House of Death

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This is the domain where Death resides.

The first thing visitors notice is that the Domain is black. Everything in Death's Domain is either black, or bone white. Splitting darkness with an eight-sided prism produces different colours of black. He has black peacocks with skull-shaped patterns on their tails, bees, plants and trout. They are all 'alive', as far as they can be in a place where time does not pass.

Everything in his garden is a copy of something he has seen elsewhere, since Death cannot create. Things that stand out are a swing that he built from scratch, with his own hands, for Nicole, his daughter (with some distinct flaws in its design to allow it to actually 'swing'), the cats, which come and go into the Domain as they please and vary in colour (Death likes cats), and the wheat field, which is golden, and ripples in the wind (despite the fact that there is no wind). There are also distant mountains, and stars, which have questionable reality.

The Domain gardens also include a hedge maze and a golf course. Since Death finds it impossible to get lost, nor has any difficulty hitting a sphere so it goes exactly where he wants, he doesn't really see the point of these, but they are part of his efforts to be more human. He even has an umbrella stand by the door (despite the fact that it never rains in the Domain, but you have to put your scythe somewhere).

To one side of the Domain is the Well of Souls, which spirits briefly pass through on their way to wherever they think they're going. If one listens, they can hear the last words of souls as they enter.

At the centre of the Domain is Death's house. It is called "Mon Repos", ("my place of rest"). It looks like a fairly average manor, apart from being black and bone-white and having an omega door knocker. Inside, however, it is of an infinite size, which can be crossed in an hour or an instant, because Death has not quite mastered the art of scale. Most humans who have stayed in the Domain can only deal with the size of the rooms by ignoring them, and staying on small patches of carpet surrounded by immensity. Although the interior maintains the black-on-black, skull-and-scythe motif it is, like its outside, somewhat ordinary and average in its design. Some assume that Death's house would look like a mausoleum or a crypt, but in fact Death knows very little of cemeteries, as very few people actually die in them.

Any clocks brought into Death's Domain get depressed and stop working. The only working clock is the special grandfather in the hall with a scythe for a pendulum. The 'minute' hand takes thousands of years to go around. The 'hour' hand will only go around once.

He also has a bathroom (Never used by him, but by his butler, Albert) with a bar of bone-white, rock-hard soap, a towel rack with one real towel, owned by Albert (the other towels are as hard as the rack, and attached to the rack, because Death doesn't get an idea of basic towel-ness, among other things).

As well as the 'ordinary' rooms, maintained for appearance and the benefit of Albert, the Domain contains the life-timer room, where the sands of everyone's lives drain away. Adjacent to the life-timer room, there is another room in which the life-timers of the immortals rest. And there is the Library, where everyone's "autobiography" is being written by itself. Both of these rooms are even more conceptual and arbitrary in dimension than the rest of the Domain, and the clearest example of its status as a refined metaphor.

Death spends a lot of his, well, time would be the wrong word, but down-time in the domain, often reading in the library, perhaps looking up the location of a shipwreck that's about to occur, or perhaps developing the latest obsession he picked up from humanity. He welcomes visitors, so long as they are not on the list, as long as they have the courtesy to knock on the front door and wait for Albert to see him in.

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Villicus appeared at the foot of a path leading up to a black house in a flash of pale blue light. He did not come here often, but he had important business to take care of at this location. There was a slight chill in the air as he walked slowly down the path. The moon illuminated the path ahead of him and seemed to almost have a magical sense to it. He had come to discuss matters of great importance with Death. He had heard that he needed a new soul gatherer, and he knew the perfect candidate a human that had recently died by his own powers. He had shown great promise and he would be the perfect person for his plans. Villicus had no problems navigating the maze as his magic gave him great navigational skills. The cats that roamed the area seemed to avoid him out of fear and would see him and would then run away as if some unnatural force told them they were risking their lives by being near him. He made it to the door and gave it a curious look to figure how much power it could take. His arm jerked slightly and there was a finger sized hole in the wall and a loud knock was sounded off on the door. He now just had to wait for the door to be opened for him to enter. Of course he did not have to ask permission it was just only polite and would only further his goals by getting on Deaths good side instead of beating him within a inch of his life.

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@Masterofdeath: The door opened, and a slightly grumpy old man answered.

"Oh, it's you. Come in then."

Albert opened the door wider and showed Villicus in. "Shall I take your coat?" He asked him. "Master's upstairs with the hourglasses, you know the way by now?" He asked. "Because I left the sausages in the pan. Shall I bring you a fry up later?"

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@SamJaz: Villicus gave no sign that he heard any word that Albert said except for the fact that he walked inside. He walked inside the room Death was in and gave him a nod of acknowledgment. "Let us make things clear, we both know you can not threaten me, and pretending otherwise is just plain foolish.," he said in a bland tone that carried just the slightest tone of a threat. "I also have heard you are in the need of a new soul gatherer, I think I know the perfect person for the job," he said as he summoned a throne made out of human bones and sat down onto and looked at Death with blank emotionless eyes.

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@Masterofdeath: Death simply considered the hourglass in his skeletal hand. After a moment, he placed it down next to Villicus.

I found this next to yours

The hourglass was red and black, twisted and contorted. It had numerous pockets of glass and tunnels for the black sand within to fall down. The clear glass was held in a black and red cage, one that almost seemed to be dripping with blood.

Black dust descended endlessly down the contorted pipes, falling for eternity but never lessening.

The base bore a name on a silver plaque- "Kita Kurenai"

It's new, but a very old hourglass. One that transferred from a world that was already reaped. This hourglass should not be, and yet is.

That is not the concern, however. This sort of thing has happened before. My concern is the state of the owner. Her soul is soaked with the blood of many worlds and she intends to continue her bathing. This cannot happen.

Death's shoulders sagged, as if he was trying to sigh, and sat down at the desk, opposite Villicus. The pale blue dots in the blackness of his eye sockets met Villicus' eyes. Then he picked up his mug and raised it to his macabre grin and drank the brown liquid inside.

I don't need a soul-gather, Villicus. I need a problem-solver. But you want a soul-gather. You want someone that I have reaped. Whom would you have in mind?

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@SamJaz: Villicus smiled a creepily at the hourglass at it was the perfect reason to revive this warrior. "No I have a idea of the power of the newcomer and I believe that you will need the warrior I have chosen to fight her," he said as he waved his hand and a magical image of Abyss formed in the air with chains on his arms and legs. Shadow energy was coming out of his body in tendrils as he fought to escape the hold. "His power is great and has been increasing rapidly since he died which is very rare, also image the power he will have once he has merged with the powers of the dead," he said as he produced a file on the warrior on the screen. "The contract that makes it so we may not interfere with the mortal realm beyond our jobs keeps us from doing something about her directly, however if we train a warrior strong enough to defeat her then send him at her we may be able to take her down." Villicus opened his book of magic and begand to search for something that may help in the coming days.

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@Masterofdeath: Death looked over the contract, then put it to one side and pulled a document out of his drawer.

I am sure you will find this alternative agreement more than agreeable, despite the minor adjustments in the wording.

Death slid the new contract across the table.

The soul will be in your custody and will have all the powers you have requested. I however, retain possession of his hourglass, alongside yours.

A skull and scythe seal appeared on the contract, and an hourglass appeared on the table. The top half was empty, and all of the gold sand was pooled in the bottom half of the glass.

Death's skeletal hand rested on the top of the hourglass. All it would take to bring Abyss back would be a twist of the wrist.

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@SamJaz: Villicus looked over the contract and nodded in agreement. "We have one more problem though, his old powers I believe are sentient. As soon as he died the powers moved onto his cousin Seth. If the two were to meet even I do not know what will happen." Villicus grabbed the contract and a pen came out of nowhere and he added one new condition to the contract. -When he dies he shall be reincarnated- "I believe this condition isn't all that unreasonable, if so I could always just go and retrieve him myself and give him my powers," Villicus said with poison in his words even without showing a trace of anger.

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@Masterofdeath: Death smiled, rolling up the contract. He didn't have any other facial expressions.

If reincarnation is what the young man desires at our next appointment, then that is what he shall receive.

He turned the hourglass over, and a young man fell through a dark portal, landing onto his hands and knees.

Tell me, Abyss

Death said to the young man.

Do you believe in angels? Or second chances?
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@SamJaz: Abyss stood up onto his feet and glared at the occupants of the rooms. "no, I believe in murder!" he yelled as a black dragon tattoo appeared on his face and the very structure of the house started shaking with the power. Villicus was amazed that the power that he had thought had left Abyss at death had still remained in a small amount and was still this great. Abyss move slightly then he was gone like a rocket. He brought his fist up and attacked Death with a full powered punch then followed in up with a powerful kick smoke screened by the punch. Villicus watched the attack with mild amusement till Abyss had finished then he walked over to him and with a single finger he flicked him in the forehead and knocked him out.

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@Masterofdeath: Death rose to his feet at the commotion and walked over to where Villicus has launched Abyss.

He knelt down in the midst of the broken glass and sand.

There is a small spot at the bottom of the pacific ocean where volcanic minerals fill the boiling water.
This little spot is home to a school of fish, each one no larger than your thumb, that lives on the minerals in the water and does nothing but be a little yes of life and show perfect hues of teal and turquoise in a place where no one will ever see.
These fish are blind, Villicus.
What did they ever do to you?
Why did you flick this young boy into these shelves?

Death stood up and gave Villicus a small fish hook. This wasn't the same pleasant Death Villicus had been talking to a moment earlier, Joking about immortals and drinking out of a "Worlds Greatest grandpa" mug. This one gave off the impression of tranquil fury, the kind that silences a rowdy classroom when the teacher just goes quiet, and every student realises that this time, they really, really did cross the line and this time, this time, teacher is really, really angry.

You will take this hook and you will reap all two hundred and thirty-six of those wasted, innocent lives.
And there were very few lives more innocent than those belonging to those little fish.
You will talk to each one of them personally and apologise for how you wiped them out by your inability to care about anything other than your own petulant need to throw your strength about.
You will hold each mother as she cries for the loss of her children. You will explain to each child why everything is so cold and they can't feel their fins.
And you will communicate all of this on the level of a tiny blind fish that eats minerals at the bottom of the pacific ocean.

Death turned around and picked up the unconscious Abyss by the scruff of the neck and lifted him to the desk, sitting him down on Villicus's throne of bones.

You can return for the boy once you are done.
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@SamJaz: Villicus looked at Death like he was nuts. "What if I were to refuse I believe I could always just blow this house and everything in it to subatomic particles and be done with it. I came to see you about the boy to be kind I could always have revived him myself, with my own magic," Villicus said as his normal blank expression turned into one of pure malice. "Maybe I should see his cousin, he is a reality warper if I remember right," Villicus said almost as if he was playing a game with Death seeing who would act first. His book levitated in front of him already opened to a page. "Do you wish to test me?" he asked not even scared by Death just waiting to see if he would get to erase a concept.

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Death's shoulders sagged, and he looked downwards.

He looked... disappointed.

Being powerful is a lot like being a gentleman.
If you have to say that you are, it proves that you are not.

He took the hook from back from Villicus and walked past him.

I have never harmed any soul in my harvest
Why would I start with you?
Know this. I will never kill you. I have no desire to kill you.
Living creatures kill. I come next.

Death stopped in his tracks, and turned around, his blue gaze penetrating oblivion.

I had you down for the kind of being willing to apologise for the destruction he causes.
I see I was wrong.
Just like the other immortals.
You just don't care, do you?

He stretched our his hand, offering the hook one more time to Villicus.

Or am I mistaken?
Do you care for the sake of widows and the fall of a sparrow?
Or are you just like everyone else?
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@SamJaz: Villicus groaned he needed to be on good standings with Death for his plans so he did the smartest thing he could think of. From his shadow formed a cute little girl that could warm even the darkest of hearts. "I won't but the physical illusion I summoned will'" he said and the girl took the hook and dissapeared into shadows. Villicus sat down onto his throne and again looked at Death. " We have other things to talk about here as well," he said motioning over to the immortal shelves. "There is a angel getting to powerful, what makes it worse though is that he has yet to die once so the power is from pure training and natural talent," He said as his eyes settled into concentration.

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@Masterofdeath: Death glared.

We have nothing more to discuss.
Not with something incapable of decency
Take your toy and leave, publican.
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@SamJaz: Villicus laughed, but decided to play along "it was the least scary thing I could think of to summon," he said as he grabbed Abyss and in a a torrent of blue energy he along with any traces he was there along with the destruction caused by Abyss was gone. All that was left was a spine chilling laugh that soon faded.

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@Masterofdeath: Death was furious.

How dare he.

How dare he.

He didn't even have the decency to go in person.

He sent- not even a being, but a shade of magic, to tell a family that they had been wiped out by his own actions.

A tax collector in every sense of the word.

He just... did not care.

He looked at Villicus's life-timer, half tempted to hurl it against the ground.

He never would, however.

He still could not bring himself to hate the child.

He did, however, notice something of interest in the life-timer.

The sand was thinning towards the top.

He had an appointment.

Death could wait.

He'd get the same treatment as the others.

Until then, Death reached for the fishing hook.

"I've saddled Binky up for you." Albert informed Death. "Shall I have dinner ready for your return?"

Thank you.
That would be most kind.

And with that, Death went to visit a small little school of fish at the bottom of the pacific ocean

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Kita appeared through a ghastly portal from the Chaosrealm. Through the monochrome surrounding Kita stood out like a sore thumb. The crimson energy that encircled around her illuminated the front section of the house; Kita started her trek up towards the door. The cats roaming around the manor stopped what they were doing. Their eyes gazed upon Kita as she moved closer to the door, they were frightened, but too scared to run away like it was pointless. All the cats felt towards Kita were fear, anger, hatred, but also were in awe. Kita looked at a small black kitten and approached him, and knelled down and held out her hand. The small kitten like all the rest were frightened beyond belief, but couldn’t turn away. He slowly crept closer to Kita’s hand almost feeling the sand in his hour glass rapidly running out. The kitten hopped in Kita’s hand and she held him close to her chest. The Kitten felt secured once he realized it briefly safer in Kita’s shadow, than be in Kita’s path. Once at the door Kita knocked  dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun.  

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@Sonata: Albert looked through the spyglass, and he saw a blonde head of trouble.

Following the procedure, he rang the silent bell to alert the household.

Death dropped his notebook immediately and pulled a lever, one that connected to the grandfather clock in the hallway, and pulled it into a secret hiding place in the wall, and then he proceeded to go through the hourglass room and close up the wardrobes, locking them behind him to prevent any mishaps.

Albert went down to the kitchen and, fumbling with the chain of keys on his hip, found one and locked up the drawer where the silverware was kept. Cutlery secured, he returned to the front door and trusted that his master could handle this.

The visitor had only been kept waiting for a minute and a half.

"Miss Kita Kurenai." Albert said, opening the door for her and inviting her inside. "Right this way. My master will be with you shortly."

He didn't dare grumble as he led her to the lounge. "Would you like something to drink?" He asked the guest. "Some biscuits?"

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Kita followed the butler inside while rubbing the kittens belly. She looked around the places as they headed towards the lounge Kita then spoke to the butler in a slight tone of amazement "My, My, Death has quite the taste in furniture, though I'm not to surprised, as for that drink I'll just drink the strongest alcoholic beverage you have in here" Kita took a seat on a black leather char and waited for Death's arrival.

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