Hong Kong Nights

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She quivered inside the arms of one of her fellow police officers, they knew how devastated Xia was right now. She and Dorai had been pretty much inseparable in the last few months, they were like brother and sister; and now for seemingly no reason… he was gone.

“He was such a perfect soul, who would do something like this” she said, balling her fist in anger. In the back of her mind she couldn’t help but wonder if Tori was responsible for this, the sigma six had reappeared and were after Xia; having disposed of Tori in hell a little while ago; she had to rule her out.

Because of how close she and Dorai were, the HKPD were not allowing her to work on the case, which bummed her out a bit. She gave a sworn statement to her chief that she would not get involved with the case.

This was something she would honor…while in uniform; but she fully intended to locate Dorai’s killer off the clock.

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Po Dorai's Apartment Hong Kong Midnight

A woman in business attire pulled up in a small Hong Kong taxi. She stuck a small lollipop in her mouth while she exited the cab. Giving the driver some money she headed towards the crime scene by crossing over the yellow tape. "Hey excuse me miss! A young male officer shouted at her in Chinese. The woman then answered back towards him speaking in Chinese while showing her detective badge. <" I'm Detective Lilly Hua of district 11, I was told by my superior officers to investigate the crime scene. Now if you will excuse me"> Detective Hua put her badge away and proceeded to head up towards the apartment. Once there she seen Po Dorai's body lying in a pool of blood, his apartment torn apart. Detective Hua put on some specialized latex gloves and started to examine the body as quick as she could. Using a psychic link to her informant the Cheshire Cat Tavi opened the communications "Cat this is Tavi...I'm in. I have confirmed the FABLE agent code named "Robin Hood" is now deceased." The cool minded Cat replied to Tavi saying to her "Thats truly unfortunate, he was a good solider. However we must keep our eyes on the prize, describe what you see in the room."

Tavi quickly scanned the room and gave Cat a quick report. "It appears Robin Hood was murdered execution style with two gunshots wounds to the back of the head. He also shows some brusing around his face as if someone was trying to beat information out of him. His apartment has been searched through clothing scattered everywhere, and other materials are disorganized.The HKPD are going to take the body to their autopsy lab I'll investigate further from there Tavi out." Soon officers of the HKPD placed Po Dorai's body in a black body bag, and carried him off. Tavi still in her guise followed behind them. Whoever was responsible may still come after Po Dorei's body, and Tavi will be waiting.

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HKPD 12:30 a.m.

It was a somber mood at the HKPD, Po Dorai was a well-liked figure in the department. In a short period of time on the job he grew to have the trust of many. Detective Hua saw all the long faces of the officers, as she entered the department. A young male police officer sitting on a bench was crying rubbing his eyes. Lilly stood over him and said to him “It’s tough to lose a brother in arms in such horrific fashion. What is your name officer?” The young officer tried to compose himself, “My..name is …Tang..ma’am Guan Tang. You are right we were pretty close. I would come over to his house and share a drink often with him.” Lilly studied his movements as he spoke; he was constantly ringing his hands together. Just as Lilly was about to ask him another question, she was cut off by a call coming over the intercom. “Detective Lilly Hua report to the morgue please” a female voice called out.

Lilly headed towards the morgue using the elevator, once she arrived at the morgue a nurse handed her a manila folder containing all the information that was gathered from the crime scene. Po Dorai was lying on the examination table stripped of his clothing with the lower half of his body covered over a sheet. His body had grown pale and cold “Thank you nurse I’ll take it from here Lilly said with a smile on her face. Placing a strawberry lollipop in her mouth she opened the files contained in the folder. Several photos of the crime scene, alongside Dorai’s body including statements from neighbors Lilly decided to contact Cat to update him “Cat this is Tavi I’m alone with Robin Hood’s body. Looking over the files estimated time of death was around 11:30p.m. There was a report from neighbors that Po Dorai had his music turned up much too high around 11:15p.m.. Also from the photographs there appeared to be no forced entry.”

“No forced entry that can mean only one thing Tavi.” Cat answered in response to the report. “ Right Po Dorai must have known his assailant. Well that can narrow down the suspects Have any idea on what Robin Hood was investigating?” Tavi asked. Cat paused for a second and then responded the best way he could” You know FABLE is a very hush hush organization. We usually stay in the shadows, which allows us to do the things we do. Trust your instincts Tavi, you know the answer is close. Cat out.” Tavi took a bite out of her lollipop and pressed a small button on the end of the stick. A scanning ray of light appeared on the end of the lollipop stick. Tavi started to scan every nook and cranny of Po Dorai’s body to find a clue.

When Tavi got to the stomach are her scanning device started to beep. Tavi scanned over Po Dorai’s stomach again to confirm it. It beeped once more over the same area. “Smart move Robin Hood, ingesting a clue to avoid being found by the wrong hands..for now at least.” Tavi thought while putting on a medical robe and gloves. Tavi then grabbed a nearby scalpel and began to cut Dorai’s stomach. Blood started to pour from his body a disturbing sight for those not in the medical field. However Tavi maintained her composer, and continued. Once she got to the stomach, she started to cut that open as well. Shifting all of Dorei’s insides around until finally she found what she was looking for. Holding a small bloody microchip between her thumb and index finger, She placed it in a small zip-lock bag. After tossing her bloody robe and gloves in the trash she washed her hands and placed the zip-lock bag in her coat pocket. “I’ll have to examine the contents of this chip once I get to my loft" Tavi thought to herself. Suddenly the lights in the building started to go out, leaving the entire building in pitch black darkness. The sounds of gunfire could be heard throughout HKPD, the people who were responsible for Dorei’s death had returned. And this time they weren't leaving until they got what they came for.

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“Lynn, you should go home” her supervising officer said, watching as she gazed endlessly into the ceiling fan. “How will going home alleviate me from my endless despair, cap; my best friend is dead” she said, plopping her head down on her desk.

Lifting her head off her desk just a bit, a small name tag caught her eye. “Dorai…” she whispered, trying to fight back the stubborn tears as they quivered in pain. As the wayward tear streamed down her eyes, they never hit the table. The light cut off alerting the whole precinct to an intruder alert; “What the hell is going on here?” she asked, instinctively ducking at the sound of gun fire.

“Cap stay down!” she screamed, trying to stay low as the shattering glass baptized her head. “CHI FOCUS!” she screamed, the blue aura of the Snake-Crane ignited within her hands; this allowed for a bit of light in the darkness.

She could see the soft silhouettes of the gunmen raiding the police station; “These mofo’s have a death wish!” Lynn screamed, pushing her powerful wind-chi forward blowing them off their feet onto their asses.

Lynn’s fellow officers, laid down support fire allowing her to navigate through the calamity. “These guys…there just decoy’s” she could tell from the fire coming from an adjacent hallway. Vaulting over the gunmen; she punched them both in their necks temporary paralyzing them.

“Fully automatic weapons, grenades; these are definitely triads” she said, spinning around a corner only to get hit in her shoulder.

“Aiyeee” she screamed, rolling on the corner of the wall back to cover. “Xia’s down!” one of the officers screamed, she could tell the situation was serious, he only called her that in the most dire of times. He ran to her aid, while the other returned fire.

“Damn it, do you always have to play Chun-Li; we gave you a weapon use it” he said, tying a gauze around her arm. “They’re after Dorai” she revealed, pointing towards the Morgue.

“You’re shitting me” the captain said, sending a group of officers towards the morgue. “NO! I want loose anymore of my friends” she screamed, standing to her feet holding on to her shoulder.

“Welcome to my House Party” she said, channeling her inner chi. Running at a sonicboom; the sound energy knocked the gun men down long enough for her to get in the vault.

“Who the hell are you!” she screamed at a woman, ducking as bullets ricocheted off various metal items inside the storage facility.

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Darkness enveloped the entire HKPD. The continuous sound of gunshots continued to echo through the halls. Trapped inside the morgue Tavi had to act quickly. She grabbed a few nearby items and climbed towards the top scaffolding of the morgue. Moments later an explosion happened at the back wall of the vault. A large hole appeared in the back, once the smoke started to clear several unidentified persons entered. Tavi wearing a pair of advanced spy specs turned on its night vision function and analyzed the persons coming through. “One…two…three…four…five. Five hostiles armed with automatic weaponry. What do I have on me, a small handgun, half a dozen cutting scalpels , tape, a small fire extinguisher, and last my own high heels. I couldn't have asked for a better hand in this situation.” Tavi thought to herself as she plotted her attack.

Tavi pressed a small button on her watch and whispered into it. “Shift, meet me in the northwest corner of the HKPD in five minutes.” Tavi then started to move along the scaffolding not making a sound, quietly taping together her high heels. The a couple hostiles had flashlights on the end of their guns, they pointed up towards the scaffolding they didn’t see anyone. Tavi had quickly hid behind a white cooling pipe. Once they stopped searching they headed toward Dorai’s body. One of the hostiles began to speak, his accent sounded like he was from New York “Alright guys here is the simple plan two of guard the main entrance to the vault while you two guard me as I scavenge the corpse. Once I’m done we plant the bomb, and bad bing bada boom were out and can enjoy watching the fireworks from a distance.” They started to move as instructed two of them headed towards the main entrance while the two stationed around the room Dorai was in. “So that’s their plan Tavi thought, Get what they want and torch everything inside leaving no shred of evidence.”

Tavi had to move it, so she started her assault. With her high heels heavily taped together, Tavi threw them as hard as she on the window panel of Dorai’s room. The force was not enough to break the reinforced glass, but it was enough to create a loud thud noise to put the nearby guard on edge.” Huh what was that?” I dunno genius you two have the lights and the guns go see I’m workin here!” The two guards went out of the room and around the corner their guns and lights searching around. One of them saw the High Heels on the “What…the..a woman’s shoes?” Instantly as the two guards went to investigate a red fire extinguisher was in mid-flight in front of the. A well timed bullet from Tavi’s handgun caused an explosion of the container. It created a white mist that was temporarily blinding the guards. “Holy Shit!!! My eyes my damn Eyes!!!!” One of the guards screamed. Tavi’s chance was now and she took it. With her agility she jumped from the scaffolding with scalpels in hand, and landed in between the two guards. With a quick combination muay thai Tavi broke several bones in one of the guards and finished him by jamming a scalpel in his throat. The other guard heard the screaming a blindly shot into the smoke. Tavi used the guard as a shield to take all the bullets fired. Tavi then tossed a scalpel at the guard’s eye it connected. Then Tavi went in for the finish point her hand gun at his head and fired.

“Two down three to go” Tavi whispered to herself. Now the fight was in her hands not only did she take out two of them, she got their toys as well. The other guards heard all of the commotion and drop what they were doing to go and investigate. Tavi rolled out a welcome in the form of four unpinned grenades. This caused the guards to stop and try to run back, but it was too late. The force of the big explosion knocked the guards backward. Tavi then went in with guns blazing. Shooting from both her automatic rifle and handgun, she took out two of the guards with well-placed shots to their head and neck area. The last one was crawling around one the floor his legs heavily damaged. He was leaving a trail of blood as he tried to crawl around. Tavi got right in front of him, he looked up at her with tears in his eyes “Please…don’t.. shoot have..mercy” Tavi didn't listen to futile attempt he made. She pointed her gun right between his eyes and fired. It was nothing personal to her, but she was trained to always finish the job no matter what. And even if she didn't throw the first punch, she would make damn sure she threw the last.

Seconds later a young woman entered the vault, bullets ricocheting off the metal behind her. The girl looked at Tavi and shouted “Who the hell are you!” Tavi rushed over towards her shooting towards the other hostiles shooting at her. “My name is detective Lilly Hua, we have to get out of here these people have come for this microchip I found off of Po Dorai. She pulled out the zip-lock back in her pocket showing her the microchip. “If you want to save your friends come follow me” Tavi told her. Tavi ran towards the back where the hostiles from earlier entered. Once outside her ride appeared right in the nic of time. A jet Black customized Hayabusa motorcycle with a neon green trim. A voice of a young boy came from the speakers “Hi Detective Hua!!!! Your chariot has arrived!!” Tavi smiled as she grabbed two helmets off the handlebars “Shift, you are a sight for sore eyes”. Hoping that the young woman would listen to her she climbed on the bike leaving room for her to get on.

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“I guess I got no choice” she said, ducking a bit as another bullet richoetched right next to her. Lynn hopped on the back pressing her back firmly against Hua; she bowed her legs and clutch the butt end of the bike to provide fire.

The streets were virtually empty in the middle of the night, but there were still innocent people she had to account for. “Right…they gave me a weapon” she sigh, only to be startled by multiple sounds of motorcycles following in pursuit. “They’re triads, of course they have motorcycles” Lynn said, sarcastically before being tugged around a sharp corner.

“Fuck women where did you learn to drive” Lynn screamed, clutching the back of the bike fiercely as to not fall off. As the gunmen sped up behind them, Lynn tossed her gun at the closest cyclist; the weapon bounced off his head, causing him to spin out of control.

“You know call me crazy, but I think you were supposed to use that to shoot back with” Hua said, hitting another corner; Lynn flew forward only to be pulled back by the aware detective.

“This is coming from a woman who threw her shoes” Lynn said, with her eyes closed channeling her inner chi. A blue swirl surrounded them as they sped down the street with an influx of triad operatives following them.

“WIND CHUN!” she screamed, extending her hands down the street; a massive gale force wind hit the triads like hurricane winds knocking them all off their bikes; the wind downed telephone lines and even pushed cars.

“You couldn’t start with that?” Hua said, with a smile; barreling down the street. “I could’ve…would’ve been a really boring police report though” she quickly retorted with a laugh.

“They’re triads of course they have a..heli…uh… a takakakaka” Lynn said, trying to get the word out but her mind collapsed on the word and went blank.

“A helicopter” Hua assisted.

“That’s it”

The helicopter opened fire, which caused Hua to fish tail around a corner throwing Lynn from the bike; she flew through the air and landed against the side of a van. The impact follow by the skid tore the fresh flesh from her forearm; as the throbbing pain slowly overtook her; she could hear Hua still trying to evade the helicopter.

“Dorai...I can hear you now…this is just not my day” she said, struggling to her feet. Lynn usually had it bad when it came to her beats, especially when the gangs were involved; she didn’t like to kill people.

“I could go for some udon right now” she said, limping into the middle of the street only to be surrounded by the triads. “Heh…you guys caught up aye?” she said, laughing sheepishly. Blood began to spill over her forearm blessing the hardtop, they triads all dismounted ready to finish off the medaling Hong Kong officer.

From a far loud shots rang out, and with a matter of moments the four traids, lay dead in the street with a bullet in their heads. Just faintly, through two buildings she could make out the sway of goldenrod hair. “Tori…” she whispered, watching as her estranged friend disappeared instantly.

“I better find”


“Jesus!” Lynn screamed as the massive explosion caused her to drop down to the concrete. “Come on!” the detective screamed, stopping in front of Lynn.

“I’ll calling bullshit on the detective card Hua” Lynn said, noticing the helicopter had been shot down. “Guided missles…laser targeting” Lynn said, checking out the path the fin-stablized missles created.

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The sounds of screeching tires echoed through the streets of Hong Kong. Tavi now alone on her back shift, as Lynn was thrown off due to a hard turn. Tavi however was able to get behind the helicopter chasing them through the city. “Shift launch a homing stinger at the chopper” Tavi ordered, “No Problem!” Shift answered activating the missile that was concealed in his headlight. A missile went upwards and scored a direct hit on the chopper causing it to crash on the streets below. Tavi rode up towards Lynn through the fire and smoke. “Come on!” Tavi shouted towards her extending her hand as well.

Lynn was abit reluctant and said to her “I’ll calling bullshit on the detective card Hua, Guided missiles…laser targeting” Tavi didn’t blame her for being reluctant; she has been through the ringer tonight. “You’re right detectives shouldn’t have this much firepower, I am the FABLE agent codenamed Rikki Tikki Tavi, and the microchip I showed you earlier is the first real clue I have in solving Po Dorai’s murder. Now that the Triads know you are still alive they will be at your residence, it’s not safe for you there” Tavi told her. Lynn was still hesitant, but in the end accepted her offer. She got back on the bike with Tavi, wounded pretty badly. “Don’t worry, we’ll head to my place it has everything you will need to recuperate. Shift set the waypoint home please” “Sure thing Tavi!” Shift replied. All three of them headed back to Tavi’s place.

They soon arrived at Tavi’s place. Tavi had parked Shift in the garage, “Follow me” Tavi told Lynn. Once they were inside Tavi turned on the lights. It was like presidential suite equip with everything needed food, medical supplies. Flat screen televisions and computers. “This is my place for the moment make yourself at home while I get a medical kit to patch you up”. Tavi said while headed towards an advanced looking computer. She placed the microchip she got earlier inside. The computer started to the decipher the message, but it was going to take a while. She grabbed a Medical kit and walked over toward Lynn. She looked her in the eyes and said to her “Po Dorai wasn’t who you think he was. Like me he was a FABLE agent sent in to gather information on a triad mob boss known as Sin Jiang. You may have heard of him. Now this is going to sting, I’m sorry I’m not a magician that cleans wounds quickly.” Tavi then started to clean Lynn’s wounds.

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Lynn flinched a bit as Hua began to stitch up her wound, biting her bottom lip she scrunched her face in pain as Hua continued her patch up job. She could’ve just as easily, used her chi, but after using Wind Chi; she was feeling a bit depleted.

“I’ve never heard of FABLE, you guys must be top notch” she said, turning to Hua who was heavily concentrated on stopping her bleeding. “I guess that’s why Dorai was always so observant, you know he could tell if I was wearing a thong, just by the way I was walking” she said, smiling a bit, this was a cover-up she missed him so much; he was her first partner.

Her eye’s swelled with tears, as hard as she tried; she couldn’t keep them from drenching her cheeks. “W-what if I was just an assignment...maybe he didn’t even care at all” she said, wiping the tears from her face, smearing the ornate red blemish across her face.

One thing that was certain, Sin Jiang was bad news; and if he was involved in Dorai’s death, then Lynn needed to aid Hua.

Sniffing a bit, she hopped off the table, placing her hands on her hips, “I think Sin has been positioning new Triads, inside Hong Kong” she said, remembering her briefing.

“What’s on the microchip that I had to destroy a half a block to save?” Lynn asked, with her eyebrow raised.

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Tavi was nearly finished cleaning Lynn’s wounds. She looked up into Lynn’s eyes she was visually upset about Po Dorai’s passing. Lynn started to wonder if she was just an assignment for Dorai. Tavi didn’t want to get too sentimental about it, but she tried to comfort her anyway. “I believe he was trying to protect you. I found that microchip inside his body, plus there is this.” Tavi pulled out a manila folder from her pocket containing photos and file reports of Po Dorai’s crime scene and handed it to her. “Look closely at the photos, there was no forced entry. Meaning Dorai knew the person who killed him. The suspect is someone your own department”.

Tavi was finished mending to Lynn’s injuries, and then Tavi heard a beep coming from her computer. The microchip was finally encrypted; it was time to see what was on it. Tavi rushed over to her black leather office chair and took a seat in front of the computer. An image of Po Dorai appeared on the screen it was a previously recorded message “This is FABLE agent number 10 codenamed: Robin Hood. To initiate the Card Shuffle protocol you must pass two tests. Do you accept?  “Yes” Tavi said towards the computer screen. The Card Shuffle Protocol is an inside FABLE operation, meaning if a member of the bottom ten in FABLE was unsuccessful in completing their mission Someone from the top five would come in and finish the job.

Another window soon appeared on screen. It was a voice recognition program. The voice recording of Po Dorai continued to speak “State your codename and Rank FABLE agent.” Tavi then replied back saying “Codename: Rikki Tikki Tavi, FABLE rank second.”  After quickly analyzing the sounds of her voice Po Dorai appeared once more. “Ahh Tavi, I should have known they would send you, but are you really her…let’s find out.” Dorai started to talk in a strange and complex code of numbers Tavi had a smile on her face when Po Dorai was finished. “Tavi looked towards Lynn “It’s riddle, but he wants me to repeat what he said in Japanese” Tavi accepted the challenge and spoke in Japanese <”What can go around the world by staying in a corner you ask? Simple a stamp.”> The program accepted the answer and cleared Tavi to receive the information.

“ So it really is you Tavi, well I be damned. If you are getting this message it means I’m no longer around. Sin Jiang is trying create a superhuman army by using a special formula created by Dr. Mian Gaipei. He is having this formula implanted in the opium trade. In a matter of weeks Hong Kong will be filled with power crazed delinquents all under Sin Jiang’s command. Dr. Mian Gaipei is being housed at a casino and club in the red light district of Hong Kong called Tiger Lilly. The place is a fortress armed triads and experimental fighter called The Wayward Souls guard the doctor till he is no longer useful. These bastards must be stopped I hope Lynn is still safe. She is young, but a great officer, fighter and friend, it’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to tell her that. You have your mission Tavi, this information will now be destroyed leaving no traces, Robin Hood out.” The video stop playing and the computer ejected the microchip as it disintegrated.

Tavi was now aware of what she must do, she turned and looked at Lynn and placed her hand on her shoulder telling her softly “We have to infiltrate the casino, but it won’t be easy. Tell me, how good are you at wearing disguises?” Tavi then walked over towards her closet and opened it revealing a large selection of clothes, shoes, wigs, and make up kits. Hanging towards the back wall of the closet was wide selection of guns and other equipment. “ Take what you want, but be ready in twenty” Tavi told Lynn with a slight smile on her face. 

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Lynn didn’t need much for her whole look to be altered, letting her hair down, she placed some glasses on her face, fashioning a long black geisha gown with an intoxicating split she emerged ready to infiltrate the Triad casino.

Vividly imprinted in her mind was the message from Dorai; it was amazing to see what information he gained just in the few short months. She could see why Dorai had been so secretive just judging from how meticulous she was; their line of work commanded absolute secrecy.

“I promise you Dorai, I will not allow the triads to succeed…you have my word!” she said, balling a fist before exiting the bathroom. She hated heels, it was something she didn’t have the luxury of being taught how to wear.

“So we go in, I’ll look for the doctor, and covertly look for an escape route, you can locate where the drugs are being imported from.” Lynn said, placing a microphone mini on her earring stub. “If this is as deadly, as we believe it to be then; they won’t stop at hong kong” she said, eying Hua.

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Tavi picked out her selected attire, and sat in front of her large mirror vanity. She took off her glasses and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Tavi noticed her eyes were slowly forming bags under them, realizing she hasn't much sleep in days, but still going on strong. She then started to think about her young daughter Bobbi Lee. “I haven’t seen her in weeks, first the incident at Black Stone then here to Hong Kong. I wonder if she is mad at me for not being there.” Tavi briefly closed her eyes as visions and memories of her daughter rushed through her mind. Her cute giggle and smile, to her warm loving embrace as she comes home after every mission. Tavi then opened her eyes and looked back at her reflection and smiled. “I’ll keep fighting for this planet, for my country, but most importantly for you Bobbi Lee. I’ll keep fighting for that smile.” Tavi thought as she applied her make-up and started getting ready.

It only took Tavi a few minutes to get her disguise ready. Wearing an elegant red and black cheongsam with a center opening at the chest area; Tavi then topped it off with matching black thigh-high stockings and red high heels. Putting on her glasses for a final touch she looked in the mirror, saying short phrases in different voices to match her outward appearance. Once she found one she was comfortable with she grabbed some equipment off her shelf that she thought would be useful for the mission. From Portable retinal and finger print scanner to small microphones to a handgun made of FABLE’s customized material solomite. Undetectable by metal detectors, and cannot be affected by magnetism. Tavi grabbed two of those one for Lynn and another for herself. But the most important thing Tavi grabbed was cash. Going into a casino especially this one with no money tends to raise a red flag early. Once she was finished she walked out of the closet and closed the door behind her. Lynn also just got finished and exited the bathroom.

Tavi listened to Lynn’s words telling her that this madness won’t stop in Hong Kong. Tavi couldn’t agree more. “You’re right, it all depends on us now, but if we work together we will get the job done.” Tavi then gave Lynn a small black envelope, “I want you to listen to me very carefully” Tavi told Lynn as she looked in her eyes. “In that envelope you will find three things, a spare key for my car, a map location, and forty thousand U.S. dollars. If I don’t make it out, and you have the doctor, use the key to drive my car.  Then head to the location marked on the map it will take you to an abandoned warehouse where a woman code named: Red Riding Hood. If you show her the key, she will understand the situation and give you and the doctor a lift. The money is for this mission. Spend ten-thousand on anything you need while were out and about the casino, but use the rest to try and start a new life out of Hong Kong. You are no longer safe in this city, since we know the there is a mole inside the HKPD. Now if you’re ready let’s get to it”. Tavi lead Lynn back down to the garage, she pulled a sheet off a car. It was a bright red Mercedes Mclaren modified by FABLE. “Hop in” Tavi said starting the ignition, the garage door opened and Tavi punched it and they sped off towards the casino.

Hong Kong: Tiger Lilly Casino 2 a.m.

The neon lights lit up the red light district of Hong Kong like Christmas Eve. Tavi and Lynn exited the car and started walking towards the entrance. They caught the eye of some outside, mostly the men. A young bus boy came up to Tavi wanting to park her car. She agreed to let him do so and gave him the key. Tavi then looked towards Lynn and told her “Try not to act too suspicious, look for the doctor, but play around a little at the same time. We will keep in radio contact, Good Luck” Tavi walked towards the poker table grabbing a glass of champagne from a walking waitress's trey.

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Lynn entered the hotel eying the lavish décor of the Tiger Lilly; the casino was crowded hundreds of people were gambling away their fortunes to escape the pressures of everyday life. Taking a seat at the bar, she ordered an apple martini before deeply exhaling.

The thoughts of someone inside the HKPD organization blowing Dorai’s cover and now trying to kill her weighed heavily on her mind; she wondered if she knew this person as well. Though they both came up with plans, Lynn had absolutely no plans on leaving Hong Kong; she kind of got the notion that Tavi didn’t get just how powerful Lynn could be.

Taking her drink to the head, she slowly waltzed around the casino; eying the exits and the most heavily guarded hallways. “Interesting…” she said. Taking a seat at the slot machine. “Northwest corner, that’s where the doctor is being stashed, every other hallway has two guards, that one has four” she said, watching as those who go through flash their forearms.

“Looks like some sort of gang tattoo is needed to gain entry” she said, pulling the lever on the slot machine. The machine shuffled through the slots, resulting in a losing game.

Thirty minutes elapsed, Lynn had jumped from Blackjack, to Texas hold’em. “Alright Tavi, this is Lynn I’m going in” she said, increasing the Speed Chun around herself, she sped right through the casino. Moving so fast her molecules became so unstable she was able to phase right through the wall.

Appearing on the opposite side of the guarded hallway, she realized she was inside the money vault. “F@ck of course it makes sense to have four guards, guard the money” she grunted, slumped over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Speeding the opposite way through the vault, she found herself in a room on the highest platform. “Tavi, I’m upstairs looking for the doctor, I think this trail is hot” she said, pressing her back against the wall in order to peer around it.

Removing her heels the young officer lightly walked the hall towards the door she believed contained the doctor. Everything around her was quiet, the subtle sound of her heart beating caused a nervousness to fill the bowels of her stomach.

Pushing the door open, she saw the white beard doctor laying in a love seat with his hands tied and his mouth gaged. There were a man and a women in geisha garb, guarding him.

“Kinky” she said, taking a fighting stance.

Both women scoffed, and matched her Wing Chun style, with thundering mantis. "Show me what you got" she said, showing her mastery over her adept footwork; parrying backwards, while smacking the barrage of strikes from. Even in her counter-strikes; they proved they were on an even playing field in terms of martial arts. She was able to telegraph a lot of their movements; and vice versa; the battle switched from deadly intent, to all three combatants trying to one up the other.

Pivoting on her left heel, Lynn sent a powerful mid kick at the women knocking her out the equation. The moment the woman stumbled back the man increased the intensity of his strikes, Lynn put a slight bend in her knee's and tried to match his velocity.

The thuds and grunts of their fight caused, multiple guards who heard the scuffle to rush the room; with uzi's aimed on Lynn; pushing her chi outward; she blew them all back; her Chi-focused on her opponent. She knew her encounter would draw the bulk of the guards to her location, allowing Tavi a little more room to maneuver around the casino. She already knew what to do if something happened to Tavi, but she wanted to by her a little bit more time.

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The smell of tobacco products filled the air while soft music and the chatter of the crowd filled the airwaves. It was a typical night at the Tiger Lilly casino in the red light district of Hong Kong. Tavi with a her champagne glass in hand while using her high-tech glasses to zoom in and identify certain individuals in the room. Not being too obvious due to the triads being in the room, she played a few hands of poker winning two out of three losing the third on purpose. Tavi got up from the table, and started to continue her search. “I hope Lynn is having better luck, the trail is cold on my end” Tai thought will taking a seat at the bar. A bartender came up to her, he was middle aged and was started to bald on the top of his head. “What can I get for you miss?” he ask Tavi while cleaning a glass. “A strawberry martini chilled to a crisp twenty-three degrees. Tavi answered with a slight smile. The bartender nodded his head and went to prepare the drink.

Her hand cuffed under her chin and she started to sigh “I still haven’t found a solid lead; no word on when is the next shipment or the doctors location everyone has been tight lipped. Tavi thought to herself. She started to scan one more time, trying to read the lips of those she zoomed in on. A man entered the casino, and he seemed to be in a rush. Tavi zoomed in to identify him, “Officer Guan Tang of HKPD!?..what are you doing here?” The bartender handed Tavi her drink, while Guan Tang was making a bee line straight to the elevators. Tavi had to act quickly; she couldn’t let her only clue get past her. Grabbing her drink and leaving the bar she attempted to momentarily impede Officer Tang’s path. Tavi bumped into him hard spilling her on Guan Tang’s dress shirt and blazer and knocking them both to the floor. “Oh gee I’m sorry!!! Are you OK?” Tavi said while giving a nice performance as the innocent girl. “I-It’s fine” Officer Tang said, holding out his hand to help her up. Grabbing some napkins from her purse she disguised a small tracer in between them. She grabbed his hand and lifted herself backup, and attempted to dry him of. “Gosh what a mess I made, I just got a little bit excited in this place; My first trip to Hong Kong”. Unknown to Officer Tang, Tavi used distraction and sleight of hand to place the small tracer inside his blazer.

“Don’t worry it’s fine Tang said to Tavi as he rushed away from her grip and headed towards the elevator. Tavi waited a few moments and activated her trace user her glasses. She walked towards the elevator herself and pressed the button waiting for it to come back down. Once it did no one was on there and she got inside and rode elevator to the top floor of the casino. Once she exited the elevator she got a message from Lynn. Tavi quickly responded “Hold on, Lyn-“ Tavi got cut off due to Lynn moving well beyond what sound could pick up from her headset. “Damn, I hope whatever you do Lynn don’t go in the safe.” Tavi got off the elevator at the top floor, and saw a group of guards. Tavi rushed and hid behind a large vase in the hallway. The guards started to run towards the elevator Tavi heard one of guard say to the others “There was someone trying to break into the safe!, She appeared out of nowhere camera’s spotted her for a brief second.” Tavi gently tapped her head against the wall as the guards went down the elevator.

Once the coast was clear Tavi got out of her hiding spot and ran down the hallway. She had to hurry now, as time was fading fast. Tavi got a strong signal from room 59S It needed a key code. Switching her glasses to thermal imagery she was able to see the number code starting with the coolest digit first. “5469” Tavi pressed into the door, it unlocked and Tavi pulled out her pistol with a silencer. Walking inside and checking the corners, she slowly closed the door behind her. Tavi could hear someone speaking on the phone, It was Tang and he was talking about a future drug shipment heading into town. Tavi’s hunch was correct, but she still needed more information. Tavi crept up behind him and once he hung up the phone she placed her gun at his head. “Stay right where you are” Tavi said to him in a stern manner. Tavi continued to speak while making sure Officer Tang could feel the barrel of the gun on the back of his head. “It was you all along wasn’t it, the mole inside HKPD and got Po Dorai killed”. Officer Tang started to urinate in his pants and tears stream down his face. “Yes!! It was me godammit!!! I needed the money!, Sin Jiang promised to help in my financial situation, and have me move up quickly in the HKPD ranks!” Tavi pressed her gun harder against his head. “I know there’s more keep talking!” Tavi demanded, I..I wanted to impress Lynn, she’s smart, pretty, and a fantastic cop. But I was always nervous around her, and she didn’t notice me all that much. Then Po Dorai got into the picture and became Lynn’s partner. I was angry and jealous, but the offer from Sin Jiang was still there so I took it. I believed with new prestige Lynn would finally notice me He has a lot of power in this city.” Tang felt so ashamed at what he done, and could stop the tears coming down his face. “ By helping Sin Jiang Officer Tang you nearly got your whole police force killed. Lynn is in danger still, and Sin Jiang won’t stop until she is gone too. So tell me where and when is his next drug shipment coming in and where is Dr. Gaipei!”

Officer Tang tried to compose himself, and started to answer Tavi’s questions “Dr. Gaipei is in room 47T, as for the shipment…” Tang and Tavi were interrupted by a very strong rumble that felt like it was coming closer. Suddenly the main door and parts of the wall were being torn out by massive hands. An abnormally large man with unearthly muscle structure and a girl with long red hair stood in front of Tavi. The large man started to speak like he was partially brain damaged, “Hello little birdy it’s time for us to play”. “Damn it’s the Wayward Souls” Tavi mumbled to Tang. With that the massive man charged towards Tavi and Tang with impressive speed for a guy his size. Tavi was able to roll out of the way in time, but Officer Tang wasn’t so lucky. He got the full impact of the blow and got splattered to pieces while the mammoth man made a monstrous hole through the side of the building.Tavi started to cough, and fan the air due all the dust from the brick and dry wall that was smashed up. The girl laughed manically at the sight and turned her attention back to Tavi,’HAHAHAHAHA!!! He go splat now so will you!!”

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Lynn’s eye’s surveyed the room, from the mirrors in front of her she could see just how many gunmen surrounded her in the doctor. She was careful not to make any sudden moves, or the fighting would commence. Slowly wiggling her fingers she eyed her first victim; “You ready…” she whispered in Chinese to the doctor.

“Yes.” He said, somewhat shaken. “GET DOWN!” she screamed instantly pulling him to the ground, which prompted the triads to open fire.

The foundation shook a bit, Lynn could sense that shit really hit the fan back in the casino, as she pressed the Dr.’s head against the floor; she surveyed her escape route. Bullets ricoetched right above their head, the triads scream viciously; as they fully intended to kill both Lynn and the doctor.

Pressing her back against the iron bed, she instructed the doctor to stay down; whilst slowly moving towards the edge of the bed. “It’s going to be a hot escape, get ready” she commanded, the chi energy slowly coursed through her veins illuminating her brown eyes with a pacific blue hue.

Capitalizing on a brief down moment, Lynn popped up like a meerkat and fired her wind chun; a massive gust of wind brushed through the whole top half of the building knocking most of the gunmen off their feet.

“GO!” she screamed, to the doctor as she did a helicopter spin kick on two of the standing gunmen while the doctor rushed around the corner. Following closely behind him, she ran directly into an armored gunmen.

“Keep going!” she screamed, sending an opened palmed strikes towards the man, even with her chi enhancing her strikes, she was no match for his armor.

He swiftly swung his hand slamming it directly into her rib-cage, the force from the impact knocked her into a cobblestone wall shattering it instantly. “fuc…” before the words could leave her mouth, the massive fist of the man slammed into her face rapidly. Her bloody body slowly slid down the wall helplessly; he reared his fist back for another punch, only to be blocked by her python like legs.

Forcing his massive hand back, she dropped back to her feet and took a fighting stance. “He…has Chi…” she whispered taking note to the energy coursing through his viens. Taking her wing chun stance, she watched as he mimicked.

The locked eyes, Lynn grimaced a bit, this person was well adept in wing chun; a survivor perhaps? He wasted little time in charging her; she repelled with her piston like strikes.

The sounds of thuds and grunts filled the hallway; Lynn spun into his unprotected face with a right elbow, which sent him reeling back; rolling on the ground enhanced by chi; he rolled into her like Milktank.

His ball like attack pushed her through a wall into an adjacent room, rolling through the hole in a wall he towered over the Wing-Chun Queen; even as a triad boss had his way with a woman in that very room.

“Imposs..ble” she grunted, using her right arm to try and put some distance between them; “Chi…focus…x3” she whispered.

Before the golem could even process what she had even said, Lynn was in his face via teleportation. “KIKOSHO!” she screamed, spinning to gain momentum and filling his chest cavity full of her explosive chi energy.

The whole casino shook in response; causing people to run for their lives; limping back to the hallway; she placed eyes on the doctor to make sure he was ok. “You vaporized him…” the doctor said, in awe. “He…he was using Wing-chun…” she gasped, holding her sternum in pain.

“Tavi, are you there?” she messaged, trying to determine if she needed to resort to plan B.

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