I Must Become The Watcher On The Wall

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Hey guys! Did you get that little GoT reference? Anywho, I've got an announcement I need to make...
I'm thinking that I need to take a break from RP'ing. I've been very busy lately and changing schools has been very stressful. I've gotten friends that want to hang out with me, and I've found someone who brought back my spirit to write my novel. RP'ing is taking me away from the writing I really want to do. I've got at least two mini series ideas and six book ideas plus a series. I love RP'ing with you guys, and I don't think I could really let the Vice go, but I'm having serious trouble keeping up. So, after ND's RPG I'm going to pull the cord on posting and work on my novel. But I'll still be present to run Ebisu in the name of Harumi, and I'll be around the Vice if you need to talk to me. I'll also be taking the occasional RP on a slow week or during the holidays. I also feel like it's my turn to... step down (?). I feel like my drive for RP'ing isn't really there anymore, and I think that it's time I took a break to focus on school, friends and my own personal writing.
If you'd like to start an RP with any of my characters during this break, please don't be afraid to send me a PM. I'll be running The Great Ebisu Snowball Fight, hopefully, as it will be a very casual RP, but I think that for now, I'm done with any serious RPGs. I promise I am going to finish up the last few RPGs I have, but I think that the quality of my RP'ing isn't there and I don't have the time and drive.
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@Superevil225: OK, I hope you can get your freak back on! And any trouble you have to be solved....

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@Kuro_San: Thanks! :3
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@Superevil225: This is a sad moment for the Vice Universe! D:

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@Superevil225: Good luck with everything you need to take of. You will be missed :)


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@Superevil225: Nothing wrong with taking a break from RPing, Good Luck with your writing.
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@Superevil225:Sad that I didn't have the chance to see your RPing

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@Asune: Yes you did! I'm also Roxanne (Double-Tap) Caius (DreamWeaver) Madoka (Doki-Doki) and the Devilish account. :3

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@ReplicaRex: She won't be away from the Vice. She's just won't have time for RP-ing. Casual forum chat is going to be fine for her, I guess.
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@Superevil225: It's a pity you won't be RP-ing. But I can understand if you wish to focus on more important things. 
Yes, likewise I lost my RP-ing drive in the past. But I believe it eventually will return to you. 
Good luck with your novel. I might be able to help beta-reading it if you're willing to share your writing.
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@paladin: I really hope to be back, when I've got everything all sorted out and jazz. Things are just busy and I need to focus on the important IRL stuff. I hope to come back though. :)

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