Ignatius ~ Ignite the Fire Within (Character Bio)

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Birth Name: Taiyo Akio

Age: 23 years old

Height: 6 ft 1

Alias: Ignatius, Iggy, Iggi

Nationality: Japanese


Akio is a tall young man with a lean and toned build. He is often seen dressed in a long black fireproof cloak, and a pair of fireproof leather gloves and boots. Akio has fiery red shoulder-length hair which he often has slicked back and spiked. His eyes are emerald green, and he sometimes has them outlined with black eye-liner. Akio also occasionally places two upside-down tear-shaped markings below his eyes.


13-year-old Akio
13-year-old Akio

After being orphaned at the age of 13 due to the chaotic events caused by Newdeath's rein, all Akio was left with in this world was his little brother, Hikaru, who is ten years his minor. The trauma of losing his parents and home is the root of Akio’s subconscious fear of super humans and super powers. Despite that fear, Akio looked up to the heroes that saved the Earth from the havoc of Newdeath, which is why Akio has vowed to protect his little brother, which to him was the only heroic deed he is capable of doing.

Being forced to care for him at such a young age, Akio sacrificed his own freedom, childhood and education to ensure his little brother’s safety, success, and happiness. Teen Akio dropped out of school and joined the workforce to be able to provide a stable life for both himself and his little brother. These chains of events are what formed Akio’s protective and responsible characteristics towards Hikaru.

Since Akio dropped out of middle school, Akio is not the brightest man out there when it comes to academics. Although not being “book smart”, Akio’s got “street smarts” since he’s been venturing the streets for jobs for the past ten years.

Despite the constant stress of barely making it through, Akio keeps a laid-back and calm demeanor mainly to comfort his little brother. He often acts much younger that his actual age, almost like his personality is living the childhood he was never able to live. Akio also has a very playful and hyperactive side, which he usually displays when he is not working. In spite of usually being in a positive mood, Akio is easily angered, and when he is, he resembles the roaring flames that his powers stem from.

Akio has a strong belief that power should not be flaunted for personal gain, which is why he is supports the idea that super humans and those with super powers need to be monitored. His subconscious fear that a tyrannous villain may rise from unmonitored power and threaten the safety of his little brother is what drives him to follow The Union of Seven. After his pyrokinetic abilities were awakened by Organization X, Akio decides to utilize this power down the path of heroism, and eliminate any possible threats to the world.


(note: the origin story will be written from the point of view of the character titled prior to each segment - i.e. if the segment is titled "Akio" then it will be in the point of view of Akio, etc. Please dont copy anything written here and claim it. Thanks in advance)

A Normal Evening Gone Wrong

Akio - 20 years old

“Have a good evening, Akio.” said Tanaka-san, the owner of the ramen shop that I work at. I gave him a gentle nod and returned his courteous words. “And thank you for being able to cover Yuki’s shift.” continued the shop owner while pulling the shutters and locking them, and I gave him another nod. He knew that I couldn’t refuse the shift, seeing that it was another opportunity to make some dough; and I never let an opportunity like that slip by - never.

“Ah no prob, Boss! Ya know I’m always here if you need me.” I reassured Tanaka-san, flashing him one of my million-dollar smiles. The middle-aged man gave me a gentle smile back as he placed the store keys in his back pocket. However, when he took his hand out, it held his old leather wallet.

“Here’s today’s pay, Akio.” Tanaka-san held out a sealed envelope with my name written in kanji. I closed my eyes and gave him a sincere bow while extending my hands to accept my income. After I felt the paper texture on the palm of my hand, I wrapped by fingers around it and clenched the envelope, letting out a crumpling noise. I lifted my head and gave the boss another one of my smiles.

“Thanks Boss!” I exclaimed, excited with the cash I earned. I began lightly jogging backwards, still facing my boss, “Well I’ll see you later; I gotta meet up with somebody now.”

Tanaka looked amused at my excited expression, he then raised a curious brow and asked, “Why the excited mug? You meeting up with a girl or something?” he said with a slight chuckle. I almost instantly laughed at his remark and stopped reversing.

You think I got time for girls, Boss?” I said with a laugh while jogging in place, “I’m meeting up with my kid bro, we didn’t have dinner yet so I’ll be treating him to something with the mulla I earned today!” I clarified, waving the envelope with a grin stretched across my face. Tanaka-san smiled back and waved his hand goodbye. I turned around and dashed through the blocks to get to my neighbourhood. I knew Hikaru was waiting for me at the bottom of our apartment compound.

“You’re late, Akio.” remarked Hikaru while consulting his digital wristwatch.

I gasped for air, “Bro, I ran as fast as I could to get here on time.” I panted with my hands resting on my slightly bent knees. “Anyways..did you decide what you wanted to eat?” I asked, eager to suppress my stomach’s never-ending growling orchestra. Hikaru crossed his arms as he contemplated his options.

“How about….ramen?” suggested Hikaru.

“Ramen?! But I just left the ramen shop! I could’ve gotten it with a reasonable discount since I work there. Besides, I ain’t in the mood for ramen, I’ve been around it for the past five hours.” I ranted. Hikaru looked slightly disappointed with my response, but he didn’t oppose my rant either. Man that kid is easy to read. I bet he’s now thinking of something else to eat. I looked away and scratched the back of my head, “I guess we can have ramen today.” I said, changing my opinion. I glanced at Hikaru’s face and saw it light up, and noticed how happy I made him. I guess he really wanted that ramen after all. “Well little bro, we probably should start moving soon, unless you wanna have instant ramen!” With that, I began walking down the same streets I ran through earlier, but this time I wasn’t alone.

The streets were starting to get rather empty, and the shops looked like they were all reaching their closing time. I peered at my little brother, who looked like he was thinking the same thing I was. I rubbed my chin, contemplating on what our next move should be; I bet the boy was as starved as I was. I reached into my pocket and took out my envelope and opened it, “You know, we got enough money to actually go to an actual restaurant, and not some ramen stand. What are your thoughts? Should we try out that new buffet restaurant that opened near your school? Or maybe we can go to tha-“ In an instant, a dark body sprinted passed me, snatching the envelope which I held in my hand. I was robbed. What was worse was that that money was all that I had until my next payday. Without thinking, I sprinted behind the thief, leaving behind my brother.

“Oy! Oy! Oy! THIEF! Gimme back my money!!” I yelled out, running as fast as I could. The pickpocket didn’t look like he even considered my words; that pissed me off. A devilish grin spread across my face, and I felt the adrenaline pumping in my veins. No one knows these streets more than I do, I practically make a living off of these streets. The male seemed like he was taking the route towards the abandoned construction site; I was going to take my chance and take a shortcut.

Sure enough, I got to the site a few seconds before he did, and when he saw me, I could tell that he had a surprised expression, even though he had a mask covering his face. I still had that devilish grin across my face, and I slowly lifted my hand and pointed at my envelope which the thief still held in his fist. “That envelope. Give it.” I barked, “Give it to me, and no one gets hurt.”

“No one gets hurt?” said a voice, but it didn’t belong to the thief standing in front of me. I turned around to see the source of the voice and came face to face with a whole gang of thieves. Damnit! I’m outnumbered. Keep it cool Akio, keep it cool.

“Man, just give me my money. I don’t have all day here.” I said nonchalantly, trying to seem unfazed by their numbers. I took a step forward, and the thief reached into his pocket, taking out a small hand gun. Is this guy for real?! He’s gonna shoot me for 3000 yen? “Dude are you serious? That envelope only has like, 3000 yen tops. You’re going to kill a man because of that?!”

“How do we know that? You’re probably bluffing.” responded the thieves. I sighed and gave out a little laugh at how ridiculous this situation was.

“I’m being legit here. There is no more than 3000 yen in that envelope.” I repeated, taking another step forward. The thief tightened his hand on the gun, and his index finger began pushing against the trigger. Shit this guy is for real. I looked around the construction site, trying to mentally picture and rehearse a way to escape this situation and seek refuge. I decided the best way to deal with this was to surrender and so I slowly stepped back and began lifting my hands.


I felt a foreign object invade my body for a split second, and suddenly the navy blue shirt I wore started to become wet and smell of iron. I’ve been shot….?

“The hell man?! You weren’t supposed to actually shoot ‘im!” yelled one of the gang members. The man that shot me dropped his gun and the envelope and began running. The idiot probably just realized he did something wrong. I staggered at my feet, which began feeling numb. My body fell to its knees, and eventually crashed onto the asphalt. I tried to move, but my body wouldn’t obey my commands; and my blood slowly began to pool around me. All the gang members were gone. I was alone. And I was dying.

Hikaru. My vision is beginning to fail me. Hikaru. I feel cold. Hikaru. Am I falling? Hikaru. I’m having troubles breathing. Hikaru. Who’ll protect Hikaru if I die?

Powers and Abilities


coming soon


Pyrois and Aeos
Pyrois and Aeos
Two chakrams are Akio's weapon of choice for combat. Chakrams are flat steel rings with a sharpened spikes on their rims, and are used as a thrown weapon (thrown like a frisbee). These chakrams were custom-made so that they can only be operated by Akio himself. Akio named these two chakrams Pyrois and Aeos, after two of the horses of Apollo's chariot. Akio is able to summon his chakrams by calling their names, and they instantly appear in his hands.

Pyrois and Aeos are best used during long-range combats, since they are at their optimum strength when they are thrown. They manage to retrieve momentum and spin around, which makes their spikes more destructive - slashing at their enemy. Akio is able to engulf both chakrams in flames to increase its damage on the opponent.
Aethon is a sword form taken by Aeos, where the chakram acts as the grip of the sword and flame acts as the blade. Aethon is the name of another horse of Apollo's chariot. Akio uses Aethon during close-range combat, especially on opponents who are prone to fire. Aethon's blade, which is made of fire, can be elongated by the amount of flame that Akio may add to it.
Phlegon is a sword created by the merging of both Pyrois and Aeos. Aeos acts as the grip of the sword and Pyrois acts as a spiked blade. Phlegon is also named after another one of Apollo's horses. Akio uses Phlegon during close-range combat, and he is also able to engulf it in flames if he wishes to.


Taiyo Hikaru

Name: Taiyo Hikaru

Relation: Akio's little brother

Age: 13 years old

Nationality: Japanese




Coming soon

Organization X (Organization X-terminate)

Coming soon

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Ok, I got the basics of my character's bio outlined. I'll continue the rest later XD Rain used to be a water-type, and now Akio is a fire-type. It'll be cool to play as him XD

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"Feeling, hot, hot, hot!" Sweet character! :P I look forward to the finished product.

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@Guyver: Lol XD Thanks bro! It'll be fun to see how he and Rio would interact... Water vs Fire, who's gonna win? :P

Post by Guyver (3,439 posts) See mini bio Level 14


I think Iggy has Rio outmatched there :P For Rio to win, he'd have to rely on his swords and guns. Marina could give him a run for his money, if it came down to Water Vs. Fire lol.

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@Guyver: I bet Rio's swordsmanship owns Iggy's since he got real training in Aquarii :P Whereas Iggy just goes with the flow :P Hmm, it'd be cool to see Marina fight him XD

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True lol. He'll learn through experience, though. That would be sick xD

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@UsachanMaN: Very nice so far so good I can't wait to see what you came up with for his abilities. :)

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@Guyver: Yup! XD I know huh? :P

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Thanks man! :D I should have it up tonight or tomorrow :D

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@UsachanMaN: Lookin good so far!XD
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@UsachanMaN: I like your character, Well done. ^^

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Looks interesting so far.

Our characters would interact in... ehh... many different ways.

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@UsachanMaN: I'm curious to see if you used my idea for his his flames to be able to change color and each color has its own property from KHR

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@Sonata: @_XXX_: @VoidShiki: Thanks a bunch guys! :D

@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@UsachanMaN: I'm curious to see if you used my idea for his his flames to be able to change color and each color has its own property from KHR

I'm still working it out in my brain, but I am definitely going to use it as a basic concept for a possible ability XD Thanks again for the idea! :D

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Updated the story: added "Normal Evening Gone Wrong" Hope you guys enjoy it :D I'll try to add the next segments soon. Once I have the origin story down, I'll update the the powers and abilities ( My brain cant sort those out without a corresponding chain of events that lead to those powers XD)

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I liked the first-person narrative approach :P Can't wait for the power section!

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@Guyver: Thanks bro! Yea I've been itching to try that out (I didnt end up using it for Mai's bio since writing in third person was easier in her story's case). With Iggy though, its easier for me to write in 1st person...I guess it'll give the reader insight on how he thinks and how the NPC characters think as well when I write from their perspective :P

I should have the powers up in the next couple of days! :D I kinda go through bios in a very video game-ish approach... as the story progresses I unlock powers XD

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Anytime! Yeah, I think the concept will work great. The readers will have a much easier time getting to know what makes Iggy click, rather than assuming you understand the character through the way he was written in third-person. So, as you level up, the powers are unlocked, right? :P
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Yup, exactly man! Couldnt have said it better myself! :D. Loooool! Yup! You're catching my drift :P You know you've been playing too much video games when.... lol XD
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Absolutely xD

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