High Stakes (RP)

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Place All Bets

Royale Island

Just all the coast cube was an island, it was relatively small and owned by a neutral benefactor who had way too much money for his own good (a good portion of which was invested in the criminal underworld). The island was often used for many illegal purposes but this one is particular was unique as four crime bosses and their respective gangs along with several corrupt politicians, cops, world leaders, hit men, mercenaries, and some of the worst scum gathered. The crime bosses held a private poker game between them with high stakes however this year security was on high alert several high ranking members from the four have been assassinated and the crime lords have received a threat from the killer warning he will strike again killing three of them. Now the four have begun to point fingers at one another trying to find who hired the assassin. To protect themselves they have hired four of the best Hidden World mercenaries their money can buy.

The mansion where their poker game took place was built for such events each floor had a spate purpose and had plenty of rooms for guests to rest in; one floor was set up like a brothel with the finest girls to provide all kinds of pleasures with more than enough provide rooms, another was set up like restaurant, one floor was a small casino with several games for the guests, even the basement was used as some barbaric bare knuckle fighting ring. However one room was the most secured the most private and that was the room used poker game it was locked from the inside and out, guards protected the halls with orders to shoot on sight, and it was built with technology that keep all manners of surveillance and detection were blocked. The dealer and deck was changed every third hour to prevent any cheating. In the room at a small table sat the four crime lords; from Japan Kurōbā Matsomuto the head of an infamous yakuza gang, from Mexico was Ramon Corazón a cartel boss, from Russia Ivan Almaz a Russian Pakhan, finally from Italy was Antonio Vanga the head of a mafia family. Hidden within the shadows of the room stood three figures; the first dealer enter as the game was about to begin.

Meanwhile in the casino room, which was filled with various criminals who were gambling recklessly, a young man stood at the bar dressed in a black 3 piece suit and black shades along with a particular cowboy hat was the American Bounty Hunter Crow Cementerio. The Last Gunslinger had snuck into the event under a fake aliases (Clint Bala) however despite all the high targets in the room he couldn’t go after them because of their various connections the bounty Crow was after was the mysterious assassin going by the name of Snake Eyes who was supposed to be targeting the crime lords. Crow was not the only Bounty Hunter going after “Snake Eyes” within the same room was two other BHs also from the Artemis Branch. Causally walking around the room was Toni Sociere (alias Megan Magie) who were a medium black dress with a small black cape around her shoulders and small witch hat on her head. At the black jack table was the Artemis Branch’s White Rabbit Felicia Faraday (alias Catherine Conejo).

The Rail-gun glanced around the room as the bar tender asked what he wanted to drink, “Whiskey on the rocks partner.” With a courteous nod the bar keep made Crow’s drink and sighed a little stealthy mission like this could get tedious; no one knew what Snake Eyes looked like and with a place filled with criminals it was like a trying to find a snake in a viper pet. Meanwhile Toni was also looking around a cocktail in one hand and a frown on her face as she dealt with men trying to get with her. However that frown suddenly burst into a smile when she spotted her knight in shining armor and future husband Crow. Toni became overjoyed her face blushing bright red as she was unsure how to approach the Gunslinger. On the other side of the room Felicia was keeping the house on a streak at the black jack table, “Come on boys you can’t let this girl kick your butts all day. If I didn’t know any better she guys were letting me win.” The White Rabbit flashed a smile at one the men who slowly developed a nose bleed, Felicia hot streak was a bit more than just luck as her tight outfit left plenty of cleavage for the men to eye ball.

Downstairs however as fun and pleasures of all kind took place in the mansion a figure stood in the center of a darken room blood and bodies all around him. He causally wiped the blood off a pair of scissors in his hand on one of the corpse’s sleeves as he spoke to the dead. “Hmm that last one gave me plenty of information even though it was kind of hard to understand through his screams of pains as I removed his genitals. At least I had some fun making him watch as I killed the others. Now time to make good on my promise to kill three crime lords today.” The Viper was there.

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Entering the casino room was a well groomed gentleman with dark hair and a finely-trimmed beard. He wore a white shirt with an impressive grey waistcoat and a red tie. Around his forearms were two bracers- handcrafted samurai armour with platinum engravings. He also wore a red sash around his belt, and a sword at his hip.

Walking with purpose, the gentleman approached the and took a seat next to the cowboy. "Scotch." The man ordered, before turning in his seat to look through the crowd.

The target would reveal themselves soon.

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Confidently strolling into the casino through a different door was Aria Miyata. She wore her traditional black sleeveless dress with black leggings. To fit in with the 'high class' crowd, she made sure that her hair and attire were in perfect shape. While she was surrounded by criminals that she would normally arrest on the spot, she was here on official HWIC business. A man calling himself Snake Eyes was threatening to destabilize the underworld by killing three of the top criminal figureheads. Without the order these vile men provide, the criminals they command would erupt into a power struggle that could endanger many more lives.

Needless to say, she needed to stop this rogue Hidden World assassin. Surprisingly enough, nobody in their database matched the alias of the assassin, so she had to figure out who he was in person.

Politely declining a nearby drink offer, she notices an old acquaintance of her sister's and a man that she didn't exactly get off on the best foot with; Crow Cementerio. Not wanting to deal with the shady man next to him, she walks over to a nearby couch and sits down, crossing her legs. Subtly, she began to profile the people in the room and was watching for anyone who looked like they could be the killer.

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Brothel Floor:

Chase wakes up in a glamorous suit room with a king size bed, a giant flat screen TV, a piano, a gigantic bathroom, and many other fantastic and expensive things from the furniture to the floors, however; he wasn’t alone. Next to Chase was the body of a very beautiful woman, who looks like she belongs in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. As Chase starts to move, she wakes up and smiles at Chase. She then proceeds to kiss Chase, which Chase reacts by embracing her. He slowly pulls away and says. “ Who know I would find the woman of my dreams here.” She laughs and continues to kiss him. He then gently pulls her off of him and tells her, “Well I have been in bed for too long. I need to go stretch my legs for a bit.” Before Chase has a chance to get off the bed the woman grabs his hand. “ Promise that you’ll come back to me,” she said with concern eyes. Chase responds to her, “I’m not going to let you stay in a place like this, especially after everything you told me. I can never let you stay here.” Chase then pulls her up and gives her one last kiss goodbye before he would leave.

Yesterday they had spent the entire night together, where Chase got her to fall in love with him and she broke down when they started to get truly close with each other. Chase comforted her and from there she told him her dreams of leaving and making something out of her live. Chase press her into telling him why she would want to leave and she started to cry once again. Chase then promise to take her away from all of this and from there she told him everything that she knew.

As they continue to kiss each other, she pictured having a wonderful life together, living happily with children along with all of her dreams coming true. Chase on the other hand thought to himself, she is pathetic. Yesterday when Chase saw her, he could sense that she was the perfect target to trick, so that he would be able to gather information for his mission. Chase disappears from her lips and goes to put on his clothes, which was his primary suit along with his special items that consist of a pen, a clock, and a belt. He also has one other item, which he would normally never bring with him, but he was told that it is going to prove useful to him for this mission. Chase moves toward the door, but before he could put his hand on the knob the girl says in the cutest possible voice that she could, “ I love you.” Chase took a second to get back into character and turns around with a smile saying “love you more.” Chase opens the door and walks out of the room.

Chase took one last look at his unique object as he walks to another area of the mansion. It was a certain flower with the symbol of the HWIC and attach to the flower was a note written by Marvel Smith, who was also the man responsible for Chase being here in the first place. Marvel wants some information that he told me was here, yet before I go get that for him, first I’m going to explore this place a little bit and have some fun. It not everyday some rich guy gives you a ton of cash and tells you to go somewhere nice like this

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The Top Four Wet Works Specialists?!

Casino Room

The Last Gunslinger took notice of the strange man who ordered a Scotch next to him, casually looking over the man’s armor and weapon from behind the darken lenses of his shades. The braces and sword seemed to be made from fine steel and possibly custom made the suit looked expensive as well. Crow considered the man could be a high ranking officer in any of the four crime families but before he could ask the man anything he spotted someone he recognized (well Crow sort of recognized her). Heading over to a couch after she ordered a drink was none other than Aria Miyata, the sister of his ally Haruko, at least she appeared to be her. When the Rail-gun encountered her in Alaska Aria had a younger appearance this form of her was considerably older more like a young woman instead of a girl. Crow casually picked up his drink and made his way over to her taking a seat on a black leather chair next to her the Gunslinger spoke quietly getting her attention. “You know you damn Miyata keep getting into my business and it’s kinda annoying me now. After all a man got to make a living not all of us can work for organizations like yours.”

While Felicia continued entice the men to bet more and more in her game of Black Jack; Toni Sociere grabbed her purse which contain some of her signature items; including her whip, her spell book, and a few other items. The Black Cat of the Artemis Branch intended to make her way over to Crow until she spotted him sit next to some women. Toni’s nostrils flared along with her jealously, it was almost enough for her to blow her cover to attack the women however kept her sense enough. Not wanting create a scene (yet) the Witch made her way to the bar next to a mysterious man with braces and paid for a drink for Crow hoping her flirtatious ways would draw her away from the blonde. While Crow spoke with Aria his second drink arrived from Toni, when the waiter said it was from a pretty girl at the bar Crow eyes widen as he recognized the Cat Eye Witch. Toni flashed him a wink and a smile but Crow replied with a sigh speaking to Aria, “It seems I’m not the only bounty hunter here. Of course it had to be her. I hope you don’t mind her joining us she is good a bit crazy but very skilled.” Crow tipped the waiter and asked him to send the girl over.

Getting the message Toni quickly joined Aria and Crow making sure she sat even closer to him than Aria was. “Toni Sociere this is Aria…she is a um ally. Aria this is the Cat Eye Witch Toni Sociere.” Trying to keep her jealously in Toni reached out to shake hands with the girl but spoke more to Crow, “Crow I hope you received my present I sent you. After our last meeting I found out who supplied you with your ammo and broke down the components of the gunpowder and made it better.” The Gunslinger had received the bullets she had sent in the mail and was impress with their quality in fact he had some with him right now but he wasn’t sure he liked the idea that Toni tracked down his bullet supplier. “Yes I did that was very kind of you. Your Gunpowder Alchemy is um quite impressive.” Toni nearly melted from the compliment.

Poker Room

In the room with the crime lords the cards were being dealt to the men and Don Vanga decided to break the silence. “Well Gentlemen…I know business has become troublesome lately but let’s not sulk in silence. After all we started this game to enjoy ourselves didn’t we?” The Italian Mafia boss laughed out a deep laugh that was met with scorn from the 3 other crime lords. Don Vanga was a small, fat, and balding man who enjoyed a good wine and cigar. Boss Matsumoto, an elderly Japanese man who valued Japanese Steel and traditions (As long as they suited him) quickly spoke up, “It’s easy for you to laugh and enjoy the circumstances Vanga when your family is the only one who has not suffered any losses.” Don Vanga abruptly stopped laughing, “You know Matsumoto I hate when people beat around the bush. So how about you speak the F*CK UP!” From the shadows a young wearing a tight body armor like suit mixed with traditional street clothes, a glowing blue blade in hand producing a buzzing sound, “You better watch your better watch your mouth Italian. Show some respect when speaking to Boss Matsumoto.” The Cartel Boss Corazon, the youngest of the three who took the seat when his predecessor suddenly died he valued wealth and money, interrupted. “Easy Espadachín. You take another step and my man, Fuego, will roast your ass.” Stepping out from behind Corazon a small flame held in a hand covered by a bronze gauntlet as he smirked was Fuego Diaz (aka “Red Hot Fist”) “Hey I know you, you are Ashita Senshi the Perfect Slash. I hear your blade can slice even the air around you. Let’s see how well you cut through my flames.” “Easy Fuego.” Corazon attempted to cool down his assassin. “Anyway Padrino, what Matsumoto meant to say wasy. How the F*CK can we trust you when it’s our soldiers who are being killed!”

“Careful what you say Corazon. After all we all knew the stories of what happen to your predecessor a man we all respected, you are lucky to be here but as the role of the games his seat needed to be filled.” The Cartel Boss turned to face the Russian Almaz, a powerful middle aged former solider with a scar across his face, “What the f*ck is that supposed to mean Camarada?!” The Russian Crime Lord was indifferent in his reply “Please Corazon the rumors are well known that you had your former boss kidnapped, tortured, and killed while you initiated a coup to take control.” Fuego spoke up in defense of his boss, “The key word there is rumors. So unless you got some proof to back that up I suggest you keep your mouth close.” A deeper voice from behind the Russian spoke emerging from the shadows was a mountain of a man in karate-gi his arms as thick as tree branches, “The only proof Comrade Almaz needs is that smug attitude and arrogance Fuego Diaz. I suggest a pyromaniac like you as you put it, keep your mouth, if you value your life of luxury or even your life.” Almaz calmly lifted a hand, “There is no need for violence Mr. Dubrava we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves.” Boss Matsumoto spoke up again smiling at the Russian and his body guard. “Ah I thought I recognize you, Argo Dubrava also known as the Mighty Oak Dubrava. Your reputation in Japan as a martial artist is well known. Being a master of the Fudō Uddo style, its shame your martial arts career was cut short by a fatal accident. I applied you Almaz you hired a very efficient asset as one would expect for a man of strategy like yourself. However Almaz I suspect you the most for a man of your military background is well verse in tactics.” The Russian Strategist smirked a little, “Thank you Boss Matsumoto. Your words humble me but I as recall it was you hired the ninja clans working for your enemies to kill them and their families.” The Yakuza Lord was silent for a minute until Don Venga slammed his fist into the table angrily.

“Shut the f*ck up the lot of ya! This game is supposed to be a time of planning and healthy exchange not the start of another gang war like in the Crimson Wars! If the four of you must know my men are being killed as well just before leaving to this island I was informed that two of my captains were killed in the same manner as yours. Their throats slit and their eyes replaced with a pair of dice on snake eyes! So now we are all even there is no need to suspect anyone! And if this bastard shows up then we have four best wet works specialists in this room! Ashita Senshi. Fuego Diaz. Argo Dubrava. And my own lovely Tatiana Veleno.” Emerging from the shadows was a women dressed similar to an assassin a silver mask over her mouth, Ashita leaned down and spoke to his boss, “Boss Matsumoto that women I have heard her name, she is known as the Viper Mistress, however this is the first time I seen her in person. I think this is the first and only time anyone ever seen her appearance and not face death afterwards.” The Mob Boss continued, “Now can we get back to playing some f*cking poker.” The other three crime bosses agreed as their game began however they were each exchanging calculated and malicious glances at the others.

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In the casino room, the bearded man finished his drink and reached into his pocket, before withdrawing a small pillar of chips from within his sash. "Tell me barkeep." The man said, flashing one of the chips for the entire casino to see.


"Where might a gambler such as myself find players worth losing his shirt to?"

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Aria smiles slightly when she saw Crow wander over to the seat next to her, then say that he was tired the Miyatas interfering with his work. Before she could respond, Toni buys Crow the drink and moves herself into the conversation as well. How cute.

Shaking her hand, Aria politely nods at Toni. "Nice to meet you, Toni." Looking back at Crow now after Toni entered her love struck state, Aria begins to address his earlier comments.

"Funny that you say we 'Miyata' are interfering with you too much, since prior to now and Alaska, the only one of us you were even aware of was Haruko, and she's not even in the HWIC. You don't seem to mind running into her everywhere. I have the same objective as you, so as long as that guy is stopped, you can claim whatever bounty you're on. So how am I different than Haruko?" Smirking slightly, she leans back against the couch. "Could it be because you have feelings for my sister?" Aria looked at Toni slightly, wanting to see how she reacted to her suggestion. It was quite apparent to her that Toni was obsessed with Crow, so she just felt like seeing her reaction to her jokingly suggesting another girl to him.

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Brothel Floor

Chase walks around the mansion, trying to get out of the Brothel Floor, but he keeps on getting stop by women who keep hitting on him with suggestive remarks. Chase makes small talks with the women while he thinks, Why do people, usually women, always have to bother me? I can sense their hearts through their souls and all they want is things to satisfy their own greedy and lustful souls. People are always out for themselves and are willing to do anything to get what they desire if they are given the opportunity. These girls are perfect examples, especially the one who wants to leave with me. She loves me not for myself, but what I can do for her; She is a selfish person that only cares for herself. It really shows when we were talking. She only cared about two things in our conversations, Her problems and me being the solution. It’s so easy to manipulate such people. They think that they are in control when in fact they are controlled by their own desires, which I can exploit. It’s fine though since I’m the same except that I recognize that all people are selfish, so I don’t trust anyone.

The sexy women continue to try their best to flirt with Chase into following them into their rooms, but Chase was just skillfully avoiding all of their attempts to seduce him. Yet even though Chase was trying his best to avoid trouble, it still found him. One of the girls, who were trying desperately to get Chase’s attention, was a crush of one of the guards. The guard moves towards Chase and Chase could already sense the hostile attitude from the man. Chase really did not want to start anything, but this guy isn’t really going to listen to reason. “Hey you sure you don’t want to come with me? My room, it’s right here, you wouldn’t even have to move. I can just do everything myself.” in a small yet somewhat loud enough to hear lustful voice. Chase saw this as a chance to leave a fight with the guard, so he said, “After you” as Chase opens up her door.

They walk in and they enter the room, she pulled out a pack of cigarettes. “Here have a smoke”, she said. “Sorry I don’t smoke” said Chase even though he really didn’t care about smoking, he just didn’t want to put anything he wasn’t sure of into his body from a women who’s soul is reading sneaking to him. “Well I’m sure if you take a look at the brand you’ll change your mind and take them,” she said with a wink. Chase didn’t think that she was trying anything harmful in fact it was the opposite, he was reading that she was trying to help to him. Chase took the cigarettes and saw that it said “SMITH” on the box. Chase opens the box and there was a note in there that read,

“Don’t light up the cig unless you plan to kill with the smoke” – Smith

Chase knew that Smith had somehow gotten him a box of small explosives that were disguise as a pack of cigarettes. Chase looks back at the woman who given him the pack and she just gives him a cute smile back at him. She then opens the door and leaves it open for him. Chase walks out of the room, but not without first looking for both the women and the guard that were previous giving him trouble, which neither was seen around him. With the hallway clear of any problems Chase again walks to move to another part of the Mansion. After all that bullshit, its time that I find myself a good bar around here.

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A young man and an even younger girl stepped into the casino. The man was wearing a fancy suit while the girl was wearing a dress. Though the clothes were well fitted neither of them looked like they were really comfortable, to be precises it didn't look like either was used to wearing clothes like that, causing them to tug on their sleeves and collars from time to time. Lincent and Charlotte. Both mercenaries who were used to more rough, sturdy and practical clothes which they usually wore. However after Lincent had heard that there's enough targets in this casino to live on the money for the next dozen months (at least by his standards) he had to get them some fancy clothes to the them in.

He cleared his throat before he started speaking. "Alright, you're a little girl so no gambling for you... or drinking... or brothel visit... or anything in here really." Lincent said. "Anyway, just stick close to me and you'll be fine. If you notice anything suspicious tell me. When we find one of the targets we're moving into action." he finished as he approached the bar.

Charlotte only nodded in agreement.

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Wild Card Shuffle

Casino Room

Crow’s faced turned red as Aria mention possible feelings towards her sister Haruko meanwhile Toni’s reaction was far more comical her face was filled with cartoonish rage and her eyes replacing with burning fires. The normally bubbly bounty hunter clenched her fist, “No I can’t have this Crow is mine. I will eliminate all rivals for Crow’s love.” The Gunslinger was suddenly more terrified of Toni’s passion then the assassin in possibly in the building and quickly calmed the situation. “There is um…nothing between me and Haruko. I see her more one of the guys than anything we have a bromance.” Toni raged cooled and her smile returned, “Really does that mean you are single Crow? Because if you are how about we….” Crow cut the illusionist, “Anyway Aria, I don’t think you have to worry about me and Haruko anymore she doesn’t seem too happy with me after I sided with you in Alaska. Not that I agree with you abandoning your family I believe she should take the opportunity to get stronger. I believe her last words to me were…Don’t think about counting on me again cowboy.” Despite Toni look of concern over the situation inside she was smirking she had met Haruko back at Coyote Creek and could tell that her and Crow had a connection but hearing that they were fighting meant she could be a support for Crow. “I’m sorry to hear that you two are fighting Crow. If you ever want to talk about it here is my number.” Crow looked at the girl a little confused as he reluctantly took Toni’s number on a piece of paper. “Um Thanks Ms. Sociere.”

Meanwhile over at the bar, the bar keep eyed the bearded assassin carefully, “Hmm you want a challenge well you won’t find shit here.” The bartender casually began to clean a glass as he spoke softly so only the assassin could hear him. “This place is full of drunken slobs who are just throwing their money away. See that chick dealing black jack over there.” The barkeep nodded towards Felicia and her black table, “She been cleaning those losers out all day. If you want a real challenge two floors up is a room filled with high stakes poker players. However if you better be serious about this because they aren’t the type to take light weights kindly.” The bar keep had a feeling the man may have meant the crime lords however not even he knew where they were playing and he wouldn’t speak if he knew. Instead he was suggesting a suite where some of the top poker players played. The White Rabbit of the BHA continued to take money from the players at her table with uncanny luck. While she may have been enjoying herself the Lucky Bounty Hunter was just buying time. She intended to slip out of here at the first chance and with some luck would find the crime lords by becoming one of the dealers in the rotation. Felicia caught one of the men reaching out to grope her breasts she reacted with a surprising quick swiftness using a single card to slice the top of the potential groper’s hand making he wince in pain. “Sorry sweetheart but I’m a hands-off type of a girl. If you want to get touchy feely I suggest you head down to the brothel.”

Back over by Crow, Toni, and Aria the Gunslinger looked around before leaning in to speak to the other’s “Listen it seems the three of us are after the same target which is the assassin. I propose that the three work together in a temporary alliance. Toni and I can split the bounty, I’m sure the HWIC will pay it when we hand over the assassin to you Aria.” The Gunslinger shot a smirk towards the HWIC leader, “I suggest if we want to catch this assassin before he gets to the crime lords we comb through this mansion, however whoever this guy he is smart enough to hide. We are going to have to first draw the assassin’s target out and before he strikes we get the assassin. Do you two agree?” Crow glanced over and caught the two new people entering the room recognizing them as Lincent and Charlotte, they were both in Alaska with him. However he considered keeping them out of this one Crow may be able to strategize and coordinate when working in 3 man squads but as proven in Orasul Sang as more people were involved he was a bit overwhelmed.

Smoke Floor

One of the floors in the mansion was meant for those that preferred to escape from reality altogether it featured many areas where one could get high with any drug of their preference. A man with green hair and dressed in black including a black duster and fedora smirked as he walked down the halls. “I can’t believe this people would put such poison into their body. The only pure drug and the only one that matters anymore is Candy but I guess to each their own.” The Assassin smiled as he pushed open a door calmly to see a sight of debauchery; in the room were several men lying about in a daze (more than likely stoned and high out of their minds) with them were several more naked women seemingly drugged. The room reeked of marijuana and was filled with smoke coming from an elaborate bong in the center of the room. “Such filth I can’t believe the Crime Lords would allow anyone that hinders their abilities with this poison. Candy is capable of honing and improving ones skills that is why it is sooooo sweet.” One of the stone men slowly rose, “Who the f*ck are you?” The Snake Eyes Killer smirked as he spoke he revealed an Italian accent “Nice to meet you compango. I’m Frio Sarto also known as “Snip Snip” Frio but I kind of created a less fitting alias as the Snake Eyes Killer. It’s not my fault though my employer has been paying me to take a different M.O. involving replacing your friends eyes with a pair of dice on snake eyes.” As Frio talked the stoned man made the slow connection that this was the very assassin who was targeting the crime lords in his slow stoned state tried reaching for his gun. However Frio was faster he took out a pair of scissors and aimed that at the hand then snipped the scissors closed. Suddenly the man’s hat dropped to the ground cleanly cut from the wrist. A fountain of blood sprayed from the man’s hand into the face and chest of one of the women who started to scream until Frio made another snip aimed with the scissors facing towards the girl’s tongue. The poor women’s tongue flew from her mouth as she gurgled in agony choking on her own blood. “Now, now please keep quiet.” The other people started to come to as a sinister looked filled Frio’s green eyes, “Oh goodie you are all awake, now I can answer you all the questions I want before I cut you to ribbons. I hope you are all good and high because you are not going to want to feel what I do to you.”

Crime Lords Suite

The four crime lords continue to play their game in silent following the previous argument it seemed that Boss Matsumoto was winning the most hands so far but the games was from over. Their silence was broken by ruckus going on outside of the door. Voices could heard from the door, “Sir I don’t care who you are stop right there. This room is private access only” ….”I know that and that is why I got my private invention baby.”….”What this can’t be? How did you possibly acquire something like this?”….”How do you think, it was mailed to me baby.”….”Wait here I will clear this situation you better hope it’s legit because the waters surrounding Royale Island are supposedly shark infested.” The crime lords look towards the door and the four specialist were ready to kill whoever enter whether they be friend or foe. One of the men guarding the door slowly pushed it open holding a joker playing card in his hand, “I’m sorry to interrupt this important game but it seems that we have a problem…” Before the guard could say anymore a man forced the door open behind him, he was wearing a black suit with a pink tie matching his pink shades and light pink hair. A smirk on his face, “What’s seems to be the problem? I have my invitation baby.” The pink hair intruder yanked the joker card from guard’s hand while another man enter behind him wearing what appeared to be tactical armor in the form of a jacket, combat pants and boots, and leather gloves. Don Vango was the first to speak up the four specialists ready to attack, “Who the f*ck are you?” The intruder smirked as he toss the joker card on the table revealing it’s design of a joker surrounded by the four suits with an official invite to the game signed by the four crime lords in the room. “I’m the Wild Card baby.”

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The bearded man smirked, tossing the 50 million dollar chip to the bartender and heading upstairs. "Thanks for the tip." He said, rising from his chair and going exploring.

As he stepped out of the casino, he heightened his senses, seeing through walls and smelling souls as he looked for anywhere blood had recently been spilled, and following their trail to identify his target.

Unlike many others who had infiltrated this den of iniquity, this assassin intended to work with snake eyes- wiping up the filth of these gang lords before cutting out any loose ends.

Yes. This included snake eyes himself. But he intended for the gang lords to die this day as well.

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Amused by Toni and Crow's reactions, Aria leans forward toward the two of them. "Honestly, I was mildly surprised that you chose to back me up. I assumed you would take her side based on the fact that you two knew each other for quite a while, and you just met me. But as I am sure you remember, the situation between us and Haruko is not something I wanted to happen. She's refusing to speak to Alex, Seto or myself, but it seems like she is warming up to Erin and Elyssa. Just recently she went to a melon festival with Erin, so perhaps the walls can be brought down after all."

Listening to Crow's plan, Aria puts her hands together. "A temporary alliance would be wonderful. The HWIC would be happy to pay the bounty, provided we succeed of course." Pulling out her phone, Aria infuses it with a tiny amount of her magic energy and unlocks it. "I downloaded the profiles of all known attendance members. Any one of these could be the target, but the ones I am most concerned about are the four crime bosses." Almost on cue, the faces of all 4 bosses appear on screen. "Their exact location is unknown, but there is a high probably they are playing a card game together. If we need a starting point, these seem to be the biggest fish in the pond." Putting her phone away, the HWIC president looks at Crow and Toni. "Any idea where they could be? "

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As Chase was walking through the hallway he suddenly feels a few souls enter his body. Chase stops and increases his soul awarness. There was a good number of souls that Chase could tell that they were stronger than the average person. Some have a nice and good soul wavelength and others a much more sinster vibe. Chase didnt really care that people were dying, but instead wanted to have fun with Smith's money and get that intell that Smith assign him to gather. Chase proceeds to travel the mansion in till he arrives at the bar in the Casino room.

Chase goes to sit down and was about to order a drink when he looks around for the bartender, but there wasn't one to be found. Chase waited a few minutes in till a guy gets behind the bar. He starts to apologize about the lack of service. Chase wasn't really interested in the man's explantion and apology, he only heard the part about the last bartender quitting after reciving a massive tip from a very rich customer. Chase just ignores the man's words after a while and cuts him off by asking, "So what do you got here for me?" The new bartender starts to lists a lot of different bottles that Chase was very fond of and enjoyed drinking, yet Chase wasn't very fond of or enjoyed the bartender or people really. So Chase throws a few chips at the guy and tells him, " There. Thats at least half a billion dollars. Tonite this is my bar and my bar alone. You pour me my drinks and no one else . Got it." The bartender look at some man, who appears to be the manger and he nods his head. "Got it", said the bartender. Chase then order his first of many drinks that he planned to have today.

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Lincent's ear turned back from the military piece of equipment used for scrying just as the man from the bar tool a leave. Lincent smirked before tapping Charlotte on the shoulder. "Come on. Time to go. Looks like we have a lead and work to do." he told the little girl ad he got up and started going the same way the man went.

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Wild Card Shuffle (Part II)

Crime Lord Suite

All the crime lords glared at the this Wild Card with nothing but hate and malice while the Four Specialist seemed ready to kill on the order of their bosses, Fuego seemed a bit too eager and was ready to attack whether Corazon order it or not. However the man in tactical stepped up on Fuego a militant look in his face, “I don’t know what you think you are going to try but you better. Step. The. Fuck. Back.”

The Red Hot Fist was fuming with rage as he went to say something to the back but was cut off by Corazon. “Keep cool Fuego. There is no reason to spill blood or in your case char bodies just yet. Let the man explain himself and when he doesn’t have a good enough answer then you can burn him and his friend alive.” Boss Matsumoto smirked a little as he took a sip of sake before speaking, “I’m impressed Corazon that seems to be the most intelligent think to come out of your mouth so I met you.” The young Cartel boss just snorted mumbling under his breath that the Yakuza leader should stick something where the sun don’t shine.

Without warning Don Vanga took out a pistol and fired bullet into the ceiling to draw everyone’s attention. He then pointed the gun at the Wild Card, “Now who the hell do you are interrupting this game and where did you get that invitation? I suggest you make your answers short and to the point I’m starting to run out of f*cking PATIENCE!” The Wild Card smirked a little, “How I got the invitation is not important. I am an associate of the one who originally received it, the Undisputed Underworld Drug Kingpin, Candy Man.” A silence fell on the room, the reputation of Candy Man was well known among the Hidden (and Normal World) crime lords as Candy was an extreme lucrative drug that could change the outcomes of crime wars in a heartbeat. The Wild Card continued, “The Game of Four Suites, a game composed of four of the underworld’s strongest crime bosses. The four of you do this game once of year gambling men, weapons, territory, and more. Now normally this game is reserved between the four men who represent the suites. Hearts. Clubs. Diamonds. Spades. However there is occasionally a fifth member can be invited to this game. A Wild Card. That Wild Card can only be invited by one member with a card signed by the four Suites. So the real question is which one of you invited the Candy Man baby.”

Casino Room

As people entered and left the room including Lincent and Charlotte and the person with the sword, the Gunslinger casually finished his drink setting with both Toni and Aria. He finished the last of the last drops and set the drink down. “The location of the crime lords game is being kept secret I highly doubt that one these weak links would know of its location. However before speaking with people before I encountered you there seems to be an even more high stakes game going on a few floors up. Mostly for high ranking captains while there is a low chance they know where the game is being held gang members are always plotting to take down their boss at some point and that may be to our advantage.”

Toni eyes were comical stars of amazement as Crow’s deduction of where the crime lords could be. “Wow Crow! That was amazing how you were putting that all together.” Toni was falling more and more in love with Crow, it seemed from the moment they encountered each other in Coyote Creek their fates were connected. As Toni day dreamed about wedding bells, Crow seemed to shift to a more solemn tone. “Thanks Ms. Sociere but this isn’t as easy as it seems. As I said that higher poker game is probably for high ranking crime captains. So my alias of Clint Bala ain’t getting me in there and would probably get me shot. But there is another way.”

Crow look over at Toni and Aria, “These are drunk, greedy, and happy men and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind being joined by a couple of high class ladies. In a few minutes I will cause a distraction and you two can slip out of here quietly make your way up to that room and get in. I will contact you when I can.” With that Crow tipped his cowboy hat to the two girls and made his way over to the bottle to get another drink. With a burst of noise a man pushed open the doors to the casino room, he was large his hands bloodied and bandaged (having been in the fighting room in the basement) a girl on either arm. “DAMN! I kick the shit out of those wet behind the ears pansies! Somebody get me a drink!” Crow smirked a little he had find his distraction.

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Locating the most recent bloodbath, our villainous assassin made his way up the stairs, stalking the killer to make him an offer.

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Chase was enjoying his drink when suddenly a man that looked like he finish an entire MMA Tournament walks in and starts yelling about himself. When he said someone get him a drink, a quick image pops into Chase's head. He imagines himself throwing a bottle right at his head, but the thought quickly disappears. Chase's just shakes his head. Chase didn't feel like fighting plus it would be a waste of a good bottle. Then Chase looks at one if his cigs and wonders if he should just blow the man up instead. Again it seems like a waste of Chase's resources and time, so he chooses to just simply ignore the rowdy man.

Chase continues to drink and suddenly a few nearby women started to work their way towards Chase. They sat down next to him and started to get right into their "little" act. Chase just ignores the girls. Chase could tell that all they were was entertainment and that they had no information that Chase would want. Chase doesn't like to waste any effort on people that he finds are unnecessary, so he ignores them as well. The girls continue to try to get Chase's attention with empty compliments, suggestive body language, sexy whispers, and even some physical contact. Chase started to had enough of them and just as one of the girls were starting to suggest that they all should go somewhere more private, Chase says to the bartender, "I thought i said that this was going to be my bar and mine alone." Chase then gives the bartender a dangerous look that hinted he had only a few seconds to fix the problem or something bad was going to happen.

The bartender quickly got some bodyguards to "kindly" remove the girls from the bar. Chase then orders a few more shots. As the bartender was getting his drinks his back was facing Chase and Chase just says in a very straightforward manner, "If that happens again, your going to regret it." The bartender hands Chase his drinks, while during his best to not get any of his nervous sweat on the glass. Once Chase was finish with his previous drink, the bartender asks, " What would you like next...sir." Chase then says, "Give me a shot of everything you got."

It took a few moments, but Chase was glad that his patience paid off. In front of Chase was more than a hundred shot glasses filled with a different drink in each one. Chase then starts to drink each shot in a second and would not stop until he finish the last one. Chase then says, "Do me a favor and send a full bottle of each shot that I just took to my room later." The bartender makes a quick call and after he finishes with the call he tells Chase, "The bottles will arrive within an hour."

Chase then orders a couple more drinks thinking to himself, After i finish these last bottles, I'll start searching for Smith's information.

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