Ice Dragon Slayer Atem Luz

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Name: Atem Luz

Age: 17

Classification: First Generation Dragon Slayer


Atem is a very calm person in general. He is also quite the narcissist, he loves himself very much, but he has some people in reserve who he likes. Atem can remember virtually every moment and person in his entire life. One of his major disadvantages is that he is a bit too cocky in many situations, and admitting defeat hurts his pride quite alot. But given enough time, he can get through even knowing his not the best.


Atem has very silky and smooth silver hair, he also has beautiful silver eyes. In general he likes to wear white and black clothing. He carries a sword called the Blade of Ice, given to him by his mother Eleanor. That blade can withstand 500 tons of pressure.


Ice Manipulation Atems Ice can reach absolute zero,but only hold that amount of temperature for around 30 seconds. Atem can also eat ice to replenish his energy. Atem can shoot small ice beams at his opponents. He can make these small ice beams follow his opponents. Their destruction is not very high, at max these beams can destroy a small house. These beams can go up to 30 feet per second. Atem can make several shapes with tis ice, like a sword, sludge hammer, or a boomerang. Atem can also control water as well and do everything with water like he can do with his ice.

Super Speed - Atem is able to run at 250 miles per hour.

Peak Human Strength - Able to pick up 500 pounds, and able to punch at 500 pounds of force.


Dragon Force - Standard Ice Dragon Force

Dragon Roar - Standard Ice Dragon Roar, it can destroy a skyscaper in one shot.

Ice Slash - Atem can generate a slash of ice from any limb on his body

Ice Shield - Can create a thick shield of ice, it can withstand 15 tons of force

Ice Armor - Can generate a armor around his body, can withstand 15 tons of force.

Ice Weapons - Can create a large variety of weapons, like swords, clubs, guns and many more.


Name: Eleanor

Type: Ice Dragon

Hieght - 10 feet tall

Atem was merely a newborn since he was left for dead. Then Eleanor, the ice dragon had saved his life and raised him as his own. She taught him how to survive in very cold areas in the world. When Atem became 7 years old, Eleanor taught him the way's of the Ice Dragon Slayer magic. Atem learned very quickly on the new found powers he has gained. When Eleanor left him, he wondered why she left, but he knew that she had a reason to leave him. So he began his journey to look for other Dragon Slayers and have found them. Today he belongs to their guild, and he calls it home. He still wonders where Eleanor is, and he is sure that one day he will find her.

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Lol Stardust Dragon and the name Atem.

By the way, who's his appearance avatar?

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that was really cool but...isnt -5000C impossible? absolute zero is −273.15C

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@Fehafare: lol

I think the avatar is fan made, my laptop might know but it stopped working and I am foced to use my cell phone so I cannot check who this guy is.

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@othus12: Didn't even notice that.

Yeah you're right. Absolute Zero is... well absolute there really isn't anything below it and even if there was there would be no change when compared to absolute zero.

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@othus12: lol I just remembered that. Though sadly I can't edit that since I am in my cell phone :(

Edit: nevermind I have found the way lol

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@AnimeDefender: good choice of powers well done

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@othus12: Yay

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