I swear it was my evil twin! Crow vs Daisuke (RP)

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Fortuna City, a small town in Spain that has grown nicely over it 100 years of existence being founded by a retired Conquistador most would expect it to be a military like city but this is far from the truth the Conquistador had a deep devotion to his religion and such he created the town to carry on his beliefs. Originally being created with Catholic roots this has evolved though the years but the seeds of Catholicism still remain. The citizens of Fortuna have distance themselves from technology, believing most modern day technology was a window for the devil, only using the bare minimum of what they need most buildings are built with a clay colored stone making the town seem like a sunset colored the entire place. Even their weaponry had was behind technologically speaking believing that guns were evil and for sinners and heretics the guard of the town (their version of a police force) carries swords, spears, axes, etc. possibly a nod to their Conquistador founder because they wear similar armor. Walking though the town is like taking a step back in time to the days where family weren’t pulled apart by technology but instead held together by the bonds of their religion. One development that the citizens have seen has shaped their religious beliefs is the power of magic but the citizens have dubbed this by a different title seeing the things magic can do as “miracles” created by those God has deemed worthy. Whether these miracles are exactly god work, some form of sorcery tricking the people or super beings using their powers to increase their influence over the town has yet to be seen. Recently more and more guards are using miracles going as far as using their “god given” powers to capture and punish law breakers increasing their authority and power in the city and the town priest, whose status is equal to that of a mayor, has created lot of miracles as of late.

The sun rest high above Fortuna’s town square where its prized church is located, the church is the largest buildings in the town made from dark grey stone it stands in contrast to the amber buildings and dark brown roads around it. In the large building of worship the entire town and several tourist are gathered listening to Father Fernandez Cornalla, the priest who has as of recently gain the nicknames God’s Voice, The Miracle Priest, and God’s Great Prophet, is given today sermon. Recently the priest has begun speaking of going to the neighboring towns and use the Fortuna Guard to reign in their heresy and blasphemy so that they can worship and love god like the citizens of Fortuna this was opposed but most members of the town because Fortuna had been peaceful for most of his lifetime and what Father Fernandez was proposing was against what former priest have taught them about God and his love but with each sermon and each miracle Fernandez performing his words were sounding less and less like those of a mortal and more and more like those of someone who was in direct connection with God. Father Fernandez is in his 50’s with a gray beard and balding head his eyes are small and black often wearing glasses to help him see the Father has a round nose and rounded jaw. A bit on the pudgy side the Father usually wears his robes on the baggy side to hide this fact one thing that always seems to be on the Father’s person is a ring on left hand the ring is small for his pudgy fingers having a silver ring with a small purple orb located in the center. Father Fernandez was speaking loudly getting the people in the church worked up and nearly standing no one would have notice the person in the back of the church wearing a dark silver cloak with the hood pulled up over his face. The priest was just now finishing up the first part of his sermon, “And so my children, my brothers, my sisters God may be merciful but that only applies to those who follow god laws! God may love but he only loves those who worship him! The people in the church were beginning a collective Amen! As the preacher continued “God is forgiving but only forgives those believe that is their only form of forgiveness! But to those who sin against his name, to those that turn way from his love, to those that ignore his word and his law THERE IS NO MERCY, THERE IS NO LOVE, THERE IS NO FORGIVNESS!” “AMEN!” The entire town was on their feet clapping, and cheering on the preacher the cloaked person in the back moved around his right hand sliding under his cloak his hand covered in brown loose fitting glove with the index and thumb not covered. Father Fernandez settled down the crowd as his voice calm, “The Fortuna Guard that protects our god loving town is not just here because of us, they are not just here to protect us, they are not here just to punish the sinners in our town. NO! They are here because God wants them here they are here because of GOD! The Guard is here to protect those who love god even if they will not believe the Guard is here to open the eyes of those closed to the darkness the light that God brings! They are here to punish the sinners in all towns to make sure that god loves all and all love GOD! The town was cheering again the Father words having strike a cord in their hearts that they need to spread God’s love, Father Fernandez raised his hand to quiet the people and his voice once again was calm.

“Now my people I have some poor news to tell you news that shocked me and shook me to my cord.” The crowd begins to silence the idea of something scaring Father Fernandez was scary enough meanwhile the cloaked person in the back was beginning to move their right hand still under their cloak as he took a step forward revealing a bit dark blue jeans. “It has come to my attention the devil is here is in our beautiful Fortuna City.” Many people gasped and became speechless the person in the cloak stop in their tracks seemingly frightened by the idea of the devil as well “Yes I know my brothers and sisters this was the same reaction I had when I heard the news but since then I have come to the terms that God will protect me, you, your children, your friends, your family, and everyone in Fortuna from the devil’s wrath.” The people began to mumble amongst themselves as the preacher’s words reassured them the cloak person continue to move deliberately slowly a faint clicking sound can be heard from under the cloak “God will protect us from the devil who I believe will try to spread his evil lies about me, about our Fortuna Guard, about our miracles. The devil come to us from that country bathed in sin, America, he comes to us carrying the weapon of Satan and evil men, a gun!” The crowd of citizens and even some tourist as they raise to their feet in a righteous anger no one noticed the cloaked figure carefully stepping around them. Father Fernandez’s got louder and more passionate building the crowd into frenzy “Be warned my brothers be warned my sisters this devil does not come to us in the form of a monster from legends but the form of a young man with light brown hair, a smile that can sway any man or woman to do his bidding!” The cloaked figure picked up speed he was move swiftly but still not bumping into anyone the cloak flew up a bit revealing a young man under the cloak with glimpse of dark brown hair and s smile but that was if anyone noticed but the crowd around the cloaked man was cheering and shouting not paying attention. “Do not listen to the lies he spreads!” The young man under the cloak was moving faster becoming a black blur as he approached the preacher “Protect your children, protect your wives and husband, run away, hide, do whatever you must to bring this devil to justice!” The figure got closer only a few feet from Fernandez now the crowd was on their feet cheering and shouting that they will stop the devil that has invaded their city. “But most importantly my children pray! Pray so that God may hear you and rid our town of this Blue Eyed Devil!” In a blur of black the figure appeared on top of the altar that Father Fernandez was behind the cloak flew up in the air revealing the young man behind a smile on his face highlighted by his cobalt blue eyes a ornate revolver in his hand the young man was Crow Cementerio a hero in the States. People were screaming and trying to run away as the Fortuna Guards clad in the silver Conquistador armor holding spears and swords rushed at Crow coming out from the back of the church and bursting though the doors as the citizens panicked watching what was about to be happen. Crow shouted above the screams of the terrified citizens so all could hear him a smile on his face “Say your prayers old man because where you are going this is no god!” Bang! Bang! Bang! Crow fired not one not two but fives shots straight in to Father Fernandez chest at point blank range blood splattered everywhere covering the left side of Crow’s face as the preacher fell backwards hitting the ground with a thud as blood pooled around him.

Women were screaming children were crying madness filled the church as the hero just seemingly murdered a man in cold bold and he was still smiling. The Fortuna Guard rushed at Crow outrage over the shooting of their beloved preacher but they were extremely outmatched; Crow grabbed the cloak out of the air and throw it in the face of 3 Guards blinding them so that they speared the cloak the gunslinger took a knife out from his under his light blue jacket and blocked an oncoming sword strike. Crow slice the throat of the man with a sword causing blood to spray everywhere Crow charged the knife with electricity causing metallic blue arcs and sparks to appear on the knife he threw it into another Guard’s arm electrocuting the man at when it pierced his flesh. The spearmen ripped the cloak to shreds and went at Crow again the gunslinger grabbed the spear of the one in the middle and pulled him in as he kicked the man in the head with an electrically charged kick snapping the man neck killing him instantly. The other two horrified at this back away only for Crow point his palm at them and fire a blue electrical blast at the Guards electrocuting both of them. The remaining men began to surround Crow who pointed his gun in the air a smile on his face as blood dripped down the left side all the men moved forward to capture the murderer but Crow pulled the trigger firing a bullet into the air. The bullet went up about 15 feet but then exploded into a ball of light that reflected off the guard’s metal armor blinding everyone still in the church, this was Crow Flash Round bullet, as the light dissipated and the people regain their sight Crow was gone. The cowboy was running down a street  near the church where he just killed a man he grabbed his prized cowboy hat from a hole he hid it in and throw it on wiping the blood off his face and hid in alleyway.                              

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A foreign boy carelessly wandered on the streets of Fortuna City. His red hair and slight Asian features made clear he was not from this country. He was Daisuke Emiya, a Japanese person. Yet he lives in London, England. By the way he's also a magus and self-proclaimed Hero of Justice. What business such a strange guy had there? Nothing special, really. Actually, he was going to visit an old acquaintance of his. A mage acquaintance, of course. Daisuke hadn't met him for almost a year. His name was Jon Alexander Eltram II, eccentric name befitting his character. Jon has the job - or as he describes, his hobby - of studying ancient relics, especially of the magic nature. Recently, he had found something interesting, a sword possessing mystical powers. Aware of Daisuke's specialty in magecraft, Jon called him to properly inspect the sword. They had arranged a meeting in Fortuna City but something came in. Jon left a letter behind to tell he would be back in a few hours, or maybe an entire day. That's how he always was. Daisuke just simply let out a sigh. Being on abundance of time, he had decided to take a stroll and see the sights of Fortuna City.
Daisuke was wandering on the crowded spot of the town square. The warmth of the Mediterranean air caressed his face. The weather was nice, even though Daisuke found it hard to get used to. This town refused the commodities of modern technology which in turn gave Fortuna City a special air. It gave the illusion like Daisuke just went back in time. The clay colors of the surrounding houses painted the surroundings in orange. It was truly refreshing compared to the gray concrete jungles of other cities. Yet that beautiful illusion got broken the next instant. "Gunshots!?" Yes, Daisuke heard several gunshots from a distance not too far away. Suddenly the gates of the nearby church split open as the crowd fled in terror. "El Diablo! El Diablo!" They were shouting these lines non-stop. "Wait! What happened? Please tell me!" Daisuke randomly grabbed a man amongst the running crowd. The guy stood there dumbfounded. "Ah, sorry." Daisuke realized he was talking in English. He took out a green gem and. " ¿Qué está pasando ? (What's going on?)" Told Daisuke fluently in Spanish. That gem was a magic artifact from Rin. It has the ability to instantly analyze foreign languages and translate both the user's words and the words the user does hear. In short this small gem was able to defeat the boundary of languages. "Father Fernandez is dead! He killed him!...He's the De- !" Sound of the breaking of glass interrupted them. 
A cloaked man jumped out of the window. He was so fast regular people had a hard time to follow. But Daisuke was a magus. He immediately realized what was going on. Like a trigger firing of the hammer, the Magic Circuits in Daisuke's body were activated one by one. Without saying a word he disappeared to chase after the mysterious figure. Daisuke was running, no...he was almost flying at speeds barely bellow the speed of sound. Reinforcement magic, an ability that allows a mere human to surpass his natural limits. The mysterious man probably used a similar technique but Daisuke couldn't tell. It's even possible that his opponent didn't use magecraft at all. Still, the guy had some kind of 'power', enough for Daisuke to track him. After a short chase his opponent stopped somewhere in an empty alleyway. "Stop right there!" Daisuke shouted behind the mysterious figure's back. "Who are you and what are you doing here!?" daisuke asked in an agitated voice. He wanted answers. It was never Daisuke's style to blindly attack people. Despite that his Magic Circuits were already prepared for combat. If it comes down to a fight, Daisuke won't hesitate the slightest bit.
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Crow needed to catch his breath he pulled his cowboy hat down low to cover his eyes and wiped some blood off his face with a cloth he took out of his pocket. By now guards all probably all over the place it won’t be long before they find me. I guess that what happens when you kill the town leader in cold blood whatever the old man deserve to die. I need to get out of town and fast. The killer sighed but his moment of relief was broken by a voice from behind him "Stop right there!" The Railgun sighed again loudly a little annoyed by the interruption he didn’t have much time to deal with this. Crow turned around slowly the person was a kid probably no older than Crow by the look of his attire and a slightly Asian appearance he was definitely not from Spain so he was not a local his accent sounded British so he was probably living there or from there. The gunslinger clutched the blood covered fabric, which he used to wipe his face, in his hand to hide it from the kid; I really don’t want to fight a tourist at the moment I already killed 4 people today and I was told not to kill the citizens of the town or tourist. The youth shouted at him in an agitated voice "Who are you and what are you doing here!?" Crow could sense an energy building in the kid’s body he wasn’t sure if it was some sort of power or magic of some kind but Crow had the feeling it helped the kid catch up with him so fast. The Fortuna Guard was drawing closer as their shouts were getting louder Crow could hear some of what they were saying “Obtener el diablo! ¿Dónde está el diablo? El diablo mató al padre de Fernández ” (Get the devil! Where is the devil? The devil killed Father Frenandez) Crow didn’t have much timed he needed a plan and an asnswer “Thank dios you are here! I just saw the killer run down this way we may be able to catch him if we work together.” The Vaquero slowly took a step forward offering his hand hoping the youth would buy the lie. “You see the killer is exactly my twin, my evil twin, I came here to stop him from killing the preacher of this town but unforunately as you see I was too late. I need to stop him and bring him in before I get caught in a case of mistaken identiy.” Crow kept apporaching slowly there was a trash can next to him with its lid askrew; That may be useful if things get rocky. “So please you have to help me my name is Crow Cemeneterio. What is your name?” The gunslinger’s hand was only a foot away from Daisuke, he clutched bllod stained cloth hoping that his lie was good enough to fool the kid. Suddenly 8 Fortuna Guardsmen appeared in the alleyway at the other end they were armed with swords and axes their metal amor reflecting the copper tone buildings around them. “No está allí es el diablo ! ” (There he is there is the devil!).

The cowboy sighed as he turned from the guards behind him to Daisuke in front of him and for a minute the way the light hit his face his smile and his (coyote) eyes reflected in just a way he looked like devil. He gave the british youth a mischeivously impish smile and said quite quiantly “Damn I hated when people interput a private converstation. Tell me did you like that story about the evil twin.” Crow moved quickly he first threw the bloody cloth in Daisuke’s face then grabbed the trash can lid by the handle he swung around aiming to hit Daisuke arcoss the face or at least block a counter from him. The “Diablo” quickly drew his revolver and aim pulled the trigger going to shoot the Fortuna Guard but unforunately instead of the bang of bullets being fired there was a repeated clicking noise of a empty gun. “Damn I forgot to reload Quicksilver!” Crow quickly changed his planned he turned back to Daisuke throwing the trashcan lid at him and sent a surge of eletricty to his legs and deilvered a super powered kick to lid to push Daisuke back then ran at him and leapt off the lid to jump over him. He gave teh self proclamied Hero of Justice a glance back laughing at he tipped his hat to the kid and with a smiel called back “Adios kid! I don’t know how you caught up to me in the first place but it’s best if you don’t follow me again. Next time I’ll remeber to load my gun!” Crow speed away leaping on to a roof with little effort and began running at his top speed using a little bit of his powers to help him escape without looking back and trying to figure out a way out of the city hoping that kid isn’t following him.

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The mysterious guy sighed and slowly turned around.“Thank dios you are here! I just saw the killer run down this way we may be able to catch him if we work together.” He seemed to be a boy, roughly at the same age as Daisuke himself. He talked in a strange friendly tone. The boy slowly walked closer to Daisuke, seemingly without any intention of harm. Yet the young magus didn't let his guard down. “You see the killer is exactly my twin, my evil twin, I came here to stop him from killing the preacher of this town but unforunately as you see I was too late. I need to stop him and bring him in before I get caught in a case of mistaken identiy.” Daisuke heard out the youth's story. It was certainly a crazy tale, although Daisuke lived through things crazier than that. “So please you have to help me my name is Crow Cemeneterio. What is your name?” The boy sincerely introduced himself as Crow. It didn't require a genius to figure out that was a foreign name. Still, not trying to be rude Daisuke returned the favor. "Daisuke Emiya -" Suddenly a bunch of city guards appeared on the other end of the alleyway. They were pointing at Crow's direction. “No está allí es el diablo ! ” There he is, there's the Devil! Thankfully, Daisuke's translator gem was still active. He clearly understood what was going on. Crow showed a bitter smirk. “Damn I hated when people interput a private converstation. Tell me did you like that story about the evil twin.” There was no more doubt, Daisuke was confronting the assassin himself! His Magic Circuits were on fire. His limbs were ready to pass that mere 3 meters of distance in an instant. "Trace O- !" But his enemy was even faster. Daisuke felt a jolt of electricity coursing through his entire body. The feeling of pain almost made him pass out. When he finally returned to his senses he saw the lid of a trash can steadily approaching. (Wha-) Being in no condition to dodge, he had no choice but to watch that thing impacting with his face. BONG! It certainly wasn't really nice. Neither the following. He felt something heavy impacting with his chest. "Guh- !" That was a kick delivered by Crow. Using the brief moment of Daisuke's confusion his opponent went straight for an attack. For a single moment Daisuke's world went completely black.
By the time he came back to his senses, Crow had already ran past him. His opponent seemingly took no interest to finish his work and instead chose the option to flee the scene. "Damn!" Daisuke cursed his incompetence. He couldn't help but he had left his opponent to escape. The crowd of town guards continued to chase Crow. Daisuke was left all alone in the empty alleyway. He was kneeling on the cold floor while staring on his empty hands. The twin swords he had previously held were nowhere to seen. They had disappeared the same moment Daisuke had lost his focus. "How pathetic..." The youngster was deep in thought. Ever since that sorrowful day he wowed to become stronger. He joined the Magic Association, read tons of magic books and trained nons-top. All for the single objective to be strong, to be capable of protecting everyone he holds dear. Yet he had just lost spectacularly to some assassin Daisuke never heard of. "This is pathetic..." Yes, he was a disgrace. Yet the young magus had no time to contemplate on his incompetence. He wasn't the kind of guy just to give up after a single try. (Trace --- On! Analyzing foreign energy. Recreating history. Generating signature pattern. Drawing map. Locating target.) No, if it's Daisuke, he would never think of giving up! Using the leftover electricity from Crow's attack as a sample, the young magus had already started a wide range search. You can say that Daisuke Emiya is a rookie mage. But when it came to sensing magic energy he was almost a prodigy. "I found you!" Daisuke exclaimed. It didn't take even a minute and he had already found Crow's location. At the same moment Daisuke's body flickered. Turning his reinforcement magic to full power, he vehemently chased the signature of Crow.
Daisuke's opponent was fast. By the time he reached him they were already at the outskirts of Fortuna City. But before Crow could leave the town Daisuke had appeared right before him.  "*pant**pant* I finally got you. This is the end of the line, Crow!" Daisuke exclaimed. "Trace----On!" The young magus summoned a pair of almost identical blades, Kanshou and Bakuya. "This time I won't go easy on you! Prepare yourself!" Daisuke exclaimed as he threw both of his swords at Crow's direction. Yet for some strange reason both Kanshou and Bakuya missed. They missed spectacularly. "AAAAAAAAH--!" Daisuke suddenly ran at Crow's directions. Following that a fresh pair of Kanshou and Bakuya appeared in his hands. Daisuke prepared to cut down the gunslinger with a cross section slash. What a bold action. But unknown to Crow the previous pair of Kanshou and Bakuya had already changed their direction. Turning like mystic boomerangs the swords were flying straight for Crow's exposed back. Crane Wing, a technique coming from multiple directions. Daisuke was about to sandwitch Crow in his attacks.
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The so called “Devil” was pretty much laughing as he near the edge of Fortuna City a smile on his face as he hid in an alley way making sure the coast was clear, wow that was pretty easy getting past those guards I guess when you kill the town leader the whole place goes to the dogs. But thats what these stupid sheep deserve for beileving someone like that so called priest he probably could have talked them into killing themselves. I rather spill one person blood than have another Jonestown. Crow begant ot make his way to the edge of the town all he needed was to get out of dodge and he would be home free but then a unexpected arrival showed up. Daisuke might as well came out of nowhere appearing in front of Crow like that all of sudden. Damn not this kid again didn’t I tell him don’t follow me. I guess some people need to be told twice, but I rather not fight him he has nothing to do with this and besides he just being a hero. Daisuke panted standing in Crow way to freedom "*pant**pant* I finally got you. This is the end of the line, Crow!" Crow placed his hand Quicksilver, his orchicalcum forged revolver, and ready for what he anticipated was going to be Daisuke stand against him "Trace----On!”

Back in the church there were still people praying in the back as Father Fernandez lay on the ground the town doctor was on its way to try and save the preacher’s life. Several Fortuna Guardsmen stood over their leader nobody notice the red sparks of energy coming from Father Fernandez ring and his body, no body notice the bullet wounds were healing as well as pushing whatever bullet fragments were in his body out. The town doctor finally arrived carrying his medical bag and panting “I’m here to help Father Fernandez! How are his vitals, has someone been keeping pressure on his wounds?” The doctor eyes widen and he dropped his medical bag as the town leader should up fine like nothing happen. “I am fine Dr. Estabon there is no reason to worry.” The doctor was nearly shaking in his boots “But Father the whole town witness you being shot 5 times how are you still alive?” Father Fernandez calmly put his hand on the doctor’s shoulder smiling and chuckling a little. “How am I alive you ask? Isn’t it obvious the power of god saved me no matter demon powers that Blue Eyed Devil even if it is Satan himself his powers are no match for God’s miracles. Now everything is fine the Guard will stop that Devil and bring him to justice you just go home and look after your family Ricardio. All of you go home the Guard will take care of everything.” The doctor began to take out some equipment still a little concern “Please Father let just check God may have saved you but a doctor can help you.” Father Fernandez began to squeeze Dr. Estabon shoulder not hard but enough to let him he was serious his voice was low so only he could hear and it had a dark threatening tone to it “Are you questioning God’s miracles doctor because that is blasphemy. A sin might I remind you punishable by imprisonment or worst death.” The doctor immediately put away his tools and walked away taking the few citizens remaining with him “Praise the Lord he has saved our dear Father Fernandez!” Once everyone was gone the priest turn to his Guard his voice still holding that threatening tone but now it had a sense of authorized arrogance. “Where is that Devil Cementerio now?!” “Father the Gunslinger is on the outskirts of town it seems he is battling another hero who is trying to capture him.” The Father clenched his ringed fist placing it in his other hand his temper rising “Damn it why are there so many damn heroes in my town and just when I’m on the urge of completing my plans!” ‘But Father isn’t this good this other hero will fight Cementerio and hopefully they will finish each other off.” Suddenly a ruby red spike pierced the guard throat he choke and spat up his blood gasping for his last breast. Fernandez looked positively enraged his arm stretched out and the spike originating from the jewel on the ring. “And what if the gunslinger tells the hero why he is here and they team up and come here? Then what the gunslinger is powerful enough and he teams up with a hero then everything I have worked for is lost!” The spike retracted as the preacher calm down the guard falling down dead the cross behind the podium slide to the slide revealing a dark passageway with steps leading downward. Fernandez calmly walked to the entrance a smile returning to his face “But hopefully the gunslinger doesn’t know my entire plan maybe he is just a dog doing someone bidding. No matter what the circumstances maybe take of Cementerio and this new hero as well I will not stand for a single flaw in my plan.” As the preacher disappeared into the tunnel the cross sliding back to it’s originally position the Guardsmen saluted their leader.

Back at the outskirts of Fortuna Daisuke had formed two nearly identical blades Crow checked Quicksilver it was loaded this time and he was ready, weird how he summoned those swords out of nowhere this kid got some interesting powers. But he better have more then just summoning some swords up his sleeve if he wants to stop me. The Hero of Justice threw both swords at the Lightning Shooter but Crow simply dodge them using his electrical powers to enhance his speed so he can get out of the way but after he had dodge to the left he it seemed like he didn’t need to the blades missed completely going off in random directions. “Dang kid you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a throw like that maybe that hit to the head earlier scrambled something upstairs.” The Coyote Eyed Cross Hair laughed a little “Listen no hard feelings about that amigo I just needed to get out of there you know with an evil twin running around it a bad thing to be caught at the moment.” Apparently Daisuke wasn’t listening he ran at Crow forming two more blades in his hands, strangely the blades were identical to the ones he just threw, what the hell is with this kid what is his power. Daisuke cut downward at the Rail-gunner with a cross slash that was blocked with Crow’s nigh indestructible revolver intersecting the point where the hero’s blades crossed. Crow was nearly face to face with his adversary struggling with all his might to push him away as sparks from the weapons grinding against each other flew up. “You said your name was Daisuke right? Listen Daisuke you got this all wrong it’s my evil twin; I told you about, that you want not me. You seem pretty strong just by the fact that you can catch up with me so easily lets team up and found him before he kills again.” A noise caught the Cross Hair Assassin’s ear, it was the sound and something wheezing threw the air the gunslinger turned his head to see the previous swords thrown at him coming back around like some boomerangs from hell. Damn smart move attacking me from all direction. Crow electrically enhanced his arm strength just enough to push Daisuke away then turned and shot at one of the swords (Bakuya) his gunslinger training allowed him to know exactly where to shoot and what angle to hit to change the swords course. The bullet hit the sword’s handle where it needed to cause the sword to fly off into the air but unfortunately for the Last Gunslinger he was just a second to slow to take care of the second sword. Daisuke’s sword hit Crow slicing his right bicep creating a shallow but moderate wound causing him to wince in pain but the Lightning Revolver wasn’t out of the game yet he turned back around and began firing 4 shots at Daisuke hoping to take out the kids legs as his sword returned to him.

Crow stood up as blood dripped down his right arm a smile on his face he reloaded Quicksilver with such speed that not even some trained eyes could see it, “Listen Daisuke I don’t have time to play around with you I got an evil twin to take care of. So that being said lets make this quick if you don’t want to believe me.” It was the cowboy turn to go on the offense, “Overcharged.” Suddenly metallic blue electrical arcs appeared all over and around the gunslinger and his eyes glowed cobalt blue. His whole body was super charged with electrically increasing his speed, reaction time, strength, and mental focus this was his originally ability Overcharged he only had 5 minutes but he was thinking it would be enough to take care of Daisuke. The Rail-gunslinger slinger disappeared leaving behind several static charges in the air and sparks of electricity in a second the same feeling of static electricity appeared behind the Hero of Justice, this was always a dead give away for enemies as to where Crow will appear in this state, suddenly the gunslinger appeared in the air behind him deliver a spinning kick aimed for the shoulder. Whether it was blocked on hit did not matter the electricity would cause a millisecond of paralysis which is what Crow needed, his increase focus allowed him to see all of Daisuke movements in slow motion again something the gunslinger needed. He disappeared again only reappear in front of Daisuke only a few feet from him Crow fired a shot nearly point blank at the hero, but the round was no ordinary bullet it was one of Crow’s Burst shots that would explode once it made contact he was hoping the paralysis and the distance of the shot would leave Daisuke no time to dodge hopefully capturing the kid in a powerful explosion. Crow gave the hero a smile and with his now glowing eyes he appeared to a true demon from hell, “Adios Amigo.”
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Daisuke had no need to hear Crow's excuses. He swung down his blades in wide cross section, attempting to carve an 'X' to the murderer's chest. "Eh?" The fact Crow managed to block his attack didn't shock the red-haired boy. But how? A tiny object against the massive sabers of Daisuke. That was none other than Crow's revolver. That was ought to be one hell of a piece of tough metal to withstand two mystic blades that possessed properties way beyond any regular craftsmanship. But blocking Daisuke's frontal attack was far from enough. While Crow was struggling against the first assault the other set of twin blades had been previously thrown by Daisuke were coming back like deadly boomerangs. They were sneakily approaching Crow's back. "!!!" Wild surge of electricity ran through the gunslinger, giving him extra strength to push Daisuke away. Following that he quickly turned around and aimed on Kanshou. The bullet hit the sword and redirected it in the very last minute. By doing so though, Crow left no time to deal with the second sword, Bakuya. In a spinning motion like a circular saw the white blade cut piece of meat from Crow's right arm. He managed to just barely dodge in the last minute. That's how Crow managed to keep his arm in one piece. Meanwhile Daisuke strangely threw his swords sideways. Both blades silently embedded in the walls nearby. It was strange and somehow stupid. He had failed to deal a fatal blow on Crow thus leaving himself weaponless was one of the worst choices. The gunslinger's response was immediate. He pulled the trigger 4 times to release 4 bullets on their deadly course. *CLING*CLING*CLING*CLANG* Yet by the time the bullets reached Daisuke, the red-haired boy had yet another set of Kanshou and Bakuya's in his hands. Using the side of the blades the boy parried each shot in a rapid fashion. (That was close!) Noted Daisuke. The bullets fired from Crow's revolver were probably special. Their power and especially their speed were above any handgun bullet Daisuke had ever experienced. If he had been even a little sloppy, Daisuke would have ended up just dead.
Silence. For a few seconds neither combatant did a single move. They were calmly measuring each other, looking for the perfect opportunity to their next attack. “Listen Daisuke I don’t have time to play around with you I got an evil twin to take care of. So that being said lets make this quick if you don’t want to believe me.” Crow told him that. It seemed he had enough of waiting. Probably he had to worry about the guards ultimately catching up to them. "Overcharged." Suddenly sparks flew everywhere around Crow and his eyes turned cobalt blue. (Like I thought, his abilities are based on guns and that strange lightning power. Better to stay focused.) Daisuke thought. As usual he was analyzing his opponent non-stop. Unless he knows everything about the enemy, there will be always a probability for his tactics to fail. As usual Daisuke dropped his swords to lure his opponent to attack. He prepared his reinforcement magics on full power, in case for something very sudden. "Huh?" And it did happen. Without a warning the body of Crow just disappeared. His speed was simply too much for Daisuke to even see. (Where are you?) With his enemy out of sight, the red haired boy was a little unsure what to do. Suddenly he had a feeling like his hair standing up. "!!!!" Without even forming a single thought daisuke moved his arm in a defensive position. "Ugh-!"  He felt a heavy impact against his forearm. Crow's kick almost made Daisuke lose his footing. "Trace---On!" Before even recuperating from the shock, Daisuke had exclaimed. That was his fifth set of Kanshou and Bakuya already. He used these mystic blades without any hint of pride, like a simple disposable tool. That was Daisuke's style. His path of justice had no honor because he never had such an idealistic reasons like that. All he ever wanted just to save people. So easy yet so difficult to accomplish. Whether he got praised or titled the enemy of the world, he didn't care. He didn't mind even if he was just simply used. All that mattered was the ultimate result. That is Daisuke Emiya's idea for the 'Hero of Justice'. After performing that aerial kick, Crow disappeared again. He was really fast. Daisuke felt unsure how long he could manage against such an onslaught. Suddenly the gunslinger apeared before Daisuke with his revolver already pointing at the red-haired boy's chest, point blank. "Adios Amigo." He playfully exclaimed and pulled the trigger. It was an attack Daisuke didn't expect. He just freshly recovered from the previous kick so he had no chance to parry the bullet in time. Anyways, the distance was just way too short for Daisuke to do anything. His death became a cemented fact. 
Thus normally that would be the end of our story. The hero takes a lethal shot and that's all. Downer ending. Yeah, that would be the point where anyone would give up. Anyone but Daisuke. "GRRRRRR-!" The name Daisuke Emiya and giving up were on the two opposite sides of the dictionary. His left hand glowed with a strange power. *SLASH* Bakuya made a faint silver trail as it hit the bullet at incredible speed. That was clearly abnormal. It was a feat Daisuke shouldn't be capable of. And  that wouldn't be a bad guess. Daisuke who stood there helplessly was still the same. The one who performed this act wasn't him but his sword, Bakuya itself. Memory Replay, an ability to call forth the power and skills of the original holder. Kanshou and Bakuya being legendary weapons, they had legendary wielders as well. The bullet flew a few dozen meters behind and made a large fireball behind Daisuke. Apparently, it was an explosive shell. But Daisuke didn't care. His eyes were focused solely on his target, Crow Cemeterio. "GRRRRAAAAAH!" Both Kanshou and Bakuya were glowing in a blue light. The pair of twin blades were awakened from their slumber. Despite his previous lack of speed Daisuke was managed to catch up with Crow in a once in a lifetime burst move.  At the same time the leftover sets of Kanshou and Bakuya were soundlessly screaming. Without anyone ordering them they moved from their previous locations to surround Crow. The 8 blades were making a spinning circle to trap the gunslinger. Then Daisuke swung down both of his swords, the first attack with Bakuya being a fake while Kanshou delivering the real blow. Following that all 8 blades flew straight for Crow's direction, surrounding him from every direction. The situation which appeared to be so certain got a complete turn around in a single second. That was a miracle. A miracle not so unusual to Daisuke.
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The Rail-gun smirk his Overcharged ability allowed him to see things moving slowly because his level of focus and concentration was increased over ten fold he watched as his explosive Burst Round flew towards Daisuke his victory was pretty much insured…at least he thought so. The Hero of Justice was down for the count by a long shot despite having very little to counter the Coyote Eyed Cross Hair saw a strange aura glow around his adversary hand then Daisuke’s arm moved his sword creating a silver trail of energy behind it. It was like the hero wasn’t in control of his own movements but like someone else controlling his body like a phantom puppeteer; the sword hit the bullet making it fly off in a different direction then it exploded somewhere behind the two heroes creating a large fireball. Crap just a second ago I had this guy down and he pulls a move like that what the hell kind of power does he have; Crow leapt back a bit creating some distance from Daisuke but it was to no avail the youthful Hero of Justice closed the distance in one burst of movement. The Last Gunslinger saw the two blades glowing blue and before he could have time to react the other blades that Daisuke had created though the battle came to life flying around the cowboy and encircling him. All 8 blades spun around Crow trapping him in a deadly circle of swords so that he couldn’t move, Crap not another Omni—directional I got out of his last attack with a little more than a scratch, blood trickled down his arm and over his gun from the cut caused by Daisuke’s blade earlier. Before Crow could devise a exit strategy the sword wielding hero was on him slicing down with both blades even though the Last Gunslinger had increased focus that didn’t mean he could do everything at once he needed to pick one to block and now he took a wild guess. Crow blocked the first attack but the sword misses completely, it was a fake! If it wasn’t for the increased speed that Overcharged granted him the attack probably would have done a lot more the Rail-gunner jumped back just in time but still receive a wound Daisuke caused a little more than shallow gash down Crow’s body. Blood sprayed on the both of them but the gunslinger was not out of the woods yet all 8 blades were now flying straight towards him this may be the end of the gun toting hero.

But the Last of the Gunslinger was now down for the count just yet; his Overcharged ability was still in effect at the blades came at him he could see them moving in slow motion because of his increased focus. He used his speed and agility to barely dodge 5 out of the 8 blades the other 3 hit their mark slicing across his left leg, his right side underneath his arm pit, and his left side along his waist. Once all the blades move Crow was able to get out of the way using his speed to create distance he got about 30 feet from Daisuke then went to a knee panting as his wounds bleed he have been trying to keep a mental track of time and it seemed Overcharge was reaching his preset limit. Damn this kid is pretty freaken powerful he cut me up pretty badly and I’m haven’t starched him yet. I need to speed this fight up a little. The gunslinger turned he could see some Fortuna Guardsmen heading their way, great that just what I need to be out number when I’m so close to getting the hell out of this town. The Lightning Revolver stood smiling electricity arching over his body then he started laughing a little “Not bad Daisuke it’s rare that I get to fight someone as strong as you I could really need use your help catching my evil twin. But it seems my worst fear has come true I been caught in a case of mistaken identity you probably assume I’m lying and I’m really the evil twin. It seems there is only one way to settle this I’m going to have to beat the sense into you fine by me partner.”

The Rail-gun flicked his hat up, I don’t have much time Overcharged is going to reach its limit soon then I will be left in quite a vulnerable position because it’s after effects. I just hope this works. In an instant Crow drew Quicksilver and fired out the remaining 5 shot not aiming to hit anything in particular just give Daisuke something to do as Crow moved. The disappearing with a faint hint of static electricity he appeared just behind Daisuke a few feet back Agujas!” The Lightning Shoot swept his hand though the hair electricity flowing form it as he created a dozen needles of electrical energy that were capable of paralyzing whatever body part they hit for 1 second. Then Crow followed up the needle barrage by running behind them his hand surging with electricity, he was using his La Hoja attack which turned his hand into a shocking, slicing, paralyzing blade, he was going to use the needle attack to distract or paralyze Daisuke then hit him with Hoja and if Daisuke manage to dodge he could extend the blade turning it into Lanza. This better work because once this attack was over Overcharged would also end.                         

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Despite the impossible odds Daisuke managed to reverse the situation. The fate of getting blasted to oblivion was blatantly ignored and following that the young mage went for a quick counterattack. His movements and reactions were unlike just a few seconds before. Despite previously Crow clearly held the advantage of speed, the same person was actually getting caught up with. What an unbelievable sight! But unlike the gunslinger Daisuke had no time for getting surprised. His hands already held a new set of Kanshou and Bakuya, ready to strike Crow down. Seeing how last time his combined slash was easily blocked Daisuke went for a different method. Since his opponent was capable for parrying his attacks the young boy needed to put some brains behind those slashes. So he set up a a lure. With Bakuya, the same weapon that fooled Crow twice so far,  he feinted to attack. In truth the power of his slash was nowhere to his best. But the gunslinger had no way to know the limits of Daisuke. So he raised his revolver to block the attack, same way as he did in their previous clash. (I've got you!) Thought Daisuke. Following that he swung with Kanshou from the opposite side. Crow had no chance to avoid that attack. "!!" Or at least that was what Daisuke thought. In spite of being lured in with the young magus' feint, Crow was able to jump back in the very last minute. What an incredible show of agility! It appeared whatever gave Crow his speed, it also turned his reactions to an overdrive. "Tch-" Daisuke felt slightly frustrated on his miss. But the assault of the young magus was far from done yet! Crow suddenly realized he was surrounded by spinning blades. They were the 4 previous sets of Kanshou and Bakuya. Daisuke threw these swords into all directions and thus set up a magnificent trap totally unnoticed. With that many swords attacking from every possible directions, Crow had no chance to escape. (Try to dodge this!) Thought Daisuke sarcastically. In his mind he was almost sure of his victory.
Yet Lady Luck clearly wasn't on Daisuke's side. It was on Crow's. The gunslinger managed to avoid being sliced to pieces by the swarm of spinning scimitars. If it hadn't had happened right before Daisuke's eyes, the magus would never believe it! But Crow's stunt was far from perfect. Three out of the 8 blades managed to hit him, engraving large scars on his left leg and both sides of his torso. They were really painful yet far from lethal. At the same time Daisuke felt sudden warmth in his throat. "Bluergh-" For some reason the boy spat out a red fluid. It was his own blood. Every miracle has its consequences. The dramatic increase in speed probably messed up Daisuke's internal organs. The damage was still minimal but it told him that it would be better to hold back from now on. The two fighters stood about 10 meters from each other. Despite Crow's wounds the gunslinger managed to hold himself just fine. It was the most apparent from his tone. "Not bad Daisuke it’s rare that I get to fight someone as strong as you I could really need use your help catching my evil twin." Yeah, Crow was still definitely the same. "Cut this nonsense! I know what you did, you murderer! There's no evil twin or anything like that! Besides, you aren't half bad either. That was the same move which I used to beat the King of Heroes." Daisuke answered, returning Crow's praise with his own. But it seems my worst fear has come true I been caught in a case of mistaken identity you probably assume I’m lying and I’m really the evil twin. It seems there is only one way to settle this I’m going to have to beat the sense into you fine by me partner.” Crow was very adamant on his self-made story. He pulled it out so well Daisuke almost believed him. Almost. The red-haired boy still remembered the gunslinger's little slip at the alleyway. So Daisuke didn't let himself to be fooled. "Are you still going  going at it!? I'm saying that I won't be..." Daisuke was interrupted right in the middle of his explanation. Crow aimed his revolver and shot 4 times. In response Daisuke summoned Kanshou and Bakuya to parry the incoming bullets. "Hey, are you even listening to me!?" The boy worded his complaint but Crow seemingly didn't care. "Agujas!" The gunslinger shot dozens of needles made out of electric energy. They flew straight for Daisuke. "Damn it!" The boy cursed over his stupid predicament. Regardless he increased the magic energy in his arms to deflect all the needles. (I hope that much is still fine...) Thought Daisuke worriedly. Despite his years of training his magic powers were still a little unstable. He had yet to be aware of his clear limit and Daisuke often had the tendency of overdoing things. Besides he noticed that his so-called limit does vary from battle to battle. Sometimes he can do awesome things effortlessly while at other times even a slight overboost like the one he previously used can end up rather badly.
Kanshou and Bakuya were swords enchanted to parry even incoming magic spells. That's why despite they were metal the blades managed to block Crow's electric bullets without harming Daisuke. On the other hand each impact generated large flashes of sparks and light. It was something that annoyed Daisuke greatly but he couldn't help it. The same sparks also managed to hide the figure of Crow for an instant. "!!!" That's how Daisuke didn't realize the gunslinger was already right next to him. To begin with the young magus didn't expect that despite his leg wound Crow can manage to move at the same blinding speed. The gunslinger's hand was glowing with electric power. "Shit -!" Daisuke cursed, that electric whatever was quickly approaching the side of his waist. But he was too caught up to react in time. (Like hell I don't!) Or maybe not. Boosting himself with reinforcement magic to beyond his limits Daisuke managed to jump back barely in time. But following that something totally unexpected happened. "Guh- !" The sparkling aura around the gunslinger's hands suddenly just extended. It formed a long sword or lance made entirely out of lightning. "Bah- !" Daisuke coughed up blood. That spear of lightning had just pierced his entire stomach. Luckily the lance was special, otherwise he might have lost consciousness from the electric shock. But nothing like that happened. Apparently the spear just disappeared a few moments after it came to existence. Crow suddenly fell to his knees. "Damn it... !" Daisuke did the same. They were both exhausted and heavily injured. It was unclear whether they could resume the battle.

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The Rail-gun’s attack had hit it mark piercing Daisuke’s stomach the young hero caught up blood, Crow had planned to sent a jolt of electricity up the lance shocking Daisuke and winning the fight but his body was too spent only mere moments after the lance appeared it disappeared and the effects of Overcharged wore off. Crow was panting on his hands and knees and coughed up some blood of his own, normally Overcharged would last longer but with the amount of blood his was losing and his wounds sustain during this fight it wore off quicker than normal. The after effects of Overcharged began immediately he felt dizzy and as he looked at Daisuke his vision was blurry he was seeing doubles and around the edges of his sight were getting dark. Crow put his hands over his left eye to prevent a headache from his dimmed vision he was panting and clutching his gun with his free hand in case Daisuke got up. Stay down kid….I’m exhausted….I doubt I could go much longer. I just guessing here but I’m going to say that Daisuke tanks are spent as well. I just pray he doesn’t have a trump card. The fight between the two heroes had fought its way to a draw as the sound of metal footsteps and clanking armor quickly approached them.

Underneath Fortuna City

Father Fernandez was walking though a dark corridor located underneath the peaceful town of Fortuna he was followed by two Fortuna Guardsman close behind, in case of an attack, Fernandez seemed frustrated he was mumbling to himself and rubbing his palms hands together. His plans had gone horribly wrong ever since Crow had arrived not only did the Last Gunslinger attempt to assassinate him but now another hero was in town. How long was before the gunslinger told this other hero what was going on and the reasons for his action. How long before they team up and came for him and this time successfully assassinate him? As the town priest walked down the corridor the passage gradually changed in appearance starting out a dark cave like tunnel everything was become more refined and shaped so that it appeared to be a square hallway where there was just rocks for the ground had molded into steps and once where there was pitch darkness there was now lanterns every few fit. At the end of the tunnel a light could be seen indicating there was a room up ahead. Father Fernandez turned back to his Guards his voice was boiling over “How long before the men capture Crow Cementerio and this other hero? The Guards spoke up almost at unison “If all goes according to plan the men should be arriving at their location in a few minutes then it is a matter of securing the two heroes. From the reports they are both injured and tired from fighting each other so capturing them should be no problem Father.” Father Fernandez turned around he looked like he was about to hit the guard with his ring hand but stop. “NO PROBLEM! If there was no problem then Crow wouldn’t be in this town to begin with! He is skilled enough to get past you and get to me he is definitely a problem! I want the men to take every measure possible show NO MERCY!” The Guards just nodded as they continue to walk finally reaching the room at the end of the corridor it was a large circular room with lanterns all around to light it awaiting Father Fernandez was a militia of Fortuna Guards the floor was a large stone circular with what appeared to be demonic symbols on it and at the far end of the room was a large door that had similar markings. In the center of the room was a pedestal with a bowling bowl size crimson orb that like looks a larger version of the jewel on Fernandez’s ring. The town priest walked towards the center placing his ring on the orb and suddenly red arcs of energy went from the orb to the ring as the demonic markings on the door and floor glowed brightly. This only lasted a few minutes and when it stopped Fernandez seemed pretty angry “What?! Why are you giving me so little power this is not part of the deal?!” It seemed that Fernandez was talking to nobody and he was crazy until a low rumble of a voice filled the room it came from no one but yet it filled the room and actually caused it to shake a little. “DEAL!!!!!! Don’t you dare talk me to about a deal Fernandez! I recall our deal was you make a blood sacrifice for me and in return I give you power! So far I have received not even a drop while you act like the glutton you are and drain my own power for your needs! That is all you will get from me until you fulfill your end of the bargain!” Fernandez shook with rage but know to keep a cool head in this circumstance he slowly walked over to the door “Please Lord Daemon this reason I have not fulfilled my end is because I need to persuade this stupid towns folks in order to invade the other towns then I can give you your sacrifice. I need your power to fool these simpletons that is wow I need such more of your power.” The voice spoke up again “And what about the power you used to strengthen your Guard!” Fernandez clenched his fist “I needed to power the Guardsmen how was I supposed to invade the other towns they militias would stamp out my weak men and your power would have been in vain.” Lord Daemon was silent for a while before he could speak Father Fernandez spoke up “If you need a sacrifice now I swear I have something for you. My Guards the Guards you powered are on their way to capture two heroes one of home tried to derail our plan they will bring them here and I personally will spilled their powerful blood in front of you.” Lord Daemon finally spoke his voice calm almost a growl now “Fine Father I will take your sacrifice but so help you if I do not get my blood.” Father swallowed his fear knowing the demon was serious he place his hand on the orb and more sparks of energy filled the ring powering him but there was more power filling the ring then normal. Fernandez went to speak but Lord Daemon spoke first “I’m giving you more power then normal as an incentive to bring me those heroes. What wrong Father don’t you trust me?!” The two face priest greedily accepted the power that he did not deserve “Thank you Lord Daemon I will bring you those heroes and I will spill the blood of this entire country in your name!” The priest laughed manically as his ring was nearly overflowed with power but deep down he worried that the Fortuna Guard would not bring Crow and Daisuke to him.

Back at the outskirts of town


Crow could hear the guards getting closer he tried to stand but he was just too exhausted he coughed up some blood as a result instead. Damn those guards are close and I can’t get up let alone fight. I can’t be captured here not yet not now I’m so close to escaping and what about Daisuke what will they do with him. I got to get Daisuke up I need his help. Crow looked over towards Daisuke his vision still blurry and fading a little from the side effects of Overcharged. “Daisuke can you hear me? Get up kid we got problems. I’ll explain things to you and why I did what I did but you got to help. Get up Daisuke!” Crow slowly rose to his feet but too late several Fortuna Guards men surrounded Crow and Daisuke in a large circle their were pointing spears, swords, and axes at them.  One of the men Guards stepped forward pointing his sword in the direction of Crow’s heart. “Crow Cementerio and Daisuke Emiya.” The Guard pointed his sword at Daisuke Crow greeted his teeth and clenched his gun the after effects were wearing off but not fast. Damn they are going after Daisuke but that only means….FATHER FERNANDEZ ISN”T DEAD!  The Guard continued his self righteous decree “By order of Fortuna law you two are both under arrest for heiroacry against God and Father Fernandez an offence punishable by death! You two are to be captured and brought to Father Fernandez for trail!” BANG! Crow had shot at the man the bullet was meant to hit in the gap of his helmet right in the forehead but because of Crow faded vision he hit off target hitting the corner of the helmet instead causing barely any damage. He panted a smile on his face as he prepared for what was coming “So the old f*ck isn’t dead yet? Damn I never leave a job unfinished is a good thing you guys are her I like to see him again this time so I can finish my job!” The Fortuna Guard that Crow had shot grabbed his helmet where there was a dent from the bullet his face wrinkled with anger “CHARGE!!!!”

The Fortuna Guards closed in on Crow and Daisuke; the one the Coyote Eyed Cross Hair shot attacking Crow slicing down with his sword Crow blocked with his gun but his reflexes were slower than normal because of Overcharged. The sword sliced down in the Rail-gunner’s shoulder making him scream out it pain then the guardsman delivered an armor boot straight to Crow’s gut knocking him back and causing him to gasp and cough in agony. As the Electric Gunslinger tried to regain himself several minor Guard members closed in one him he shot at them but his bullets were missing their marked the damage he had sustained during his fight with Daisuke and the after effects of Overcharged had piled up Crow why not last longer against so many opponent or even one opponent. A guardsman slashes at Crow’s back with a spear but Crow was prepared he spun around grabbing the spear but the tip penetrated his gut the gunslinger sent an electrical jolt though the metal weapon to the man electrocuting him. He pulled the tip out as another man came out with a axe the gunslinger used the spear to block but to no avail it was slice in half Crow was not done yet he though both ends of the broken weapon at the man as a distraction then drew Quicksilver loading it with a explosive round he concentrated to focus his aim and fired the bullet was still off but not much he wanted to hit the man’s heart but instead hit just above his target the bullet exploded shattering the metal armor and incapacitating the man. Crow was not out of the woods yet there was more guards to deal with and all of them were closing in. The man Crow shot earlier approached him his sword drawn there was a small red orb in the hilt of the sword and it appeared to be glowing “Now fear the power that God has granted me!” The man sliced his sword into the ground sparks of red energy following when the sword hit the ground the energy transferred into the ground and creating squared pillar of rocks that headed straight at Crow. The gunslinger muster up the strength he had left and ran at the oncoming attack he covered his revolver in electrical energy knowing that his gun was indestructible he sliced his gun at the rocks at the appeared smashing though they with ease he was heading straight for the Guard his vision went in and out of focus but he headed for his target only a few more feet. Suddenly the gunslinger stopped in his tracks like he had run out of steam the electrical aura on the gun faded several stone pillars hand come up in all direction from the ground and hit him all over. Around him were several Fortuna Guards had their weapons towards the ground similar to the way the man Crow was about to attack had; The man walked forward and sliced the ground again this time several pillars hit Crow in all directions knocking him out. Crow opened his eyes what felt like seconds later but in reality it was several minutes later he was shackled to a war his feet off the ground in a underground chamber lit by lanterns there were several demonic markings all over the room including a large door across from Crow next to him was Daisuke seemingly still unconscious but in front of him was Father Fernandez his self. “Rise and shine Diablo you are about to pay for your sins against god.”                

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