How do you taste the Wind? Cloud Vs Masako

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Kinryu Ramen was an excellent place to work in Osaka, placed in one of Japan biggest tourist atractions in the West, Dotonbori. Goro Fukuda was one of the newest workers in the most famous Ramen shops in the whole city. He was the nephew of Daikichi Fukuda, one of the most famous Ramen cook in modern Japan, a man whose cooking was so good it was said that could make the cruelest of the criminals weep tears of remorse. Goro's dream was to restore the family reputation, as his father, Seijuro, always shadowed by his brother left the business and now worked in a Mcdonals in Ame-mura, near Triangle park. He had been working on the old family restaurant, directed by his grandfather, but for further instruction, Goro decided to apply for a job in Kinryu Ramen to gain experience until he could re-open his family business Numa-Tora to it's fullest and show his father that he could make his dream true. Unknown to this idealistic cook this night his dream would come to a early end, by the hands of a criminal so brutal and inhuman that could have been inmune to his Uncle Ramen. At the start of the night, Dotonboti had the most clients walking around and checking the stores, trying to enjoy the Kuidaore, a japanese word for “to ruin oneself by extravagance in food.” Between the crowd a young man with black hair and reddish eyes walked towards the smallest of the Kinryu stores, in which Goro worked.

"Hitori yo no têburu wa aite imasuka?" the waitress asked the teen if he wanted a table for one, and the red eyed teen repplied that he would sit on the Sushibar. Hello customer, what can I give you today, what flavor is the one your tongue hopes to taste? Asked Goro with a smile and thunderous voice, the teen replied something, but he spoke too softly to be understood, Goro got near him, and leaned with his ear towards the teen. Say again? he asked, as the waitress passed just behind the teen. The red eyed boy smiled, a creepy grin that could give nightmares to seasoned soldiers, and suddenly without any word he grabbed the waitress by the head and smashed it against the bar railing, splattering her brains over the bartop and he said, I want the ramen with extra brains, as Goro walked backwards until he was stopped by the wall, Masako advanced with an even scarier grin, one that sent chills throught the cook spine. Dont be afraid, I need you to cook my meal, I payed you already, get on with it! The boy grabbed Goro with his blood covered hand, and the cook discovered that the teen had his arm covered by metal or something like that. Scared shitless he was thrown towards the bar as Masako waited him to work using the brain as ingredient.

Goro worked as Masako killed anyone that entered the room from afar. The shop seemed the scen from a nightmare, the body parts splattering the walls and the ceiling, blood everywhre, and to add more Masako chew some of the raw human meat as a pre-dinner snack. The policemen were killed one by one as their bullets were unable to penetrate throught the Reitter skin. Come on, get on with this, I'm getting bored, and you dont want me to get bored dont ya? the teen reinforced his words by punching the table with his metallic arm, punching a hole throught the wide wood as if it was wet rice paper. With pearls of sweat in his forehead, Goro finished his work, and served the plates with trembling hands. *Burp* Delicious, this is really the best Ramen in Osaka. Masako spoke as if he wasnt in a room painted with gore. This is so good I have to reward you, The Renegade Reitter stood up and gave his clean, seemingly human hand to Goro. With fear and some reluctance the cook gave his hand, and when the teen stretched it he felt as if his own very soul was being sucked.

In matter of seconds Goro mind disappeared completly sucked by Masako's Reitter Skill. The comotose cook fell into the ground, and Masako took the bowl from him before falling. You'll life forever inside me, that's your reward, being part of the most advanced life form on this miserable rock. Masako exited the shop as he drank directly from the bowl, and killed the policemen surrounding the building. The people in Dotonburi runned away in a panicked state as the Black Reitter took a stroll walking a little bit higher than the ground, stepping on thin air as he killed anyone that came near and drain their knowledge.

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The little girl shrieked from pure terror, stumbling and falling over backwards. She whimpered, clawing at the ground as she tried to get back to her feet. The once shallow cuts across her delicate skin had begun to seep crimson red blood, it littered the filthy cobblestoned alley floor, forming minuscule puddles beneath her. The knife cut across her spine as she got to one knee. She sobbed once and fell back to the ground, without hope, she rested on her elbow. Her vision was obscured by the small waterfall of blood and sweat that crawled down her forehead, and her tears weren't doing much to help either. Her body was racked with sobs and gasps.

The brawny street-mugger grinned perversely at the young woman and licked his lips feverishly. Dropping his bloodied knife to the ground he bent down to grab her.

"You are all mine now, little girl."

With his filthy tainted fingers inches from her silken hair, he chuckled at his luck.


The light skinned hand landed with a small plop in the tiny puddle of blood. It's own blood adding to the pool.

The mugger's eyes grew larger and wider, in shock, as he lifted his forearm to stare numbly at the spurting red liquid originating from it. Mere nano-seconds later the air was pierced with his girlish scream, it echoed off of the cramped alley walls. The mugger jumped away from the girl and bumped into the wall behind him. Frightened, he pivoted, expecting some sort of demonic entity. He was mistaken. It was just a wall. He clenched his wound with his remaining hand and backed away. Again he bumped into a wall.

Or did he?

This time he turned slowly, only half-afraid. The sight that met him was enough to soil his dirty clothes. An enormous man with sharp spiky hair that looked like it would cut you if you came to near it. He wore a ragged kimono, and scars riddled his tanned face. He had a single eye-patch over his right eye, and the other looked down at him, a pool of swirling ebony.


The mugger's head rolled off of his shoulders and it was crushed firmly beneath the sandal of Cloud. The ancient man gave an inaudible sigh and trudged off down the alley, his wooden sandals giving no hint of sound.

The girl turned and watched him go, wiping the moisture from her brow, she gave a weak smile before collapsing to the ground. A street-rat turned the corner and saw her lying there. Concerned, he went to get help.

Later on

Cloud walked up the busy street, his strange appearance allowing him some privacy as everybody else hurriedly avoided his path. Showing no sign of even knowing that there were others in the street with him, the Sky Eater turned into the famous restaurant that sat nestled at the end of the large city block. He had had absolutely no idea that there was even a restaurant here, as he was completely out of touch with the modern world, but His nose had led him here. He glanced around the finely furbished room, curious to discover this glorious smell's origin.

It was blood.

Blood lay strewn across the place as if it there had been some sort of war here just moments before. Cloud's beady eye scoped the place. He knew that there was nobody here. He sensed no aura. Even still, he was curious as to what could have done this. Cloud smirked at himself. The glorious smell that had led him here was that of the blood that littered the walls and floor. He had spilled so much and had so much spilled that it was like a sibling to him. Blood.

Cloud's eye snapped wide and his head jerked to the side. He had felt a hint of powerful aura near. He focused his concentration and sure enough, there was a mighty being very close. Slowly, oh ever so slowly, his lips parted across his sharpened teeth. The hungry grin that played across his features was one with a lust for battle. It had been a few weeks, no, months, since his last battle. And that had ended as they all do. In victory. Maybe this fellow would give him some competition. The Skeleton-Blade sheathed beneath his kimono silently roared with pleasure, it also foresaw a great battle. Cloud nodded once before disappearing.

He reappeared a few blocks away, crouched low on a pawn shop's pagoda roof. He stared at the young boy-ish being that lightly strolled through the air, passers-by falling around him. Cloud grinned gleefully, his body blurring for a moment as he hopped across the street with a single lifting of the foot. He landed lightly on the pavement, directly in the path of the approaching psychopath.

He straightened up, his joints aching in anticipation.

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The scent of blood flooded Osaka, the people panicked as they tried to run away from the pyschotic Masako, all of them slipping in their friend and families guts and blood. A frenzy created by fear has engulfed the commercial district of Dotonburi, pillage and crimes ocurring everywhere, as the people thought that their death was near. The fear pushed them throught the boundaries they couldnt cross, breaking any moral compass they had, giving themselves away into the worst sins a human could make. The appearance of a God in ther pityful life threw them into their real selves, a bunch of shaved apes, unevolved scum. Masako thought as his bloodthristy smile widen, getting creepier by the second as he drank from the knowledge of hundreds, sucking their PK energy to enlarge his own reserves. The stream of knowledge, practical and theorical, useful and insignificant was almost continous and his Reitter mind allowed him to sort and classify the information, consuming the useful and destroying the trivial ones. Slowly the knowledge and memories of hundred of men and women were inside in his head, giving him their skills and information. At this point after a month of rampage anywhere Masako had godly office skills, and cooking skills that were off any chart. He had skills in almost any conventional field.

As his rampage, a very calm and composed one, continued throught the streets until a man with black kimono and a massive sword in his way. Ojii-san, I think you are in the wrong city, you use Kimono in Kyoto until you die, we are in Osaka, here you eat until you drop, and guess what, you're in the menu! After that words Masako used PK Crush against Cloud, crushing his opponent from every possible angle using his Telekinetci prowess, reaching 25 tons of pressure

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"Ojii-san, I think you are in the wrong city, you use Kimono in Kyoto until you die, we are in Osaka, here you eat until you drop, and guess what, you're in the menu!"

Cloud dismissed the man's words as if they were nothing but dust specks floating on the wind. In fact, he didn't even hear them. He was too excited for that. This kid was seriously powerful. This wasn't going to be a boring fight. At least, that's what he hoped.
The Sky Eater had gauged the child's aura moments before, and he was almost impressed. Whoever this was, he had abilities that surpassed that of which he had seen recently. Cloud had been alive for millenia, and he remembered each and every battle that he fought as if it were just seconds earlier. Every pivot, evasion, cut, parry, slice, blast... It was all imprinted onto his mystical brain. He had learnt many a skill from his combatants, their stances, their sword-skills, he had even tried out a few of their abilities. But of course, none of his opponent's had ever been worthy enough to defeat him. He had felled men through increasing his aura alone. It was tough being tough.

Suddenly the air around him shifted and pushed down on him. His body snapped to attention and he flicked his head to the side, allowing a morsel of focus. The air fought back against the hidden force struggling to crush him. Cloud had to raise his palm after a while, the pressure seemed to increase more and more. Chuckling to himself silently, he jerked his elbow backwards and spread his palm out above him. Manipulating the air masterfully, it eradicated the discreet source of pressure and Cloud sighed. Was this really going to be worth his effort?

Still sheathed beneath his kimono, his Skeleton-Blade cried out to him. It wanted to be unleashed. Cloud ignored it's pleading and he pointed his finger at the child. The defined muscles that sat nestled on his arms rippled as he did so. Tilting his head sideways and giving the boy a small glance, the Sky Eater let loose a razor sharp jet of air that could cut through almost anything. It moved at impossible speed.
Cloud let loose another jet. Then another. Then another. With his finger barely tensed, hundreds of streams of lethal and solid air flew at the young man. The catch was that if dodged or deflected, these jets of air would keep coming back. They were like mystical homing missiles. They could go on forever.

Cloud hoped that this kid would be able to survive this, or he would just walk away.

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The stranger seemed to resist the PK Crush without even showing any sign of discomfort. Interesting, thought the Renegade Reitter as he slowly landed in the ground with a soft sound. Seemingly a barrier of compressed air stopped his attack, giving away that his opponent had some kind of wind-related powers. Masako's mind worked at full power, analizing the movements and the stance of his opponent. This time around he knew the enemy was superhuman, all the medical data he consumed gave him an exceptional understanding on the boundaries of human development, and the way Cloud muscles moved was inhuman. The enemy pointed him with his finger, further revealing his superhuman physique. The Reitter senses were enhanced and he was able to here the wind focusing on Cloud's finger, and then the barrage of wind blades coming towards him, whistling as they moved faster than the human eye could see, but Masako wasnt a human, at least not a normal one, and managed to lift a PK Shield in front of him. He had to put his whole concentration in the task of mantaining the shield, that was almost crushed by the power of Cloud attacks, and worse they kept coming, clashing against the shield some even managed to open wounds in his skin and one even reached his skull, right over the right cheekbone. The Black Reitter knew that keeping this kind of defense wouldnt work for much longer.

Masako decided to fly so he could avoid the wind blades, he could get to amazing speeds, but his top speed was barely under the speed of sound, as his Reitter body couldnt withstand greater speeds than that, and he was yet unable to use a PK shield while flying, as the task of flying had most of his concentration. With the force cloak waving behind him the Renegade Reitter took evasive manuevers ,reducing the power of the attacks by letting them crash against othe robjects and walls. When he had only two behind him he charged towards Cloud, as he surrounded his body with the cloak while placing his feet towards the Skeleton Blade Warrior, and once again copying Alicia's attack and adding the wind blades that got sucked up by the drill-like effect of his kick. INAZUMA DRIIIIIL KICK!!!! Masako was forced to shout even if he thought of it as something stupid, since the psychic Vampirism also drank the enemy memory. He hoped to kick Cloud in the face and make enough contact to drank some of this tall stranger knowledge

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Cloud sighed and dropped his finger, shaking his head with disappointment he turned to leave. Although the child had formed some sort of barrier to defend himself from the bullets of air that had assaulted him, he had still been damaged by a few. Cloud couldn't believe it. This attack hadn't required any effort whatsoever. Yet it seemed as though the dark boy was struggling slightly to deflect them all. The Sky Eater didn't have time to play sadist with a child, so he turned and began walking away, not even casting a glance backwards.

Another sudden shift in the air.

He jerked his head around to look at what the boy was up to now. His eye widened at the sight of the boy zipping through the air expertly dodging each bullet of air that hounded him. Cloud closed his eye and chuckled. Maybe this kid was worth his time after all.

His Skeleton-Blade seemed to dig it's claws into his head, screaming for a chance to come out and play. He ignored it completely. It was such a brat sometimes.

He opened his ebony eye again to witness a blur of activity going on in mid-air before him. Had he not been super-fast himself, he would probably not have been able to even see the airborne psychopath zipping around through the sky like a rabid squirrel with a jet-pack. But being the incredible creature that he was, the Sky Eater could make out every muscle tensing, every breath sounding out on the wind, every twitch across the body of the young villain.

The foot smashed into his forehead head-on. His eye widened for a moment in mild-surprise, and his lips parted to deliver a single sound,


His own wind-bullets flew at him and bounced off of his incredible skin, disintegrating upon impact.

He had not budged and inch. His head had been jerked backwards by the force of the kick, but it had dealt pitiful damage. Were it not for the teensy droplet of blood that rolled down his forehead he would have disregarded the attack entirely. His face broke into a manic grin and he turned towards the crouching figure behind him, eye wide and crazy.

"HAHAHAHAHAH! Looks like you got first blood! Well... That is commendable child..."

Cloud tapped the droplet of blood with the tip of his finger and looked at it. Crimson as ever. He licked it from his fingertip, never taking his eye off of his opponent. He blurred suddenly, appearing directly beside the boy,

"Now Let Us See How you handle it!"

With his palm flattened and straight, he brought his arm down to deliver an impossible knife-chop to the child's neck. This simple attack had decapitated many a foe, and it was a handy trick.
Regardless of his first attack he continued his combo, blurring again to reappear on the other side of the psychopath. Forming a fist with his thumb still sticking out, he brought it around at the boy's face, thumb first. It would serve as a dagger, and the curled up fingers forming a fist would drive it further into the skull. This too was a simple but extremely fatal attack, and Cloud was not sure the child would be able to evade it successfully. He disappeared one final time, appearing directly in front of Masako. With one leg in front and the other to his side, knees bent, he brought his hands together near his ribs, forming a solid ball of air. His terrifying eye staring directly at the child, the ball of air was about the size of a basketball, and it packed enough punch to level a a few city blocks.

Cloud roared and thrust his palms forward, releasing the ball with lightning like speed.

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The amazing Drill Kick, an attack that almost ended the life of it's original user hitted against Cloud forehead with enough strenght to level a building, the shockwave caused by the attack cracked the concrete under the Skeleton Blade wielder, and only opened a small cut and a line of blood, that slowly dripped from the Gale Warrior forehead. The naked foot of Masako, as his shoes were destroyed when he started the attack, drank from the knowledge that Cloud's mind had inside, as he used him as a step and jumped backwards, and landed just in front of his opponent. If Cloud said anything, Masako didnt listened, as his mind was swiftly processing the information sent by the Psychic Vampirism, hundred of years of training and battle experience downloaded towards Masako's mind, as well the basis for wind manipulation, and some useful techniques of muscle training. The Renegade Reitter mind was his biggest asset, as he not only copied the skill but also the experience behind it, upgrading his instincts as if he was the opponent, and letting Masako know his opponent most possible fighting patterns, that added to the astounding ammount of academic data he had, in almost any possible field, allowed him to even increase his efficience in data management, giving him stadistics and patterns of his opponent actions.

Masako foot was hurt after the kick, but it wasnt anything serious and the wounds he sustained from the Wind Blades that cutted throught his defenses had stopped bleeding and his Reitter physiology was already healing them. The Reitter cracked his neck, trying to avoid showing the surprise he was feeling, as Cloud resisted his attack, I bleed first you dumbass, he taunted while pointing his wounds caused by the wind blades, so first blood is yours, no-brains oji-san! Masako said that in in a tone that was obviously plain mockery. Cloud charged foward as he said, "Now Let Us See How you handle it!" and started a combo. The Black Reitter mind worked all the variables, taking in account the movement of his opponent muscles and his psyche. With incredible skill and prowess, Masako used his PK to aid his reflexes and thanks to it, and an uncanny ammount of luck he managed to barely dodge the ridgehand aimed to deattach his head from his chest, but the attack was blindingly fast and got to slash him, opening a red line that thankfully was too shallow to bleed too much, but still it wasnt only a flesh blood, and a stream of blood was gushing out from it, dying Masako's shirt in red.

The second attack was trickier to dodge, as the sudden movement of Cloud got the Young Reitter confused, and the thumb of his powerful opponent almost punched a hole in his head, this time around he didnt dodged as well as he avoided the first attack, and the thumb managed to reach his skull, causin a small crack in the bone. Masako was stunned for a second as his brain bounced inside his head, and that moment of distraction proved to be almost fatal, as the last attack of the string was about to hit him full-on. Luckily the skill he replicated from Alicia was useful. The Force Cloak moved on it's own and formed a cushion between the compressed air sphere and Masako's ribs, reducing the damage over the wicked teen body, that was sent flying away, crushing several walls in his path, and bumping into several cars before landing, two blocks away from the place where he was hitted. The Renegade Reitter was knocked down for 5 seconds, and his body healed him good enough to regain some composture, as he tried to stood up while coughing blood. He had the information about his opponent in his brain, but Cloud was simply too fast to be dealt with, as Masako's mind reacted to his movements, but his body wasnt fast enough.

The teen mind hatched a plan after taking in acocunt all different scenarios. Slowly he walked throught the trail of broken walls towards Cloud and taunted Hey f$%&face, I thought I was fighting a man, but seemingly I was wrong. Masako coughed more blood, but he had his creepy smile back in his bloodied face, and a demented glare in his eyes showed that if he felt any pain he was enjoying it. Raped schoolgirls fight harder than you, trust me I know first hand Masako gave special emphasis to the first part as he licked his bloodied lip, the information he took from Cloud mind suggested that his opponent disliked fighting against children, thus he cared about them. Most of his wounds were about to close, and he still had PK energy to spare, but Masako losed a lot of blood and couldnt keep up fighting for much longer, any way, he got ready for Cloud next attack, preparing his trap.

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All three of his attacks made contact, clearly and visibly surprising Masako. Cloud was impressed nonetheless, the first attack had packed quite a punch to it. Yet, it had been recovered from quite fast, Masako's regeneration jumping in to action with interminable speed. Cloud was very impressed indeed. The second attack had been masterfully recuperated from as well, nobody had ever survived one of the Gale Warrior's notorious sparrow hand strikes, but the boy had just widened his eyes slightly and shed a few droplets of blood. He had been disorientated by the immense force of the attack, and he had not accounted for the final part of the onslaught. But again, he had surprised and impressed Cloud by forming some sort of barrier between him and the ball of air. It had not been enough to stop it from sending him sprawling across a few blocks, but it had not damaged him severely. Very impressive, indeed.

Cloud rocked on his feet for a nano-second. His forehead ached. Shocked, he put the back of his tough hand to it to inspect. There was nothing, the minuscule crack that had formed earlier had been seamed back together, the bleeding had ceased, as it was supposed to. But the ancient warrior felt... Dizzy. If you could put it like that. It had only been for a moment, but it worried Cloud slightly.

Just what did this child to do me?

He considered the past few minutes while he waited for Masako to get-up. There was no way he could be finished now.

He remembered Masako Hihashi trying to watch him as he came at him, almost trying to predict his attacks. But it was more than that. He almost.... knew. More than prediction, definitely.

The Skeleton-Blade gave another plea, anxious for battle. But Cloud silenced it. He wanted to milk this kid for all he was worth. Unsheathing the Skeleton-Blade would only hasten the battle. It would be finished with one flick of the wrist.

He felt Masako's aura increase slowly as he began his trip back to where Cloud stood waiting for him. He had blood splattered across his young but muscled body, but he had few wounds. And they were closing fast. So this kid had some skills.


He gave the ancient legend a sick, demented smirk, making some comment about rape, and schoolgirls. Quite, unnecessary. And quite


Cloud disappeared from view, appearing out of the air above Masako, meters from his head. Both hands were spread out over his own head, palms flat against the sky. With his own sadistic smirk, the Gale Warrior formed a truck sized ball of solid, compressed air. He flexed his arms and the ball changed shape, morphing into a sort of blade. A final twitch of his slender fingers and it finished the transformation, it was an enormous guillotine, suspended in the dark night sky. It's blurry outlines were clearly visible. It was truly a sight to behold.

"You... Have made a mistake, boy... Now, I have no choice..."

Veins sprang through his skin and coiled around his arms like snakes. His eye flashed pitch black and his spiky hair shuddered.

"... But to kill you!"

His entire body tensed as he thrust his arms downwards, the massive weapon slipping past him, missing his skin by millimeters. It shot with astounding speed at the Reitter below. It would slice him in half, if he was lucky...

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Finally, I thought that I would need to take a dump on his face to piss him off, Masako grinned as his plan started to work, he wanted to make cloud mad, so he could take this to the next step towards defeating his seemingly unbeateable opponent. Cloud jumped upwards, while he roared in rage, his movements were too fast for even trained human to follow, but thanks to his Reitter Physiology, the PK reading and the knowledge about his opponent attack patterns Masako managed to keep him on his sight. The strategy the Reitter had in mind was bold and risky, but it could pay off with interests if it worked. As The Skeleton Blade Wielder gathered wind in his hands, Masako did something similar with his PK energy in his feet. Cloud created a massive sphere of compressed wind, that twirled in his hands. Meanwhile on the ground, the PK blast was almost fully charge ready to push Masako faster than his top flight speed towards Cloud, the ground was starting to break out the sheer amount of concentrated energy under the Renegade Reitter feet. This moment, as the Gale Swordman changed the shape of the sphere of wind, and slowly turned it into a giant blade of compressed air, and Masako focused his power seem to last an eternity, as the wind created by Cloud power was slowly affecting the surroundings pushing rocks and shattering windows.

This delicate balance of power ended as Cloud spoke this words "You... Have made a mistake, boy... Now, I have no choice..." the Swordmaster veins were suddenly quite visible in his skin, as he made such an effort that sent a ripple to every muscle in his body. The pressure of the wind clashed against Masako, that was almost knocked down by the blade power, even if the blade didnt even moved. Cloud finished his judgement "... But to kill you!" and sent the Wind blade towards Masako. In the split second the blade started to move, or maybe even before as the Renegade Reitter followed the muscle movements of Cloud with his superhumanly acute senses, this close analisis let Masako react when the time was right, unleashing all the energy he was focusing in his feet and blasted him towards Cloud. Like a human rocket the Black Reitter sliced the air towards his target, he didnt bothered to move to dodge the air blade as he calculated his trayectory very carefully, but in his plans the power of the sword wasnt taken in account only it's speed. The sudden clash of the friction created by Masako's upward thrust, that was already peeling his skin off and the downard force of the Wind Blade, were more than enough to chop his right metallic arm and cover him in bruises and cuts. Even with this his speed didnt decreased and he flied directly towards Cloud.

As his opponent didnt had any traction, Masako thought of a perfect way to harm him. Step one, he would use the Force Cloak and wrap it around Cloud head in several layers and numb all his senses, step two, keep the foward momentum with his own flying skills and grab the Cloak with his hand. Step three start spinning with Cloud tied up and in a safe distance, adding a massive ammounts of centrifugal energy to the throw, as the spinning would balance the flight and let him fly upwards extremely fast. Finally he would drop him the highest possible height, with as much strenght as he could and take advantage of his broken metallic arm that would become bigger by consuming more metal and take the shape of a sharp blade, using the knowledge Masako took from a Swordsmith in the North of Japan, adding the knowledge of metallurgy he got from and industrial ste, to forge an uber sharp spike with micron sharpness to pierce Cloud thick hide. And last but not least, he would drop from that height, adding his speed to the gravity, create a powerful Barrier in front of him and crush the remains of Cloud if was still alive. With his calculations he knew that in optimal conditions he would reach 4 km of height and the speed of Cloud fall would reach more than mach 15. If this worked Osaka would end like a smoking bloodstained crater.

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His blade flew at the Ruthless Reitter, the air parting to allow the guillotine easier passage and to speed up it's rapid descent. Cloud was going to finish this off in one blow. A flicker of activity down below caught the Ancient Air Manipulator's ebony eye. Masako seemed to have something beneath his teenage feet. But Cloud was unable to immediately see anything. With a bit of simple effort, his vision zoomed in on the boy. He could see the earth beneath him shattering from an unseen force, and by using his abilities to feel the atmosphere, he could clearly make out some unknown source of power slowly pulling Masako to the ground, like a catapult.

His eye widened. Masako blurred for a moment and Cloud could almost not see his movements. He flew straight at the oncoming blade, his eyes set and determined. The Sky Eater broke into a manic and satisfied grin. This had been worth his time, after all. A series of silent shrieks from his Skeleton-Blade sounded out from it's sheath and the Gale Warrior reached back, his tough hand gripping the hilt. Instantly his aura was amplified tenfold, the eager strength of the blade lending itself to Cloud's own power. Considering the fact that Cloud had only used a morsel of his true potential up until now should have been enough to terrify even the most battle-hardy. Not yet unsheathed, the Sky Shinigami awaited the arrival of this epic young monster, he had sensed a massive increase in the child's aura. He would easily survive the guillotine.

It broke apart on the Reitter's skin, tearing flesh and bones from him, but not stopping him. As soon as they had arrived, his wounds closed up again. Slower this time, due to the intense damage, but nonetheless rapidly. His one arm was torn off entirely and Cloud was slightly disorientated before realizing that it had been synthetic. This hesitation proved fatal, as suddenly the kid had vanished from his view and he was on the back-leg, even if it was only for the split-second. Using his abilities instead of his eye, he sensed the boy a few meters away from him, very near indeed. Cloud's limbs were a blur as he swung his arm around, releasing the hilt of his blade momentarily. The arm movement released a large wave of air that could level a skyscraper, but it was in the wrong direction.

Masako had appeared directly behind him, and before he could react accordingly, everything went quiet and dark. He felt some sort of otherworldly object wrapping around his head, cutting off all of his primary senses. His eyes widened to no avail, it was black as night.

Completely disorientated and confused, his first and natural instinct was to try and pry this abnormal material from his person. With his strong and firm hands, he grabbed and clawed at the thing, but it was useless. He could not pry it away.

A tug.

Due to his complete disorientation and dis-coordination, he was unable to hold his stance and keep from being pulled in by the boy. Using only his air-manipulation abilities, he sifted through the atmospheric pressure, trying to get a beat on Masako. Eventually he did, the boy was speeding upwards through the sky, pulling the tied up Sky Shinigami behind him.

"Che... This is dirty..."

His Skeleton-Blade offered assistance. He smirked despite his peculiar circumstance and told it to wait it's turn. He had a plan.

Suddenly his upward flight came to a jerking halt, his momentum carrying him farther than Masako had stopped. He was stretched out on the cloak before being catapulted back around, and around, and around, and around. Cloud was beginning to become nauseous. He waited for that intricately delicate moment when he was finally and perfectly released to soar straight at the ground.

It arrived.

He called out to his Skeleton-Blade, ordering it to aid him. It happily obliged, disappearing from his sheath. It appeared outside of the Cloak, hovering beside the Sky Eater. This was all happening in that split second when the cloak had been released by the sturdy yet smaller hands of Masako Hihashi.

The Skeleton-Blade cut a swathe through the air, forming a pitch black hole in the middle of the sky. It sat like a predator waiting to feast below the two men, and Cloud flew straight into it's hungry mouth. In truth it was a portal, and it would transport the Sky Eater to a weightless dimension where the Cloak would have absolutely no traction to be able to hold onto Cloud's body. Cloud would then be sucked back through the portal's throat and spat out like a bad piece of food, straight into the path of a homicidal teenager bent on psychopathic murder. Cloud didn't have time to dodge or evade, and had to take the hit head-on.

A sharp metal spike had formed on his arm, and it tore mercilessly through Cloud's tough skin, slicing through his shoulder, a tidal wave of blood spurted into the air above them both, and Cloud's eye widened in surprise. Never before had he suffer such a fast and direct attack. To add salt to the wounds, a sudden barrier formed out of nowhere and pushed Cloud backwards, driving him towards the city street. If he made contact, the entire block would be wiped out. He didn't mind, he could survive it.

Then he saw a little child run from behind a pile of rubble, crying. He had a small toy in his arms and he clenched it firmly. No doubt he had become confused in all the activity and had been separated from his parents.

The barrier was swatted away with the flick of Cloud's wrist. He formed a bubble of air beneath himself and used it to catapult himself straight back at the Reitter. His grin wiped away, the Gale Warrior's face was one of pure and unkempt rage. He pointed a finger at the child and a gentle but large gust of wind picked him up and carried him away, he would probably land up somewhere on the outskirts of the city, but someone would find him.

Cloud's ebony eye stared at the Reitter's shocked face, no doubt this had all gone completely wrong for him, and this had been unexpected. Cloud's shoulder ached, and the blood drenched his kimono, but he would just have to use the other arm now. The left one had been immobilized completely, it would take some time to heal before he could use it again.

"I don't believe I told you my name, child. I normally don't, to my foes, but considering I am about to kill you, It is only just."

His Skeleton-Blade appeared in his right hand, and once more his aura was amplified, his power overflowing constantly. The Blade yearned for blood, and Cloud was not going to deny it it's fill. He leaned forward in his rapid flight and pulled his arm back, ready to deliver the blow.

"I am Cloud, the Sky Eater. Somebody should have told you that when you are up here-"

The atmosphere around them tightened, aiming to constrict Masako's body and have him struggle to move.

"-You play by my rules!"

He brought his large arm forward, his blade singing in joy as it came with incredible and insurmountable speed. It had cleaved Gods in half. It had destroyed some of history's greatest warriors. It was one of the most powerful weapons to ever have been formed. Cloud aimed to slice Masako diagonally from his left shoulder to his right hip, aiming to cut him apart. If this attack didn't work, he tightened his left arm's fist slightly, flinching as he did so, to form thousands of shards of solid and lethal air, all aimed to fly at Masako and tear him to shreds. He continued his combo, thrusting his blade forward to impale Masako's sternum. Masako should have trouble evading these attacks due to the heavily constricted and tightened air around his body. If he survived this, Cloud would have to step it up.

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