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This is an open RP for street level characters (However I think I may limit the number characters in it)


On island off the coast of Cuba a high stakes games takes place in a large mansion/casino. Several Crime Lords have gathered for an annual event where they take place in an all or nothing poker game. However there are several things complicating the game, recently a series of assassinations have taken place targeting the various captains of the different crime bosses but no one knows who is doing the killing or who has ordered these hits. The Assassin going by the epithet the Snake Eyes has sent a warning to the four Crime Lords that at the game 3 of them will die. Now Crime Lords have begun to suspect each other and have brought some of their own heavy hitters as back up along with a good amount of their forces; now armed to the teeth with Hidden World muscle backing them the Crime Lords face off in their poker game as each hand dealt draws them closer to war. Crow Cementerio along with a few other BHs and some heroes (or villains and neutrals) are hidden among the other guest enjoying the festivities hoping to cash in on the big bounty "Snake Eyes" head. However can Crow and his allies prevent a Gang War from breaking out on the island? Who is behind the Snake Eyes killings? What is their true motive? Who will draw the infamous Dead Man's Hand? What is 2+2?

And What will happen in High Stakes?

Author's Notes

  • This takes place in a mansion that is set up like casino with the 4 crime lords having their game in a hidden secure room while their underlings and everyone else enjoy the games downstairs like black jack, craps, slots, etc.
  • I'm just curious is anyone still interested in the RP that introduce my Magical Girl Nurse character that I was going to do but got side tracked. If so I will start it soon if not I will scrap it and start it up a little later.
  • I'm going to take a page from Kuma's book and wait and see who gets in this or not before I reveal some of the NPCs. This way I can create characters that are a good fit for the players.
  • And I'm not sure how I will do the post order Vapo and now Kuma are starting to experiment so I will see what happens with those.

Player Characters

Crow Cementerio (Lobos)

Toni Sociere (Lobos)

Kuro-san (Kuma/Kuro-san)

Mystery Number? (Kuma/Kuro-san)

Kazuki Takeda (Masterofdeath)

Mystery Character(s)? (Samjaz)

Aria (Vapovile)


Felicia Faraday "The White Rabbit": A Bronze star bounty hunter for the Artemis Branch she works as a card dealer for some of the highest casinos in Death Vegas on the side, Felicia is not above using her sexually appealing body to manipulate others to get her way. However even when her looks won't work she seems to always be lucky no matter what which earned her the epithet White Rabbit but what is lucky for spells piasters for her enemies. Felicia seems capable of using playing cards as a deadly weapon throwing them with precision that is up there with some of the best, the cards seem to be razor sharp slicing through most materials if this is her official weapon it is unknown because she always seems to be lucky in a fight.

Snake Eyes (Real Name currently unknown): The Assassin who has targeted 3 of the crime lords and intends to make good on his crime to kill them, not much is currently known about him not even who hired him.

Ashita Senshi "The Perfect Slash": One of the Top Four Specialist hired by Boss Matsumoto Ashita is man of honor and skill equipped with some of the best tech provided by his boss Ashita wields the Saesuri Ken. A high tech sword made of refined enegry that buzzes at high speeds creating a slight chirping sound it's capable of slicing through almost anything.

"Red Hot Fist" Fuego Diaz: Fuego is like his boss Ramon Corazon a hot headed assassin who is not afraid of unleashing his fiery wrath on those who upset him or his boss. He is also extremely cocky and not afraid to challenge anyone to prove himself and show off his abilities. What makes him one of the Top Four Specialist is his control over the flames he projects from the bronze gauntlet however he becomes truly fearsome when he combines this with his hang to hand skills the flames heat up the gauntlet turning it red hot (hence the epithet) making his fist even more deadly.

Argo Dubrava "The Mighty Oak": A former martial artist trained in the Fudō Uddo Style, which focuses on remaining planted in one spot as an immovable object and delivering a single and ultimately final blow with all of one's might. Argo is man of few words but true strength he is capable of ending most fights with a single blow and he knows it. What makes the Mighty Oak even more feasome is that he is built like a brick shit house capable of taking strong strikes and enduring most pain while he waits for that one strike, Argo doesn't need to be fast to be one of the Four Specialist his just needs his fist.

"The Viper Mistress" Tatiana Veleno: An silent and deadly assassin Tatiana lies in the shadows and strikes her prey like a poisonous cobra. Among the Top Four Specialist she has the most bodies under her count all of which killed by some kind of poison if not suffering a worst killed of being burned and melted with an acid more strong enough to rot and burn away most metals. Rarely has anyone seen her without soon meeting death himself she is as fast, agile, and silent enough to compete with some of the most deadly ninja clans (it is believed she was even trained by one).

The Crime Bosses:

Antonio Vanga: The Don of a Italian Mob family he is known for his short temper, furious anger, and his tendency to use underhanded tactics against his opposition. He was the original one to purpose the poker game as a way to prevent another Crimson War. He holds respect for those who have acquired the right to respected no matter how they did it but at the same time he keeps a policy of keeping one's enemies close. In time of a overall score he has won the most at the poker games (manly believe through cheating) and therefore has acquired the most in times of fire power, men, and other assets through this game along with his share of enemies.

Kurōbā Matsomuto: An elderly crime lord of a powerful Japanese Yakuza, he often comes off as being senile and/or not a threat but never let his age fool you. He is as cunning and wicked as ever while one may assume he is a man of traditions Matsumoto is the first one to threw them out the window when it doesn't suit him anymore. For the last several years he has been waging a war on the younger Yakuza gangs to hold his power fighting back with some of the best technology combined with the most skilled warriors. While he holds the worst record at the poker game it seems that he comes out stronger (a result of him giving up his weaker links) every time.

Ivan Almaz: A former Russian solider turned one of it's most deadly crime lords he is patient, methodical, and when it comes down it merciless. Ivan is a master tactician and has won many wars (on both the battlefield and streets) and even these poker games by playing the long game over time. His most infamous victory came when he brought down a rival after studying the man's for years including his family, routines, and habits then had his wife murdered, his daughter sold as a sex slave, his sons tortured, before finally killing him when he bombed the restaurant where he ate and met with his top lieutenants.

Ramon Corazon: The youngest and newest member to the crime's lord games Ramon is a man about money, status, and wealth. He owns 3 boats, several luxury cars, a 13 room mansion complete with 3 acres of land, and more gold and jewels than a king's treasury. However the cartel boss is cruel and quick tempered he is not above making his enemies (and allies) pay for the slightest offences. He has bought off the soldiers of his enemies, politicians, cops, and anyone else who would expect a check from the Cartel Boss.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: you still doing this?

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I may enter with Kuro-san + A Number. With a side story that will join with the main storyline

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I may take with a few characters, depending on who's available.

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@Masterofdeath:Yes but nobody was entering so it was going to be me and Vapo but it seems people are interested it's still on.

@Kuma_From_Argentina: That's cool :)

@SamJaz: Cool

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I will enter with my new character I am just about finished with Kazuki Takeda

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@Masterofdeath: I will write the opening for this once i get through the posts I have lined up.

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Officialy Add Kuro-san. (with Official Look XD)

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: nice

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: alright that should give me enough time to finish up. And to follow in Kuma's lead Kazuki's look

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: That may be my favorite version of Kuro-san ever! :D

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: It has Kaiki's Coldness, Hayato Jin Coolness and both Class

For further inmersion this is Kuro-san's voice

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: That is a sexy look for whoever his name is. Seems familiar, but can't quite put my finger on it…

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Need any wet work for this RP?

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@Eleventh: if you want in I don't mind there is an assassin here though :P This was dead not to long ago now everyone wants in. lol

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@Eleventh: He is Kuro-san official look, drawn by the same artist who made Crow's, Gen's and others.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina said:

@Eleventh: He is Kuro-san official look, drawn by the same artist who made Crow's, Gen's and others.

Who would that be? Their stuff is fantastic.

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@Justalittlegirl: Is a friend of mine, from time to time I hire him for my own projects and as a regular customer I end up getting some free Inked drawings, thus I gift them to the people in the community. I was planning on giving you one next time

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: That's awesome. Are they on deviantart or somewhere else I can see more of their stuff? Although I should warn you before hand, if you intend on giving me any pictures I likely won't be able to post them.

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http://rokuro-sama.deviantart.com/gallery/ Here is his Deviantpage, I will also send you a PM with all the images he made for the forum

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Thanks. Great to see more of his work.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Masterofdeath: @SamJaz:

Hey guys the opening is up :) Sorry for the long intro wanted to set all the players


Updated the OC with some of the characters.

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