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Moments after falling against nefarious Newdeath in brutal combat, the King of Fists' lifeless body was ascended to the luminous halls of Asgard by the combined effort and divine will of the All-Father Odin and Thor the legendary God of Thunder. "That was quite reckless of him", a criticizing Thor murmured, holding his beloved son in his strong sculpted arms. "Do not be so critical, after all, you were the same. I cannot recall how many times you lost your life against your past enemies for the greater good. His efforts were valiant my son. Acknowledge that", Odin responded, a serious expression looming over his wrinkled face. Sighing with frustration, mighty Thor remained silent, waiting for his father's word so that they make take their next course of action. "Hand me the boy's body", the mono-eyed sky-father demanded. Once the lifeless body of his deceased grandson was placed on the ground before him, almighty Odin forced his command over the countless divine energies that bend to his will, his intention clear.

Breathing life back into The Greatest, Odin's singular eye pulsated with an enormous amount of blinding white energy, Thor simply observed in silence. Suddenly, the entire process stopped abruptly as wise Odin's eye remained focus on the still lifeless body before him. Instantaneously, the perfectly chiseled body of Raseri abandoned it's grayish tint, signifying the Nordic Tiger's return to the plane of life. The movement of his fingers were followed by his eyes as they opened lamely. "What happened?", the Fighting Guru asked, his voice weak, his icy blue eyes still somewhat pale. "Easy now boy. You were just resurrected. It'll take your body a few hours to properly adjust itself", Thor answered, before Odin interrupted, offering his knowledge on the matter. "Unfortunately, I could not restore you to your full power. And a portion of your powers... you no longer possess. Forgive me for not being able to restore them but it was a strenuous effort on my part. It will take me some time to replenish your forsaken divine energies", Odin explained, an expression of regret and sorrow briefly creeping into his face. A cocky smirk finding solace on Raseri's face, the Nordic Tiger replied as he steadily got to his feet, standing to his full height. "It's all good. All I need is my skill", he winked before performing a flawless spinning heel kick, testing how his combat prowess fared during his journey through death. "And it seems like I'm not lacking in the department".

Spending months training and conditioning his body for combat due to his current physical limitations. Unfortunately though, the more time the King of Fists spent in the halls and training grounds of Asgard, the more isolated he felt. He never knew how to be a god like the entire population, honestly, he didn't even consider himself or any of them as gods, to him they were simply extra-dimensional beings of great power, no different than any other super-powered individual. Feeling increasingly alone due to his emitted humanity, it came as no surprise to a rather observant Odin when his headstrong grandson requested that he be returned to Earth, known to the All-Father as Midgard. At first mighty Raseri was given no option, his residence in Asgard, particularly Valhalla was to be eternal. It was however, fruitless. Raseri's true friends were all in the mortal plane, he only had admirers in Asgard, not a single person he could confide in. The death of his close friend Harumi came as an utter shock to the Fighting Guru. He watched the events transpire, helpless as he was confined to the halls of Asgard. Accepting his former teammate's death, the Son of Thunder felt increasingly determined to return to his true home to prevent such a disaster from taking place, he could never allow such a thing to happen to close friends Crow and Dahlia. Fortunately for him, Odin noticed his grandson's escalating unhappiness, it was an eventuality really.

Allowing for the return of his grandson to Earth, Odin tore open a radiant dimensional drift, one that would instantly transport Raseri to the streets of Kyoto. "Thanks for everything. I owe you one", Raseri smiled, giving his jolly grandfather a thumbs up as a goodbye. "Hehe you're my grandson, Raseri. You don't owe me anything. Go now, to your true home", Odin smiled warmly, almost as if Raseri's was contagious. Stepping into the pulsating rift, the Nordic Tiger was quickly transported through a rainbow-tinted wormhole before being abruptly dropped into the streets of Kyoto. The Sun's powerful rays warmly pummeled his skin and the fresh air found only on Earth found solace as they traveled into Raseri's nostrils. A content smile on display, the Ultimate Fighting God wondered, "I wonder how Dahlia's doing", his smile grew brighter for a second before he adjusted his black leather jacket with a colossal red-fist design on the back. Tightening his black leather gloves as he zipped up his jacket, the Nordic Tiger pulled out his Ebisu communicator from his jeans' pocket. "I wonder how useful this thing still is", he murmured, "Maybe I should pay Dahlface a visit", Raseri thought, unable to take her along with others off his mind. While he was absent only for several months, to him it felt like an eternity since he had last set foot on Earth.

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