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(( Please don't copy anything in my bio. ))

Hunter's Characteristics


Full Name: Ryder Valentino

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Red

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 230 lbs

Marital Status: Single

Age: 21

Alignment: Hero

Aliases: The Hunter, Quicksilver, Bringer of Justice, Bulls-Eye

Place of Birth: Utopia

Group Affiliation: None as of yet

Occupation: Hired Mercenary,

Race: Human

Orientation: Heterosexual


"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not so sure about the universe"

"Some people should be the face."

"If you can't beat them, shoot them."

"If you're good at something, don't do it for free."

"Women may not hit harder, but they hit lower."

"If your life is so shitty maybe you should wipe your ass better."

"Off; the general direction in which I wish you would fuck."

Grid points:

  • Agility: 7/9
  • Durability: 4/9
  • Energy Protection: 4/9
  • Fighting Skill: 6/9
  • Intelligence: 3/9
  • Mental Strength: 6/9
  • Speed: 4/9
  • Stamina: 5/9
  • Strength: 2/9


As mysterious as Ryder is, there are many things that he doesn't reveal about himself or the fact that he is from the future, there are people that would try and use what he knows somehow to change the future. There are a few that Ryder trusts, but however when meeting new people trust is one thing that needs to be gained with him. When it comes to heroism, Ryder is rather a fearless person when meet face to face on the battlefield, and is way more than capable of fearlessly completing any mission, even if the mission isn't very difficult. Ryder is of average intelligence, and is a very gifted strategist. He uses his strategical knowledge to make him one of the most fearsome marksman to ever exist in the future. He is usually a calm and collected young individual out of battle, although he is also quite smooth with the ladies. When in battle however he is known to be very fearless when taking on dangerous missions, and there aren't really anyone that Ryder works well with so he is often alone on these missions. Quicksilver is known for his legendary speed, agility, and expert marksmanship, he does not hesitate to showcase it in battle and often shows it off at the gun range, however fortunately for him, when Ryder is immensely angered, he somehow manages to calm himself and think clearly so he may conduct necessary strategies or if the target is using a hostage to protect himself, Ryder can easily safe the hostage without making unnecessary risks. Ryder has a very strong will, which helps him greatly when dealing with pests, such as Telekinetic's, some would even say his will was up in the godly live, except that it wasn't. If he feels the need to help someone, someone helpless and in danger. Ryder would not hesitate, not even for a second to risk his own life even if that someone was somebody he doesn't know. Ryder is always ready to battle any threat, human or god, it doesn't matter to Ryder. If anything threatened the lives of his loved ones, they're wouldn't be very much they could do since Ryder would not rest until he came up with the prefect strategy to getting revenge.


A side from his everyday normal attire which consists of just about anything you could imagine, Ryder is often seen wearing a white striped shirt, pants and has various plates scattered over his arms, legs and hips. His shoulders are bare and have gear shaped symbols on each side. There are triangular shaped marks on each side of his face. The initial weapons he often carries with him are a pair of dual guns, a pair of futuristic specially made just for himself, these guns have unlimited ammunition. Ryder's ammunition consists of just about every type of bullets, but mostly is seen firing bolts of electricity. When not on duty, patrolling the city, Ryder can be seen wearing either a black & white striped t-shirt underneath a large winter jacket with fur around the edges of the hood, navy blue jeans and sneakers. He also carries his dual revolvers everywhere he goes. He is also seen with a pair of black & blue skull-candy head-phones over top of his long unkempt white hair, his music is usually blasting only to block out the sounds of everything around him, however, Ryder has learned how to read lips and has a sixth sense for danger, also he has quite the taste for the older models of automobiles, and is seen every now and again driving down the street in a 1967 Chevy Impala.

The Future


Powers, Abilities, & Etc..

Enhanced Speed & Agility: TBA

Enhanced Durability: TBA

Expert Marksmen: TBA

Weapons, Gadgets, & Etc..

Ragnarok & Apollo
Ragnarok & Apollo

Ragnarok & Apollo:



(Sorry that I can't add descriptions, I gotta go to work.. I'll add them when I get back.)

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I know I'm probably not one of the best writers, but I try to make do with what I know. Comment below and tell me what you think so far. :)

Currently working on the second chapter. :)

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@HunterSD: Nice a Natsu Character can't wait to see him in action

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@HunterSD: Nice bio! Looking forward to reading the rest of his story :)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Akage_Hana: Thank you so very much. ^-^

I'm keeping Natsu's power/attack the way they are cause I'm actually quite good at using them my own way. ^-^

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Very Nice!!XD
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@Mesamia: Thank you. ^-^

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@HunterSD: It seems that you are changing your character interesting can't wait to see ;)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Yea, i made a new more original character, and wanted to bring him to AV. ^^ He's based off numerous Canon characters, I actually got the idea for this character from your character crow. x3

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@HunterSD: That's good even though I like your first character I would have preferred something a bit more unique and this is perfect. Lol oh really I would never guess from the fact that one of his nick names is Quicksilver, he uses guns, and seems to be a marksman ;) XD

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Not just guns, these guns have a curved blade on them... Well.. lets just say.. He's the Crow of the Future.. since I'm working on the story which is bringing him back in time. >:D

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@HunterSD: Ah I see but you made one mistake...the Crow of the future is CROW XD He is the best that ever was, the best there ever is, and the best there ever will be ;). lol Seriously that sounds pretty badass I have a suggestion if you like because he is from the future you could say in the time period he is from Crow is a legend and your character looked up to him and it inspired him to become similar to Crow.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: LOLOLOL Naw I'll just say that He aimed to surpass crow, XDD

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@HunterSD: lol good luck with that one ;) Crow can't be surpassed only by himself XD jk jk That would be good especially when he meets the real Crow in the present who will be nothing like his future self and doesn't like some kid trying to surpass him lol

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Well lets just say... In the future.. Crow wouldn't be alive. >:D

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@HunterSD: lol noooooo XD Well his present self is nothing like the legends talk about Crow in the future.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: LOL! Dun worry Hunter is taking good care of Crows wife in the future!!! XDDD

I keed I keed XDDD

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@HunterSD: I like the bio :) Although when you say that the abilities and stuff is 'to be announced'.....PLEASE ANNOUNCE NOW? haha ;)

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@HunterSD: You know I think it's really pathetic that 90% of your character's personality section is plagiarized from the personality section of one of my characters (Raseri)

"Raseri is a very mysterious person, he does not reveal too much about himself during first encounters. His trust is not very easy to gain as well. He is rather fearless, and is capable of fearlessly taking on even the most terrifying and fearsome beings. He is of average intelligence, but he is a gifted battle strategist and tactician and uses this knowledge to make him one of the most dangerous fighters to ever exist. Raseri is usually a calm and collected individual out of battle however when in battle he is known to be very wrathful and filled with rage in his attacks. The Nordic Tiger is known for his legendary anger, he does not hesitate to showcase it in battle, but fortunately for him, even when immensely angered, he somehow manages to think clearly and conduct proper strategies. Raseri has a very strong sense of justice and heroism. He feels the need to help the helpless and battle any threat to peace and the planet Earth. Although he is known to be very ruthless, violent and merciless in battle and he does not hesitate to brutally kill his opponents in battle. Though he means well, Raseri's brutal and merciless nature make him more similar to an anti-hero than an actual hero. He can be rather vengeful if he feels that he has been wronged by someone. He is at times careless and can be quite destructive in battle, although this is usually when he unleashes a great deal of his power. Despite all of this, he can be a very respectful individual depending on who he is talking to"

Now I don't appreciate things like this. Where do you get off trying to pass off my work as yours? Edit it.

Oh and it's funny that at the top of your bio, you ask for others not to copy things from your bio when you have the nerve to copy sh!t from mine.


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