of her targets was one of her old friends Acer.
She knew the time when C.R.E.E.D. would contact the people was coming soon...but how soon...?

Present Day, Sept. 2, 2009

    A young mistress walked down a eerie hallway, the lights flickering on and off. The sounds of her boots echoing thought out the hall. In her hand were files of different people, a picture of their faces on each of the covers. The lady looked at them wondering what her boss wanted with them, "Classified:Ukitake Shunsui a.k.a. Acer, Classified:Blair a.k.a. CPG, Classified: Sho Fukamachi a.k.a Guyver,.."she continued on. "What does she want with these people?"She asked herself wondering. She came to a large metal door, with a metal gear in the middle, at the end of the hallway, she leaned forward placing her eyes on a retinal scanner. It scanned her eye, and recognized her. The door unlocked as the metal gear spun, she walked slowly into the room. The room was round, medium-sized with a desk and chair at the end of the room. Someone was sitting in the chair looking out the window. "Ms. Cronos I have the files you wanted." she said as she walked up to the desk. "Katu, matikanu pota."Kimiko said to her assistant as she continued to stare out the window. Her assistant store at the chair blankly not knowing what she said. "She *slurp* said to *slurp* to put it on the table*coughing* said a man in combat armor as he walked in followed by several other people. His tongue was ridiculously long for it was hanging out of his mouth. The assistant cringe by what she saw and quickly put the files on the desk and left the room. The door closed behind her, a loud click could be heard as the gear stopped spinning.
The people who came walked up to the desk, some of them deactivating their armor. "Hey Kimiko, the "Boss" told us you wanted us?" said Jacknife, he was the one in the hooded black robe. The chair spun around, Kimiko grabbed the files and looked at Jacknife. "Yes." she said. She quickly skimmed through the files and slides them across the desk, one for each person. They picked them up as Kimiko folded her hands. "I want each one of you to find the person I assigned to you, and offer them to join Teku." she said. "Teku?" Someone asked. "Yes, it's another branch of C.R.E.E.D., I was appointed to be the Director there." She said with a devious smile. She got up from the chair and began to walk around."Please study the information I have given to you, you have a hour to do so, and if your target is in a public around surrounded by people, please move them to a more quiet place."She said. All of them shoke their heads yes knowing what to do. The group began to leave as Kimiko called to people back. "Licker and Jacknife I need to talk to you." Both of them stopped, and returned to her desk. "Yah, Kim?" Both asked. "Licker try not to strangle your target to death like last time."she said sighing. "Um, yah Kim." he said quickly then he left. "Jacknife tell "Acer" it's from an old friend." she said smiling "Acer?" he asked only to see her point to the file in his hand."Oh." He said and then left. Kimiko returned to her chair and looked out the window. She watched the birds mating dance as they soar through the air gracefully above the crystal clear blue lake surrounding the base.
She began to think if she should have told her "friends" that she sent their targets information about Teku, but shoke it off. As time passed her "friends" where traveling around the world to meet their targets. She know some would cooperate and some wouldn't, if they did they would be apart of the new team branch Teku, but they would have to face a challenge before they did. 
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