Holy Grail REBELLION!!

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Once again, I've written most of this from memory, just using my notebook when necessary. We Throne Breakers are still on the run, and there are groups that are still after us. By intercepting the rite to start the next Holy Grail War, we've thrown the entire Throne of Heroes into chaos. Those that were loyal to the Rulers quickly showed their true colours and rose up and overthrew those in power.
Camelot was the first to fall, even with all of Arthur's power, she wasn't able to protect its walls. I don't know what happened to her, but I hope she escaped. Even from where we were, we could see its towers burning in the distance. It's been reduced to ash and rubble now. For the first time in centuries, these old heroes remembered what war was really like.
There've been armies. Right now, they're small, but over the last twelve days since we overthrew the Rulers, we've faced other Kingdoms, like ourselves. They're still small, thankfully, as there are too many heroes here for there to be any soldiers. Even in groups of a dozen, there's quickly dissent within the ranks and quickly, everything collapses.
We've fought off a lot of small Kingdoms. Rumour has it that we hold the Grail. We were supposed to claim it, but we were too late. We think it's with the humans, the mortals, where there's one human and a contracted Servant, looking for opponents that aren't there.
But they will come.
We need that grail. Alice and I aren't done yet. We're following William for now, and we're resting around the campfire. Alice is cooking some Jackaroos that we caught, and the smell is making my mouth water. I'm so glad that she's safe, but if we don't get that grail soon, there will be a reckoning.
We'll find a solution. Together, we can end this once and for all.
Signed, Thomas

"Still writing in that old thing Tom?"

The Assassin finished his signature and looked up at the love of his life and met her smile. "Might as well." he said, tucking it into the folds of his robes. "I'm not running out of paper or ink anytime soon."

Alice smiled as William emerged from the trees. "Those oversized hares done?" He asked, approaching the fire.

"Just about." Alice said, glancing at Tom who shared an understanding shrug.

"Great." Will said, collapsing by the fire and removing his helmet. "We'll sleep in three hour shifts and leave at dawn. Tom, you okay to take the first watch?"

"Sure." The assassin said, reaching out as Alice passed him a huge chunk of meat on a stake. "Thanks." He said with a smile as Will reached out for his own meal.

"And make sure you actually get some sleep tonight." William told them, taking a bite out of Jackaroo. "No good passing around mana between yourselves if nothing's getting replenished. Thanks Alice." He added, looking at the witch with a smile.

"We'll find you a brothel when the cities stop burning." Alice told the Saber, which made him choke on his dinner.

Tom laughed.

She was back.

They were on the run, half of the Throne of Heroes out to kill them, the other half killing each other, they were hiding in the woods, but she was back.

It was a good night for Tom to be dead.

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Treasure was dashing through the forest his genrals with him. They dashed into a clearing. They ran into Arthuria and thhe knights of the round.:

Snake yelled " Alturia, Lancelot, and Gawain we do not want to fight them run!"

The Trio ran thpugh Alturia looked at them with a quizzacal look. For she had not even summoned her blade.

Treasure was thinking about how this all came to be but he decided not to remeber when the Throne went into Chaos. They stopped on top of a plateu. They decided to set up camp here.

Treasure said " If we want the grail we need an army and a kingdom. The k ights didn't look like they were going to kill us back there. We snould possibly ask them for an alliance in the future. But for now we survive"

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The scene was a fireplace, not too different from the one used by Throne Breakers. Though the tent present there seemed to be slightly more sophisticated, bigger and more luxurious. The fire itself also seemed to be bigger and brighter, very close to it was a giant wooden table with papers, tools, gems and various other things scattered over it.

Some hundred meters away from the fire was a man sitting in a three, bathing in the moonlight. His completely black robes and hair made him nearly seem like he has melted together with the darkness of the night into a single being. His hat was also black, but it stood out because of it's unusually wide brim and the giant feather and boa attached to it. The man had his eyes closed, but the way he was facing the moon as well as the faint smile on his lips and tension of his body made it clear that he was wide awake. The branch he was sitting on does not move an inch as another man jumps onto it right next to the in black clad figure. "Enjoying the view, *Lord* Hamelin?" the newcomer asks in a upbeat and lively tone, putting a lot of emphasis on the "Lord" part with a good dash of sarcasm in it. His clothes also seemed to follow a monotone coloring scheme, being mostly different shades of green making it so that he blended in with the forest rather than the night. His eyes were of the same color, or at least one was as it was the only one visible, the other being covered by a bang of his light-brown-ish hair.

"Oh it's you.... umm..." the robed figure called Hamelin spoke in a very smooth and soft voice, the kind of voice that makes you feel all warm on the inside and makes you want to sleep. He brought a finger to his lip, trying to figure out a sensible way on how to address his ally. "Just call me Face, no big deal." Face, as he called himself made it comfortable for himself on the branch right next to Hamelin. In turn his partner did not open his eyes, but he continued talking. "Very well, Face. Yes i'd say that it's a fine night, but to be honest i have far too many concerns right now to enjoy it to it's fullest." Hamelin only managed to get a "huh" and a puzzled expression from Face who listened to him with great interesting. Seeing that Face would not directly reply to the statement Hamelin continued once more, this time with a question. "Say, what do you think of this world now?" the calmness and seriousness of his tone made it clear that the question had an intention rather than just being simple and casual small talk. "Right now? It's awesome!" Face replied almost instantly in a slightly childish manner. "The old days were kinda boring. I mean sure we get all we want and we even got the Holy Grail Wars to keep us jolly and up, but it's just not the same as this. Just thinking about all the things that are likely to happen now makes a tingly sensation run down my spine. So i'm sure we'll have one hell of a time. Know what i mean?" Face finished as he put his chin onto his keen and stared off into the distance. In turn Hamelin's calm and captivating smile grew slightly larger as he answered "I see, we might be quiet different men then. I consider these to be troubling times. Though, there is one thing that still makes me wonder, why did you vote for me to be our leader rather than our friend over there?" Hamelin pointed at in the direction of the campfire, the shadow of a man could be seen fiddling around the fire at the table. "Is that really strange? Well i suppose you have a point, after all even i a simple country boy can feel the authority and charisma oozing out of that guy, he's somewhat of a wired fellow if you ask me. But to get to the point, the reason why i voted for you instead of him. Dunno." Face laughed as he said the last word but quickly calmed down and continued. "I guess you kinda impressed me. The way you dealt with those guys yesterday. You might not be aware of it, but i think you are gonna make a damn fine leader." Face somewhat got fired up by the end even clenching his fist.

"I see, thank you for the answer." Hamelin answer as Face jumped down from the tree. "Gonna get something to bite and also gonna check out what our dear fancy-pants is up to, *Lord*." he walks off with the same word he used when he came to Hamelin, putting his hands behind his head as he did so.

"IT'S DONE!" a loud deep voice echoed through the forest as Face approached the fire. The voice came from the man who was doing something at the table, on it now seemed to be a bloody human body. Fairly tall, at some 192 cm with semi-wide shoulders. His hair had a darker tone of blue to it, reaching down to just below his shoulders. His face had clear and sharp lines, an incredibly handsome man. His clothing was the most complex one of the three as well. A white shirt with frills around the sleeves and a blue vest with black stripes over it. His blue leather pants, brown gloves and boots were also of high quality. The man certainly dress to impress. Given his angelic appearance and the pressure that surrounded him this seemed like the "fancy-pants" Face was talking about.

"What the hell is it now Alchem?"

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In a forest cloaked in white, a trio of tents are up, a small encampment of a trio of heroes that for destiny or chance ended up together. A small bonfire is one the middle, hidden from sight thanks to the frozen branches of pine trees. A man with a long and majestic beard is sitting close to the fire as he writes in a notebook with a pen; he is surprised about the advancement of technology and works with surprising ease his calligraphy for a man that never even saw a pen in his life. Alongside him rests a long weapon, a staff with a curve blade on top of exquisite craftsmanship, a golden dragon twists around the handle until the blade comes out from his fierce fangs, open to tear the flesh of its master enemies. The flame wavers and flickers, announcing that the branches fueling it are almost out. With care and calmness this silent scribe takes wood from a pile at his reach and feeds the hungry flames. Without even making a useless movement he goes back to his writing.

He doesn’t know that around him enemies are swarming, moving from tree to tree, hiding like cockroaches from the light of calmness and experience the long bearded man emanates. They can feel the pressure, but ignore it, to desperate to even think about the danger. For them he looks strange, his clothing, his face, even his weapon are from a different land than him, all of this stalkers are dressed with medieval armor, all with the same red cross on their chest. Their leader, scared of the newcomers to the woods sent them to attack the intruders, which seemingly didn’t care for the signs or warnings. The Knights finished their circle around the mysterious writer near the bonfire and decide to attack with a roar, all shouting as one. With their blades held high and their shields at ready the group charged forward with the name of their lord –FOR PIERRE DE DREUX!!!-

They made a mistake, a very serious mistake. The Long Bearded man, stood up and with a moved his hand as a signal of some kind, the Knights weren’t ready for what came next. Explosions, like roars of demons echoed in the woods, as a figure that vanished in the snow suddenly appeared and shot them from afar with some kind of projectile. None of them ever saw a bullet and the technology took them by surprise, in matter of seconds their two leaders were down, with two bullets each. The rest, too stubborn to abandon their Knightly pride continued their charge, only to be once again surprised. From a mound of snow another figure came out, as if he was burrowing there, first they thought he was a beast, a monster coming from the depths of Hell. They didn’t live enough to realize their mistake, as the Man with the Bear Cloak decapitated the three nearest Knights with a spinning attack with his axes. One of them got stuck on the skull and helmet of a Knight.

What was left of the “Ambushers” was too scared to move. Their almost infinite pride and self confidence was shattered and their will to fight also destroyed. The only thing that was waiting for them was death. But in a surprising turn of events the Bearded Man stood tall in front of the 3 remaining Crusaders with his strange bladed Spear at hand. – Surrender or face oblivion. Is not my intention to end your lives here, unless you’re willing to fight until death. - The Bear Cloaked Man walked barefoot on the snow with the mannerisms of an Animal, after releasing his axe from the head of a Knight with a nauseating sound. He stood besides the Long Bearded Man and exhaled a cloud of steam while he left one axe on his belt and scratched his shaggy and unruly beard, quite rustic in comparison to the majestic beard of his comrades. –Bah! You should kill them now and let them serve as bait for animals, they will do that better than fighting.- The Viking spitted on the ground to signal his disgust after talking. The last member of this unorthodox alliance suddenly appeared from thin air, forming as if he was made of snow.

He was cloaked in full white clothing, even covering his face. He carried a rifle and a machinegun, he had a thick layer of snow over his garb, but he didn’t seem to notice. – We don’t need to kill them, let them go, we will already kill their leader, that’s more than enough to kill their spirit and crush their will. - The man took off the scarf as he spoke revealing his skin, as cold and harsh as a northern Tundra, his blue eyes shined like sapphires in contrast of his fair skin, but instead of beauty they showed predatory instinct. The Long Bearded man, that seemingly was the leader, took a moment to meditate upon his comrades words and asked to himself a single question –What would have my sword brothers do in this situation?- He struggled for a second until he found an answer. – You’re free to leave, but if you attack us again my friend here. - He said while pointing the Viking. – Will destroy you. Tell your master that he haves a day to abandon his fortress, or we will force him too. Nobody haves the right to impose their philosophy to others.-

The 3 Knights looked at each other scared until the Viking shouted at them. – Didn’t you hear the man? Scram you weaklings! - The Crusaders ran away through the forest, hoping to reach their master and informing him. –Are you sure of this Midori? Now the coward will increase security.- The White Cloaked man talked to the Long Bearded Man, that replied with a philosophical flair. – We don’t need surprise to defeat such a man, he has already defeated himself.- The Viking palmed his back with enthusiasm as he laughed. – YES! His death was certain the moment he captured us and decided to put us in the same dungeon.- Midori lifted his spear and proclaimed with strong voice. – We will enforce justice with righteousness and might! Aka, Byaku, let’s go, the cowardly Knight must be defeated! – The trio left their campsite, only taking the most important stuff, as they knew that this time tomorrow; the Crusader Fortress hidden in these woods would be theirs

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The moon shone brightly in the night sky, its light descending upon a fair maiden in a green dress, her brown hair falling over her shoulders. Her skin was pale and seemed smoother then the smoothest silk. With her eyes closed, her face appeared calm, serene even, despite the freezing air of the night, which her dress couldn't have provided enough protection against. She was standing alone in the middle of a garden filled with the most beautiful flowers. Yet those flowers seemed strange. Much like the woman, they didn't seem affected by the cold. Not only that, but they were in the center of a village whose houses seemed completely devoid of life and which was surrounded by a large sand desert.

She stood there, motionless like a statue, for some time, absorbed in the wonderful smell of the flowers and lost in the silence of the night. Footsteps from behind her suddenly ripped through the silence and broke it's mystifying spell, yet the woman didn't even flinch. Instead, she spoke in a gentle voice. "It's been a while Sandy. I feared that you might have failed in your task." There was worry in her voice which was locked inside for several weeks, but there was also relief, to find out that Sandy was alive. The other person chuckled. "I think you will be glad to find hear that I was not only successful in my task, but that I have also gained another ally for us."

The woman in green spun around and slowly opened her eyes, revealing emerald-green irises. Before her stood a dark-skinned woman, her red-violet colored armor covering far less then armor should. Her lower body was covered, while most of her upper body was exposed, revealing white line tattoos. On her back was a huge sword which would probably break the back of a normal human. Her hair was a very pale pink and reached down to her knees.

Behind the woman stood a tall man with a serious expression on his face. His black hair was cut short and his lips were surrounded by a manly black beard. His chest was exposed, revealing a full set of abs and battle scars. They must have been from his time alive, else they would have healed by now. Around his neck and covering his back was a crimson cape. His private parts were covered by the bottom, skirt-like part of Roman and Greek armor and his legs were covered by leg greaves made of bronze. In his left hand was a spear and in his right a shield. under his right hand was a bronze Corinthian helmet, one that covers the whole head, leaving only openings for eyes and and nose, with a red crest going down the middle, from the top to the back.

"He defeated a Kingdom of three on his own. I witnessed that with my own eyes." Sandy continued. The other woman's eyes widened in shock. "How did you accomplish such a feet? Three enemies are a great challenge even for someone of my power." She asked the man.

"I trained since birth until my death. I trained even in the afterlife. My death was in battle, fighting alongside warriors greater the I, facing an army outnumbering us in the thousands. These 'Heroes' were nothing to me." The man's voice was confident and filled with strength. In life, he must have been a person of authority. The woman turned to Sandy again. "How could you possibly recruit a man of such might?"

"I promised him the one thing any warrior seeks. War."

The woman's eyes moved from Sandy to the man and back again before she started laughing. As she calmed down, she spoke again to the warrior. "Truly a great warrior. Tel me, would a warrior such as you willingly follow a woman? Have her as a 'King'?"

"A woman can be a formidable warrior herself. Women of my country went through the same training any boy has. And so has your servant, as she has demonstrated. Besides," His lips bent into a smile. "A woman has more control over a man then she will ever admit."

"Fufu. Then my final question is... What shall we call you?"

"I believe Alex would be a decent name for a warrior."

The woman nodded and turned around again. "You may call me Margaret." She looked up, towards a castle which was towering over the village. "Nights here might be pleasantly cold, but during the day this place is like fire. We shall be staying there." She started walking towards the castle, but stopped suddenly as she though of something. She bent over and picked up a rose from the garden and placed it in Sandy's hair. "It has truly been a long time since we last talked, dear Sandy. This night, we shall spend in each other's company." Sandy nodded and the three heroes continued towards the castle.

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The moon's reflection on the water rippled in the lake as the buxom blonde beauty rose up for air. Brushing her wet hair back from her face, she picked out a leaf and a patch of algae, flicking them aside before leaning forward in the water and performing a breaststroke.

She was known as Teddie, and for good reason. In her mortal life, she never allowed mediocrity, and that drive only intensified with death. Still, she was one that loved the simple pleasures of life. A good boxing match, a drink in good company, or, in this case, skinny dipping in the cold.

A goose quacked, and Teddie smiled, watching the white bird huddle down with her young before rolling in the water and floating on her back, looking at the stars.

"Now that's a lovely sight."

Teddie turned her head to see three men at the shore, watching her bathe. One of them, a large figure dressed in fine germanic robes, was going through her clothing, her stockings, her blue skirt, her blouse and white jacket, and her undergarments were passed between the three men like trophies.

"Two pairs of panties and yet you still go natural?" A samurai said, grinning at Teddie. "That's just an invitation."

Teddie smiled, rolling in the water face her onlookers. "And what do you intend to do with this invite?" She asked, her hair floating around her as she began to casually stroke her way towards the men.

She knew the type. But, she had her policy.

The man in the back, dressed in a toga, raised a hand, and the four of them were encased in a reality marble. Teddie was forced out of the water and she stood on solid ground, water dripping from her naked body onto the marble floor as the three men began to circle around her.

They weren't stupid. They knew her reputation, and they were taking no chances. Waiting until she as alone and exposed.

"You should have struck while I was unaware of your presence." Teddie told them, keeping her eyes on two of them at a time and constantly shifting her gaze to maintain an awareness of her surroundings.

The Samurai struck first. Shibata Katsuie, while not the greatest commander, served under Oda Nobunaga, and was not without skill. As a Heroic Spirit, Shibata grew fast and strong, his spear swift and his aim true.

He swung, but Teddie stepped towards him, punching the pole arm downwards with her left fist and driving her right fist into the samurai's right skull. Shibata was knocked flying, eyeball popping out of its socket as he landed against a marble plinth, teeth scattering across the floor.

Catching the spear with her foot, Teddie kicked it up to her hands and lunged for the germanic one. A dozen possibilities crossed her mind as he dodged the stab, twisting to stab with his own blade, but she discounted them, using the spear to deflect as many of the flurry of stabs she could, but within seconds she was bleeding from fifteen stab wounds.

She dropped the spear and grabbed the wrist of her attacker as he drove his rapier into her heart. The tip of the blade pierced through her back, and she grinned at her trapped foe as blood oozed out of her lips.

She head butted him, then kicked him in the chest. He staggered, and Teddie pulled the sword out of her own torso and slashed at the man, cutting him down.

That left only the greek enchanter. She turned to face him, blood running down her body as several marble statues began to advance upon her.

A sculptor.

Teddie dropped the useless sword and brushed her chest, flicking blood, water and sweat onto the marble as the stone figures made their approach. She raised her hand towards them, and a lance began to form around her fingers, then up her arm and outward, towards her foe.

The tip was rounded, for the weapon was not designed to penetrate.

It wasn't nearly that subtle.

She launched the missile, and the marble temple exploded.



Treasure and his companions continued their flight, but they were pursued. Their hunter knew stealth, and used it well, and stayed out of sight and detection, using skills to conceal himself.

He followed, and when they rested, the assassin and his Archer companion would strike.



While the Faceless King went to examine the alchemists latest discovery, they themselves had been discovered.

Twelve homunculi, crawling in the dirt, had followed their scent and came to devour. They were blind, operating by smell, sound and touch alone, and with their mighty jaws and claws they came to consume heroic spirits for their master.

They lunged at the alchemist and Faceless King, screeching as they emerged from the bushes.



Tom watched Alice fall asleep, holding her hand as the campfire's embers began to die down. He stoked the flames, then poked William with the same stick.

The Saber jolted awake, looking around to see Tom smiling. "Your watch." Tom told him, before lying down in the grass and closing his eyes.

Sighing, Will rose up and began to patrol the campsite, sword at the ready.



The castle was fortified, ready for the attack.

The troops nervous, but ready.

They would fight.



A dark-skinned woman in a purple gown admired the scene from her throne. Her long, silver hair framed her face in the same way her gown framed the centreline of her torso. Below her was the remains of three Heroic Spirits, all skewered to death by what seemed to be the same lancer. She smiled crossing her legs as she clicked her fingers. "Send a party of ten scouts to follow this warrior. I desire him for my own."

Ten cloaked figures knelt before her, then vanished into the darkness without a word.

"I shall return to Swanstone." The woman, ironically known as Subject, said. An army of slaves held up her throne, rising to their feet as they turned around, struggling under the weight of all that gold as they carried out their owner's orders.

"Moisturise me." She commanded, and a woman, dressed only in jewellery, began to massage oil into her mistress's dark skin as another girl, clad in similar degrading finery, brought a goblet of fine wine to Subject's lips.


Teddie bit through the hunk of meat, watching the amber sunrise as the absorbed mana began to close her wounds. She was still naked, her clothes scattered on the grass around her were singed, and that blouse would be unwearable in the future, as would her cotton undergarments.

She was sweaty, bloody, and covered in soot. However, as she stood up, she felt the sun's rays warm her naked body, and she spread her arms wide, embracing the world.

Time for another dip in the lake.

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The homoculi did not go unnoticed by the men at the fire. Or at least they were noticed by one. Alchemist was utterly devoted to whatever new discovery he had made to the point that he was kissing the dead body and petting it as if it were a beloved one of his. In that state you could throw the Holy Grail at his head and he'd still ignore you. It was no surprise that unlike him Face was much more eager to react. Turning around in a quick spin like motion twelve shots are fired. Small bolt arrows, one for each homoculi pierce throats and heads alike. They were all fired in a split second from a small wrist mounted wooden crossbow. It's design was rather strange, the bow did not seem like it was forged but like it "grew". That is one couldn't notice any manifacturing marks on it, all of it's parts were naturally bent as if a branch had grown exactly in that specific way to fit the crossbow perfectly. The way he held it and how he used his other hand to operate the weapon strangely gave one the idea of quick-draw. Come to think of it his movement as he did so and how he shot his targets strangely resembled westerns. In fact with the green cloak hanging behind him Face gave off the impression of a poor-mans's Clint Eastwood character.

Of course the idea of comparing an ancient hero who fought with sword and arrow to a movie cowboy was a laughably hilarious idea, but only so if one didn't know the background of the Heroic Spirit in question. Of course he had nothing to do with the era himself, but he had the chance to experience it many times. Being summoned as a Servant for a Holy Grail War many times before gave him the chance to enjoy the wonders of the 21st century. Among them were movies, and Face seemed to be particularly fond of westerns, but also all other kinds of movies which were a novelty for him.

The arrows didn't seem to have stopped the approaching danger, but that was not necessary as they were about to take the last step in their lives.

Seven explosions, all in line with the homoculi went off, sending the homoculi and their legs flying off in two different directions. Face never had the chance to use traps like these during his life, but through the assistance of Alchemist he quickly became fond of this thing they called black-powder. The entire camp was rigged and ready to explode. Well, not just explode, it would also impale, pierce, crush, cut and hang you as it went. As the smoke cleared Face took a small metal case out of one of his pocket. Inside of it were cigarettes and an old-fashioned lighter. Another addition to his everyday life because of Alchemist, Face insisted on it because it supposedly made him look "cooler".

With a cigarette in his mouth, a grin on his face and the fire flickering behind his green cape he looked around, searching enemies that tried to stand up.

"Go ahead, make my day."

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Margaret and Sandy were alone in one of the castle bedrooms, talking. More precisely, exchanging words of endearment and passion between breaths as they indulged in the pleasures of the flesh like they have done so many times before. Alex was in a different room, filled with dummies made of straw, training dummies of knights from the middle ages. As a heroic spirit he didn't have a need for sleep, perhaps if he wanted to regain his power faster, but there was no need for that now. So he did what any warrior should do. He fought, even if the opponent wouldn't fight back.

Unbeknownst to them, a group of figures clad in black and with masks covering their faces entered the deserted village. Usually, Margaret's powerful bounded field would detect such intruders, but these were hidden through means of magic greater then a magus could even imagine, magic of the grail only available to heroes who have achieved great feats of stealth in life. They crept through the village, moving to the castle, checking for traps along the way. And when they finally got the castle and entered it, bells rang. But they weren't real bells, nor were they heard by anyone other then Margaret who's enjoyment was stopped. Information on the number, the power and even their intention filled her mind in less then a second. And she went back to the job at hand, like nothing ever happened.

She had no reason to stop these spies in their job. Not yet at least. Instead, she would study them from afar, all the while pretending that she never knew they were there. Try to find out who sends them, since it was one of the things she couldn't find out through her castles spell. But there's nothing to worry about. After all, the masked scouts don't know that even walls have ears here and every crack is filled with eyes that pierce even the shroud of Presence Concealment. And Margaret has absolute control over anything that goes on there.

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The Fortress seemed to well guarded, but the Crusaders inside didn’t seem as battle ready as they normally were, as their comrades arrived not long ago bringing the news of their failure. Pierre de Dreux wasn’t a good leader or governor; he was a patsy that worked for others, as all the Heroic Spirits that served during the Crusades were forming an alliance under the leadership of a single Heroic Spirit with power to lead them all. Dreux was one small branch of a bigger tree, which hoped to win this conflict between Heroic Spirits through numbers and organization, as individually in power they weren’t much. The Crusaders in the Ivory Castle, as they called it weren’t ready for the incoming storm that was brewing as three figures reached the clear around the Castle walls, coming from the snow covered forest like ghost. Midori was on front, with Aka and Byaku flanking him.

With imposing voice, which boomed from his position to the people in the castle, Midori declared an ultimatum. – Surrender and abandon the castle and your lives will be spared, stay and you will be exterminated.- His voice could make a statue waver in fear as it was intimidating and powerful, as a thunder. Before the Crusaders could respond, the Viking offered another deal – But if you want to fight, I’ll be merciful and I’ll fight unarmed against you…- He didn’t sound as imposing as Midori, but he was almost as scary, with his eyes glowing with violent intent. As the echo of his challenge faded the figure of Pierre de Dreux popped over the wall, using a full armor and a purple cape, which instead of making him look like a warrior, only made him look the part. His face shared more traits with rodents than with humans, small twitchy eyes, long quivering nose and large teeth. With a frankly dreadful French accent he started boasting. – You impudent fool, zee castle is impenetrable, and you are only zree fool! I have an army.-

Aka started flat-out laughing at the man, that tried to sound powerful but lacked the figure or the charisma to pull it through, even the commonly grim and serious Byaku smirked at the Crusaders leader failure on being on equal grounds with his two comrades in terms of presence. The Sniper whispered to Midori – May I take the shot, I’m very good at killing self important officers, if we cut the head the rest will fall down.- Midori thought about it for a second, even being a powerful warrior in his time he always saw the importance of thought and meditation on the battlefield, as thought is what separates animals from humans, and only humans can be warriors. Even Aka, with his battle crazy demeanor had some sort of twisted honor, the only thing he shared with Midori apart from their chosen trade. As he thought he stroked his long and lush black beard

Finally, noticing his comrades impatience, Midori replied with calmness – No, I think a more powerful message will come through their thick armored skulls if we kill him in single combat, either me or Aka. If we crush them, they won’t come back here, and we need to time to gather forces and prepare ourselves if we want to take them down, at least in this region. Then we can shift to more personal matters.- Midori took some steps forward and looked back at them while smiling. –I think the first thing we need to do is force them out, I always liked to battle on open fields. Byaku, I need some cover, Aka, get ready for them leaving through the main door. - Both comrades nodded.

The Viking moved forward, ignoring arrows and projectiles with smirking indifference. Byaku pushed his palm against the ground and a burst of prana suddenly blasted from his position. The grey skies started to darken as the snow, which only fell with stray flakes turned into a proper storm, obscuring the view. Midori took his hand to his mouth and whistled, a reddish glow surged around him and from thin air, crossing to this world from a magical circle written in crimson light, a mighty mount appeared, a horse with fiery red mane and hair, black hooves and golden eyes. The Wielder of the Bladed Spear mounted on it and charged forward, leaving a trail of steam from evaporated snow behind him. Spinning his spear over him repelling stray arrows and stones the green clothed warrior jumped the 30 mts wall with his horse that left a trail of red glow behind him, as a stream of hellfire.

Midori and his steed landed in the middle of the main yard of the castle, the Warrior dismounted and stroked the neck of the horse. –Old friend you’re free to go for now, thank you for your services and transmit my thanks to your master for the loan. - The horse neighed with glee and banished in a pillar of fire. –Surrender or perish!- Midori shouted as he released a sudden burst of prana, shocking and awing all the crusaders around. One of the crusaders was stupid enough to attack and ended up in two halves for his trouble, only with a mighty swing of the Bladed Spear. –So, you will take the hard road, admirable as warriors and commendable as soldiers, but is the ignorant way to fight who you cannot defeat.- And with that the battle started, some already trying to open the main door to escape from the fury of the Man of the Majestic Beard.

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Two Heroes lay dead at her feet, their thumbs removed and in her purse as she carved her symbol into the trees. The famed Witch Assassin would run, and keep her prisoner out of the clutches of her enemies.

She fled through the night, running for hours before stopping to rest. Drawing cheese from her pocket, she began to eat.

Bringing the sack from behind her, she opened it and reached inside. Grabbing the curved horn, she lifted the head, twice the size of her own and even uglier than the day she first encountered the foul beast.

"Wake up you disgusting creature." The Witch Assassin snarled, taking the bitter apple, wrapped thorns from a briar, out of its mouth. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of its foul breath, and the creature roared.


The witch spat into its face, grabbing a patch of poison ivy and ramming it into the monster's mouth. "You must be hungry without a stomach." She snarled, before taking the apple and gagging the creature with it.

Angrily, she shoved the beasts's head back into the sack and resumed her travels, touching the bones she hung from the string around her neck.

She would kill any who stood in her way.



The warriors were intimidated, and awaited their orders.


Father sat at the long table, snorting as she shoved food into her mouth rapidly. The butler pondered over just how the girl before him could eat so atrociously, when another young woman opened the doors.

Wearing a white jacket and not much more.

Father continued to eat, merely glancing at Teddie as she approached the table and took a seat. "Plenty of bacon, and my trousers if you please." She told the man, who bowed and went to carry out his orders.

Father continued to eat, and Teddie rolled her eyes.



The immortals scaled the wall, bursting through the windows as they sought their prey.

Seven went as one to seek out their target.

Three others travelled together, seeking others throats to cut.


A lone Rider rushed across the land upon her steed, gasping as she held her badly bandaged left hand close to her chest.

She should not have run.

She should have died with honour.

Not fled like a coward.



The caster who summoned the creatures felt their deaths, and snarled, pressing his hands together to create more lives from the jars at his table.

These homunculi carries sacks of acidic venom, spitting death unto their foes and exploding into a rain of burning blood upon those that would slay them.

They began to scramble the half-mile distance towards the Fortune kingdom's campfire.

That corpse shall become the property of Jabir.


Tom opened his eyes in the darkness, and sat upright the moment before the sun inched over the horizon. "Time to move?" He asked William.

"Aye." The Saber said. "Waken the Queanie and we'll be off."

Tom nodded, shaking Alice's shoulder as William kicked dirt onto the fire, dousing the last of its red embers as the sky began to glow in the light of the dawn.

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Treasure and his crew sat down for a bit and then he said "Have you guys been hearing that when we move thier foosteps but out of rythym as if it's not just the three of us out here. So lets say hello."

Snake stood up and called a storm and then he noticed two figures obscuring it. He immediatley called down a bolt of lightning on them. Treasure followed up with a fireball boosted with Snake's winds. Stallion shot amagic seeking bullet. Stallion surronded the clearing with protective enchantments.

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Again Face was the first one to notice the enemy approach. A not surprising feat given his position as the team's Archer, spotting his targets from less than half a mile away was nothing for him. As he prepared himself to dispatch his group of foes like the previous one Hamelin arrived at the camp, having heard the previous explosions. "Oy Lord, finally decided to show up?" he was obviously joking while he said so, he didn't even think that Hamelin was needed to take care of the situation. And truly Face decided to showcase exactly that. "You have my sincere apology, i had lost myself admiring the night." Hamlin bowed down as he apologized in his usual tone. While he did so Face's wrist mounted crossbow had detached herself. It quickly changed form expanding from the petty crossbow into an impressive longbow. During his lifetime Face had used two kinds of arrows, normal ones and those that were dripped in poison. In his hands both of those were deadly weapons and most of the time nothing more was needed, but here in the Throne of Heroes while in contact with other figures he had added a third type to his collection. Much like the changes to his traps and his smoking habit Alchemist was the source of this change as well.

Seven arrows were fired crossing the distance in the blink of an eye. Aimed at the middle of the homoculus's body each of them released a flaming ball of death in an explosion as soon as it made contact with the mindless soldiers. Arrows which had their tips filled with a special mix of black-powered and phosphorus made by Alchemist himself with an impact capsule at the base. The detonation destroyed most of the homoculi's bodies as an acid rain sprayed all across the ground. The few parts that were left burned away without a trace, other than the foul smell that filled the air. Hamelin smiled. It could only be considered luck that Face was on their team. They did not excel at direct melee combat, even Alchemist of the Saber class relied more on his creations and indirect combat, as such having to face living bombs of that kinds no matter how physically weak could be troublesome for them. But as Face could spot enemies from afar and both him and Hamelin were excellent at keeping enemies at bay with ranged attacks they had nothing to fear.

As Face confirmed that all enemies were eliminated he took a drag from his cigarette and then addressed Alchemist behind him. "Say Alc, these were Homoculi right? Then how come we have you, The Alchemist, but not our personal army of these little pests. I mean they could guard the camp or something. By the way i want a cute girly one to light my cigarettes for me and call me Dirty Harry."

Alchemist finally stopped with his work, returning to reality. He seemed to be vaguely aware of what was going on and as soon as he lifted his head he answered Face's question. To him it was clear that those were minor homoculi, inferior creations which could be mass produced, unlike a True Homonculus. Truly that was a skill of Alchemist and he could have created a group of the zombie soldiers if he had only sacrificed a small amount of his time, but, he did not believe that they were suited for guarding the camp. If it came down to it, it was more likely that they'd set off the camp's traps than that they'd fight off fearsome enemies. Of course they could find their use in future battles when the team was assaulting an enemy position but in their current situation those feeble being were just not effective. But rather than explaining exactly that to his friend, Alchemist chose a much less elaborated answer. "You think so? I personally found them to be of little use. I couldn't even teach one to make me tea."

Face's face turned blank at the answer, it always amazed him anew at how detached from reality that man could be. He decided to ignore the strangeness of the thought process and focused his gaze into the direction from where the enemies came from. He faced his two teammates and spoke. "What do you say we check that out?"

Hameling still with his eyes closed stepped out next to Archer and answered "I believe that is the right course of action right now. It seems that whoever is sending these after us wants us gone. We won't be safe here until we haven't eliminated the master of these mindless puppets." Alchemist was yet again occupied with his work at the table, but he merely seemed to have stored his creation into a smaller form to take with him and keep safe. "We are going out? Wonderful! I'll meet an artist like myself. Perhaps he has a jar of honey, i haven't had tea with honey in ages. I'm burning up with passion tonight." Though Face looked like he was gonna comment on it, he quickly gave up realizing with whom he was talking. As they slowly walked away from the camp Hamelin took out his flute and played two soft sounds on it. With that a bounded field was erected around the camp. Hamelin would be aware of any intruders who entered the range and the bounded field also took care of the traps present there. Anyone who wandered into the camp would be faced with numerous hazards that can take a man's life.

They started walking into the direction of their enemy.

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As the intention of the scouts changed from a simple 'observe' into a 'kidnap and kill everyone else' Margaret figured that just leaving these men to believe that they're unobserved was not going to happen. Sandy grabbed her and was about to start round two of their little 'game' but Margaret stopped her. "Now, now my dear. A dog cant play with it's bone is a cat is about to try and steal it from him. He needs to protect the bone. Am I right?"

Sandy was confused for a few moments before she figured out what M meant. "How many??

"Enough for us to get dressed. Come on." Margaret got up from the bed and snapped her fingers. Her favorite dress appeared on her, as if she never took it off in the first place."While you get dressed, I'm gonna have a little fun. Fufufu." Margaret snapped her fingers once more and two of the three-man group suddenly disappeared. She snapped her fingers again and she was no longer in the room.

The lone assassin in the castle was cautious now. His comrades disappeared for no reason. This must be an illusion. So this castle has a caster then? Perhaps his comrades are experiencing the same thing? Maybe they can hear each other even if they can't see. "Are you here?" He asked in a cautious, yet hopeful voice. "Of course." The answer came from right behind him, but it was not the correct voice. It was too feminine, too gentle. He spun around, drawing his dagger. Then he felt air escape his lungs. No, not escape. it was more forced out then it exited of it's own accord. His chest was in pain and a sound like the cracking of tree branches in a storm came from him. But that wasn't enough to take him out of the game. he was about to make a step forward but then he noticed two things. First, he was staring at the back of a red-head woman which he never saw before and the back was moving away from him much faster then should be possible, even for a Heroic Spirit. Second, he seemed weight-less and could no longer feel solid ground beneath his feet. And then pain passed through his back. At first, it was a blunt pain as if he hit a solid wall. Then, it was a sharp, penetrating pain, as if shards of said wall were broken off and stabbed through him. And then he saw the nights sky and the moon in the distance and they seemed to be laughing at him. And then he blacked out.

His other two comrades were not made invisible. Instead, they were in oblivion, pure blackness. It seemed to be minutes for them, but in reality, it was less then a millisecond and the blackness disappeared. The first thing one of them saw was a sharp tip of a spear heading straight for him, about to penetrate his skull, destroy his brain and kill him. But he was fast enough to dodge it, which he did by moving his head to the side, lowering the extent of the injury to only a scratch on the left side of his head, right above the ear. He didn't have enough time to make a counter-attack, but his friend most certainly did. In fact, he started his attack before the spear even reached his friends head.

Alex was training, using his spear to strike the training dummy as many time as possible in a short amount of time. He was in the middle of a strike when suddenly a face surrounded by darkness appeared in front of him. No it wasn't a face surrounded by darkness. it was a mask, covered by a hood. He jumped back to a safe distance from the mask, as he recognized it. Good thing too, as he felt pain moving across his stomach.

He looked to the side, where another masked assassin was sticking a sward towards him. It was the sharp edge of the sword that moved across his stomach and left a red line. She he bashed the mask with his shield and knocked the assassin away. Yes, he knew these assassins. He recognized them from his life. And he knew exactly who sent them. What he didn't know was how they suddenly appeared in front of him. None of these thoughts passed through his head now as he was busy striking back against his assailants, controlled by warrior instinct and years of training. Just as his shield connected with the face of the man, he lunged forwards with his spear, towards the man that first appeared in front of him. But this time, the man was ready for his attack and jumped to the side, raising his sword to cut Alex in two. But he paused for a second. his orders were to bring this man alive, not to kill him. If he did not do what she ordered him, Subject would have his head cut off. Those thought halted his blade, but if he knew that the only way to take Alex back was to take him in pieces, he wouldn't never have stopped.

He felt his knee giving out as Alex kicked it from behind, distabilising him. He was on a bad position now, which he knew as he felt the wind created by Alex raising his spear into the air. The spear was going to cut through his back, destroy his spine and then the man will crush his head. Maybe it would be better to die by getting your head chopped of straight away. Maybe... The spear never reached him however, as his companion slashed at Alex, forcing him to move back.

Heh. These men were far stronger then he remembered them in life. Then again, he has been here for a long time. It would not be impossible for him to forget just how strong they were. Oh, wait. Yes, it would. Then they must have done a lot of training as well. Perfect.

He jumped back again as the man attacked him in a similar way again, so he blocked the sword with his shield, pushing forward into the man's territory and crashing into him with great power, knocking the air out of him and pushing him away. By that time, the other man was already on his feet, but he didn't attack. Instead, he threw a stone at a wall on the other side of the room. It drew away Alex's attention for less then a second, but that was enough. When Alex tried concentrating back on the man, he couldn't find him as if the man disappeared. Then he felt a blade penetrating his spine. It wasn't a bad feeling. It was just a tiny bit of weak pain, before his spine could no longer send information from the receptors to the brain. And he lost control of his body. So he fell face first. But he wasn't dead. He was now a perfect package for the assassins master.

Or so the man that stabbed him thought. And those were the last thoughts that passed through his mind before it was destroyed, turned into mush by a spear, which seemed to be made of nothing. It was white, so it must have been made of something, right? but it was also see-through. So it couldn't be real. But it must have been tangible. But it had no mass.

It wasn't only the spear that was like that. It's wielder was like that as well. An warrior made of light? He looked a lot like Alex did, only he wore a helmet and was of an intangible white. The second man who was still alive looked in shock as the man appeared from nowhere, as his spear entered his comrades head, as it exited his head, covered in blood. No, not covered in blood. the blood seemed to be floating inside the spear itself. It started moving through the spear, coloring the whole man red. No, the color became lighter. It turned pink, like the color of an enemies blood that falls on a white cloth.

The second man stared in shock at the ghastly figure, before regaining his composure. He couldn't be afraid. He must not be afraid. It is just a single man. He killed thousands before. But then the ghost-warrior roared and two more men appeared next to him. And then two more next to them. And two more, and two more until the room was filled with men just like him. They help up their spears and threw them. There was nowhere for the man to run. There was nowhere for the man to hide. There was only a wall of stone behind him and a wall of light coming for him.

Margaret was impressed. She saw the whole battle. It was obvious to her that those men were much better fighters then she has ever encountered, even when she was summoned many times, to serve in the retrieval of the holy grail, by many different magus. Well, there was one man who was most certainly powerful. Though that war was ended too soon, by the grail going psycho, as if manipulated by a force of sheer weakness, trying to score a victory though all means possible. But that was unimportant right now.

What was important was that the man in black was now nothing but a torn black cloth covered in blood, serving as a stain on her wall and that the man who killed him was on the floor, unable to move yet. But there was no need for her leave him there until he regenerates on his own. After all, this was her domain. And Alex disappeared from the room, just as Margaret disappeared from the hallway she was in.

They both appeared in the same bedroom used by her and Sandy just a few minutes ago. There, Sandy waited with a smile on her face, fully dressed and sitting on the bed. Margaret moved her hand over Alex and his wound completely healed, yet he didn't even budge. An expression of confusion appeared on Margaret's face. She just healed him, why is he not moving. And then he laughed and laughed. When he finally stopped laughing, all he said was "That was fun!"

"Then let us have more fun. There are seven more of them." And she snapped her fingers once more.

The air was cold, the floor was cold and the the sky was full of stars. The three were standing on one side of a tower. The seven were standing opposite them, wondering what just happened. "You came to spy out us, yet you were unaware that you yourselves were being spied on. You wanted to kill us, but you were unaware that you were right about to die. let me show you true power then. LET ME SHOW YOU THE POWER OF AVALON!!!"

The world was engulfed in flames before it was substituted by an island. An island filled with the most beautiful smells, the most beautiful flowers and a wonderful feeling of happiness. For the three heroes that is. For the seven assassins it was the exact opposite. They wanted to find a way to escape of of this dreadful island but all the saw was water striking a nearby beach. Everything beyond the beach was fog. Never ending, impenetrable fog. And then, they were pierced by sand, burnt by fire, pierced by spears until they were all nothing but cripples. Their crippled bodies rose from the floor.

In a loud and distorted voice, a demonic voice, Margaret spoke."Will you tell me who your master is?"

The answer that awaited her was no. So the first man died from a rock fist destroying his heart. Again, she asked the same question and again the answer was no and the same fate awaited him, until all that was left was a single broken man. He muttered "Xerxes" and fell to the ground as the island they were on disappeared and they were on the tower again. The bodies of the deceased didn't appear.

Margaret waved her hand and the man healed. Not completely, but enough to walk. To carry another one.The four disappeared again, reappearing next to the unconceous man that was launched through the wall. he was still breathing, barely. And then his wounds were healed like the wounds of the first one.

"You two shall go back to this Xerxes and inform tell them the following: 'You will not take one of my men. You will not Kill one of my men. None of your servants will survive the next attack. It is a promise.' Now go. And do not forget the message." As the man limped away under the weight of the other, still unconscious, man.

AS the man left their field of vision, Alex spoke. "I could have told you the name of their master. I have faced her before. And I have died while facing her."

"I know. But this was more fun. I do not know what you think of a person who finds fun in torture, but I'll tell you this. The rebellion only just started. To win a path most be crossed. And infront of us... There is still a long stretch of the way. Fun is required, even if it's found in such cruel methods."

"Then we shall cross this long stretch with out spears in the sky and song in out mouths. I will not follow you if you torture again."

"Very well. We shall cross The Long Stretch. And we shall cross it together." Margaret spoke. And then she collapsed into the arms of Sandy. She used way too much prana. She needs to be more careful, even is she is a Heroic Spirit here, and not a mere Servant.

Sandy tossed her unconscious lover over her shoulder and started walking towards their bedchambers.. Alex stood outside the gates to the castle as the first rays of light came over the horizon.

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The bodies were found, already dead. their scorched bodies had their thumb bones removed, their supplies stolen, and a pair of scissors was carved into a tree above their heads.

"SHE IS HERE YOU FOOLS!!!" An outraged voice screamed in the distance, deep and menacing, filled with twisted hate. "TAKE HER LIFE AND I SHALL SPARE YOURS!!!"

The sound was muffled, then vanished completely.


Teddie returned to the table, fully dressed, as Xerxes entered the battle room of the palace. "My immortals have most interesting news." She told her two allies, Teddie and Father, as her slaves were removed from the battlements.

"They have returned already?" Teddie asked.

"No, the survivors have cut their own throats in an attempt to appease my wrath." Subject, or rather, Xerxes, told the two women. "I am aware of each of my slaves, and know all that they do." She added, before pointing at a location on a map. "This place." She said. "Holds Leonidas and his three hundred, alongside a witch of avalon and another spirit that could be an irritation."

Teddie looked at the spot, then at Xerxes, then back at the location. Truly, death made strange bedfellows, but there was a nation to create, and these two were the ones to do it.

"We could have soldiers there within weeks." Teddie suggested. "Lay siege while attacking the illusionist's fortress with nautical artillery-"

"No." Father said, shaking her head. "No, I learnt from my past mistakes. I shall not battle on the land with these foes."

She looked down at the map, her long black hair draping across her shoulders, before clenching her fist on the table and throwing a pencil onto the map, snapping it two against the wooden surface as she stormed out of the command room.



Jabir panicked.

He was alone, and the enemies were coming.

There was not enough time to prepare his escape, not with his supplies, should he run or should he fight?

A pale hand gripped his shoulder.

His vision distorted.

He heard horde of locusts screaming.

He turned, and saw a man without a face.

Tall, beautiful dressed in black and horrifying as sin.

"Begone jinn." Jabir muttered, hand reaching across the table to find some vile potion to fend off this strange beast, but he clutched his ears as the hornets joined the locusts in their foul noises.

The faceless man took Jabir, leaving the cave side laboratory completely devoid of life for those who were coming.

But, he left his mark.

A circled X on a map of the nearby mountains.


Father looked up at the sky. At the moment, it was dark. Further to the east, the sun would be rising, but not at this castle.

"Xerxes and history warned of this general." Teddie told her, lighting up a cigar as she approached her king on the parapet. "Do you truly intend to let him go?"

"No." Father replied, snatching the tobacco-laden cigar and tossing it over the wall. "I was simply choosing my time."

"To show your power?" Teddie asked, grunting as she leaned against the wall. "No greek ever posed a threat to you before."

"It is the Bulldog that concerns me." Father replied. "For all my power over Europe, only three nations were able to oppose me. Their combined effort led to my downfall, but it is that one animal that constantly plagued me."

Father clenched her fist. "That thorn in my side. They should have been my allies, but such was always the nature of my struggle." She raised her hand to the sky and began to shout.











The sky screamed as a thousand black lances burst through the clouds, soaring across continents to deliver their deadly message as their father continued to salute them was they soared to their victim.


The Throne Breakers continued their journey, eventually finding a castle they could claim.

They must have travelled too far, for this was a castle of the likes neither of them had seen. Curved, slated roofs, right-angled and neat in its stonework, this was an allegiant, oriental-style castle that they would take from its owners.



The orange sky above Alex, Margaret, and Sandy screeched.

Not that any would recognise what they saw, though at least Margaret would be aware of the concept of aeroplanes, were she not so fatigued.

These were bombers.

A fleet of one thousand bomber jets were over their castle, and began to drop their deadly payload.

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-Attack him you imbeciles!!!- Pierre de Dreux barked the order at his men that with some fear started to move towards Midori, that was standing in the middle of the snow covered Yard. The Crusaders Spirits didn’t stand a speck of a chance as they charged forward only to get sliced in half with incredible speed and skill. Midori moved in short steps slashing down the incoming enemies as if he was cutting training dummies. His blade went through so fast and hard that not even the massive blood spurting could taint the almost shining purity of the blade and the golden dragon. Some of the Crusaders readied their bows from atop the wall, but before anybody could get to aim at Midori they started falling after each booming noise of the rifle used by Byaku, that as before vanished from sight turning into snow and reappeared in another point of the snow storm like a pale ghost.

The remaining members of the Castle Guard decided to flee and the moment they opened the door the sound of two axes of Aka fell in front of them, launched with enough force to lift the snow covering the stone as they pierced into it. The Viking Warrior smiled showing his sharp teeth and growled like an animal. His eyes went white and shot with blood as he rushed forward unarmed. His bear skin was spotted with snow that flew away thanks to the speed he reached while charging, the Crusaders in front of him thought that him being unarmed was an advantage, yet truthfully it didn’t mattered. They attacked with spears and swords, which broke against the Berserker thick hide.

They tried to lift their shields to no use as his hands shoot forward avoiding the defensive tools and he grabbed the faces of the two nearest guards. Following the motion he had from charging he jumped forward taking both guards against the near wall crushing their heads and helmets with his bare hands. Lancer kept moving the perfect amount of paces and giving out the perfect amount of slashes, his fighting skills added to his contemplative nature fused into his fighting style, were each move was equal parts thought and instinct. Midori’s Guan Dao did arcs, full swings and lunges with the same blinding speed without stopping, his nimble fingers and strong hands guided the weapon wherever it needed to be to split the enemy in half or slice an extremity off.

The last part of the trio had a bit of both, perfect grace as Midori, yet he lacked the contemplative compassion and used to be as ruthless as Aka. Byaku shot from impossible spots with Prana Enhanced bullets and pin-point accuracy, always aiming to the most painful spots to make the enemy dead as gruesome and tormenting as possible. He knew how to intimidate entire armies with a single shot, which was his bread and butter, turning a single bullet in the tool to transform seasoned veterans into scared kittens. The Ensis Trio Alliance destroyed the enemies without delay only leaving Pierre as the last one. The sobbing and cowardly Crusader asked for mercy, but Aka took his head with both hands and snapped his neck – Who is the fool now, you yellow belly french bastard.- And with that the Castle was theirs.

They only need to clean up, search the buildings for supplies and gather troops for a better tactical position. The Trio started up, Aka piled up the corpses and burn them, Byaku climbed to the top tower and served as the spotter, Midori went into the dungeons to explore the storage room and exterminate any remaining opposition. The Bearded Warrior opened a door to room were an old man with long white beard was chained to a desk writing. The man turned around and smiled, he pointed at his feet and made a slashing motion with his hand asking Midori to cut him loose. The Lancer moved with fast pace and complied to the old man wish. He was mute, thanks to the Crusaders torturer as he lost his tongue and his throat was slashed. The man gave Midori a piece of paper that said “ I knew you were coming, thank you for freeing mighty warrior from the east, you can call me Mustra, I’m a seer and I would gladly help you with your quest of ridding this region from the Crusaders as most of them are mad”

Midori was surprised and shook the hand of the man in sign of his approval. With this new member of the alliance, The Lancer from the East, The Viking Berserker and the Sniping Archer were joined by the Seer Caster Mustra.

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The three men were on the way of meeting their nemesis who plagued them less than half an hour ago. Alchemist was going slightly in front of the other two, as some sort of representative. It wasn't just his natural charisma that made him stand out like that despite not even being the leader. The reasons weren't just purely cosmetic, for the group they were also practical. They were facing an enemy who was fighting by using Homoculi, Alchemist of course was the person most knowledgeable on the subject and he was most likely also the one who had a thought process similar to their enemy. If there was any kind of trap or threat ahead he was the member who could identify it. Strictly speaking Archer was far superior at spotting traps, but with a subject as specific as Alchemy it was better to send out an expert like Alchemist. And of course the distribution wasn't just based on their individual skills, talents and knowledge, they also took into consideration everyone's respective class. It would be a disaster to send a Caster or Archer to go up front and expose themselves completely. On the other hand it was just logical to have Saber, one of the three Knight Classes, charge forward first. Not only were his survival chances the highest in case he sustained an injury, but he also had exceptional Magic Resistance, which made him rather well suited for fighting an enemy who was most likely Caster. The moon was lighting their path and the night's silence was not disturbed by any of them. All three kept perfectly silent during the trip so far, even the usually enthusiastic and talkative Archer was saving his breath. For Hamelin it seemed completely natural, he was most likely used to travelling with no companions. His eyes shut just like his mouth, he still had a calm soothing smile like he did for most of the night. It was only Alchemist who seemed troubled by the silence. He was the type of man who needed something to think about, something to work with or something to hold in his hands and fiddle around. Inactivity and stagnation was the worst sin as far as he was concerned. He had a visible frown on his face as his displeasure shifted from one side to the other.

When they finally had crossed more than half of the way the charismatic Saber decided that he could take it no more and opened his mouth without turning around to face his friends. "Gentlemen, i've been thinking lately. I believe it would be wise for us to aspire the addition of a fourth companion to our marry group.". Both Archer and Hamelin were taken aback by the comment. Not the content of the sentences Alchemist spoke, but the sentences themselves came as a surprise because the two were already used to the relaxing silence of the night. Face is the first one to respond, his tongue was as fast as his trigger finger. He post his hands behind his head and said in a much louder voice than Alchemist "Where did that one come from? We've got such good chemistry working over here and you wanna stir that up with a fourth one? Don't think so. I mean it would only be more trouble for the three of us, we'd have to keep the guy in check." Face seemed to be mostly concerned with the work that would come with integrating a new member into the team. Granted, while he did have a point in the sense that a newcomer could also mean danger it was a very minor and lazy point. Hamelin opened one eye when he heard Face's answer, both Face and Alchemist turned around. It was the first time that they got a chance to take a look at their leader's eyes as they usually remained closed all the time, up till now they even speculated that the man was blind or had no eyes in the first place. Both theories seemed to be wrong and blown away as a small bright golden eye gazed at both of them. The iris was somewhat narrow like the one of a snake, but certainly not inhuman. Though not inhuman it did make it clear to the two why their leader insisted on his closed eyes that much. No matter how they looked at it or from what angle. Even with only one eye open, the gentle and kind smile of Hamelin became much more threatening and fear inducing simply because his eye was visible. It was scary how such a little detail could change a man's entire appearance and the impression one got from him. Hamelin noticed that the two men were looking at him in a strange way and blinked a few times, quickly closing the eye again. "That's a rather grim way to put it, is it not? I have to agree with Alchemist here. I doubt it will do us any damage and it would certainly help us. Besides, i am certain that others are thinking the same. It is very unlikely that we will manage to survive if we remain a closed group of three.". Hamelin gave a logical summary of the decision not unlike what Alchemist himself stated in a simpler form, but as it quickly turned out Hamelin was still the only reasonable one. Face seemed to have already forgotten the conversation, not even caring that his own opinion was overruled. Instead it was Alchemist who voiced himself again. "Exactly! I feel delighted that you understand me brother. Now, my personal vision of our companion is that of a vicious and barbaric brute. Someone who doesn't talk or think much. A physical worker who would act as the slave of our superior intellectual minds.". With that Face head jumped up as he heard the words. "Now you're talking. You should have mentioned at the begging that you wanted a Dumbo to be our personal servant. Sweet! Now if we gonna do that I want...." the two continued with the absurd idea, talking with each other while ignoring Hamelin. The Caster only sighed as he returned to silence once more.

They continued their walk like that till they did not get to the side of a mountain with a cave going deep into it. They arrived just when Alchemist and Face went out of ideas for their "servant". As soon as they saw the cave entrance the three tensed up. It was the perfect scenario for traps to be placed. Though luckily for them they were suited for a situation like that perhaps more than anyone. Face was a natural born genius when it came to spotting the traps, Hamelin was familiar with the traps a Caster would deploy and Alchemist just ensured their success even further with his forte being that of their enemy. It took the three no more than a glance to come to the same conclusion. The entrance was a death trap. It was a mercury trap, like the ones they used at their camp. A single step inside would trigger the silver liquid around the edges of the entrance and make it cut anything apart that was dumb enough to ignore it. A single finger pointing by Hamelin took care if it, dispelling was a rather simple act. With that they continue deeper. As the slightly narrow tunnel seemed to extend endlessly the three slowly started growing tired of the small and petty traps placed on the way there. Finally after walking for good ten minutes the tunnel expanded into a single huge hall. Looking at the edges and the ceiling it became obvious that even if this cave was natural at some point, it's current state certainly wasn't the product of nature. Despite lacking any natural light or real luxury, the cave still gave off the feeling of a fine made room, even if it was a dark and depressing room. Alchemist seemed to be overjoyed with a bright smile on his face and a certain shine in his eyes, he had already forgotten that they were there to search out an enemy. Face and Hamelin on the other hand seemed to feel somewhat uncomfortable, the very atmosphere of the cave seemed to put pressure onto them. They slowly started exploring, with Hamelin trying to pin-point any larger prana concentrations in the cave. Surprisingly enough, while he did find leftover traces, he did not manage to pick up a signature currently present. Alchemist and Archer didn't have much more luck with their physical search either. Whoever their enemy was, he was no longer here. After they had mad sure that the cave was safe they started a more detailed examination, especially Alchemist. They weren't just searching for clues, any useful resources or creations would be looted as well. Hamelin refrained from touching anything directly only observing all objects with his keen eye. Face was a bit more "rough", gleefully taking the various bottles filled with liquids, skulls and other body parts and playing around with them as if they were toys. Finally Alchemist was the one who put the most effort into it. It seemed like he was doing it with passion. Examining every little point he could find. Identifying each little piece of bone or skin he could get his hands on. He even went through the trouble of reading all the markings on the floor which were most likely part of a transmutation ritual. As he did all of that he noticed something. The potions were stored in oriental style flasks and seemed to have been mixed with herbs exclusively found it the east. All the animal parts that were scattered around the cave were those of desert animals and even the skulls they found were recognized by Alchemist as skulls who belonged to people that were of Arabian origins. Lastly the writings on the floor were also in a different style than the ones he was used to. All of that could only mean one thing for him, their enemy was an eastern, most likely Arabian or Persian alchemist. A slight frown appeared on his face. He was disappointed. Alchemist was never exactly fond of the Orient, it wasn't some arrogant xenophobia or that he didn't trust their skill, he simply disliked the style itself. Speaking from a point of view which took beauty and elegance into account, Europe was the superior choice. And Alchemist certainly did care about how a work looked. He didn't refer to his creations as "art" for no reason, he really did consider them objects devoted to beauty and beauty alone. That made him quickly lose interest in the cave, he doubted that he could find anything of interest in it anymore. There were only two things left for him. The first one was stored away in an old dusty wooden cabinet in the corner of the room. He carefully opened it as if he was afraid that he could break it. Inside of it was no treasure, no gold coins or valuable gems. It was paper. Various scrolls, and scripts. While Alchemist thought little of the oriental style and form, he certainly did know how to value their knowledge and how to put it to good use as well. He took out the most interesting works out of the cabinet and put them inside of his pocket. The other object of his interest was in the center of the room. A massive wooden table, seemingly the center of all operations. On that table alone there were more potions, tolls and ingredients than in the entire cave. Of course as pointed out before they were all oriental and as such Alchemist had little use for them. But on the other hand the few unopened and sealed jars that could be found on the table did get his full attention. Those were the few unused Homoculi which were produced by their enemy. There were only three jars left, but even so Alchemist thought that they might come in handy once they managed to track down the mysterious figure that tormented them. They weren't much different from Alchemist's own lesser Homoculi in terms of function and abilities, but by looks alone they were like night and day. Jabir's creations were grotesque and repulsive, Alchemist felt sick just by looking at those things. He usually took more time in creating them using a more refined method, of course unlike True Homoculi the lesser ones could never reach the human-like state. The result of Alchemist's obsessive push towards beauty and perfection had him end up with Homoculi that looked like ceramic dolls. Anyone, even simple men with an untrained eye could tell that it wasn't human from a mile away, but unlike Jabir's creations they were pleasent to the eye and Alchemist enjoyed looking at them. "Can we go already? This place is giving me the creeps." Face finally broke the overly long silence with a complain. Alchemist stayed silent, not because he didn't want to answer to his friend but because he had noticed something. A piece of a paper on the table, it stood out and it was no like the others. That was so because it was in fact a map, on it a certain location was circled in. Those were the mountains that were just beyond the cave the team was currently exploring. What kind of game was that man playing? If he escaped then why would he leave them a map that would lead them directly to him. The logical conclusion was that he had prepared a trap and them going there was exactly what he wanted. Needless to say it would be a deed that earns you the title "Too Stupid to Live" if one did exactly that. But on the other hand, what choice did they have? That was the best clue in their possession and if their enemy truly was there he wouldn't leave them alone.

Alchemist grinned. He clapped his hands twice while lifting them high into the air, the loud sounds echoed through the entire cave, drawing in the attentions of both Hamelin and Face.

"Gentlemen, i believe i know where we're going next."

"Feel free to lead the way." Hamelin instantly replied without even questioning Alchemist's source of information.

"Whatever gets me out of here." Face rubbed his head, his face suggesting that he was more than eager to leave the cursed place.

And with that the three left the cave and prepared for another journey filled with silence.

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Sandy was carrying her lover over her shoulder when the noise came. A loud, buzzing noise. Not like the buzzing of an annoying insect, but rather something new. Something she never heard before. So she turned around to check what it was.

Alex was staring into the distance when small black spots appeared in the sky, approaching fast. At first he couldn't see what those were for he was not of the archer class and did not posses the skill known as Clairvoyance. All he had to go by was the sound they produced. But as they approached, he recognised them.

They were airplanes, giant mechanical beasts which allow humans to fly through the sky like a bird. And as such, whoever it was that was driving the plains was a coward. A warrior fights best on solid ground. While Alex pondered the bravary of the pilots, Sandy pondered where they came from and what they were doing here. As the plains flew above the castle they started dropping large metallic objects. Objects which both she and Alex recognised, as would Margaret were she awake.

Then the first bomb struck and a loud explosion shook the whole ground. Rock debris flew everywhere but didn't hit the trio. Yet. And wouldn't if Alex had something to say about it. He raised his shield into the sky.

"COME MY BROTHERS! RAISE YOUR SHIELDS IN DEFIANCE!" His shield started glowing and radiating a strange mist. Another bomb struck."LET NONE TAKE WHAT YOU LOVE THE MOST! DEFEND IT TO YOUR LAST BREATH!" Shields started appearing, forming a dome around Alex, Sandy and Margaret who seemed to be waking from her slumber, probably because of the noise the bombs and planes were making. "LET NONE STRIKE THROUGH! LET NOT YOUR DEFENSE BE BROKEN!"The shields kept rising in number until they could barely be counted and then they melted together, forming a perfect dome made of pure white. A ripple appeared in the side of the dome as another explosion was heard from a real close proximity. Alex finished his barrier right on time it seemed.

The ripples and explosions continued for what seemed ages before everything went quiet. The barrier stayed for a minute or so more before it disappeared, retracting into Alex's shield. The sight which awaited them was pure destruction. It wasn't only the castle that was destroyed, but a huge chunk of the village as well. Margaret considered being angry. After some rest, she could rebuild the castle in minutes. The village would take several days even if the damage was lesser then the one on the castle. But she just sighed and started walking towards a house of the village, one which seemed unaffected by the bombing through some miracle.

She found a bed. It wasn't really anything special, definitely meant for a peasant and not for royalty, but it was a bed and it was all Margaret wanted right now.

Sandy and Alex left their 'King'. They both wanted to check the full extent of the damage so they split up. Alex took the inner part of the village and Sandy took the outer part. Sandy also made sure to keep an eye out in case there were any more bomb runs coming their way.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Galenbeta:

"We'll take this castle for our own." William told his comrades, crossing the red bridge to the main iron doors and pressing his hand to them, pressing against them and opening them wide with little effort- to find several spears aimed at his throat.

Tom and Alice looked upwards to see Archers aimed for them, and Tom squeezed Alice's hand.

"Lord Nobunaga shall see you know, invaders." One man said, and the three of them were forced into the building.



The sound returned. The angry hornets, only this time with the sound of chuckachuckachucka

To the west, the soil was jumping upwards. Little patches of dirt were hopping, like corn being popped.

The planes were back, this time attacking with machine-gun fire.



There was no trail, nor were there any traps.

The geography matched the map exactly, but there wasn't any traps laid on the path.

At X marks the spot, however, there was a small wooden shack. Inside the shack would by paper covering every wall, with paranoid scribblings on every wall.

Jabir would be bound and gagged inside, eyes wide open with terror and his clothes soaked in sweat. He stunk of urine and he would warn them of one thing, but his tongue would not move.



With the castle captured, sentries from other fortresses reported the battle. To whom, there was only one who held enough power to control this chain of communication.

The Father.

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After the trio managed to clean the place and assure that not even a single enemy remained hidden inside it was too late to keep working on, so all went to sleep, keeping the guard shifts as always, since the new addition to the alliance wasn’t in any condition to serve as a spotter, especially with the rough climate outside. Byaku could last longer without sleep so his shifts were always the longest, and in the middle of the night, as some timid snowflakes fell from the clouded sky, he heard a noise. Intrigued, as the noise came from inside the castle, the White Clothed Sniper jumped from the tower and landed in the Main Yard. Now, closer to the source, the noise could be identified as some sort of Latin chanting or chorus, resonating inside the main building, as an infinite echo.

Puzzled, Byaku rushed following the song, until he reached the room the mysterious mute Mustra had taken as his. The Archer opened the door only to find the feeble body of the Caster covered in a halo of pure golden light with some silver streams mixed in between. An angelical figure loomed over the old man with an ominous look on his perfect eyes. Around Mustra’s body hundreds of objects started to appear, for a moment indistinct as they were covered in the same golden glow, but moments later the glow reduced its brightness and revealed a multitude of old scrolls. The Scrolls opened to become a pair of wings attached to Mustra’s back, keeping him suspended over the ground. The release of Prana woke up Aka and Midori that also rushed towards the room, just in time for the big event.

Mustra’s eyes were covered in a golden linen blindfold as he opened his mouth, with a now restored tongue, made of pure light he spoke with a voice that shook the castle to its fundaments. Byaku muttered – What is this?- in utter and complete shock

The New War Cannot be Won / without help from East and West

Search long and wide for them/ two warriors without match willing to fight

The building shook dangerously as the voice, which came from Mustra and the Angelical figure at the same time. Midori, Aka and Byaku were completely baffled, standing in the round filled with divine presence from top to bottom. Only thanks to the seemingly pacific nature of this Noble Phantasm both Aka and Byaku didn’t collapsed under the Divine Pressure of the figure. Midori on other hand could withstand it thanks to his own nature and power. The old man opened his arms as wide as he could and extended his legs down, the Scroll Wings started to be written in silver ink by an invisible scribe that worked faster than any human hand

The one who travelled to the West / a cunning and sly trickster warrior

He rode the clouds and tames the storms / find him trapped against a rock

New characters in a forgotten and arcane language appeared in the scrolls, each one shining brighter than the last. The same scripture started to be written in the old man dry skin, shining as well, like the molten silver of the stars in the infinity of the black canvas we call Universe. Once again the build shook like a leaf in the wind as the dual voice of the Caster and the Angel synchronized into a powerful and harmonic sound.

The undefeated in heaven on earth / warrior in body, thought and soul

He fought his way to legend and myth / he waits with serene disposition besides a solitary pine tree.

The chorus behind the words went into a glorious crescendo before finishing and vanishing as if was never in the room. The same happened to the light, the scrolls, the angel and the silver letters. Mustra’s Noble Phantasm was gone as sudden as it appeared. Mustra descended softly back to his bed and then started snoring happily as if nothing had happened. The trio of heroes left in silence and went to the main hall to discuss this. Midori took the word first. – I’ve seen something like this during my lifetime, I think our new comrade is a seer, one particularly strong, he would be of great help to our cause. –

Aka nodded and commented as well. – I have seen them as well, and most of them, either through Runes or the entrails of animals, managed to predict accurately the events that happened to my people. One even predicted how I was going to die.- Byaku sighed and looked at his friend, maybe they were much stronger than him, but that didn’t make them smarter. – I hate to be the one that speaks using his brain, but maybe this could be a ruse a trap, an agent left by the enemies we have been fighting to fool us.- Aka smirked and Midori frowned. – I think your skepticism to be commendable; nobody should accept anything just as a simple design of the Heavens.-

Midori put his hand on the Archer shoulder. – But this time around I’ll ask you to trust me brother; I could feel it deep within me. Not to mention the prophecies Mustra transmitted to us serve specially for our purposes, we need to expand our lines if we think to complete our first objective- Byaku went silent, he trusted Midori, as Aka did as well, since the Contemplative Warrior sworn his brotherhood to them as they managed to escape from this castle a month before. Aka laughed out loud, as he always liked to do – Well, then its settled, the old man stays and we will take good care to follow his prophetic visions. And if this is a trap of some sort I know we will handle it!-

-Your optimism is always a welcome addition to our discussions brother, yet this talk needs to end, we need to rest and prepare our next move, tomorrow at early hours we will need our strength for further fortify this place and search for soldiers to recruit for our righteous cause.- Midori as always led them to organize better their time. – If I’m not mistaken my shift is about to start, Brother Byaku, please rest, your keen eyes and mind need sleep to be restored to their fullest, we will need them for the days to come.- With that the Trio of Heroes split up and went to their current positions, Aka snoring soundly, Byaku sleeping with an eye open and Midori looking at the starry night sky, wondering where his first Sworn Brothers were in this new world and how long would it take to meet them.

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"Alright my freinds we have been waiting too long we will secyre a headquarters today. I hear Arthuria is beginning the construction of New Camelot. We just saw her yesterdaynwith Gawain and the Black Knight Lancelot. ecualtion about that is Gawain is a rider and Lancelot's is a Berserker. She also has Merlin the Caster with her. So if she could build such a force so fast why not us." said Treasure

They began traveling to the area were Treasure would make his headquarters. He had already given blueprints of the structure to his companions via mental transfer thanks t Caster.

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