Hitomi's Hairy Situation [RP]

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London, a busy city. Streets filled with cars, buses and people. It wasn't a special day or anything, but it would certainly become one, at least for two certain individuals who were rumored to be staying in the city right now. It had rained early that day, and while the sun was shining as bright as ever at his point, the city was still soaking wet. But the fact that it was broad daylight would just make the following situation even more unusual. A girl was scaling a building with such speed and agility that it would make any parkour runner ashamed. It seemed like the slippery wet bricks were solid ground she could walk upon. Furthermore her hair was most unusual. It was long, easily reaching down to her feet. Warped in it was another girl, slightly bigger with long blond hair. She was tightly embraced by the hair and was seemingly carried by the climbing girl who made use of her hair like a kangaroo of it's pouch. She arrived at the top of the building with one final short jump.

As she stood atop of it she released her friend from the hair cocoon. "That was a fun ride." the blond commented in a cheerful voice, as she removed any hair that was still sticking to her body. As she now stood with her full body revealed it became obvious that she was rather tall and she wore a rather nice blue dress, but what's more there was a giant pair of scissors on her back. If that and the wall climbing wasn't reason enough to ring the alarm bells, the other black haired girl was carrying a long katana with her. Those two were Alicia and Catherine, two Assassins. With that piece of information in mind it wasn't hard to guess that they weren't in London to visit the Queen or do some sightseeing. They were looking for two individuals. They had a rough description, the general location where they could find them and of course, their names.

Hitomi and Hal. Even if the names didn't quiet give it away, those two had caused a lot of trouble in the crime world because of their vigilantism, it was to be expected that they'd become targets of Assassins sooner or later and it seems that their time had finally come. Catherine swayed her eyes from side to side looking over the city. Alicia had her gaze focused as she slowly turned out with a cold and stoic face and spoke to her friend. "Thank you for coming along, after all you weren't even assigned to the mission." though her words suggested kindness and warmth, her voice only reflected her facial expression. Cold and devoid of emotions. Despite that apparently rude behavior Catherine and Alicia were friends, best friends in fact. The blond has gotten used to Alicia's lack of emotions and she was rather accepting of it. "No need to thank me. We're friends after all, right?" she walked next to Alicia with a smile on her face. "You know i'll help and support you, but don't expect me to hurt or kill those two.... you know i don't like stuff like that." she lost her smile for a moment while saying the words but quickly cheered up again as her eyes drifted over the city once more. Catherine was strange like that. While she was an Assassin, she seemed to have a problem with killing "nice people". Though quiet unorthodox it was possible. The Assassins Guild, Sanguine, tolerated it as Catherine was fairly talented, knew how to separate her social life from work and how to blend in, and she was not rebellious in the slightest and had very few wishes and personal requests. That meant that her targets were mostly corrupt businessmen, political leaders, warlords and the like. The limitations she had when it came to picking targets meant that she as of a lower rank than Alicia and wasn't payed as much, but she didn't mind one bit. Shortly put, if there could be anything as a "Friendly Neighborhood Assassin" then Catherine would be it.

"I understand." Alicia replied in the same steel cold voice as she walked over to the edge and configured her head set that allowed communication with HQ.

The mission would begin soon.

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Their first target showed himself early enough, running through the traffic at high speeds, running red lights while dodging car and pedestrian alike. Hal Hastewell, the portly speedster who would walk at speeds beyond that of a jet plane, was out on a morning jog with a bucket of chicken in hand.

Hitomi was further south, in the heart of London, on an unrelated venture involving shoes in a small art college, located three floors up in an alleyway behind a reputable sex toy shop on Oxford Street. Don't ask questions, but that's the most reliable way to give directions to the art college. You'll find it, given those directions and the tube stop.


No, the work Hitomi was doing was showcasing the shoes in question. Nothing revolutionary, Hitomi was simply overseeing a photoshoot for the Crown clothing line which she had been made manager of. And business was booming, which is quite similar to what Hal was doing at that moment.

With a burst of speed, Hal kicked back a sonic boom, setting off a series of car alarms that would get the assassins attention.

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As Hitomi and Hal were attacked, an almost impossible brawl was happening in the other side of the city, windows shattering with each exchange of blows, the air pressure destroying walls and with each step the ground cracked under the fighters’ feet. Both opponents were almost equally matched as their fist collided with each other. In the span of seconds they had thrown more than a hundred hits, uppercut countered by overcut, cross with cross, jab against jab and window shattering straight reply in equal measure. In one side the local fighter, dressed with impeccable class and style, managed to keep fighting, seemingly, without making an effort, while his opponent, who came from the Far East to fight him was getting increasingly angry with each passing moment. Their fight started in a nearby pub, where the Eastern Fighter found the London born Boxer and challenged to a fight. Upon the negative of the Gentleman Boxer, the Delinquent one sucker punched him to provoke him and the fight started. Gen Shishioh didn’t like to being called a child. And as he shouted –I will fuck ya up you fuckin’ british fuck!- the battle raged on, but truth to be told, this is but a side-story to our main dish.

Two months has passed since the events of the Ryugu-jo Complex, and the Myth Soldiers that survived managed to establish a quiet town in Japanese soil but with plenty of resources and benefits. As they started to manage all the items they took from their underwater prison one of the western MS discovered he had dog-tags from a English Soldier, seemingly his father was an English soldier captured by the Germans and experimented upon. He was turned into a werewolf and he passed his Myth Genes to his son and his daughter. They were born locked into the beast form, without the possibility of shifting into full wolves or humans. Now the Werewolf wanted to return the dog-tags and meet his family, or what remained of it, as his sister died years ago in mysterious circumstances. Houzi Nagare, currently elect leader of the Myth Village proposed to accompany him and so did Hikaru Nagare, happily just married wife of the Myth Soldier. Houzi mostly accepted because they wanted him to have a vacation, and incidentally a honey-moon for him and Hikaru. The Villagers promised to behave and Houzi left the authority of the village under a council of elders he was forming to replace him; he took it as a test run.

So then Houzi, Hikaru and George Hastewell-Erikson (Surname of one of the saviors of his brothers and his own paternal surname) are currently in London, sightseeing, attending to some non-intrusive tests and trying to keep a low profile. One of the magic users back in the Village used a spell to cast an illusion over George, so he would seem human. The trio travelled far and wide in the city. Hikaru remembered that Hitomi spoke of this city and asked the government officials to find out where to find her. After receiving the information the trio decided to visit one of the Myth Soldiers saviors to catch up and inform her of the much good news. The government car that took them was going slowly in the traffic, with the windows tightly shut. George watched the cars pass with interest; he had a mechanical inclined mind, while Houzi and Hikaru snuggled for a bit in the back seat, trying to take advantage of the young werewolf lack of attention span. Hopefully a courier would arrive with Hitomi to inform them of their proximity and arrival. The Monkey King was quite baffled about the city, so different to Tokyo or any other city he visited in these very busy weeks, yet he had a nagging voice in his head saying “I have a bad feeling about this place”

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Sitting in a park playing chess was two individuals with an odd atmosphere about them. One incredibly big and another in a bright orange jacket. The big one said "Darn this is the 11th time I've lost in a row. Guess I'm done." He said rather calmly.

"Ah yeah beaten Chad so many times, how refreshing. This is going to be one good vacation." Said the other one.

But then some fat guy with a bucket of chicken ran by at sonic speeds.

"Well that guy has speed. Saji already know what your about to do." Said Chad. Saji replied"I am going to race him, on my jet bike."

Saji legs had a blue circuit pattern and then an orange motorcycle resembling vehicle sprouted from his legs. He put on a helmet and Raced after Hal while leaving a sonic boom of his own.

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-Dude, are you thinking the same as I’m thinking?- Jack Goldhound spoke as he looked over the street, he saw Hal starting his rush from afar with binoculars. Tobia Doberman was polishing his weapon, or better said allowing the IA mounted into it to do it. –My nigah, I always know what you are thinking…- Both turned to get face to face and talked at the same time. –I fucking hate this country! - For a moment they were in silence and then they started laughing. Once they stopped they decided to move out, jumping from rooftop to rooftop with expert movements, without any wasted motions. Both were experts in the field of mercenary work and were world class soldiers of fortune.

Almost a day before these events started to unfold, the Western Dogs found out about this job, they weren’t hired for it, but it pissed them off to no end that others were hired to do it instead of them. They left Death Vegas in a rush and landed in London hours ago, prepared to take over the job and keep their reputation. Or what they considered a reputation, as the best damn guns-for hire in the market, truthfully they did have a reputation, but as walking disaster areas, capable of decimating cities out of collateral damage, and know they were loose on London, I weep for the cultural treasures of architecture that will be lost today if those two really get geared up.

It was surprising how they could handle the weight of their weapons without troubles, being accustomed to them was the trick and controlling their balance, a step in the wrong direction or place and they could end up on the floor. Jack and Tobia were friends since their youngest years and knew what the other thought and planned almost by instinct, even if they weren’t monsters as other Cardinals or any of the Beasts, they were deadly when they were together, alone they are dangerous, but together they are a post apocalyptic wasteland waiting to happen. They were getting riled up, as Hal would prove to be the perfect practice if they wanted to fight the 5 Beast, Scarlet Flash.

-Let’s go broh! We’re going to fill that piggy full of lead!- Jack shouted as he clenched his fist, while Tobia also cheered and the robot implanted on his weapon raised both arms with metal horns in each hand. –Let’s do this shit! To the fucking EXTREME.- The owner of Sophie’s Choice is Lead decided to give some opening shots, and as his comrade and best friend kept going forward, he stood in his place and firmly planted himself against a wall, aiming his massive cannon towards Hal, but he didn’t commit the mistake of a rookie, to shoot were Hal was, but he shoot were the Chubby Speedster would be. –EAT LEAD PIGGIE!- A hail of artillery bullets came out of his Arm Cannon, targeting in front of Hal, trying to make the Speedster turn around to run towards the opposite direction, were Jack would be waiting ready to roast him.


Meanwhile in the other side of the city Gen Shishioh and William “Upper Gent” Kasperson (Ranked 72 in the SBF) were locked in a clinch, rushing through walls, furniture and even some people, until they stopped when they hit a steel beam. Their locked confrontation with a grapple had taken them into an abandoned storage building. –Fuck ya British fucker! Stop calling me a fuckin’ child and fight me seriously! I ain’t pullin’ my punches anymore- Gen was increasingly pissed as the British Gentleman Boxer only focused on defense, ignoring clear openings the Hot-Blooded Boxer left on purpose, trying to force William into a turning in a clear target for his counters, but the Refined Boxer saw through that ruse and only focused on defense, hoping to tire out Gen, unluckily for him that strategy wasn’t very viable, especially after the Boxer received training from Reiji Fukuma that shot his durability and stamina to new heights. –Don’t mess with me child, bugger off and stop bothering, you interrupted me drinking a bloody beer with my mates, I will humillate you first and then I may start thinking about knocking you down to stop your pitiful suffering.- Gen only got even angrier and his Fighting Spirit swirled around him like a raging fire. –No more fancy words ya fucktard, I’m will cut yer head clean off with my bare hands.-

The Former Delinquent rushed forward and threw a combination easily parried, avoided and blocked by William. –You should stop barking and start biting child.- He talked with superiority and refinement, he could not believe that one of the lowest ranked fighters tried to pick a fight with him, it was utterly ridiculous and stupid. Truth to be told he was starting to feel a bit of despair, as Gen didn’t let go and kept attacking with the same intensity than when they started, almost two hours ago, while him started to feel his arms and fists numb, after blocking so many attacks. They battle raged on, as in the other side of town was just starting.

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Hal heard Gunshots.

Right hand side.

Time seemed to slow as he turned towards the sound, entering into a state known as Flowmotion. Dodging was out of the question, civilians would die.

These people were after his life.

There was too much traffic that would get destroyed if he didn't end this.

Jumping, Hal stepped onto the back of each bullet, hopping towards the gunman and changing the trajectory of each bullet, turning the upwards before catching each one with a golden strand of a Collision spell from his fingertips, before rolling in the air and launching each round back at the shooter.

Hal landed, watching the bullets do their destructive work as he sprinted up the wall, towards the sniper, ignoring the flamer to his side as he focused on the task at hand.


"Miss Nakamura?" A student said, guiding a Courier into the studio as she was discussing the issue of lighting. "Message for you."

She took the letter out of the courier's hand opened it on her thumbnail, reading it quickly as her serious glare turned into an affectionate smile.

"I'll be taking the afternoon off." Hitomi announced, walking past the courier and heading for the stairs downwards. "Send the photos to my phone, and don't waste Crown's money with incompetence."

She closed the door behind her, leaving the models, sub designers, photographers and director to deal with the day's work.

She had friends visiting.

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Alicia and Catherine turned their attention to the speedster as he passed through the streets. Catherine wanted to rush after him but was stopped by Alice before she could leap off the building. "Cat, keep him busy and ensure that no one else kills him. I'll go after the other one." Alicia noticed the various individuals going after the target. Perhaps it was a bit risky but she trusted that the Catherine alone could keep the situation at bay. "Alright then. But oh, here take these." Catherine tossed a pouch with various vials attached to it to Alicia who in turn just nodded and dashed off towards the location where she is supposed to find Hitomi.

Catherine in the meantime did as she was told and found herself on a building right next to the one Hal was running up against. She noticed two of his attackers as well as one more individual chasing after him and figured best thing would be to separate them. "Um could you stop that, it's dangerous?" she yelled over to Hal to get his attention but she also took action. The wall he was running up against quickly turned yellow all of it, like an illness spreading over the skin. It no longer felt like a solid surface. It was slippery and friction was practically none existent on it. Though i might seem reckless Catherine had of course a plan when it came to ensuring the survival of her little friend. The street below the building turned blue. It was no longer hard or rough but soft and bendy like a marhsmellow.

While Catherine was setting up the stage by painting the city Alicia had entered the art studied. She had a student guide her to Hitomi by saying that she was one of the models. She approached a woman who seemed to fit the description and asked in fake sweet voice.

"Are you Miss Nakamura?"

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Hitomi glanced at the newcomer, wrapping the scarf around her neck and immediately realising that there was something wrong with this individual. She was dressed far too lightly for British winter, that damp cold that ate through your flesh and froze your bones, yet this girl was dressed in a light blouse and a miniskirt.

"That depends." Hitomi told Alicia, subtly placing her thumb into the Wendys Kiss in her pocket. "Do you have an appointment?"


Hal noticed he was slowing, and was soon running on the spot along the vertical wall. "Well, this is lovely." He shouted, launching a Collision spell to the roof of the building and pulling himself above the roof, curling into a ball and bombing down upon the gunmen, aiming to smash them into the ground, for easy interrogation while the ambulances arrived.

He didn't even notice Catherine.

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Saji was riding hishover bike and the ground beneath turned blue. He thought it was weird but noticed the runner guy, Hal jump over a building to the other side. He didn't want to lose the guy so he switched to his wing jetpack machine and flew up over the building. He saw Hal turn into a ball and go flying at two guys on the other side.Interestingg Saji will watch from a distance what happens.

Meanwhile, Chad was flying above the city and searching for Saji with his devil wings. He spotted something that resembled a jet down below and not I do it was Saji a began his decent.

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Alicia smiled. "Yes, certainly." when the last letter was spoke she shot forward her sword forming our her hair. Her smile was already gone and her face was nothing but a blank expressionless mask. She gripped it with both of her hands driving it forward and aiming for Hitomi's heart to pierce it.

Catherine in the meantime had problems of her own trying to get the attention of Hal who seemingly ignored her. "HEY! I said stop!" this time she shouted much louder and the rooftop turned pink. As soon as he touched the ground Hal's feet would sink down a little bit as if he was standing in chewing gum. That should render him immobile for some time, unless he had the wish to drag the entire roof behind himself. Of course Catherine was aware of how risky it was to do something like that with someone who relied on their speed. As such she quickly jumped over and placed herself between the chubby speedster and the two men who were assaulting him, watching out for the angle as to not get swept away by him.

She placed one hand on the giant pair of scissors on her hand and said with a sweet smile.

"Could you leave, pretty please? I'll even give you a free haircut."

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Seeing the sword, Hitomi opened the Kaspa and walked inside, closing the door in reality so the sword hit the wall behind her. Striding through the spa, she began dialling a number on her phone as she removed her coat and sought out something that would better ensure her survival in this situation.

"Come on, pick up." Hitomi growled, unbuttoning her pink blouse as she put the phone on speaker, deciding which shade of dragon scale she should wear for this occasion.

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Her target was gone. Alicia withdrew the sword from the wall. She said nothing and ignored the students around her. She assumed that they'd be too scared to do anything anyway.

She pulled up a chair and at down.

Alicia could wait, she was patient.

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Chad was descending straight and his landing target was the pink rooftop. So as his prepared to landing , Saji tried to use his arm to change Chad's course so he doesn't hit the building but when he did, Saji let go early as he misjudged the change and was flung far away. Chad wondered happened. He spotted the speedster and wondered just what's going on.

Saji , flew nearly ten mile dodging everything in the air and landed straight through a building without hurting anyone and right next to Alicia. He stood up and brushed himself off. He looked around and said "I am so in the wrong place." He turned around to see the emotionless girl sitting quietly. Her energy felt funny thought Saji. "Probably no harm." He said out loud.

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A smoke bomb filled the alleyway, and something large and green sprinted past Alicia and Saji through the smoke, somehow able to see clearly despite the the smog.

Outside of the alley, the green armoured figure turned right, towards the train station on the bustling high street before backstepping into the Kaspa, vanishing from view as the door closed.

The armour began to disassemble itself from the hulking figure as she removed her helmet.

"Holy crap..." Hitomi panted as the last of the olive green armour landed on the floor, leaving her only in what seemed to be a black one-piece swimsuit. "I need to spend more time on these mobile suits... Never been happier to be working for Sam..."

She grabbed her phone from the table and tried calling the keyblade wielder again. "Come on Samwise, pick up the damned phone!" she shouted, walking away from the armour she'd left on the floor as she moved towards the TV, picking up a remote and turning it onto a view of Oxford street, where she'd be able to see what was going on outside while she got changed into something else.

TV's all over the Kaspa flared to life, and she started to get changed into something different.

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Alicia ignored the man who crashed through the ceiling. She had no interest in him and if he didn't obstruct her mission she would not interact with him. Then smoke filled the room. Alicia reacted in the same second, but she went for the backdoor. She did not rely on her sense of sight. In fact none of her sense were necessary, she simply recalled the interior from her memory and acted accordingly to the picture that was formed in her mind. Outside she rushed to the side of the footsteps without any visual contact. Suddenly the source of should she was following disappeared. She did a quick jump to the other side and looked around. Nothing. No one was running nor was anyone wearing the strange suit she recalled catching a glimpse of in the smoke.

That left only one option left, her target had used the same trick again. That left Alicia with only one more course of action. She quickly climbed one of the buildings nearby using her hair. From up there she could see the areas Hitomi could have reached in such a short period of time. It would be easy to track her down if Alicia payed attention but of course she'd make sure. Her hair quickly became long, or rather only single strands of it did. A few dozen of them spread over that area like a net, the by-passers wouldn't even notice them.

On the other hand Alicia just had deployed her own personal radar and would certainly notice anyone or anything.

And like before.

She waited.

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The smoke was nothing to Saji's tech eye but he found the suit of armor interesting. So he watched in vanish somewhere. So he summoned his Jet bike and raced after crashing through walls and dodging people but not dogs. Yeah and he so wasn't caring how many walls he wrecked. He wanted to analyze the suit further to see if there's anything he could gain from it. He eventually ended up crashing straight through the wall and looked upon an armor suit on the ground and then the person who was in the middle of changing. He liked hat he saw but more importantly turned his legs back to normal and began scanning the armor.

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-FUCK YA!- Gen finally broke through William’s defense and connected a massive haymaker against the Upper Gent’s temple –YA BRITISH!- Once again the boxer connected a hit, this time around a powerful body blow that made The Gentleman Boxer to buckle to the side. –PUSSY! - The Hot-Blooded Boxer planed to finish the offensive and the fight with a Ghost Jab Hurricane; he dashed forwards and ended back to back with William, almost as if he was a swordsman of ancient Japan after a duel. The impressions of his fist appeared deeply rooted into the Upper Gent’s arms and sides, as he managed to block most of the ones to his head. He turned around to reveal a line of blood falling from his mouth and some bruises, Gen also turned with his guard up to face his opponent, but he staggered a bit while doing it, his head felt heavy and his nose was on fire, he couldn’t see it, but the skin of his nose was burnt and the nose itself was broken, with blood pouring over his mouth.

For a moment Gen seemed to be falling, but he managed to stay up, with no little effort from his part. –What the fuck was that? - The Young Boxer whispered, surprised of not even seeing his opponent attack. William smiled and reply - That, young man, was my Sunday Punch, Matchstick Uppercut. - Gen was a bit surprised he talked about it, and more surprised about him stopping to call him child. – Matchstick Uppercut? Huh, that sounds halfway decent. But I’m more interested in knowin’ why ya stopped with the child name callin’- William gently smiled and pointed his nose and circled his face with his glove. –You climbed up a level young man, it’s been a while than a fighter ranked so low managed to hit me like you did, I think I shall go up a gear- Gen started limbering up, stretching thanks to this short pause and swiftly returned to his guard. –That sounds nice old man, let’s get to it! I will avoid yer next upper!- And with that both rushed forward starting yet another slug fest.


Not caring about the newcomer in the least, Tobia jumped backwards, getting away from the ledge of the building while he kept shooting at Hal, he already knew his pal was coming to complete the movement, so he didn’t doubt for a second and when he landed on his back he rolled and took cover behind the water tower structure base on the rooftop. –You will need to do better than that Pig! You can’t beat me! Not even with hot chicks helping you! - As he insulted his robotic aid picked some frag grenades and threw them towards Hal’s location. As he did it Jack was releasing his Tri-Cannon at full burst of Blue Bullets, the ones filled with payloads of concentrated liquid nitrogen, capable of freezing anything on contact. Hopefully he some of them could touch him or even better the Speedster could do the stupid move to try to stop them mid-air releasing the freezing mist on his hands or around him. –Cool moves Tobia! But I’m much cooler than you partner!- Jack shouted, as a sign for his comrade to keep the shooting to a minimum as the heat of SCIL bullets could easily hinder Jack’s strategy.


The traffic was deadlocked, thanks to the battle being waged by Hitomi and Alicia. Houzi started to smell the scent of battle in the air and his face was increasingly worried about the welfare of one of the saviors of his people. –Darling, I think I’m going to get down here, Hitomi may be in trouble.- The Clone of the Monkey King eyes showed his concern and his new wife nodded. –Please be careful Houzi, don’t over strain yourself, we still need to do much sightseeing.- The Monkey King opened the ceiling window and climbed to the roof of the car, much to the driver dismay. Houzi looked down and spoke to George. –Please, take care of Hikaru, I’ counting on you.- The young man nodded –I will sir, don’t need to worry, I’ll protect her with my life.- Houzi smiled. –Good boy, but try not to die, we still need to find your family.- And with that the Monkey King jumped towards the nearest building and started to climb it with impressive nimbleness. Hikaru stood up and saw her husband leaving with a smile and trusting he would come back.

The Monkey King took a moment to see the sights around him as he reached the top of the building. The city seemed grim, but had some sort of solemn charm to it, at least seeing the grey rooftops extend for miles around him. He located the source of the conflict that had bottlenecked the traffic and started running towards it, as always with inhuman agility and grace, even if he didn’t have much time to practice he wasn’t rusty, maybe thanks to his genetics. Sliding down the tiles, jumping over streets with a single leap and landing without even making noise, years of experience inside Ryugu-jo allowed the Monkey King to move seamlessly through the urban landscape, almost like a second home to him. He finally reached the place, a building with a hole through the ceiling and dust from a recent impact mixed with a smokescreen, or at least that was what his keen nose told him.

Houzi kept running towards the location, but he sensed that something was wrong and stopped on his tracks, all his senses reacted to something near him, yet he didn’t notice it, at least at first. –What the heck? - He whispered as he tried to focus his eyesight into detecting it. Regular humans wouldn’t even notice it, but Houzi wasn’t one, it took some time but he finally noticed what was that his instincts detected before him. Almost undetectable strands of hair extended from the rooftop of one tall building, somebody was there, surely using the hair as some sort of detection contraption. Still Houzi didn’t knew about the situation, so taking much care of not touching the air or moving near it he crawled towards the ledge into an alleyway and hanged there, away from the line of sight the person up there should have while he started to use his senses to pin-point Hitomi’s location.

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As Armand takes a look at the city he can only think of how similar it looks to the old towns of the holy british empire. he was suddenly brought back to reality due to ruckusbeing caused some blocks away. as Armand began to track the origin of the conflict he quickly found an area covered in smoke. he hid himself to see what was happening...

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Hal impacted against the slate rooftop, sending sticky slates into the air from the impact which formed a defensive armour as he uncurled, picking the individual slates attached on his back before jumping over the ledge, avoiding the grenades explosions. As he did so, he launched a Collusion spell onto the blue bullets and propelled himself towards Jack, curling up before launching a golden thread towards the gunman, locking onto his target and pulling himself in at a slower speed, around 120 metres per second, to crush his ribs before dealing with the second gunman and the lady with the pink.


After fifteen minutes of waiting in the Kaspa, Hitomi noticed a familiar face on a far off rooftop. Grinning, she made her move, stepping out into the street.

She pulled a thick brown coat and pulled the hood over her head as she walked. The boots changed her height and gait, making her harder to recognise by vibration. She'd changed her posture and breathing too, coming across as a soldier off leave, in an attempt to fool the assassin into thinking her someone else, if only for another second.

If not, well.

The axe in her coat would buy Houzi enough time to intervene.

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Catherine was a nice person by nature, but even she had a limit as to how much ignoring she could take. As Tobias retreated behind the water tower Catherine closed one eye and placed her pointer and middle finger in front of her open one so that it looked like a pair of scissors around the water tower. She closed them in a build motion. Then as if the idea of it was telegraphed the water tower was cut along the exact line of Catherine's imaginary scissors, collapsing on Tobias. Furthermore something else happened.... the top of his afro was gone. A clean cut, the ball of hair fell down right in front of the gunman.

"The free haircut. I wasn't kidding."

In the meantime Alicia had gotten what she wanted. It didn't take much, only Hitomi's first step. It was that action of appearing out of the Kaspa that gave er off immediately. It was easy to do so because of the other people around, the entire crowd movement was in sync, it was following a certain rhythm and creating it's own melody. Hitomi stepping out stuck out like a sore thumb, like loud drum beat during a symphony which had no drums in it. Alicia was sadly not facing the direction and she did not see her target directly and as she joined the ground the abnormality she had generated for a moment was gone thus she could no longer be tracked this way. But at least she had the general direct down.

She jumped from building to building. As she passed over the gap she saw a strange looking individual but as she had nothing to do with him she ignored it for the time being.

Inspecting the crowd, she got closer and closer to her target.

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