Hunting the Hunter: Okami vs. Nerx

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The night sky stretched over the world, its blackness interupted by the myriad stars and the silver disk of a moon that shone down, illuminating the cityscape in an soft, ethereal light as if an omnipotent being had poked wholes in the darkness, letting the light of Heaven itself touch the urban sprawl. Had it not been for the endless neon lights that traced the dark, twisted buildings the scene would have been almost beautiful. As it was, everything looked like it was caught in a twilight, one in which the light of the morning would never return.

But this city was always like that. It served as an intersection between the worlds of darkness and light, maintaining the balance and allowing a select few to pass from one world to the next. It was also a purgatory for humans souls that had not been claimed by either side yet, and until they were they would continue to relive the events of a single day for eternity. But something had arrived in the city, and it had been preying on the human souls. In doing so it not only altered their course of events by violently killing them, but also threw the balance into chaos. The souls that the light and the dark vied for control over were now disappearing one by one with either side blaiming the other, and if the spiritual rot was allowed continue for much longer a full on war would break out between the two brother dimensions.

Every being with the ability to exist in both worlds at once had arrived at the city in hopes of finding the culprit. Alexander Vert, the demon hunter whos name was whispered in fearful tones by all manner of Hell-spawn, was one such being. So far, though, the hunting parties had met with abject failure and brutal demises. Those hunting parties hadn't had Okami with them, though.

Upon entering the city Alex had been locked in his demon wolf form, a side affect for someone like him of being in the border town. He wasn't complaining, though. He would need the extra keen senses to locate his quarry. At the center of the city, on the peak of the tallest, most nightmarish of the towers perched the lone, white wolf, his snowy fur emblazoned with bright red markers. A mane of fire traveled along his back, burning a fierce orange and acting as a beacon of colour in the otherwise sepia world. The saphire eyes remained shut tightly as he focused. Since Alex had arrived in the city he could sense the presence of the killer: it was vaguely vampiric, but there was something about his aura that was completely unfamiliar. So now, from the highest vantage point possible, Okami attempted to catch a flicker of his energy. A single use was all it would take.

Hours passed and he could feel his muscles beginning to stiffen. His waiting paid off, though, when he struck the paydirt that he had been looking for. One hundred yards North of him in the crowded quadruple lanes of main street, the entity was making its move. That was all he needed. Sinewy legs moved like liquid steel, pushing him out into the air in the direction of his target. The White Wolf entered a mad free fall. Opening his eyes several seconds later, a red glow tinged his blue eyes and in an explosive burst all four of his paws caught alight and propelled him forward. He could see the creature: some sort of demonic hound perched to tear out the larynx of business man. He needed to act quickly, but with the human soul underneath his enemy there was no way Okami could even attempt to destroy it.

Instead, he focused a ball of white-hot fire in the back of his throat and took aim at the Hell Hound's center of gravity, hoping the blast would knock him back. The fire ball shot out and ignited the very air on its path to it's target.

The fire surrounding his paws died down and he gracefully landed on the cold, dark concrete of the street. The soul that the hound had been attacking had stumbled to its feet and taken off down the street. His last day had been altered, but his soul remained alive. Turning his attention to his enemy, Okami locked eyes with the creature.

"The destruction you cause will lead to chaos. Stop this now for the sake of causality." He hoped that the telepathic message would convince the hunter to stop, but even so Okami tightened his muscles in case the wolf across from him chose the alternative option.
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The air was dense in carnage, its aura entombs the entire horizon around the hound known as Kiryu his fangs that rend the skies and his claws that tears apart the very fabric of creation the beast was seen behind this small figure of a man drenched in the city's blood. Heaven weeps at the apocalypse below it, destruction incarnate in the shape of a man his eyes are of a wolf one that sends shivers to the back of Fenrir's spine even the fated eater of the world is trembling at t distant at he who will destroy all that lives.
The ley lines distort around his very presence creating whirls of spatial ripples , the city crumbles slowly like sugar dissolving in water as his fur rises with all the fear emanating from those who survived as his aural energies emanated like black burning smoke from his back . The darkness clouded the stars above like a blanket to a childe,  as miasma looms over his proximity shrouding every little chance of survival for the little people below his feet. The Kaiju then saw the Inugami , the anti-thesis of his very existence and the source of light he sought to envelop one day . This encounter was fated within the elder scrolls where the element of good will inevitably clash with one that is of evil, with a howl the horrid beast expunged all life on the small city by unleashing a breath of spatial fire .
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