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Coyote Creek, Nevada: Blue Moon Saloon

The small town of Coyote Creek it was an quiet somewhat bland town while there was nothing particular bad about there was nothing particular good about it either. It was sort of just there. The town served more as a rest spot for travelers making their way to the big city of Death Vegas. Perhaps there was a time when Coyote Creek was more, after all it was the site of a large shootout between lawmen and bandits in the times of the Wild West, but now the town was a shade of it’s perhaps once former glory cast in the shadows of the hills that surrounded it. However now the town was beginning to become a hot topic among the Hidden World as a particular individual had claimed it as his domain.

The Blue Moon Saloon perhaps the only spot within Coyote Creek that was somewhere near half decent, it once served many a famous and infamous lawmen, bandits, cattle rustlers, Pinkerton Agents, and Gunslingers. Currently the saloon was hosting one of the infamous people in the west, a young man about 25 years old wearing brown jacket with fur around the collar over a white tank top. He had on a pair of jeans held up by a leather belt with a buckle that had a bull horn design to it. He his dark black hair was shaggy and long. The strangest thing about his appearance were the small gold bull horns sticking out the side of his head. The young man was standing on bar a beer in one hand and clearly making a scene. “SO! There I was eye to eye with this bastard he had a cleaver in one hand and a crazy look in his eyes! He tells me I got to the count of 10 to give him all the money that I had on me and leave his sight.” There was a collective gasp from some of the women surrounding the story teller; some of the men spoke whispers behind their hands. “You know who that is?” “Isn’t that the infamous Lightning King?” “Yeah it is I heard he stood his ground against fifty Bounty Hunters and only left one alive to spread the word of the massive storm they had witness.” “Fifty I heard it was a hundred and fifty and also that a single punch wiped out a mountain.” “Jesus really?” As the group spoke in whispers the Lightning King continued his tale, “Now normally I would have instantly used my mastery of the storms to strike this fool with the wrath of the Lightning King! However I was feeling a bit generous this day.” A young man who appeared to be a cross between street rat and cowboy looked up at the Lightning King with a bright smile, “Wow Boss this guy sounds tough you should have let me dealt with him. Hey where was I when you fought this guy?” The Lightning King gulped a little and quickly laughed off the question, “Don’t worry about it Warren you were busy….protecting Ana and my lovely Beatrice.” Surprisingly the street savvy member of the Thunder Guard brought the complete fabrications as if it was actual fact. “Oh right I remember now.”

The Thunder Guard was the personal gang of bandits that the self-proclaim Lightning King, they were his sword and shield who defended and did battle for their leader on the drop of a hat. The members consist of Warren “Tornado” McGuiness, The fearsome Dr. Colton Steel, cheerful Ana “Bubblegum” Cooper and the lovely Beatrice “Red Temptress” Lucas. The Thunder Guard stood on either side of their powerful leader creating an imposing sight in the saloon. The Lightning King continued his story “I was out flanked! Out gunned! And out Numbered! But I was not out match. So I looked them saying 25 to 1 I like those odds. And with a clap of thunder I unleashed my mighty Thunder Demon King PUNCH! And just like that is how I single handedly defeated the Mad Dog bandits!” The crowd around the self-proclaimed Storm Slayer muttered amongst themselves about the tale and how amazing and terrifying the man before them was. The Lighting King smirked as he looked around and raise his glass, “Now how about a round of drinks for everybody on me, bar keep put it on my tab!” The whole saloon broke out into cheers until the weak and old bartender spoke up, “But sir your tab is at its limit you can’t”…BANG! The wall just next to the bar’s keep head was blown out by the mechanized Dr. Colton Steel in his destructive armor his voice as he spoke his voice was robotic and metallic. “No one ever tells our Boss no. He is the Great Lightning King, Slayer of Storms, The Electric Gunslinger with a single thought he could call down a lightning bolt to destroy this pathetic town. And we our terrifying Thunder Guard our presence alone strikes fear in the hearts of the most ruthless of people.” The Lightning King placed his hand on the cold armor shoulder of Steele, “That’s right Steel, no one can handle me I will strike down all who oppose me with the force of a 10 Million Storms! Spread the Word peasants the Great Lightning King Telsa Powell stands before you!”

As Telsa Powell was creating a name for him as the fearsome Lightning King a young female bounty hunter strangely dressed in an attire that was a cross between a witch and a cowgirl was making her way to Coyote Creek. She was Toni Sorciere “The Cat Eye Witch” she was currently a bronze star BH after the high bounties on the members of the Lightning King’s gang, mainly Beatrice Lucas who has recently been eluding her. Her small frame and lithe body caused many to under estimate her but they quickly fall victims to the circus trained bounty hunter’s powers of illusion. However she was not the only person seeking out the Lightning King and his Guard bounty hunters, mercenaries, and assassins were begin to converge on the town. They were seeking to claim the title of being the one who defeated the Lightning King. There was another individual who was heading towards Coyote Creek however he was doing it for his own reasons, riding on a silver and chrome motorcycle named Silver. A Gunslinger heading home to Death Vegas.

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Falken hated to work with others; in fact he despised most of the human race, mostly because the amount of metal he had inside him helped him to barely qualify as a human and he was kind of a loner. Humans turned him into the killing machine he was and in his line of work he saw the worst pieces of shit humanity had created either as hirers or as targets. This time around he had to share a mission with two idiotic, happy trigger bastards that called themselves the Western Dogs. They said they were part of a larger group, but Falken never heard either of them or their the group…the Numbers? It had some sort of nostalgic ring but the Deadliest Mercenary couldn’t place it. He was hired by an anonymous party that wanted to take care of some sort of outlaw called the Lighting King.

For that purpose the Twin Barreled Shinigami was in Nevada driving a car with the two most stupid men he had ever met in the backseat behaving like dumb and dumbest imitators. –Jack stop hogging the PSVita I want to keep killing noobs. - Tobia Doberman tried to take the gaming console from the Blond Calamity hand, he was playing with one hand and a chopstick, quite the feat, even bigger than fitting both Guns for Hire in the Jeep Falken rented. They were also forced to work with Falken, who was here mostly as a way to keep this two idiots contained from causing damage like they did in London. Babysitting potential disasters wasn’t the idea of a good job, especially when the disasters were Jack Goldhound and Tobia Doberman, that in the little time they had been alongside the Dual Barreled Angel of Death they managed to swiftly deplete the Bionic Mercenary patience.

In a matter of hours the trio was about to arrive to Coyote Creek and start hunting for the Lighting King. What Falken didn’t knew is that the Western Dogs had another agenda, get a sample of his blood for some obscure purpose.

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Come to Coyote Creek, they said. It will be fun, they said. Sitting inside of a moderately filled bus was the pink-haired seamstress known as Haruko Miyata. She had heard about a man calling himself the 'Lightning King' was disturbing the locals of this town, so she had decided to take the job of dealing with this individual. However, she is notorious for being a horrible navigator, so she opted this time to take the bus to Coyote Creek. Near the middle of the bus, people stared in curiosity at the drunk middle-aged man who was tied up by what appeared to be wire, and was knocked out cold.

Earlier that afternoon...

Haruko had paid for her bus fare to Coyote Creek, and decided to take a seat near the back of the bus so she could be away from some of the more...rugged people that were also on it. As she sat down and made herself as comfortable as she could on the hard plastic chairs, she took out her book from her bag and started reading. The book appeared to be a normal text-based one, but it was really a graphic novel detailing the story of a man who is turned into a dog by an evil sorceress, and his struggle to regain his identity and convince his girlfriend that he is indeed still alive. She loved to read these random stories when she was out and about, and not so much her secret stash of...suggestive graphic novels stored away in the pocket dimension created by her tent. She was about to get to a good chapter, until she heard the sound of someone walking towards her. Haruko looks up from her book, to see a raggedy middle-aged man holding a large bottle of vodka. His hair was down to his shoulders, and looked like he hasn't showered in months. His beard that stretched down to his waist didn't help his image either. He spoke in a slur as he addressed the pink-haired reader.

"Heeesh yooou...yooou ahhhh adoriblsh. How muuuush?" With one motion, he takes another large drink from the vodka bottle. Haruko sighs as she puts the book down onto her lap, as she had gathered that this man wants to pay her for a sexual behavior that she wasn't willing to give out at all. "Sorry, I don't do that. Could you please sit somewhere else?" She tried at first to be nice to him, hoping that he would just go away when denied. This wasn't the case, and he flopped down onto the seat next to Haruko, much to her dismay. "I'm surre ve caan be da bust of friendsh." He said, looking at her. Tired of being bothered, Haruko places her bookmark down, and closes her book. She then looks at the man, a little more sternly this time. "I would appreciate it if you found another seat. There are plenty on this bus." The drunk man didn't like this comment, and groaned a little. "Wai yoush not like me? Ish jus wanna have funnn." He says, and moves his hand toward Haruko's left breast. Having given him two chances, the seamstress places her book down, and grabs his arm tightly, glaring at him now. "I warned you."

After knocking him out in one punch and tying him up with some of her wires, she drags his unconscious body over to the middle of the bus, and deposits him in the middle of 3 unoccupied seats. Haruko then returns to her seat, and begins reading her novel again, the announcer stating that they were close to Coyote Creek.

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Nevada, Desert: a few miles outside of Coyote Creek

“Crap, crap, oh double crap. What’s wrong with this damn bike? Why isn’t it working?” Toni Sociere aka “The Cat Eye Witch” was kneeling down staring at the busted Vespa like scooter that she rode. Steam was leaking from the dirty orange and black scooter and whenever hunter would go to rev the energy it would a grinding sound. Unfortunately for Toni she was up a creek without a paddle, or more appropriately stuck in a rocky desert without transportation, the illusionist was in no way form a mechanic. She may specialize in creating unique blends of gunpowder, various circus and sleight of hand tricks, and creating powerful illusions but when it came to the workings of various machines she was about as useful as a lighter on a fish. “Damn what the hell am I going to do now? According to the map Coyote Creek is at least 5 miles from here and the heat is a bit overwhelming to walk from here. Went Triple Crap!” Randomly Toni began to bang on the scooter with the palm of her hand. “There that should work.” The witch hoped on the scooter and went to start it only to receive a sudden and loud bang and popping sound as if the Vespa was telling her not to do that again. Toni pouted as he put her hand down on the handles of scooter letting out a frustrated sigh. Unbeknownst to her however from a short distance away three men watched her with a carnal hunger; they were related and if one lived in this area they would recognize them instantly as the Clayton Brothers: Ricky, Bobby, and Lester.

The Claytons were a family of hill folks who took up camp in the Nevada desert they formed a small clan as they broke away from society in order to found gold, oil, or whatever brought them money. Years and generations of inbreeding took its toll on the family leaving only a small clan left. They resorted to turning into criminals for money robbing, raping, or kidnapping anyone who got lost in their tuft. The three most notorious were the Clayton Brothers. Ricky was the youngest and the (sorta) brains of the trio his elder twin half-brothers (or double uncles no one really knows with the Claytons). Bobby and Lester often protected baby brother. Bobby was on smaller side he had a tendency to chew dip and could spit the gunk with a fearsome force. Lester was the tallest and reeked of 3 days old egg salad stuffed in a diaper left in a sulfur pit, his smell alone could overwhelm most a tactic that was often used.

Toni frustratingly banged on her Vespa trying to get it to work when a large shadow loomed over her, as she looked back she saw the three Clayton brothers. Ricky spoke with a false sincerity, “Ey lil missy did your bike there break down? Well ain’t that a darn shame.” Lester began to laugh repeating what his younger brother said, “Yea a darn shame it is Ricky.” However this earned him a glare from Bobby while Ricky continued, “Is ther any way we can help you miss?” The Cat Eye Witch did her best not to puke as she caught a whiff of Lester’s stank. “Um sure my bike is broken down and I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Do you think you could fix it?” The youngest Clayton just smiled a grin that was missing some teeth, “Sure thing mam let me just get down her and take a lookie here.” As Ricky leaned over to inspect her Vespa Toni was more than suspicious and her hand slowly moved to the black whip she kept as a weapon.

Meanwhile riding through the Nevada landscape on his beloved motorcycle, a classic Harvey Daytona V Knight series with twin dual exhaust and a chrome and silver paint job, Silver was the Last Gunslinger Crow. He was heading back to Death Vegas after following up on some leads down south and intended to stop if not pass through Coyote Creek to get some gas and rest up. Despite the pair of googles over his eyes, he could see a young girl and three large (and ugly) men just off the side of the road. The Rail-gun slowed down and pulled off to the side of the ride to inspect the situation further. While Ricky pretended to be working on Toni’s Vespa; Bobby and Lester moved closer and closer getting ready to grab and subdue their prey. However Toni was no idiot she noticed the shadows moving closer and closer towards her she was similar waiting to make her own move. The sound of a motorcycle pulling made all of them turn their heads to face the newcomer. The Gunslinger removed his helmet, googles, and gloves he gazed over the Toni and the Claytons. “What seems to be the problem here?” Ricky tried to keep his calm as he glared at Crow, “Nothing the problem pal. Now why don’t you get back on your bike that and ride off to where you were going. This here is none of your business bub.” The Rail-gun seemed to respond with a sarcastic indifference, “Fine I got no problem with that it’s none of my business anyway. I was just curious why you seem to be tinkering with the exact same spot on that Vespa for that pass couple of minutes making no real difference. While at the same time slowly drawing a gun from your overalls meanwhile dumb and dumber back there are not only drawing closer but one seems to getting they are both weapons as well. If I didn’t know any better than I would say you were trying to take advantage of this girl.”

Toni’s eyes widen in shock she may have noticed they were getting closer to her but even her skills didn’t allow her to notice the men were drawing their own weapons. In fact it was getting harder and harder to focus with the overwhelming stench coming from the fat misshapen one behind her she was curious as to who this knight in brown leather armor was. Ricky stood up anger boiling his veins, “You accusing me and my brothers of something bub?! We don’t take kind to people throwing accusations our way round here.” The half-wit Lester spoke up mimicking his brother comment, “Yeah don’t take kindly to them at all.” Crow stood calmly as the brother started making their way other to him, “No dumbass I’m not accusing you and your brothers of anything...cause that would imply you there was a chance you are innocent. I’m flat out saying you are trying to take advantage of her.” The Gunslinger’s retort sent Ricky in a fit but as he brought his fist back to throw a punch Crow was two steps faster bringing his own fist up to smash the Clayton in the already crooked nose. Ricky cried in pain as he held his hands to his bleeding nose his brothers reacted violently to witnessing their younger sibling getting smacked around.

The two elder Claytons began to throw punches at Crow who easily kept side stepping them avoiding their strikes until he noticed Bobby cheeks puff out as he was about to spit. With lightning fast speed the Rail-gun drew Quicksilver and slammed the weapon into the stomach; Bobby doubled over the strike forcing him to swallow back the vile dip he was about to spit. Lester threw a huge, fungus infected, bare foot only for Crow to side step it so that it collided with Bobby’s face the smell alone knocking him out before the foot collided with a crunching impact. Without missing a step Crow moved behind Lester and delivered a violent pistol whip to the back of the skull rendering him unconscious. Now that both his brothers were beaten Ricky came too shocked to see Lester and Bobby beaten so easily he panic and drew his gun…BANG! Beating Ricky to the trigger Crow had disarmed on the desert hillbilly by shooting the weapon out of his hand. Ricky stood in fear as Crow held him at gun point, smirking Crow lunged forward making Ricky jump backwards terrified. Satisfied Crow twirled his revolver on his finger and holstered it while speaking to Ricky, “Go on get the hell out of here. You aren’t worth the effort it would take to kick your ass you weren’t worth that bullet but it got the message across.” Crow turned away from the Clayton, who was now staring between him and his gun on the ground, as Crow got further away Ricky went to make a move for his gun only to be cut off by the Gunslinger’s voice. “I said GET OUT OF HERE!” With that Ricky ran off leaving his beaten brothers behind as he shouted back threats, “You bastard wait till I tell Mama Clayton. Then you will be sorry for what you did to Lester and Bobby!” Crow turned shouting back, “Go on tell your god damn mother you coward! You go and tell your hick clan all about me and tell them I send each and every one of you toothless fucks right back to your Mama! Bring your whole god damn clan and I’ll take care of you all at once!”

Toni the whole time stared at Crow with astonishment, no not asparties tonishment but love yes LOVE Toni didn’t knew who this person was but she was in love with him. Not only did he save her like some knight but he was handsome, strong, skilled, smart, cute, tough, cool, and HOT! Toni began to picture their life together going on dates on beaches at sunset and fancy dinners; they would laugh and dance at parties. They get married and have adorable children together who grow up and haves kids of their own the get old together. The Cat Eye Witch’s eyes were comical hearts and as her savior drew near her nose was hit with unbelievable scent. Her future husband smelled of gun metal, dust, leather, whiskey, and gun powder; the illusionist was a gun powder specialist and could detect the elements that made up the gunpowder but scent only. And her mysterious cowboy had an amazing blend it was not factory made but custom for him like he did it himself. As Toni day dreamed about her future love life she totally didn’t pay attention to Crow explaining to her that her bike had overheated, that he could fix it, and then him actually fixing her bike. It wasn’t until Crow asked her name that the Cat Eye Witch somewhat snapped out of it. “ name is Toni Sociere.” The girl began to lean in floating on could 9 for a kiss as Crow was walking away getting back on his bike. “Well Toni just keep your bike under 60 and be careful. Adios” Before Toni could realize that the Gunslinger was already speeding off he was already gone. Dismayed Toni stared off in the directions Crow was going a fierce determination in her eyes as she said to herself. “I don’t know who you but I will have you my future husband.”

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-OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AGAIN AND I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FILL IT WITH LEAD!- Falken patience reached a limit minutes ago as the Western Dogs accidentally threw their gaming console to the radio, the only thing keeping the Deadliest Mercenary on the world from killing them. This event caused him to stop the jeep, get out, grab Tobia from the lapel of his shirt and pulled him out of the car with his inhuman strength. He summoned the largest gun on his arsenal, The Neate Divider Rifle and after kicking the Afro sporting Gun-for-Hire in the balls so he opened his mouth he placed the cannon there while he pointed another gun as Jack, that didn’t move. That takes us back to the present, as Falken was threatening Tobia. –I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU MOTHERFUCKER! - The wielder of Sophie’s choice is lead grabbed the cannon and took it out of his mouth. –You aint using that line with me you whi- Falken kicked him on the ribs and placed his foot over the Western Dog throat

-This isn’t a joke stupid bastard, your boss, my hirer, told me you would follow my instructions, so please get your act together and try to be a professional, not a bawling child crying for a damn videogame.- Jack Goldhound smiled, and quipped, not reading the situation at all. –He got you there partn*BZZZZZT*- A highly concentrated particle beam took the right side of Jack’s hat as a warning. –This goes for you too blondie, so get your asses to the jeep, shut the hell up and follow my every command, understood?- Falken’s tone clearly showed he wasn’t fucking with them and that he would shoot them in cold blood if they misbehave. Even as crazy as they were the 5 Members of the Cardinals knew the most basic lesson of strategy, sometimes you need to retreat. –Yes sir.- Both replied as one and got in the Jeep. –Fucking amateurs.- Falken whispered as he got into the car. They manage to piss off a man that was more steel than man, which got to be a record.

After this pitiful incident the group was already seeing the buildings of Coyote Creek as the Jeep kept moving forward in this desert landscape.

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The large bus finally pulls into the station, and Haruko dumps the unconscious body of the drunk onto a nearby bench, after taking back her wires of course. And this is why I don't like public transportation. Haruko thinks to herself, walking away from the bus station and into the inner parts of Coyote Creek. The town seemed relatively ordinary to her, no blatant crimes occurring or shady people walking around to enforce arbitrary crime lord rules to normal civilians. Remembering that she was here for a job, the knife-wielder pulls out the job description paper, and reads over it once more. "Lightening King...huh? Sounds good enough for me." With that said, Haruko puts the paper back into her bag, and casually strolls down the sidewalk, both of her hands gripping the back of her head as she walked. Suddenly, she stops dead in her tracks, and looks down at the ground with a sigh. Annnnnd I have absolutely NO idea where this guy is at. Maybe some of the locals can help me out?

Spotting a nearby fruit vendor, she smiles in response to the opportunity presented to her. Bingo. This guy should know something about the Lightening King's whereabouts. Letting go of the back of her head, Haruko proceeds to walk over to the stand, and grabs one of the bright red apples that was for sale. The seamstress then places the apple on the counter, along with the specified amount of money required to buy it, as labeled on the nearby signs. As he is putting the money away, Haruko smiles a little, and decides to begin fishing for information. "Hello. Nice town you all have here. I'm just curious, do you know anything about this 'Lightening King' that I have been hearing so much about lately?"

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Coyote Creek

As the Battle Seamstress even mentioned the Lightning King the town suddenly went silent and several eyes fell on the young girl. The fruit vendor clenched his chest like he was about to drop of a heart attack, “Girl that name is something that is spoken lightly around here do you understand?” Some mothers quickly rushed their children into the house as vendors closed and lock their doors, “You see are that person is more demon than man. He came into this town with his group and thugs, he was a like a giant storm cloud that threaten destruction. The sheriff ran tail the second he got a chance since then…he has appointed himself the law.” The streets became eerily quiet, “I don’t know why you are looking for that man sweetheart but he is bad news so unless you want trouble I get out of this town as fast as you can.”

From behind the girl stood of the members elite Thunder Guard, the “Tornado” Warren McGuiness; strapped to his back his deadly shotgun Dragoon. Warren had bought into Telsa’s hype and look up to him like a big brother; he was a bit naïve but the fearsome blast of his weapon could blow down a house. He was walking by when he heard Haruko mention the Lightning King and the fruit’s vendor speech, “Hello are you looking my Big Bro Boss?” The Thunder Guard offer his hand in a polite and actually cheerful manner; this was Warren’s normal personality cheerful, polite, and trusting of anyone no matter what. (It also helped he thought the Battle Seamstress was cute) The fruit vendor spotted Warren and know the young boy true power got away as fast as he could. “If you want I can take you to the Boss he is staying in that saloon over there in a room over the bar. We have turned it into a bit of a headquarters. Right now Steel and Ana are out patrolling the area with the other guns that follow Big Brother.” As Warren led Haruko to the Blue Moon Saloon he was all to reveal secret information while he moved closer to her a blush on his face. “So where are you from miss? You don’t look like you from around here?”

Road to Coyote Creek

As a way to control the town Telsa had set up a barricade on the back roads that lead into town making the only point of entrance the main road (the one Haruko took the bus on). Guarded by several hired guns who were kept in line by the fearsome reputation that the Lightning King had built around himself. Also guarding the barricade was the fearsome Steel his metal shell and technology made a perfect fit for this. As the Falcon Eye Killer approached with the Bullet Maelstroms known as the Western Dogs the hired guns loaded their weapons and took aim as warning to stop. Steel spoke in a cold robotic voice. “You have entered the domain of the Lightning King, the fearsome Ruler of Storms and God of Electricity. These roads into Coyote Creek are off limits as forbidden territory so either turn back and head onto the main road or stay here and be gun down your choice.” With that every gun man and Steel raised their weapons at the jeep and its 3 passengers. Meanwhile….

Practically asleep on the town water tower, the highest point in the entire town, was Ana “Bubblegum” Cooper she was supposed to be keep an eye on the main road to see who or what was coming into town. However the bubbly cowgirl was busy thinking of Telsa, the one man she thought dreamy and mumbling about how jealous that Beatrice was currently with him. Ana was ironically was supposed to be relieved of her duties by Warren who was currently showing Haruko the way to The Storm God’s room. But if the bored girl did look up at the road she was supposed to be over watching she noticed a gleam of silver heading fast towards town.

Blue Moon Saloon

Tesla laid stretched out on a luxurious couch a smirk on his face while the beautiful and deadly Beatrice “Red Temptress” Lucas sat in front of a vanity mirror brushing her and maintaining her appearance. “God this desert is crap for my hair and my complexion is being ruin every second we are here. What was so god damn important about this town anyway Telsa? You said we had to come here this place isn’t like you normally you like to make a name for yourself in larger spots not crappy little desert towns.” The Lightning King sat up from the couch and walked over to the Red She-Devil putting a hand on her shoulder, “Don’t worry doll we won’t be here long just enough for me to gather more followers, rack up another large tab, and spread my terror.” Beatrice brushed off Tesla’s and glared at him, “You made be able to feed Warren and Ana that load of crap but not me. I know you Telsa or should I say Lightning King what is the real reason we are here.” The normally over arrogant self-proclaimed Storm Slayer faltered a bit as Beatrice’s brashness. “Fine, fine we are here because He told to be in this town. Said something about finding something and if I succeeded he promised me more than a king’s worth of gold as well as my name becoming infamous.” The Red Woman dropped her brush she did not realize that he was the reason they were in Coyote Creek; Telsa continued “He even gave me a down payment of sorts.” Smirking he flashed open his coat revealing two revolvers both gold in color with red detail on one and matching detail in blue on the other, “They are supposed be made by some hot stuff weapon smith, they belonged to some sharp shooter or something they are called Más y Menos.”. Downstairs Warren was leading Haruko right to Telsa a smile on his face as he tried to impress her, “So yeah I had to fight this guy he was 10 times bigger than a house but one shot with my Dragoon blew him away. Pretty tough right? So Big Bro is right through this door he is probably with Ms. Lucas.” Warren quickly opened the door for the seamstress as he called to Tesla, “Hey Bro there is this really pretty…I mean this girl here to see you.”

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The jeep stopped upon reaching the barricade. Some whispers could be barely heard coming from inside the vehicle. –Yo, Fa…Mr. Degiraz, what should we do? - Tobia asked trying to sound as respectful as possible towards the mercenary that a moment ago could have killed him. –You stay here and serve as backup, I’ll try to talk to them, we don’t want any trouble…..yet.- The Falcon Eye Killer start to exit the jeep when Jack asked him. –But partn- He stopped on his tracks after seeing the frozen glare Falken stabbed him with. –Mr. Degiraz, what will be the signal for us to shoo if things go south? - The Mercenary sighed. –Tsk, you will know if they start shooting, you may be good shots, but between the pair you don’t make a full brain. - After insulting them he got off the jeep and kept himself behind the door, strategic cover also was useful. With his most laid back face and a fake, yet convincing smile (A skill he couldn’t remember where he picked up) He started talking to the Barricade.

-Sorry, sorry, we got kind of lost here you know, it might be the heat, the beers or the maybe we got a bit…too elevated…..if you know what I mean.- Falken faked a frat boy-ish accent. –I’m think I’m a bit too wasted from yesterday to get the directions to the main road.- The Bionic Mercenary Implants had started to gather information about the enemies and the possible retaliations they could offer upon an attack. His mainframe checked the durability of the covers they had, the quality of their weapons, hidden traps and possible rebound trajectories for his attacks to avoid the cover. He stretched his arms backwards as he bluffed a yawn and as his fingers moved behind him; his hands suddenly carried the Neate Divider Rifle and the Links Unicorn Blaster and shouted. –SO I’M GOING TO GET THROUGH HERE!- He start a volley of fire, that was accompanied by the Western Dogs inside the car.

Jack used Rapid-fire, Tobia aimed to the supports of the barricade, while Falken used his Shotgun one handed, pumping it with a single hand and then taking it back from the handle and the Neate Rifle always aimed at Steel, as his metal hull shouldn’t be a match for the unmatched piercing power of the Divider Bullets, small razor sharp titanium/iridium alloy knives that vibrated at supersonic speeds. The Jeep lost its roof and most of its body as the 5 Numbers kept shooting. In fact Tobia took out the roof himself, thanks to Sophie’s arms, as he ordered the AI of his weapon to help him have a clear shoot and shield him and his pal with the roof.

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Rather than be scared of the fruit vendor's description of the Lightening King, Haruko instead grins even wider, seeing that her challenge appeared to be more interesting than she expected. Her delight was only enhanced when she heard a man behind her offer to take her directly to the King himself. Smiling at him, Haruko accepts Warren's hand. "That would be wonderful! Lead the way, please." As she walked with the shotgun-toting member of the Lightening King's gang, Haruko decided to humor his attempts at flirting to further her cause, laughing at his jokes and acting amazed when he mentioned all of his accomplishments. "Oh, I'm just from out of town visiting. I had heard about this impressive man called the Lightening King, and thought that it would be soooooo cool if I could join him!" Man, this just got so much easier thanks to Shotgun here. It's almost adorable how easy it is to fool him.As both of them walked down the street toward their destination, Haruko made sure to get the names of everyone involved in the Lightening King's organization, and where they currently were at, continuing to playfully tease Warren as they walked.

Finally, they reach the door that led to the Lightening King's room, Haruko still keeping up the act. "10 times bigger than a house?! Wow, you must be really strong then! Well I have to go see the head honcho, catch ya later Warren!" Walking up the stairs, she turns back to her guide, and playfully winks at him before turning her attention to her primary objective. As she stepped into the room, she notices that the man fit her description for what the King looked like, and was accompanied by a red-haired lady as well. Turning to the King, she smiles at him, and says with a cheerful tone; "Hey there Lightening King! My name's Haruko. I've heard of your reputation, and thought that it would be sooooooo cool if I could join you guys! What do you say?" While addressing the King, Haruko slyly began to calculate her next move of attack. 3 targets; King, Beatrice and Warren. Beatrice should be easy enough to eliminate with a sneak attack, but Warren and King would destroy this building if I attacked now. Perhaps I can wait until Warren leaves, and take them both by surprise. Ugh, it sucks that we are in an enclosed space with innocents right downstairs...maybe I can take this fight outside when my chance comes.

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Blue Moon Saloon

The egotistical Telsa could not resist having his eager stroke by the seamstress’s comments, “Well young lady, MY organization has room to group but we only accept the best of the best. Do you honestly believe you can roll with the Lighting King? I personally take on some of the most deadly, most powerful, most dangerous men to walk this earth. I don’t think a delicate looking girl like yourself could handle the world of danger I live in.” As Telsa boosted his self-worth to the Battle Seamstress he slowly made his way towards her not so subtly looking her over, meanwhile Beatrice rolled her out. Unlike the Lightning King she didn’t take kindly to this girl showing her she had to deal with Ana currently another female in the mix would just hog the spotlight form her. However there was something else now that she know He was involved in this they couldn’t afford any missteps in their plan. The Red Headed Temptress merely gave the girl the stink eye however some static began to come from the walkie talkie sitting on the vanity desk, as well as from the one in Telsa’s jacket. Meanwhile…


After he parked his beloved motorcycle Quicksilver outside the Blue Moon Saloon the Last Gunslinger casually headed into the saloon pushing open the doors to the saloon and drawing several eyes on him. Crow’s uncanny resemblance to Telsa the people in the bar didn’t know if the Gunslinger was a family member, an ally, friend, or foe but seeing as what happen the last time a strange person walked into their town they didn’t like their chances. The Rail-gun took a sit at the bar aware of the stares that were dawning on him but he ignored it as he spoke to the bartender, “Hey Partner can I get some water for here and to go. Also can you point me in the direction of the nearest gas station where I can fuel my bike? The bartender appeared to follow Crow’s instructions until suddenly the man drew a shot-gun upon the Gunslinger. “Boy I don’t know who you are or where the hell you came from but I suggest you go back there before I blast you there.”

Coyote Creek: Outskirts

The maelstrom of bullets fired from the three mercenaries quickly overtook the men guarding the road. Despite firing back they were nowhere near the level of skill and death dealing that the Western Dogs and Falken packed. Their bodies were torn apart as bullets ripped through them; fingers were blasted off, arms and legs reduced to blood stumps of hamburger meat, faces rendered unrecognizable from the trauma. The road was turning into a river of red. Meanwhile the Steel Solider of the Thunder Guard attempted to put up a fight as he fired back while weaving between the men who were falling dead around him. But even that wasn’t enough as bullets tore through the shell of Steel Thunder Guard so that oil and wires mixed with the blood and organs on the ground. Eventually Steele collapsed amongst the bodies landing on the ground as its head rolled towards Falken revealing the truth behind Steele conception. Steele was no armor, no cyborg, he wasn’t even a person. Steele was one of many robots created by Ivan Stahl, an engineer who followed Telsa in order to test his mechanized creations. Just a few yards hidden Stahl watched the carnage through the cameras built into Steele’s eyes, which was of course they were cut short by the hail of bullets, a stunned look in his eyes. “No…no…no…this’s can’t be how did they defeat Steele so easily. Who are the hell are these guy? I need to get in touch with Telsa. The plan is in serious jeopardy.”

Coyote Creek: Entrance

Ana “Bubblegum” Cooper was awaken by the sound of the walkie talkie, “What, when, why? Damn it where the hell is Warren he should be here by now it’s his turn. That air head he is always late to his duties…Hmmm what is this?” From her vantage point Ana could spot a girl riding a Vespa into town. “It may not my duty right now but I can’t let down Mr. Telsa. I’ll take care of this.” The young bubblegum bandit quickly made her way down the Water Tower. Meanwhile Toni Sociere the Cat Eye Witch, had parked her Vespa and look around the town of Coyote Creek wondering where the infamous Lightning King could be hiding in this dusty town. However just as the bewitching bounty hunter could start her search a voice came from behind her. “Reach for the sky missy. If you don’t want to get popped.” Toni slowly reached her hands in the air as she glanced back to see Ana with her guns drawn aimed at her, the Bubblegum Bandit reached for her walkie talkie to contact Telsa at the Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Salon: Upstairs

As Telsa continued to brag about himself to Haruko the static from the walkie talkie began to get louder much to his annoyance, however that was until a pair of dueling voices began to come from it. “bzzt Mr. Telsa it’s me Ana over. Bzzt It seem we have an intruder over. Telsa it’s Stahl we have a problem 3 armed men shot down the back road guard over. bzzt Mr. Telsa I have the girl cornered what should I do over. bzzt The operations is in jeopardy what should we do over.” Telsa unsure of what he just heard, Beatrice on the other hand was completely sure and sprang into action drawing a small dagger from her thigh and moved behind the seamstress, “Well girlie did you think you and your friends could just stroll into our town and usurp us?” The Lightning King himself smirked as he drew one of the guns and aimed it at Haruko, “Yeah you may be cute but you are not very smart, now who are your three friends on the back roads?” BANG! A shotgun blast could be heard from downstairs punching a hole through the floor, “Warren go see what those damn town folk are doing?! Beatrice and I will handle this girl.” The Tornado quickly left the room and headed downstairs to see what the ruckus was about only to be shocked to see Crow Cementerio standing over the bartender along with some other men the bartender’s shotgun in his hand. The Lightning Revolver turned towards the street rat with a devil may care attitude as he said, “All I wanted was some water.”

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Falken sighed as he walked towards the scrap metal as he returned his guns back to his arsenal and summoned instead his usual pair, the Ray Vulcan Handgun and the Aznable Particle Handgun. His sensor array allowed him to notice the cameras mounted on the robotic minion and linked to them, just by touching the hull of Steel and letting his nanites do the “heavy lifting” –Whoever you are, you brought this on yourself, we wanted to do this the easy way, but now we will kill whoever dares to point a gun at us. - With that said he shut the contact and reduced what was left of the robot into even smaller pieces with a barrage of his guns.

Jack moved towards the Mercenary and asked. –The jeep is totally destroyed partner, what’s our next move? - Falken looked at the blond gun-for-hire and smiled cunningly. –We are going to stroll into town, is a nice day for a walk.- Tobia still trying to get out the ruined vehicle with the help of the AI controlled arms complained. –That’s yo big plan motherfukcer? Just walk to the town? They must be waiting for us.- Falken looked at them, unable to understand how they survived so long without a single drop of wit, so he had to give them a short visual help of his idea. He holstered his guns and summoned a new weapon.

A couple of oversized futuristic rifles, which seemingly could connect into a single larger weapon, appeared in Falken’s hands. –We are going to take a very enthusiastic walk into town and if think the only problem we could have would be cleaning our boots, human blood is a bitch to remove from clothing, so be careful. That’s good enough plan for you?- Jack and Tobia smiled. –Fuck yes! We’re going to murder them all.- Falken lead the way as he reminded them. – Only spare Tesla, our contract is to get fresh blood out of him, so if you find a guy that shoots electricity shoot to stun.-

-Shooting electricity? Why is that reminds me of something?- For a moment Falken so an image, a cowboy hat, a silver revolver, but that vanished before he could put his finger on what does images meant and kept walking forward, he didn’t had time for flashbacks, it was about to be his favorite time of the day…..Killing time

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Haruko listened to the Telsa's speech carefully, still putting on the 'innocent girl' facade as it all happened. Looks like Beatrice doesn't like me being here. I can understand that, since that shotgun guy told me that she likes Telsa here. Telsa...Tesla...electricity...zap...zappy...Crow? I wounder if these two are friends or somethin- Her thoughts are soon cut off when the King's radio pips up and tells him about a two groups of invaders; a girl on a vespa and three guys shooting up the entrance. Looking confused, Haruko watched Beatrice leap behind her and found herself being threatened from two different sides. Putting on her best surprised face, she looks at Telsa's gun and begins waving her hands back and forth in surprise.

"W-w-wait! I don't know who either of those people are, I came here on the bus by myself!" Crap, looks like other people had the same idea as me. Well at least the guy downstairs removed Warren from the scene. Time to claim my reward. Still waving her hands, Haruko looks back at the King with a smile on her face. "Oh, and..." Immediately dropping her facade, Haruko quickly elbows Beatrice in the ovaries, hopefully incapacitating her. Heh, I guess it pays to be short at times like these. She thinks to herself, kicking away Beatrice's dagger and rolling away from a potential gunshot from Telsa. Behind a bit of cover now, Haruko stands back up, five explosive knives ready in her hands. "...don't call me a 'delicate looking girl', I take chumps down like you without any help."

Remembering that the assignment was to capture Telsa, Haruko tosses two of her explosive knives at the other side of the room, then one at Telsa himself. Once the smoke cleared, Haruko was planning on creating a net of razor wires around Telsa to trap him, then simply knock him out with explosive knives afterwards. Hopefully Beatrice was still on the ground in pain.

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Coyote Creek: Blue Moon Saloon

While Haruko’s lie may have worked for a second Beatrice knew better however before she could act the seamstress made her move dropping down and delivering an elbow into her ovaries. “Aaaahhh you little bitch!” Beatrice was doubled over in pain unable to do anything for the moment, Haruko knives. As the one explosive headed straight towards Telsa all the Lightning King did was smirk a little. Beatrice rolled towards the bed to avoid the other knives, the self-proclaimed Storm Bringer fired a bullet at the knife as the other two exploded….meanwhile downstairs.

Warren stared in shock at the Last Gunslinger slowly reaching for the shotgun on his back the Dragoon, Crow dissembled the bartender’s shotgun in a matter of seconds before tossing it on the ground. “Hey kid I don’t know who you are but I would stop reach for that shotgun on your back. I’m just here to fuel my bike and get some water for the ride home. I don’t want any trouble.” Warren bit his lip nervously he knew this guy was trouble but he had received an order from Big Brother himself and he wouldn’t let him down. “I don’t care you are intruder under the terrain of the Lightning King himself.” The name Lightning King rang a surprisingly familiar bell where had he heard that name before however before Crow could think about a second more he took notice of the bar patrons quickly scrambling to get out. “RUN...GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE…WARREN’S ABOUT TO UNLEASH DRAGOON!” Warren drew his shotgun, Dragoon, and fired unleashing the unstoppable might of the weapon. Dragoon was not an ordinary shotgun instead of firing normal bullets the weapon fired bullets that can compressed air when unleashed these bullets released a tornado like gust of destructive wind. The Gunslinger reacted in the nick of time leaping behind the bar for cover. The tornado like blast combined with the explosive force of Haruko’s knives created a massive concussive blast. The force of which could be heard and felt all around for miles.

Coyote Creek: Entrance

The force of the blast from the Blue Moon could be felt from where Ana held Toni at gun point, the Bubble-Gum Pistol could be turned in shock to see pieces of the Blue Moon Saloon flying into the air. “Oh no Mr. Telsa was there!” The Cat Eye Witch smirked a little, “Thanks for letting me know where the Lightning King is.” Toni spun around on her toes as he drew the whip attached to her belt than snap it Ana who just barely dodge the attack. “And don’t you know you should never cross paths with a black cat it isn’t lucky.” The BH began to spin and twirl with amazing nimbleness using the twirling momentum to strike at Ana with the whip, the Bubblegum Bandit dodged the strikes as her temper grew. “Grrr you annoying girl I’ll teach you to mess with my dear Mr. Telsa.” Ana moved back away from Toni to gain some distance and began to fire at her however instead of bullets her pistols made cartoonish popping sounds and spat out equally comically pink bubbles that appeared to be made of bubble-gum. Toni nearly started laughing at the harmless pink bubbles as they floated in the air, “Bubbles? What’s next streamers and flowers could you be a bit more threatening?” Ana smirked as she took out a small pin, “It’s not the bubbles that you should fear it’s the pop.” With that she tossed the pin towards the closest bubble causing it to pop. The bubble exploded with the force of a small grenade releasing a concussive wave that pushed the other bubbles towards the Cat Eye Illusionist incredibly fast. Toni jumped and roll out of the way just in time as the bubbles began to collide into one another and pop setting off a chain of explosions.

Coyote Creek: Blue Moon Saloon (What’s left of it)

The force of the two explosions had nearly destroyed the Blue Moon Saloon, it roof was non-existent, a large chunk of the stairs was missing, there was a huge hole in the floor of the second level. Debris of all kinds continued to rain down from the sky. Warren had been forced back by his own attack, Beatrice laid under the rubble of the bed and vanity, and however Telsa shocking remained standing seemingly unharmed at least he acted like he was unfazed. He was bleeding from his head and was slightly deaf in one ear now making he speak comically loud. “Ha! You think some little knife would hurt me little girl! I’m the great Lightning King no one can even scratch me! These guns aren’t just normal revolver they are the powerful Más y Menos magnetic pistol that can fire positive and negative bullets of magnetic energy! And with my electrical expertise they are even more deadly no one can stop me!” Suddenly Beatrice head, a bit disheveled and messy, popped up from the debris “You idiot stopped screaming out your tricks!” Telsa turned towards Beatrice comically shouting “What?!...Anyway I used the pistols to magnetize your knife so it would fly in another direction! Now fear the power of the Mighty Lighting King!” The now slightly deaf Lightning King began shooting at the Battle Seamstress with bullets made from positive and negative electrical energy if one hit her should would be magnetize and attract more bullets towards even if she dodged. While Telsa was shooting a slight stirring was coming from the hole below him in the pile of rubble where the bar top formerly was.

Telsa stopped to look down as the Last Gunslinger emerged from the rubble a little bruised by all together fine, “Dios Mio! Now that is what I call a hand cannon!” Crow looked around and spotted the seamstress, “Hey you are that sewing girl from Romania, Haruko right? What are you doing in Coyote Creek?” Crow then looked up at Telsa who now appeared to be furious and growing angrier, the Last Gunslinger merely look uninterested, “Hey I don’t know who you are but you best not be looking at me like that.” Even Beatrice who could now see what was going on looked shocked, “Oh dear it’s him the Rail-gun.” Telsa merely uttered a two hate filled words, “Crow Cementerio.”

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Falken and the Western Dogs picked up the pace once they heard the sounds of explosions coming from the town. The Infamous Mercenary was flanked by the guns for hire as he arrived nearby the town limits. He summoned a couple of cam droids from his Hyperspace Arsenal, which appeared surrounded by squares of green light. Falken sent them to gather intel as he prepared an strategy. –Tobia, get your ass up that hill and snipe, Jack, get to the other entrance and cause a distraction, kill everything that goes your way….I’m going in. - Tobia and Jack nodded and started moving, after seeing Falken in action they were sure that the Mercenary wouldn’t take more of their crap and he didn’t had any gripe on killing them. Even as crazy as they were the Western Dogs knew when they were outclassed in baddassery. As they moved they kept Radio contact on their own frequency.

J: This Falken guy is crazy, and those guns ain’t for show

T: Fuck yeah! I think we should totally ask him to employ us more often, I’m sure it would be great to be around.

J: And the money is good, we should totally do this.

Falken holstered his guns and summoned the Links Unicorn Blaster and the newest addition to his arsenal, the Iori Von Aria Shield System, a defensive/offensive weapon created to fight energy based enemies. This wrist mounted device creates a field of energy that absorbs any incoming energy attack, being it magical, electrical or ki based, turning it into fuel for the other features inside it. The Links Unicorn Blaster is an old favorite of Falken, an overpowered shotgun with two modes, regular and energy infused burning fragments. Combining both weapons allowed him to charge the energy absorbed by the shield to the energy fragments, enhancing their power.

The Infamous Mercenary entered through the main road, just to find what his cams showed him before, two women fighting. One member of the gang he was tracking, the other unknown to him yet strangely familiar, as his mainframe looked information on the whip wielding female he decided to intervene, considering the situation. He used the regular shot of the Links Unicorn Blaster to push the grenade like bubbles away from Toni and using the booming sound of his shotgun as introduction he opened up with. –I have come here to kick-ass and chew bubblegum. - He paused and put a stick of gum in his mouth. –Thankfully I’m good at multitasking.- He turned to face Ana

-Ana Cooper? Please tell me where the Lighting King is or I will have to be… “persuasive”.- He accented that by cocking the shotgun one handed.

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Shoving off a piece of debris that fell on top of her, Haruko stands up to admire the sheer destruction of the Saloon. Wow, that shotgun packs quite the punch. Hopefully he got crushed by the debris or something... Seeing that Telsa was still standing, Haruko smiles at the fact that she could now go all out, since they were out in the open. “Ha! You think some little knife would hurt me little girl! I’m the great Lightning King no one can even scratch me!" Ticked off at the little girl comment, Haruko draws five normal knives from her jacket to throw at Telsa...until he started shooting electricity at her. Crap, and I am a freaking lightening rod with all these metal wires and knives! She thinks to herself, sprinting off to dodge the bullets.

Luckily, the various metal parts strewn around the place served as perfect shields against the bullets...until she accidentally touches a metal pole as it was struck by one of Telsa's bullets. The lightening traveled through the pole and electrified Haruko's body, though to a lesser extent than it would have been if she was hit directly. Even with the lessened effect, the seamstress's muscles tensed up harshly for a few seconds and certain portions of her attire received burn marks. Surprisingly though, Telsa appeared to be focused on something else coming out of the ground to shoot more bullets at her in this temporarily weakened state. Looking over at the rubble, a certain familiar-looking cowboy rises up and addresses Haruko. “Hey you are that sewing girl from Romania, Haruko right? What are you doing in Coyote Creek?”

Smirking slightly, she walks over to Crow and pokes him in the chest. "Yes Za- I mean Crow, my name is Haruko. I am here to take the 'Lightening King' over there in for a reward, so if you're here for the same reason, I was here first." Haruko intentionally half-called him Zappy just to mess with him a little bit, while still showing a bit of respect around the enemies. Putting her hand down and turning to face Telsa again, she smirks again and addresses Crow. "Though since you're here...I wouldn't say no to splitting the money if you helped me take this wanna-be down. What'cha say cowboy?" As she finished her sentence, Haruko reaches into her jacket pocket to take out five explosive knives. Repeating the electric spiderweb attack from Romania on Telsa here seemed a bit useless, as she thought that someone calling himself the 'Lightening King' would have a special resistance to electricity, so explosive knives were the next best thing in her arsenal.

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Coyote Creek: Entrance (Cat Eyes vs Falken Eyes)

The violent interruption of Falken’s Link Unicorn Blaster made the two looks over a bit stunned at Falken appearance. Ana timidly took a step backwards Falken was intimidating and the threat of being “persuasive” if she didn’t reveal the location of Telsa was not something she wanted to test. Meanwhile Toni got to her feet brushing off the dirt she could tell that Ana was terrified of the shot gun carrying newcomer. Truth be told despite her and Ana having just fought a moment ago she didn’t like this guy’s intimidating her this guy may have been like her earlier savior but he didn’t have any of his qualities. She could sense the cold bloodedness viciousness protruding from him, his eyes were those of a killer, whoever this person was he was bad news. Ana began stumbling over her words in fear, “He…he…he is um…Mr.Tesla…is um…he is..over..” Suddenly Toni step between Ana and Falken, “Hey pal I don’t know why you want the Lightning King but I already called the bounty on his head so buzz off. Or do I have to get persuasive.” Ana seemed shocked from the Cat Eye Witch help, “What…what are you doing?” Toni tilted her head back and muttered quietly so only Ana heard, “Get out of here run…now!” Ana didn’t need telling twice as she took off towards Telsa. Meanwhile Toni turned her attention back on Falken. “Don’t you know you should never cross paths with a black cat…its bad luck.” The Cat Eye Witch snapped her whip on the ground her eyes glowing giving them a cat like quality, a reason for her epithet. “Sorcellerie: Ring of Fire.” Suddenly a ring of flames surrounded Falken or at least that what it seemed; Toni powers came from the manipulating of a powerful swamp gas that could create illusion blurring the line between reality and witchery. The Illusionist only hoped her tricks could fool the Falcon Eyed Killer.

Coyote Creek: Destroyed Blue Moon (Magnetic Wrath of a King)

Crow got to his feet listening to Haruko talk about a reward on this Lightning King guy a smirk playing on his face, “Sorry Haruko but I’m just here to fuel my bike and get some water for the ride home. However I’ll be damn if I’m going to let this guy shoot at you like some carnival game…” Before Crow could continue it seemed Telsa interrupted an enraged look in his eye still speaking far too loudly from being partially deaf, “Crow Cementerio! I have been waiting a long time to face you! Now you will before fall before the one true Lightning King!” The Gunslinger looked at the Telsa a little confused trying to figure out if he recognized him or not but right now his face was ringing, “Sorry pal have we met before if I ate your last twinkie or something than I’m sorry. Who did you say you were the Lightning King sorry never heard of you. It does sound familiar though. Wasn’t that a band name or something?” The self-proclaimed Lighting King face was blank for a second before breaking into a confronted expression of rage, “HOW DO YOU NOT REMEMBER ME? My name is Telsa Powell!” Again Crow didn’t seem to remember till finally a light bulb went on. “Oh wait I know now I you served me coffee one time right?” The God of Storms seemed to snapped “NO! How dare you not remember my name! I am Telsa Powell of the Powell family! We built electro-magnetic generators my family was one of the wealthiest in the country! I was the president of your Fan Club!”

Finally Crow recognized Telsa or at least the name Lightning_King, he had received about a hundred or some emails from some user called Lightning_King, the person claimed to be Crow’s number one fan. “At least I was the president of your fan club until that bitch Alicia Weston joined! But still I worshipped you Crow! I wanted to be everything you are! I even bought some of your garbage from an I-Buy action. I learned the hard way that idols are big fat liars! My parents threw me a huge party on my very own yacht which I named “The Rail-Gun II” and all I wanted for my birthday was to meet you in person!” It was all coming back to Crow the Lightning_King User had sent countless amounts of letters asking if he would show up at his party on his boat, following that an agency asked Crow to show up at the party for a large sum of money. The requests were endless but Crow kept denying them, “Listen dude I’m glad you are a fan but I’m not rodeo clown you can book for parties and bar mitzvahs.” However sincere the explanation was Telsa didn’t take it well, “No one tells me no Cementerio! I am Telsa Powell the Lightning King and what I want I get! That day you didn’t show I swore I would steal the thunder (pun intended) of Crow Cementerio and become the one true Lightning King. It was then that I met him, he promised me power enough to surpass you! Now I finally have my chance!” The Last Gunslinger was put off but the obsessiveness with the Lightning King but his attitude was the most disgusting part the entitlement and arrogance of this kid was pissing him off. However Crow didn’t have time to reply because Telsa made his move. “Now time to dethrone you Cementerio and become the Undisputed Great Lightning King! Fear the power of my revolver Mas y Menos”

Telsa had completely forgotten about Haruko and began firing at Crow with the magnetic bullets however it wasn’t his aim to hit Crow. The Last Gunslinger dodged the bullets and noticed that one was aimed at some piles of metal debris. Crow’s eyes widen as the now magnetized debris came flying towards him (it was actually attracted to the spots where the magnetic bullets hit around Crow). The Rail-gun began dodging the barrage of nails, knives, shards of metal, and more taking a few cuts all over his body. However this wasn’t Telsa main attack, the Lightning King smirked as he suddenly brought the two guns close together a feat made harder by the guns having opposite magnetic charges. “Here Cementerio face my own version of your Rail-gun…TELSA GATLING.” Telsa pulled both triggers at the same time the two bullets were immiaately attracted to each other and formed a large baller of electro-magnetic energy. Crow’s eyes widen as he brought his arms up to defend himself at the supercharged bullet collided into him releasing a burst of magnetic energy Crow winched from the force but like Telsa he wasn’t really affected by the shocking ability however that wasn’t the point. Suddenly a great rumbling began to shake the town as suddenly metal objects in the vicinity (possibly including Haruko knives and wires) were attracted to the temporary magnetized Crow. A hail storm of metal objects torn from the location came in from all directions at Crow tearing up the town of Coyote Creek as they collided into him in a huge metal pile. Meanwhile Beatrice had gotten up from under the debris shocked by the destruction she knew she was out of her league and began to try and get away terrified for her own life.

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Falken eye never missed a thing. The Mercenary was originally an orphan that got drafted into a shady underground organization called Trinity Gate, there they enhanced his body with advanced bio-mechanical implants. One of those implants was his eye, which allowed ignoring pesky things like illusions. His mainframe, connected to satellites brought the information he needed to him and he calmly walked over the fire. –Miss Sorcerie, I think there is a misunderstanding here, I’m not here for Tesla’s bounty I’m here on a….”scientific” expedition, as somebody hired me to obtain a sample of tissue or blood from the so called “Lighting King”- Falken returned his gun back to the Hyperspace Arsenal, but he kept the wrist mounted shield.

-I don’t intend to get in the way of a fellow bounty hunter, even somebody as myself can understand the concept of professional courtesy, especially for the sake of a lady.- Falken didn’t wanted to spend bullets or time on her, for two reasons. First he could lose Tesla and he would have to withstand more time with dumb and dumber, second his mainframe informed him of Toni’s contacts and he knew Crow’s reputation. Falken is many things, but mostly he is pragmatic. Even if he wanted to test his skills against one of the fabled Gunslingers, doing it for free was against his principles, he wasn’t that interested in getting into an honorable duel. So he wouldn’t hurt Toni.

-I think I didn’t introduce myself, here is my card. - Falken flicked a business card through the air with pinpoint accuracy at Toni’s cleavage.




As Falken smiled cunningly, the Western Dogs kept killing shooting at anything that shot back at them. Their combo of close and long range teamwork was quite effective.

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As Telsa was giving his speech, Haruko turns to Crow with a wide smirk on her face. "You...have a fan club? Do they serve pistol-shaped cookies or something?" Prior to their adventure in Romania, Haruko hadn't even heard of this was hilarious to her. Though to be fair, he did look and act like a popular Western movie character, so she could understand it. She just felt like poking fun at him having for a fanboy.

Up until he swore revenge, Haruko actually felt sympathetic toward Telsa. Whenever she got a letter or something from a fan of her work, she would at the very least write them back. One girl even wrote to her saying that during her high school homecoming, the boy that she liked actually came up to her and asked to dance. His first line to her was "Wow...amazing dress Suzy." At the end of the letter, she said that they were now going out, and that she was really thankful that she ordered from her shop. Happy at the letter, Haruko wrote back and sent her a scarf with the girl's initials on it. Needless to say, Haruko loved having fans.

Once Telsa began his assault, the seamstress loses all sympathy and dives out of the way of the metal objects flying at Crow. Once the large blast hit Crow, however, she began to feel all the metal objects on her be attracted to Crow...including her wires, knives and belt. Grabbing onto a nearby wooden support beam, Haruko resists being pulled into that metal mess. Her knives were kept sealed inside her jacket, but she had to remove her belt before it pulled her off. Luckily her pants fit perfectly, and the belt only served to hold more knives.

Now able to resist the magnetic field, Haruko throws herself off the beam and behind a wooden wall. Stealthily, she begins to make her way toward Telsa while he was distracted with Crow. I am SO glad I don't wear jewelry on the job. If I can't throw knives, I can still take this bastard down up close. Note to self; get belt back from Zappy after this.

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@Vapovile: @Kuma_From_Argentina:(Thank you two for sticking with this. I know it was a bit of a mess at times but hopefully this sorta pulls everything back together. I want to let you both know that this will be wrapping up/ending around the same time as Castle. So we are heading into the last parts of it. I promise I will be faster with my posts. Hope you Enjoyed it.)

The Red Temptress’s Kiss

Toni and Falken

The Cat Eye Witch was dismayed as the Mercenary had easily detected her illusion and harmlessly bypassed her as he handed her his card. The bounty hunter was quite annoyed with him and his nerve acting like he was so cool with his card and his “chivalry”. However she had to admit when she was outmatched and the Dual Wielding Angel of Death had trumped her illusions pretty easily and she wasn’t about to pick a fight with someone who spared her because of his “policy”. Pocketing his card she shouted towards, “Hold on…Falken is it? We seem to both have the same target and you are just after some of his blood right? So I don’t see any problem with a temporary business partnership do you?” The Witch offered the truce to the Falcon Eye Killer however in her mind she was plotting to get away from him as soon as she could.

Meanwhile the Bubblegum Shooter, Ana Copper, was running away as fast as she could wanting no part of the mysterious mercenary who showed up however in her panic state she ran right into Beatrice. Both girls fell backwards in a little pain, once the Red Temptress had realized who ran into her she began questioning Ana. “Ana! What are you doing here?! You should be keeping an eye on the front entrance of the town. Why are you running this way?!” Ana suddenly broke out in tears, “Oh Ms. Beatrice I’ve been so grateful to see you! I was keeping a look out when at first I spotted this girl show up she is a Bounty Hunter after Mr.Tesla so I was keeping her occupied! Then out of nowhere this scary guy showed up I don’t know if he was another Bounty Hunter but he demanded answers I ran away to warn you guys! But why are you running towards this way!” The normally confident Beatrice seemed more frazzled than ever, “Damn it another Bounty Hunter where do they keep coming from? I told that idiot Tesla not to flaunt himself around like peacock it would only draw attention us and ruin our job! He is going to be so mad about this I wonder what he will do?!” Ana seemed confused she didn’t know anything about a job or who Beatrice was so afraid of she had only joined Tesla’s Crew a short wild ago right after Warren, it seemed back then that Tesla, Mr. Stahl, and Beatrice was together from the beginning. “What do you mean Ms. Beatrice what job? And who is He?” Beatrice turned with a smirk towards Ana, “Oh that right you and Warren didn’t know about our little job because you weren’t there in the beginning. You think these towns we been going to are just random, Tesla, Stahl, and I were given a tasks by a certain benefactor to come to places. We don’t know much but from what Stahl has told us those places were rich with some kind of energy we were there to collect samples.”

Ana was silent as Beatrice continued, “However it seems that Tesla’s cockiness has back fired not only does he have BHs hunting him but Crow Cementerio has appeared and I’m sure his other side will come out. But it shouldn’t be a problem after I gave Warren one of my kisses he should be able to aid Tesla with Crow.” Ana looked at the Red Temptress a little scared she had never seen this darker side of her, “What did you do to Warren?” Beatrice smirked again this time it held malicious intent, “Oh don’t worry that boy is fine. I just gave him one of Red Kisses and whispered some suggestions in his ear to help Tesla no matter what. You know Ana I could use you. You said one of Bounty Hunters was a woman, a BH will do anything for another BH.” The Red Temptress slowly stalked towards Ana like a hungry predator, then she grabbed the young girl who began to panic and planted a soft sensual kiss on her lips. Slowly the fear and fight in Ana’s eyes faded till they were blank emotionless with an errily red glow. A result of Beatrice’s infamous Red Kiss a cruel ability that allowed her to bend and control people when she kissed them which brought out their lustful carnal instincts. Ana stared up at Beatrice her face a bit flush and her mouth drooling slightly. Beatrice wiped her lips, “Mmmm there is nothing like the taste of a young girl lips especially one as pure as you Ana. Too bad this little game has to end because I’m sure Tesla would have loved ruining you is a bit on the twisted perverted side when he is in the mood. Now I want you to help me with something follow me dearie.” Beatrice headed towards Falken and Toni’s location with a lust controlled Ana in tow.

Lightning King Tesla vs Rail-gun Crow

The Lightning King smirked as he looked at the twisted pile of metal carnage that was burying Crow Cementerio he twirled his revolvers on his fingers before putting them back into their holsters. Despite his confident attitude Tesla seemed a bit drained he was panting a little sweating a result of the taxing attack he just performed but this didn’t stop him from gloating completely ignorant to the Battle Seamstress sneaking up on him. “This is all that remains of the great Crow Cementerio! A pile of scrap metal! Ha! I can’t believe I use to look up to the Gunslingers! I was mocked for looking up to them but I showed those kids they weren’t laughing when I electrocuted them!” A dark side began to leak out from Tesla no longer was a loud mouth show off who couldn’t back it up but now his darker side created by his parents who didn’t show him proper love and a life of getting away with everything. A twisted, cruel, and evil side. “I wanted to be just like you and the Gunslingers. So I sought to make my reputation as great as their built my end legacy and when someone stood in my way I just did to them what I did to those kids. But now I can’t believe you are a Gunslinger! You are pathetic and after I’m done here I’m going to go to that bitch Alicia Weston and I will take my POSITION BACK! I bet she will scream so nice when she is naked and being electrocuted I’ll burn my name into her pretty flesh! I’m going to take your place Crow and I will be the LEGACY OF THE GUNSLINGERS!”

As Tesla ranted dementedly he was oblivious to Haruko sneaking up on him however she may have not noticed Warren slowly getting up a red lipstick mark on his cheek and his eyes with an eerily red glow to them. The Tornado took aim at the Battle Seamstress with his Dragoon and fired a powerful blast of wind that would blow away a normal person and fling shrapnel towards her direction. Tesla turned on a dime and spotted Haruko, “You little bitch you are still alive! No matter I thought you were a pretty piece of ass when you first appeared! I’m going to ruin your body so you can’t use your charms again!” Warren began approaching Haruko as he reloaded Dragoon wanting to ravish the pretty girl from earlier but first he needed to aid Tesla as was Mistress Beatrice’s orders. However before Tesla could move to Haruko a slight noise could be heard from the pile of rubble that buried Crow then it erupted blowing metal shrapnel in all directions revealing the Last Gunslinger Crow standing in the center lighting arcing from his body. In his hand was Haruko’s belt and in his eyes was the fury of a storm. “You wanna know why I didn’t show up to your party Tesla, I was busy rebuilding a town ravished by bandits. I was honoring the title of being a Gunslinger and when I tried to contact your family to apologize I learned something I didn’t understand until now. That yacht your party was on sank didn’t it suffering some electrical problems the entire crew and its passenger drowned expect one. You. You were the only survivor found on a raft all by yourself. Thankfully no other children was on the boat and now I know. You aren’t just a spoiled brat you are a twisted monster! HOW DARE YOU CLAIM THE LEGACY OF THE GUNSLINGERS! I SWEAR ON MY WORD AS A GUNSLINGER I WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU TO HARM SOMEONE AGAIN!” The storm was awaken in Crow and now the Self Proclaimed Lightning King would face its wraith.

The Result of Stahl’s Research

While the three robots created by Ivan Stahl shot back at The Western Dogs trying to get through their defense the Puppet Creator was receiving the first samples of the dig suit and examining the results. “Hmmm it seems that my hypothesis were correct. This area soil is rich in Natural Energy and the earth is bountiful. Also the high level of Natural Energy in the soil seem to affect the technology in the town of Coyote Creek therefore most man made creations seem to suffer. It’s as if the earth is rejecting technology. I must contact Him at once this proves our theory correct, if the fountain of youth does exist then it’s probably that it contains a high level of Natural Energy providing the drinker with the ability to regress aging! I knew that Natural Energy was a variation of ki or charka but this is astounding.” Suddenly a meter in Ivan’s hand began to go off in the direction of the town where Crow and Tesla were, “My god there is so much Natural Energy. Is it possible it’s coming from Cementerio no wonder He warned us about! Hopefully the Natural Energy/Electro-Magnetic coils in Tesla’s body can absorb that much NE.”

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Falken nodded with his perfect fake smile. – Excellent Miss Sorciere, we have a deal. I’ll assist you in capturing Tesla and in exchange I can’t get a vial of his blood for my hirer. People this days ask for the weirdest days, makes you want to go back to older days, simpler days.- For a moment the flawless mask of charm the Dual Wielding Angel of Death got a crack. He never had older days, simple days, Falken was picked up from the streets and trained to be a weapon. A flood of memories overcame him, shooting, killing, maiming, torturing and infiltration. In a situation like this anyone, no matter how lost or soulless, would shed a tear.

Falken would have, if his lachrymals weren’t blocked from all the machinery hiding under his skin. That fleeting moment of weakness left as fast it arrived and the Falcon Eye Killer changed the subject. –I think we are going to have to fight them before getting to Tesla. I hope that bastard doesn’t dies on the mayhem, people that can shoot lighting from their hands aren’t easy to find, and my hirer really wants some of his weird blood.- With that said he didn’t exchange more words and decided that the pragmatic approach to face the incoming threat was not letting it arrive.

With that in mind he summoned his Neate Divider Rifle and with the help of his enhanced eyesight aimed the armor penetrative bullet at “Bubblegum’s” head. If the Robot got totaled by it, Falken wanted to check its effects on a human skull. He pulled the Trigger with inhuman coldness, taking one more life didn’t mattered to a man who took so many before.


Jack and Tobi tag-team of death was very effective, moving from cover to cover, with Sophie’s Choice is Lead from afar sniping important targets, while Goldhound’s Tri-cannon versatility took care of masses. Using the crio bullets he made the support beams of a townhouse brittle and the upper floors collapsed down the robots. –Burn Motherfuckers! Burn!!!- Jack quickly changed to the flamethrower mode as more enemies grew near, while Tobia systematically blew up the cars on the streets causing collateral damage, the Western Dogs signature.

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